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In Al Hamdulillah in Hungary la

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palma de

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Dr. Marina

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Marina Maria de la

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ilaha illallah wa de moda Sheree when I said wanna say Adana, Mohammed Abu

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banyuwangi me this min Langer Walkman Rafi

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qumola mina soy de tener una de

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Donato at Comic Con la la la

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familia de vida de Luca para una de any work on Asana. Voila, serene. San alleppey hosel en la la Vina hamano amilo Swati has also been to Taiwan. So this sub we're calling the BU salam wa sallam EDA Camila tilapia to fill all the mentioned EDA Karina Ghana common

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woman Robert

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shamita, aka mokara Salatu was Salam Salam ala Javi Masada Cora sudo creme

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de la creme de la European army aalameen

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honorable Allah microm respected brothers, elders, mothers and sisters. I have selected one chapter of the Quran as the discussion today surah colossal a chapter perhaps which every one of us have well memorized our children have memorized the surah we commonly read it a very short, very simple chapter of the Quran. But unfortunately, our knowledge regarding this chapter is only that little which I have mentioned. What is it? It's a short surah of the Quran. It's an easy surah of the Quran, commonly recited in Nepal namaz Imam Shafi ruffino, whom Allah if we want to comprehend and understand or get a glimpse of the depth of what Allah has made mentioned in the surah, then we will

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have to knock the door of Imam Shafi Rafi momoland over Allah Mercado, who led the great scholar like him, I'm surprised to learn he says that what law if Allah was only to reveal surah, to Lhasa in the Quran, and nothing else, if the Quran in its entirety comprised only this chapter, there's so much guidance in this one chapter that I swear by the grantee of Allah, it is sufficient for the guidance of humanity till the day of

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the concluding verses that are commonly recited when we terminate the foot in the

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sun. My understanding and your understanding of this verse is that when you listen to this kotova it means that now the sermon is over, the Salah is about to commence. If we want to know what depth has been mentioned in this verse, Then SRP by the name of accepting savior of the alarm safely. When I heard this one verse of the Quran, I was convinced that Islam is the true religion, as a hobby by the name of Othman will say I had accepted Islam. But the reality of Islam had not entered my heart when I heard this verse, I was convinced and the depth and the sweetness and the beauty of Eman had now descended into my heart. In essence, in this two verses of the Quran, few lines of the Quran,

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Allah police it mentioned such important in person and points, that indeed volumes can be written on the commentary of this one chapter of the Quran. Very briefly, we will explain, Allah saves one last word, I swear by time Allah takes an oath by time in in Santa Fe was very men in its entirety, human being the human race is in loss is in failure is in destruction.

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Then Allah make some exception to these failures. In Lavina, armano, with the exception of those who bring a man

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and proportionate to how many of these qualities we will inculcate that, to that extent, we will safeguard ourselves against the failure. Number one, the first quality required to be saved from failure in the line of this verse, is to have a man with the grace of Allah we think Allah that all of us have Mr. May Allah keep us with him and perpetually and let us leave this world in the condition of Mr. Amin. But

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Allah goes on to say Illa de la mano hamilo Sani hot. In Yemen. couples with righteousness, coupled with obedience, coupled with a life living according to the dictates of governing our entire life by the principles of

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the first two required qualities. In essence, a man and amagasaki have these two qualities if we have to analyze it is sufficient for one's own protection. But Allah says this is not yet enough to be completely saved from this doom and this destruction and failure.

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The third required quality to be saved from this failure which the Quran makes mention of is what the while so we'll have to wait a while. So this Sabri Imani nama sada is to the extent of protecting oneself. But then Allah says the believers is that group, who have not come as individuals, but rather has come as a collective nation. So what is the demand of this being a universal nation, the fact that we come as collective people, we stand together, we say the same deal, we stand on one platform, we congregate and converge in the house of Allah, this spirit of unity in communication, what does it demand from us? It demands from us what is true for now in the

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next two verses, what are some key what are some of the sorry, the constant mutual encouragement of our brothers towards the obedience of Allah? So I will be a liar. If I claim to say that I love my brother and I allow him to disobey your law. It does not hurt my heart. I see. Daily days and months and weeks are going in his life without him prostrating before a law without him obeying the law. My claim of loving my brother will demand that I will have to feel the hurt in my heart to see what is happening to my brother, and it is only when I will inculcate this does my lord exempt me from the failure of both the worlds

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in our only little hottie to fill out the men Sangeeta for Karina kanak Amanda Hannah nebia Kareem salaria Sam says in the event of Abu Dhabi, when email binds transgression, violation disobedience of Allah as artists take place on the earth, men shaida he witnesses it observed it a father in his house he seen his children disobeying the law. When he seen his wife the wife seen that and vice versa, he observes and witnesses are less disobedience for Kareena but if he dislikes it, he takes that action and from his heart, he's a hurt he feels the pain and the agony he addresses his son, his brother is relatively his neighbor, at times in a diplomatic way. At times, he raises his boys

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at times they admonishes him but all in the Spirit to guide his brother.

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nebulae Salaam says, Can I come and Ghana this person despite witnessing this wrong, but because he disliked this wrong and his effort was to stop it. It is as though he had not witnessed this wrong. And it was as though this wrong took place in his absence. He will not be guilty of being part of this wrong in any way. But Furthermore, man Ravana is that person and that Muslim male or female who was absent at the time of Allah's disobedience, but when informed that your brother is disobeying the law, your cousin is disobeying the law. The only thing is disobeying the law. People are challenging the obedience of Allah. The youth are rebelling against the law when he was involved

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informed about the wrong in the bias happening around. It did not hurt him. It did not offend him. It did not strike concern in his heart. Maybe a surgeon says Can I come and Sangeeta such a man will be guilty of being part of every sin that is taking place in the entire world.

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So what is the spirit in desire, that you have mutual encouragement, the spirit of love that we possess, our brothers will demand that we love them and in the spirit of loving them, to see how best we can get them to the obedience of Allah. At times if my brother comes to me and asked me for forgiveness, my demon of being his brother In the name of Allah will require from me that I forgive me my part in an eye opener.

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There is such a beautiful Hadith written in the books of Hadith Sahaba crammed with $1 in which Marlene was seated with Nivea cream sallallahu sallam, and suddenly saving homophobia lon glanced at NaVi sallallahu Sallam and he seen a broad smile on the face of Navy and so he said oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam what makes you smile? Let me have a Salaam says algernon. You mean Almighty Egypt I have a European armor. What can I tell you? I am visualizing a scene that is to take place on the day of the army with two of my followers will be kneeling before Allah.

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One will

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be hardly Muslim it may or may Allah this brother of mine suppressed me in the

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Have you served my rights, it's next my belongings. He has offended me badly physically, Allah I persevere in the world with the hope that I will be rewarded and compensated on the day of Tiamat when every man will be brought to the book. Today I stand before you entered demand on the grounds of what you have promised that this man pays me back my deal for what he had divided me in the world, in the form of reward and in good deeds. nebulous term describing this to the Sahaba mentions, then Allah will address this person who will be asking besieging and demand in a law was intercede on behalf of the other person to Allah devote our creations into Mohammed Salah larison

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devote our followers, brothers, we have children, one son fighting with the other, we're not going to favor we're not going to take parts to us as a father, it hurts me to see my two sons are fighting whether you are right or he is right, you are my two children. And if you're going to fight, you're going to hurt me, the one who was silent instead of to make me happy, my daughter will go out to the child that is the spirit of any father.

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Hello and asked this person came first now obviously Colombia becoming a personality. He said

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what are you demanding from your brother when he doesn't have much good to his account? How much do you want from this innocent man? He doesn't have any good This person will turn around and say oh well Ah, I've got nothing to do with how much good he has or how much evil he is. My only focus is on the promise that you have made that on the day of Tiamat every man will be compensated. Oh my Allah I am desperate because of the severe punishment of jahannam I have much evil to my side. I'm desperate for good deeds. This man deprived me I want you to Allah.

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Allah will tell this person okay leaving for a moment and look that side it comes into

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your gaze and look. So when you will glance to his left, he will say Oh Allah Parramatta

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Baku surah min Da Vinci, McKellen, attend below the median ha da da, da, da da da da da. Oh my ally can see purchases of gold and silver, or my ally can see levels of wine and milk, or my ally can see the woman of gentlemen on my ally can see the trees of gentlemen, tell me this beautiful palaces for which profit Have you created it? For which matter Have you designed it for who have you built these palaces of Allah, Allah will say he belongs to no matter no pious No, no nebby in love that belongs to that man who can pay the price women out of summon, this person will then go forward and say oh my Allah Who has the ability of paying the prices of the eternal palaces of gender, Allah will

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address this person in Allah will see you and have the money and you have the ability may or may Allah if I know what will be the price, I promise I will give it to you. Allah will say perhaps we can okay if you can promise me that you are going to pardon your brother for my pleasure that penance is yours. It will say well, if that is the case, I promised you and I make you my witness that I will put in my brother and your iPod and him navionics and I'm narrating this honey then mentioned to the Sahaba that Allah was

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fine Allah useless muslimeen Allah will tell this person now hold your brother's hand and both of you go and enjoy the eternal. So this is the spirit of a believer, that mutual encouragement, love, concern forgiveness, to learn to forgive and forget for the pleasure of Allah and at the same time in the spirit of love, which this ayah demands from us mutual encouragement towards the obedience of Allah.

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Allah makes mention of a beautiful incident in the ninth use of the Quran was a woman in Korea.

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Allah speaks about the mood in Bani Israel in the time of the Buddha a psalm of a nation that was the being close to the oceans. The name of the city was ala. We know Allah had made fishing haram for the award on Saturday, just as it is part of our teachings that we honor and revere Friday that is today. Like why is the award the Quran says in Nevada Allah Subhana Allah v nocturna foofy the day for me to be here to the big city summit.

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And on that day, Allah had made it such that Allah had made fishing haram for them. But furthermore Allah tested them did the day Allah had made peace in haram for them. These people will have close to the ocean. The fish came to the saw in the hundreds if not the 1000s

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like Allah makes mention, yeah, you Aladdin Armando lejana como la.

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Donato a Kumari, ma. Leah Llama Llama Coco delivery believe that Oh, you believe hunting is around for you when you're in the state of Trump. And Allah revealed this verse on the occasion of

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Sahaba were unable and they were not given access to my camera. They were in the state of Iran. But Allah said at that time, I'm going to bring that game in that animal so close to you that you can grab it with your hand and your spear but I'm going to make it haram for you to see who can subdue his emotions and comply in totality to the divine command that is a law.

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I'm going to test you and I'm going to see how you are going to react.

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When it is not the time of nobody working in the shop, and when the sun goes the shop, there's no place you and I foolishly react by saying it's the Bearcat obasan.

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lease realizing it's a test from Allah. A man cannot sleep the entire night but physical time is snoring.

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At that crucial moment the test comes from Allah.

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So Allah tested them with the peace came in the hundreds and the 1000s. This nation when noted for evalyn, and for the tricks against the law, for assassinating and plotting to kill even profits fell in Mexico to know Nambiar law. So they started plotting and they matrix. And what they did was they made small points. Saturday when the fishes to come they used to trip the fish in the small ponds.

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And they never used to remove it from the ocean on Saturday, traffic on Saturday, contain it in that ocean in that small pond. And Sunday, they used to go and remove it from the ocean, consoling themselves that we have not gone fishing on Saturday, we adhere to the injunction of not fishing on Saturday, and we actually remove the fish on Sunday. The Quran makes mention about this. Now, when this virus took place in this nation, the Quran says that entire nation got divided into four categories.

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There were those that did this even and initiated this wrong.

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And they started doing these breaks, plotting, planning, altering Allah's commandments, containing it in the pond and Sunday extracted and justifying themselves. Another group came along and they said, No, this is wrong. I think you're making bricks with a law. It is incorrect for you. Allah has made it unlawful. It won't be correct for you to touch the fish on Saturday also. But they advised them admonished him for a period of time. And when they seen no much progress from those people, they terminated inviting towards good and forbidden from evil.

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Then came a third group

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and they said we are obeying a lot It is sufficient. Allah has commanded us not to fish we will not fish you want to fish Tough luck, your choice do as you wish have nothing to do with you. If you like it, that's your choice. Look on the newcomer end and you go your way I go my way and came then a fourth group May Allah make us a man that's what group the Quran then praises them. Who is what group? They said no, we stand as one omega. We will

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refrain from this wrong. Until our last breath Oh my brother, I will constantly encourage you and protect you and safeguard you and prevent you that what you are doing is wrong. Whether you respond positively or negatively, that will not impact on my duty in inviting you and forbidding you from evil.

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Allah speaks about this one is gone. It's only two minutes unlimited. We don't have

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any brothers if you have to understand Arabic your hearts would burst. How can I convey the eloquence of Quran what Allah has put in this message

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when these people who themselves did not disobey your law, but were silent about alleged disobedience that I am going for further, my brother knows he performs good he doesn't perform it's his choice, the group that did not disobey your law, but what that unfortunately they were silent about the disobedience of Allah they observed the wrong of the nation and they did not make any attempt or endeavor to stop them and protect them. They went to these other people who are protecting them from evil and preventing them from evil. And they asked him one question, what do you call it on Letterman only Metallica and Oppo many la Momo Nico Omar.

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de la all my brothers. You are not fishing. I am not fishing. Those people are fishing. You can see they don't want to listen. Why are you people being so foolish to go and remind them constantly when the man doesn't want to listen to your message? So those people who are preventing them answers the Quran speaks about it no book of Hadith, or no other Kitab is the Quran itself.

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taco for two reasons. Number one, we will continue telling that man that all

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My brother, what you're doing is wrong. Whether you are harsh to me or you receive me with a smile, My duty is in the name of deal. I have to continuously remind you of what is wrong. For the simple reason that tomorrow on the day of Tiamat when I stand before my alarm and humanity in its entirety will be someone in the court of Allah and Allah will call me as a father, that your children your wife disobeyed me, you witness you observed my disobedience in your neighborhood evil by transgression violation of my commandments was taking place, what did you do to stop this wrong? So if we will continue speaking to them on the day of Tiamat when Allah asked us whether they accept or

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not, we will have some form of explanation and justification. Oh my Allah I went to the maximum of debt which was within my reach to safeguard my brother and secondly when

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perhaps my brother will not listen to me today or tomorrow, but with the hope that gradually inshallah one day Allah will melt his heart and He too will be accepted for the truth. Furthermore, we terminate our talk my time he has left

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the Quran says phenomenon so madhukar OBE, anginal, levena, nice. So wha de la Cala, Mo, ba, ba, da, ba ecmp ma. Can we have Sukkot, that when these people did not pay heed? And they did not consider obey cognizance about the admonishment that came to them via a paddle. And they ignored it. They were unmindful. They were negligent. They were oblivious about what was being told to them. Their hearts were sealed. Allah says then our decision came what was our decision? Our ultimate decision was to destroy those that were guilty of this wrong, and Jane and levena and honan is so and to protect those people who practically physically personally abstained from the wrong and prohibited

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the wrong perpetually.

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hypnic Cathy lahemaa Humala, perhaps one of the greatest scholars of the field, commentating on this verse, on this verse, right, so beautifully, he says, Nussle, furano, Allah, Allah, Allah, when a judge in Hina was secretary and his circuit in the Quran in its most profound and explicit manner, makes it clear to us that the evildoers were destroyed. And those that abstained from the evil and prohibited the evil were protected, however, was second that and he stuck it in the Quran is silent to us with regards to the Abode and the condition of those who are silent about Allah disobedience. The Quran is cited, neither contamination, neither approval, neither has Allah condone it, neither

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has Allah spoken against it, Allah is silent. Those that protected and prevented the evil they were the ones that the Quran is guaranteed and protected, they will be safeguarded, we make dua to Almighty Allah, He gives us the ability to inculcate within our lives this quality of concern for our next Muslim Brothers, feeling attachment, affiliation. And of course, the greatest concern would desire to see that my brother goes towards the obedience of Allah. Really, this is the greatest benefit that any brother can do to his brother. And this is the greatest need that we have to do for our brothers. that how we can make a collective environment of encouraging one another towards the

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obedience of Dr. Baraka Ouattara so that gradually inshallah our homes will turn into the homes of Sahaba. The environment outside will be an environment of piety in obedience, with the spirit mind Alhamdulillah. We have an Instamatic in place to accomplish this goal that have been put before you with this desire with this aim, and I implore one in all that is get it here, the bit come to this gathering with a neutral mind level headed to come and listen to the talks of a lion and Lazarus, and to be engaged in the gatherings that will take place. I recall few years ago, one brother was on his way too sensitive. So someone tapped him on his shoulder and told him brother lives in HTML,

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where people will congregate, speak about the law. The morning in the afternoon in the evening, nothing else gather and speak about the greatness of Allah and mutual encouragement towards the obedience of Allah. In a nutshell, this is the outcome and the summary of the object of this HTML. So someone told him Brother, please come here and spend the Juma surah. And they after you may decide where you want to the brother came in this environment of the HTML with some were crying at the night, they don't know 1000s will come here. You open their hearts and turn them towards the overlap. Perhaps people who had lived a life of disobedience who had lived the life and mindful of

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your will law, let them come here, let them tear before you and let them change the direction in the focus of their life. It was

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By virtue of the dedication and the devotion of some of those people that in that Juma that very same youngster pledged to Allah and he repented to Allah and from that very same place, never mind going to Sin City that was the end of sensitive for the remaining of his life, he changed the focus of his direction. And today Al Hamdulillah is a young boy obeying the law to the best of his ability. So once again, in conclusion, I implore to one in all there is a veil of this opportunity that is our doorstep, try and come to in present and bring our friends and our relatives also there. My eldest Baraka with Allah infused and instilled within us the zeal of Sahaba, the spirit of Sahaba

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and the spirit that was discussed in these verses of the Quran was the Buddha Juana and it'll come to the letter of the law to me