Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – Ramadan A Time To Multiply Your Rewards

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning ofGrave moments and how they can be applied to investment and reward philosophy. They stress the importance of fulfilling intentions to achieve success and remind oneself of the value of their actions. The speakers emphasize the need to be a father and to focus on the past to avoid becoming a liability. They also touch on protecting oneself and others, avoiding harms, and ensuring attention and protection for oneself and others. The segment concludes with a discussion of the importance of avoiding major sin and staying away from minor topics.
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Brothers and sisters

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around the Sun

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hear the famous it almost almost everybody It was said

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that I think

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a lot of

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which came insightful, very insightful to things that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mama saw molana email learned

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about the fundamental

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problem on

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our demand space. And he said, meaning that he is seeking the reward from others to try what's out there

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that is passing will be forgiving.

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And today

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he wants to reflect.

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And to go deeper into the meanings of this tiny reclaiming on the meanings of these words. Imagine what the seven drawer imagine, and so on. And he says,

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what does this really mean?

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How can we accomplish this by getting our sins forgiven?

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and other other conditions that must be met in order to be forgiven that song?

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What does the word mean? And this is very important, when you reflect on the meaning of this

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that we want the man to do.

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We want to get this

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forgiven, but we will ignore these

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all the time. When we ask you what does he buy me this it means

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to believe

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that only the beginning of the mandatory part of the man,

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the man sort of in the heart, and they comes with the statement of the

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law and all the actions of its own. And then the actual implementation of this.

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This is the meaning of the meta moments think about these three components, what starts in Ohio to me, and then what comes and testifies and are told me that interactions, this is what he needs.

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And we will understand this evening

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and helps us understand what it means to best invest, who he meant to fail.

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If we would ask almost all of us, what are the what are some of the wisdoms that

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was to hit you up with the wisdom? We leave going great. All throughout the day. You know, a lot of us the wisdom right away these people would say it helps us to remind us of those who are less fortunate than us. That's correct. That's one of the wisdoms, but it's not the main wisdom.

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Wisdom behind these 14 trading systems reminded us

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is to remind us of our server Foucault's putana who we are slaves and servants do a lot. We train ourselves

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to help us to be able to

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of the importance of obeying the law.

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And this is the real meaning

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of being a

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father because in our human nature, all human beings have a rebellious nature.

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It's got so many soon as we become teenagers, all of a sudden, we start choking our brothers and sisters, when they get their teenage years, they start to be rebellious.

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Like this,

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things their way nobody wants

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to do this is a natural thing that you would need. But also reminds us during this month that we are being that we are slaves and servants do.

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We hear we awaken and this is what it needs to

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be submitted to to see

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if we're going to be breaking our best. And we're here to three minutes before the

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brother says haven't been fasting 1415 hours. It's been done. No need to wait two more minutes.

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apart, you finish the whole thing? Would anybody get a refund faster?

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No, wait

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two minutes, what's the big deal?

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Now, because we are service goals of time on time, he's the one to sit down and committed, then we only break our fast at any time of the day. So we say we hear we obey, even if it's something small, a few minutes, this is what it means to best.

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the best for the he said, one of the reward philosophy

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is that it is the reward.

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Just to get the reward, the fact is that

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it's very important

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that we reflect on the reality

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and the power and the strength of the intention. Because you could have the intention to do one thing and get one. Or you can have

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the same action. And I'll give you an example of two men

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who are going to pray the corporate and

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the first one is intention is to go and raise funds. It's an obligation of

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going to the mercy to fulfill that obligation.

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That's his intention.

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Of course,

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he gets a British woman is, but another one, he has the same intention to fulfill the obligation. But he said, you know what I'm going to add on to that intention as well. My intention is well, when I go to the rescue, is to get 27 rewards, as promised.

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Although my intention, is there an easy fit, I'm going to get raised up in ranks, and I might get one my bad he drew from him as he came in to the province of the law abiding citizens. So he ended up

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like getting a slip and opened the front row. So I get more rewards also involve a journey to sit down. And listen, it's been for me, as I'm praying, I'm sitting there listening. But it's being written down. As I mean, prayer is also as diverse and as

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neat as well, which is to strengthen the oma and to bond with my brothers when they come together.

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So he had the same action, all of them.

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But the first one got just that one.

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He got he effectively means increase your employee salary.

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So what do I need to reflect on? As we come down? What should I say, the reward that we're seeking,

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it shouldn't just be the reward. First of all, when we do things,

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we do actions, to please them as a person, we think about anything we do, what is fasting, giving us praying all of these things, we need to remind ourselves of the importance of what we're doing.

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Before we think about that,

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that's the first thing. Secondly, that we do it because of course

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oclv all the other acts of worship, hello specified to see out of the bathroom, I'll see I believe one of those eating that fasting is for me, and I will Lord according

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to schedule a special fasting special, so all of

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our therapy smells inside, it comes out of the backside of the mouth or in the past.

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He loves it.

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He loves this action. So my intention is to please you to

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do an action that you love. So you will love me.

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to you so we return that you love me.

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Which is the rule. Yes. Yes.

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For the role of pastor

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and also one of the nice things that we need to focus on by the brothers and sisters, when it comes to the past. And our ancestors

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is an attempt to protect ourselves and to free ourselves from the health department, this past

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When you look into the

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seventh narrations about freeing oneself from the capacity, and

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the promise of the

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past, in the course of the law,

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based on the Help via

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at distance of 70 games,

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the progress along the way faster along the way, because there are three hidden

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views. And in

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the province of

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basketball, a lot

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of tricks

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and tricks

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as long as what is between the heavens and the earth of triggers, that is, as long as between the heavens in between

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all of these different narrations, this is the past in one day, for most of our time, and that's even if it's not, if it's a momentary mess, so what is my idea for the for fasting, and during the month of Ramadan in the entire month of Ramadan, I remind myself with this theme that I want to be 3d going to help I was fast going to look, this is my attention. And

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he said what it

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was that in the law every night, he has

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those free from the Hellfire every night.

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My attention is, yo

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I want you to free me from the hellfire.

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And for the great things that we need to have the entity set.

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The intention to gain during this month

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is to make this year a protection for us as a shield as the process of auditing the service and

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the promise of money.

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described the car as

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it is a shield.

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He said it's a shield from the personable

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and another area.

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I see you may not mirror

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it's a shield from the wire just like the shield you have to protect yourself.

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This is the car protecting you

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in another direction.

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See that agenda. And it is a protective force to protect yourself.

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And we assume that the promise of the warfighter

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when he talks about you

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should be married, but the ones who get what is the solution for them. He says

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there's a warning to pass

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protection, and it helps him to deal with the lust and the sexual desire

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to the best of the best protects us. We need to have this intention when we

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said that we want this fast to protect us to train us to protect us throughout

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quite the same as what he said.

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He said that fasting is the shield.

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it was the day when he was fasting. But he needs to refrain from obscene language. When he doesn't raise his voice. He disputing what happened recently.

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And then he said when said

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if somebody were to that person

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there was he said return in the sign in the sign of passing a message. This will

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protect yourself protect,

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protect your identity.

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I was telling the brothers recently

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that one of the things when we come back

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some of the driving that happens when people come behind the flashing lights.

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Several years here, I can never get used to this

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every time it happens, especially to go

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There's over ready to go in front of you just take notes in front of you. So it doesn't make sense. And this is really killing each time,

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the person behind, I was never able to overcome this, until that's

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when I made the most of

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the vet to control myself

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to the blessing person was able to continue

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to serve the best. So you see,

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when we have the proper attention, how much we can benefit

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that you want to eat them as fast as we will not just the reward, please also kind of want to protect yourself.

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And to make sure that we're protection or protection, and protection some time of the year,

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we will

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be back.

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As we saw from the explanation of the study,

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and we reflect on experience

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is much deeper than maybe we thought in the past. Or reflect on these meanings. We see how much we can gain from and what happened.

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And it's important to point out

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the objective today is to learn as well, or the other conditions that need to be met.

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Our sins forgiven. Obviously, these fall under the first condition for a reaction, which is that as as well as sincerity most of the time, but also we need our capacity accepted

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our suit also followed by a new setup. And then we live in payments, making the move a bit as we're best. We met the according to the number of Solo Solo IDs that we learned what happens to our money sooner what we should be doing and what we should be staying away from.

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And also, we point out something very important. I want everybody to be exactly what it is. And the thing that was so awesome. A lot of it was similar.

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With what he said, I used to have a cell

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when you microwave,

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will go

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that the fighting phrase,

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and the joy of the tomorrow, robots are all on the theme forgive the sins which show between them.

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But if you didn't have the promise, although it isn't said either.

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If you stay away from the major sense. So the scholars, they came to explain the salary, they get two explanations for the media industry. But if you stayed away from the major things,

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the first explanation was that everything will be projected on these actions. And many examples like this. Finally, where's the tomorrow tomorrow? One of our founders

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having investments, but given what's been by this, he says that he forgives the small set of the minor sins, but it doesn't forgive the major sins. The only way that the major sins can be forgiven

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is funny. So

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you have to repent. For these actions to forgive this most of the other explanations in the scholars game. They said no, this is actually either theory, there is a condition. There's a condition to show you that the only way for you to get this app industry or I'm having all the minuses is if you do not have the matrix at least persistently doing the major sense.

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And it's really capable of

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winning the study

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to the home as you can see that if you stayed away from the major problem, the major sense that we will forgive you the minuses. So this is an opinion of some of the scouts as well.

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And no matter what

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explanation is correct.

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Nobody wants to take a risk

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that he will not have his things forgiven because he's the one who's assistance or do we make a mistake? That's why each one of us needs to agree badly on today and ask ourselves

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Do we have major cities that we are contending with?

00:19:54 --> 00:19:59

A major sin at the province below it so most of us what is the major they're the ones that

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The process is all about a new setup or

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that the curves or the person being punished basically decide on the next activity so the major sin and most of the so one of the major sins are we the ones who are doing them or not because if we are we think of this as not being those people will get the reward of having a sister get a professor for those

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of you that make us a little sushi fast enough to be able to afford our

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hemolysis we're gonna be out of at any

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time brothers and sisters in general and that is at this time at eight o'clock on the lawn every single year. People come with questions about contemporary issues do they * in the past or not?

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I haven't in humans have read my past I need to go to the doctor for this type of software

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or I'm pretty sure my to these things bring them back. I have not reached out to an anesthesia is a frequent master. All of these flushes was coming to us all the time tonight. I will open it here and unless

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we have an extra focus on these issues our

00:21:17 --> 00:21:24

temporary nullifies that bring or have to open jail time, even for those who don't know what yeah.

00:21:29 --> 00:21:35

You can get out of jail. Allow me to do so glad to be here.

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A lot

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of work.

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to our lecture

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about Minnesota

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