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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Welcome to Islamic Self Help channel. And today I want to reflect on another point for my book on self confidence, best of creation and Islamic guide to self confidence. I wrote this book because most of the secular resources on self confidence, they include some principles which contradict the teachings of Islam. And so I build a framework for building one self confidence that is based on the teachings of Islam. And in this book, I address many topics, some of which are Islamic beliefs, which we can take and apply to build our confidence. Some of them is

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general practices or principles that we can apply. But there's a section on the focus on today, and that is some wrong attitudes or beliefs that we have that are affecting our confidence. And I'll just talk about one in particular that is very common amongst the Muslims, right. And this is the idea of, of a defeatist attitude. You see this amongst many Muslims, right? When you tell them to do a project to the to do some work for benefiting the Ummah, to excel in the field that they've gotten into, they have a defeatist attitude, they have this thing like, Oh, it's the end of times money will come and sorted our problems. There's nothing we can do. We not like the Sahaba we not like

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early Muslims, we not good enough, you know, let's just sit around and wait for the money to come and solve everything. This defeatist attitude is completely an Islamic, it destroys all of your self confidence, that's for sure you're not going to get anything done, you're not going to get into any project, if you have this kind of attitude. But it's also an Islamic because the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam stated that if you were about to plant a tree, and the world was ending, go ahead and plant it. Meaning, it doesn't matter if it's the end of time, if you doing something good. Just get it done. You know, our religion does not revolve around doom and gloom. We don't have this end

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of this world ideology that, you know, as you get closer to the end of time, then people get worse and worse, if you should just give up No, rather, these are the sushi prophets like some stating that, you know, amongst his oma, he does not know whether the first of them or the last of them will be the best. Right? And he prays Muslims that will come towards the end of time he called him his brothers. And he praised the man being able to hold on to the Islam during difficult times when people are leaving the religion. So there is a lot of good in this oma, this idea that we are not as good as the Sahaba should we shouldn't even try. This is this is not an Islamic idea. Yes, we are

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not as good as the Sahaba in terms of our virtues and righteousness. This doesn't mean we shouldn't try. This doesn't mean we should not work out with this. This doesn't mean we should not set goals and work hard. Rather, in every generation of lots of creative people who will excel and benefit this woman. Our job is to try and be part of those people, not part of those people who just sit around complaining and making excuses. So this is the wrong belief that exists in the oma that is killing our self confidence. We need to get rid of this belief. Our job is not to sit around waiting for the money. Our job is to find things that benefit this woman in a pleasing Allah subhanho wa

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Taala and to commit to doing these things to convert our lives to making these things work.

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If you found this video beneficial, visit Islamic self For more resources. Our job in Islamic self help is to help you to excel in personal development within an Islamic framework. We have books, we have articles, we have online courses, we have videos, we have all of these resources. Subscribe, join us and let's work together to making this oma grow and reach its full potential disaster failure Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh