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Somebody's going to like your work. Oh

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Myra shorefield Celine Naveen in our Habib in our quality our unit Mohammed Abdullah la vida he was happy of Posada with the same among

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many brothers and sisters I begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah who is no doubt creator sustain and Alisha protect and cure. We ask him the almighty the Lord of all worlds the exalted to send his choices of blessings and salutations. Upon the final message our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family members, companions and all those who preyed upon his fat without more sincerity until the day after

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today's video, I would like to touch on a very important and central concept that is, that is highlighted in our Deen that is highlighted by the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu.

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It is a concept that's going to

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fill your life with happiness with

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contentment, and with abundance, as our maker says.

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So what is this concept?

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This is known as sugar

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in the Arabic language.

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So the term sugar

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if you look at its literal meaning

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it's an Arabic word that stems from the root Shin calf prop shackle in the Arabic language.

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The Arabs would say, Shakira did that.

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In other words, the animal has shown the effect of what it has been fed.

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So the whole etheric Namah at the lab, it's to make a parent. So basically, when you feed an animal, now, when the animal puts on and the bug

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once the bulk has grown, greater than what it has been fed, and the time chakra is used, so this is the linguistical definition of sugary fluid. On the other hand, if you look at So again, it's connected to the technical definition of use a definition as well.

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The concept of sugar is when the the traces or the signs of the blessing is is evident

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is apparent on the recipient.

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he defines sugar very beautifully in his book, but that is Sally key. He says that a sugar logo ethically damaged allegedly sorry it does and water often. While the issue that I have that, while giovannucci in theory.

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In summary, what he says is that sugar is the mating parent.

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The sight the science or the traces of the bounties and the blessings of Allah Allah Allah Sonny, I will be upon the tongue of the slave of Allah Subhana Allah, the slave of Allah praises Allah as origin, he acknowledges the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala he recognizes the blessings of Eliza Jun while upon d lm is hot internally. What he does is he expresses a gratitude to his interference through his heart.

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So he expresses a gratitude so it's it's this three dimensional approach. You have sugar bill called sugar be Lisa and sugar bill better anyone can sugar bill calm. He expresses gratitude through his heart by his feelings through witnessing and acknowledging that these blessings are from us.

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By firmly

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attesting to the fact that these blessings are from Allah subhanho wa Taala that the source of these blessings are lies.

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It can be your materialistic possessions

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It can be seen, it's, it's interesting

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that it starts off with that. So, if you will,

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you can divide people into two categories here. Now, you start off where you acknowledge the blessings around you, like 100 has given me a house 100 has given me a car hamdulillah I have a spouse, children, a roof over my head, food on my table.

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You know,

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well, money, then eventually as you progress,

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and now you become from the elite.

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You start to realize that just these are blessings, no one's denying that.

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Then you understand that the blessing of faith, the blessing of the man,

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the fact that you are from the coma, the nature of Mohammed Salah, love it.

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These are such huge blessings that these blessings

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you know, they fade away in comparison to these massive blessings that Allah subhanho wa Taala has bless each and every one of us with

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so the point is that at that at that juncture, now let's say even if you were to go through some turbulence in life, because at the end of the day assess the

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the evolution or you go back to normal and then the whole upper motor because he was created that and life Diablo two test, which one of you are you accelerometer Which one of you is best in terms of leads. So no doubt, we're going to face this. But now when you are upon that,

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that level, let's say if you are tested with regards to your materialistic possessions, you're not going to crumble or complain.

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Because your focus is going to be on the fact that Allah has blessed you with La Ilaha Illa. Allah has blessed you with the fact that you are from the Omar Mohammed Salah. Allah has blessed you with the man in your heart.

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Allah has blessed you with

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being close to him with the Quran, with the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. So these are massive blessings. So that's where things are put into perspective and you realize where your priorities lie.

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So now coming back to the three dimensions she could will call, you express your gratitude by your inner feelings, your heart, Shuker will discern and now you express your gratitude through your tongue, and humbling by by expressing and rendering gratitude through your time, by not grumbling, by not complaining by speaking positively thinking positively about allies or just speaking positively in regards to the blessings in your life in regards to what Allah Subhana Allah has blessed you with. And then sugar bill, but anyone can and then a gratitude expressed by your body and your insight, if you're wondering, how am I to go about

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I'm internalizing these dimensions and acting upon these dimensions. Let's look at the pillars of gratitude that has been highlighted to us by the scholars of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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pillar number one,

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we need to fill ourselves with humbleness.

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So there needs to be humility of the Grateful under the giver.

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But on the other hand, but if we see we see, the shutdown creeps in and fills us makes us feel bloated with pride and arrogance where we give it away. We rarely give it away over egos.

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With regards to perhaps you know, our titles, our degrees, our officers of power, our positions of authority, our bank balances, our addresses,

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the cars that we drive, the houses that we live in,

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we tend to become proud and begin to think Oh, these are all my achievements. These are all my accomplishments. But in reality, acting upon sugar is when you are filled with hundreds you're filled with humility towards the giver, acknowledging that all of this has been given to us.

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That's number one. Number two, your heart is now filled with love towards the giver, love.

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Where he being the fountainhead of love, the source of love. You direct your love towards him.

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He is the constantly

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Can I

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direct you enough towards him?

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He is going no Matt.

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He is not going to let you down.

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And unlike ourselves and every other creature of his,

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he is perfect. He is not flawed.

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So we direct our love towards the perfect source of love to give.

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Number three we acknowledge his gifts, his bones, his blessing these bounties that he has showered as

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he says the novel called on what to do, now is a lovely night of so if you will try and count the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada. If you were to enumerate the blessings of our lives, a lot of so you will not be able to encompass all of the blessings because you have countless blessings, countless blessings, just think of it. If you were to practice this exercise of sitting down and talking,

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make a mental list if you will, or a physical list of the blessings that you enjoy.

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From the time you wake up, until you go to sleep on a daily basis on a regular basis should come to a quick conclusion. that yes, you do have negative things in your life, but the positives easily outweigh the negatives. Because you have so many positives and so much to be thankful for the visor. So much to the extent that if you were you're not expected to but if you were to spend your entire life in such a way that in prostration, of a loss of more data for the blessing that he has showered you with, you're valuing, valuing, in an ocean of the mercy of a love the blessings of Allah, that being introduced our entire lives would not suffice. It will not suffice for

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many brothers moving on. Number four expression of that lesson.

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So you express your gratitude for that blessing by using the blessing only in a way

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that the giver is pleased.

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Law has blessed you with a blessing now.

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Sugar is to use that blessing

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in that manner, or in ways that would please the giver.

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being ungrateful is to use that blessing. Just think of it if someone gives you

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to think, Oh, I need to thank this individual I need and I need to ensure that I use it in such a way that it will please this individual, someone gives you a gift.

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Let's just for the sake of this hypothetical, let's go with the car.

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Not that it's something if did all the time. But nonetheless, let's say a Father gives his son a vehicle.

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And now the son uses the vehicle reckless. Why? Because he didn't do anything. So he doesn't understand the value of the vehicle. He doesn't understand the value at this point, you know, so he uses it recklessly, he parks it carelessly still doesn't wash, it doesn't look after the vehicle, he uses it recklessly. What do you think?

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But do you think of the attitude of the giver towards the recipient? But on the other hand, if the son uses it can't be values the vehicle?

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If you were to use it carefully, do you not think that the given that is in the case of this hypothetical father, do you not think that the father would be happy

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if the person is utilizing the gift and benefiting from the gift.

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So likewise, many of existence, the blessings that we have been showered with these blessings that have been given to us by a must

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if you use it in ways and manners that are pleasing unto him,

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and by doing so

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you don't know what is going to happen.

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This is going to breed increase. This is going to breed abundance. And these are my words.

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These are not the words of some life coach. These are not the words of some motivational speaker. These are the words of the baker himself. He says in the logo for online checkout.

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If you are grateful, check out the same word sugar. If you end the sugar law I see that Neptune students with the Arabic language will appreciate the fact that there are layers of emphasis here in this word. I'll definitely give you multiplied in many fold abundance. woman has doubled mean a lot here data.

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I'm asking you man, you rock

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Just a few things along with that. There's a line. Yeah, he's the most truthful.

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He never goes against his words. And he says, if you are grateful, so we just discussed what sugar entails. So if you act upon shook

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the way it's supposed to be acted upon, then that's going to be increased. So

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if you are not experiencing increase in your life,

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if you are not experiencing abundance in your life, then you are not rendering ship.

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if you are not experiencing abundance, because that's what Allah says, Whatever you have been given with, if you render sugar, I will give you many phone. So if you are not experiencing abundance, if you're not experiencing an increase, there's something wrong. You're not raising your vibration.

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Surrender shook.

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It breeds increase. NASA was reading about sugar I came across this

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is rhyolite Novation.

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So for those of you who are familiar with Asahi, yet, when you go to the books of history, you will

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see you'll come across this idea is violife traditions that have been narrated to us or transmitted or handed over to us through the main Wi Fi, if you will, the is very light

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chain of transmission. So in regards to his what he had, we have certain principles. Generally speaking, we're supposed to take the narration with a pinch of salt. In other words, as per the instructions given to us by the messenger, so the law might even even send them as politicians. And the sooner

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we learn that we these directions as long as these narrations, obviously, we don't use, we don't use laws, account for these relations. And as long as these relations don't contradict, with what we have, from the Sunnah,

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there is no harm in reading the innovations and

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and benefiting from them. But again, we don't reduce laws. And if they contradict, with what we have done, we don't accept these narrations.

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So I'll come back to the narration. We have the Prophet dealt with that is

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a good profitable lesson. He asked lies within Allah.

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How am I to thank you, with the fact that you have blessed me with an opportunity to thank you that opportunity in and of itself requires a separate act of gratitude. It requires a separate act of sugar, to have deeply his thinking. So many brothers and sisters, think about it, if you and I if we are being blessed by Allah,

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you know, with the tofik with the opportunity

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to thank him for the blessings that are already whenever Indian, we need to think of that opportunity as a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala that requires separate sugar from us is this constant, beautiful cycle of sugar, where we go on and on and on thanking Allah subhana wa Tada. And in response to that sugar, you're going to keep on breathing, increase, you're going to attract increase, you're going to attract abundance into your life, you're going to attract happiness and prosperity, contentment, all these powerful traits, all these powerful blessings from a loss of time.

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So as you can see many brothers and sisters in Islam, this is a very powerful deed

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that revolves around the heart and assume that Allah subhanho wa Taala he says

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to me,

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that you know, in other words, the slaves who are grateful are very few, very few.

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So, let us make ourselves

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from the few walkway front of us.

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You see there are for example, if you look at

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among the middle clean, my hand will love the writing in regards to sugar.

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He mentions

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in one of his

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a few

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beautiful characteristics, if you will of sugar. Just going to run through a few of them. He says that this will Imani chakra, when it's all solid. When you describe eema and half of it, it's sugar

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Gratitude and half of it is solid.

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And this is based on the Hadith of the prophets that is available to him said

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how amazing are the affairs of a believer and then paraphrasing the words of the messengers of Allah. The narration goes on online so these words will come apart is

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when good things

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the way of believer, he does gratitude with us we could convey his way through when he's experiencing good times you understand.

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And when he goes through turbulent 70 goes through trying times he holds on to sort of he goes on to patients, he doesn't crumble, it doesn't complain, he doesn't after blasphemous statements, doesn't try to wage war with Allah subhanho wa Taala. He doesn't do any of that he holds on to patients. And both these matters are good for both these matters are good flame sugar.

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So based on that, if I wasn't paying back my laser, this would only shoot chrome municipal software.

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And then he says that this sugar is a commandment from Allah Subhana Allah insha, Allah zeylanicum and other places that Eliza commands us to have ambition to be grateful.

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And being ungrateful is the basically the opposite of it is something that is prohibited they're not supposed to be ungrateful.

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And then he goes on to say that the people of sugar appraised that Allah subhanho wa Taala and they are from the elite. And then he goes on to say that sugar is a reason. In other words, it attracts abundance that the point that I was highlighting

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throughout the video, sugar highlights Ababa, sugar attracts abundance, sugar attracts increase in your life.

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And then he says that it is Harrison will have a one lane dharma. Sugar protects the bounties and blessings that you are

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enjoying in your life. Sugar is something that protects your

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blessings and boundaries. If you do not rent a sugar, those blessings can be stripped away from your life.

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Allah has blessed you with a blessing and you fail to render sugar. On the other hand, you elegant. On the other hand, you forget a lot.

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You remove a lot from the picture

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and you become obsessed with that blessing.

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Then the test can come in the form of that blessing being stripped away from your life. May Allah protect our blessings. And Allah help us to render proper sugar under the given me.

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We have innovation where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have taught was for the Amman.

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Jamar enable heybrook oma and indeed I love you. So the prophets of Allah, why do you sell them instead of this tomato, the allotment? He says all while indeed I love you.

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Do not forget that paraphrasing what the promise that is said to him while

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he says do not abandon

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the reading of this particular door and we've mentioned the door after every Salah notice the door Allahumma aney either liquid or sugar

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or Allah help me

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with regards to your remembrance with regards to making Vicar Have you

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helped me with regards to your remembrance helped me with regards to rendering gratitude Andrew you should come

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and help me with striving for the sun in regards to

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worshiping you in regards to your worship, in regards to sun,

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make your worship.

00:24:23--> 00:24:29

So you are the problems that is and teaches us that are supposed to seek the help of a loss of healing with Allah to remember.

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We are instructed to seek the help of Allah to thank him appropriately. And we are also taught to seek the help of Allah Subhana Allah to strive for excellence to improve our Allahumma Amy islandic Rika shakalaka

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so many brothers and sisters, but let's not forget this too, because this is the teachings of the Bible, send it to them after every single prayer. Make it a point to be among them in the eye.

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about the big and the This concludes this video. I hope the video was a benefit and let us strive to become grateful slaves of the Almighty that a strive to

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implement sugar gratitude in our lives and by doing that you stand to reap so many many blessings with the help of Allah. If this video was beneficial, please do share the video around others can benefit as well.

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Through that by sharing the goodness, the teachings of the photon and the Sunnah and we get to all shedding on the reward in Sharla data if others start rendering magnitude and Allah Subhana Allah you shine on the board, I shine we all shine

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and if you haven't subscribed to the channel, hit the subscribe button there's a bell next to the subscribe button. Enable that as well so you'll receive a notification as soon as the video goes live or was up on the channel. I look forward to talking to you all in another video. So inshallah data center