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The conversation covers various political agenda topics, including the history of Islam, the negative impact of recent hip hop culture, and the importance of devotion in bringing forth promises and predictions. The speakers emphasize the need for acceptance among people and finding solutions for people who experience depression. They also discuss the use of "has been in action" to indicate actions taken and the importance of showing respect and being a good person in public. The segment also touches on the loss of lives due to COVID-19 and the need for people to act as they want to be.

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Alhamdulillah Allah alameen wa Salatu was Salam Almagro Sierra metal in alameen wa on early he was happy he woman will be accepting in a yummy Deen. We're back for political agenda Nevada kitabi Hill Majid wa for Connie Hill Hamid Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Nino and La Nina houfy sadati him hace Hoon, one levena who Manila

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according to bu Salalah alayhi wa sallam son Luca ma at moonee Valley, aka Macaulay, his salatu salam, honorable scholars respected brothers and elders I have recited before you the opening verses of the 18th of june of the 23rd chapter of the Quran. The verses of Surah mithoon say that

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no one who says whenever the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received the revelation, you smack him in the words he kept the we naturally we would hear the sound of the buzzing of bees. One day we were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when we realized he was in communication with Allah, and he was receiving revelation, what a privilege for saharawi sniggering and at times the gathering is interrupted by a phone call Sahaba present in a gathering, and then there is a sudden pause, the discussion is put on hold, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is receiving revelation. Save now Omar says after the revelation was over for stuck banana tibula hidden faced Scribbler in a

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very respectful manner.

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He He looked at his blessing hands, and he made the following Allahumma Xena wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah na na na na na na na na increases in don't decrease us Allah, Allah grant us and don't deny us or will not grant us privilege and don't disown us, Oh Allah be pleased with us and make us pleased over law. Then he said la cadena de la la yada yada, man atoma wonderful agenda. Yes, no, my Sahaba he was in communication with a lot. And then you've just received the revelation. Now. certain verses have been revealed upon me should know certain verses have been revealed upon me. Whoever will implement these verses, he will go straight into agenda. What are these verses?

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mean? Oh, Allah says indeed the believers are successful. That's the good news. Then comes the challenging news. The good news is the believers are through the challenging news is do I fit the profile of a believer? The good news is if you're a believer you threw out the first award is a God is good news. But are you the first one it's pointless you rejoice and get the first prize. But you know you don't change the whole equation. The believers are true. Believers alladhina woofie sanity in Hershey road. Those who perform in observed they pray is what devotion and then Allah speaks of many other things and I only want to speak on the first quality and that is Salah. And then Allah

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wraps up the discussion again with Salah Allah says one Medina whom Allah subhana wa t him you're happy Loon. Allah Quran says the quality of the pious what Salah Allah terminates, it includes it with salah and Allah says those who have these qualities, Allah ecoman worry soon a very unique phrase Allah uses Allah says they are gays and they are the inheritors. What is the legacy that they inherit Allah, Allah Vina your eternal fear those they will inherit the gods of gender, scholars of the field right. The most strongest ownership that any human can possibly own is that via inheritance, if a person makes a deal, the D can be canceled and the item can be taken. If a person

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gives you a gift, right obviously, it is an IT IS A discourage to ask your gift but it is possible that you somebody comes in claims and takes the gift back, but there is only one way the ownership is irrevocable and irreversible, and that is in inheritance. Unless obviously if the dead man stands up, which obviously is impossible, Allah uses the phrase of inheritance for gender, meaning this gender is yours. Nobody snatches it away from you. A woman very soon led in a very soon and those. Now what is the Salah that Allah exhorts us to perform that he might have more time and money. Say No matter the Allahu anhu said in Hama moody Kumar in the Salah. I consider Salah to be the most

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important, man Happy.

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Happy Medina even have protected your Salah in essence, you have preserved your religion, woman.

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Mercy of the nominee played a perception You know, I'm negligent about myself, but I'm particular about other aspects of faith. Well, that doesn't go down well with the quotation of

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Money doesn't gel together the question what are in our magic Satan our own Maria lon who said and if anybody is negentropy Salah heedless and mindful oblivious, he will neglect the other orders of Allah even more. Woman one yeah so this is a quotation of

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says when a person goes to sleep, the devil ties three knots on his name for any state further further Kerala when awakening from his sleep if he takes the name of a lot, he reads the relevant to Alhamdulillah in Ludhiana in handla. terracotta he has opened up one of the notes of the devil for intervals, if he didn't perform sudo in the talk that he has opened the second not for either Sunnah when he performs the Salah, in that he is open up the third and not and then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said us behind the sheep and

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this person will be healthy, talented, skilled, and his day will be meaningful and fruitful. On the reverse. If he does not perform the Salah, and he does not read the relevant does the Prophet sallallahu wasallam at times use the word us puppies and Nestle hobbies and nuptse caslon this man will be lazy and miserable for the whole day. And in certain rewired he said that karate alone partnership on to donate don't speak about the man who hasn't commenced his day with fudger the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said he is a person in whose ears the devil has urinated knives, I'm afraid to say my brother, those that are sitting in the driving seat today and are holding the reins

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of the Muslim matters and are sitting on the soft protesters and are in charge of our affairs. A percentage and a significant percentage of them stand up in the morning contaminated with the union of the devil on the declare on the declaration of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and no one else.

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What is horseshoe in Salam what is concentration in Salah number one the Quran says in the Salatin and even one car. It is the nature of Salah if performed correctly, it will prevent you from sin and immorality. Like any other medication, it has to be taken in the correct quantity in the correct dosage. And it has to be in harmony with a particular diet. If the diet is not in place, then the medication will not yield the expected results. If it's not taken in the quantity also you make in Madrid when you like you're not taking it in the manner in which you are then obviously you're not going to see the results that you might have in a cafe. One person came to the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam and Fudan and you suddenly will find as

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a prophet sallahu wa sallam Forgive me the so what so and so he performs the Salah by night, but when when morning breaks through at you know at early morning, then he engages in the act of theft. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in the Hussain hamata cool, if he's performing his Salah, punctually diligently then soon that Salah will prevent him

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the secondary wire to be under strength of anaesthetic

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and the fundamental answer, can you Salima? Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam masala there was one youngster from the Ansari tribe that used to perform the fight daily sir with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so melomania de chez Ameen alpha Sheila rocky bajo, but you name the sin nada perpetrated. You name the crime and he had committed, you name the offense and he was guilty of it. So someone brought this to the notice of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam this man performs Salah, but really he engages in a host of crimes. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in the salata who said in the salata, who can who Yama one day the Salah will prevent him and he will abandon this

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wrong. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam Bailey said it for them El Paso and taba Hassan Amato, he repented and he became one of the noblest companions, he became one of the notelets companions. Now what is the definition of devotion in Salah, what does devotion in Surah entail, after like now pass through the Golan who said Osho Rufus sadati.

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Musa muscley, men, Allah, Yemeni woman Allah Shima de the least the bare minimum of devotion in Salah if now Abbas says that a Muslim must be so focused on worshiping Allah, that he is a heedless and unaware of the men on his right and the man on his left 70 dibny jubeir said, ma RS two men, Allah Yemeni woman Allah Shima de Mundo Arab Amina Sana. Alhamdulillah say dibner Jubilee says for the last 40 years that I observed my prayer, I wasn't aware of the man on my right in my left because I heard a buzz saying Mr. dibner, Java, man, Allah, Allah, Yemeni woman Allah Chemin de mo tommy de la sala de la ku that

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person who deliberately is conscious of the man on his right and his left the words of evening above the father of the field, the words of Martina Jebel, the leader of the Judas on the day of Tiamat. They both said, Tell that man, I'm sorry, there is no Salah for you. Now, can you imagine this yet the remains of bizarre revita vpap shaybah Jose fly even a young man who was the confidante of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He said, Oh, well, no matter if they do not mean Dini come and huzhou the first thing you will lose from religion is devotion in Salah. What ropa mousseline la europei and there are many people who observe the prayer there is no good in them. Then he said you should

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go and hold a mosquito Jama in photography him Haha, I'm afraid I prophesies an error, where you will enter into a mess of mystery with 1000s of people will congregate and converge. There will not been one person in the entire congregation that will offer the prayer with devotion. Father, Seraphim, Harsha of metal

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he says when a person is performing salah and then he's getting starts roaming. Allah says elemental to fit on my server what you know density you speak into me yet you look at others, I swear by my mighty and my grandma I am better for you than to whomsoever you turn and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said it in

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Marbella, Kwame earphone una basara, whom in a sama What is the matter with people they raise their heads towards the heavens in Salah they raised their gaze, let you into hoonah and darrick Allah took the fun of the sorrow home, tell them to abandon this before my Allah seizes their vision, tell them to abandon this, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the revival of Muslim Sharif, when he used to perform Salah amongst the doors, he made

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some heavy Whopper sorry, one more a me ally have dropped myself before you not just my physical name, my bones and my flesh, my organs and my lungs are in your obedience of Allah. Brothers, the thing that is very, very disturbing, and I believe is part of the etiquettes of Salah. Unfortunately, it's a sad reality. It's a sad reality, that when we attend our gatherings and our meetings, we find it below our dignity to attend that with an Islamic attire with an Islamic garb. So it is Allah be my witness. There are two things that pay me a lot. I am the most wicked person you have seen. And I'm not here to, to to to to praise myself in any way. But when I see a person

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performing namaz or salon next to me in an haphazard way, Allah is my witness, I say this in his house, I literally feel physical pain. I have to excuse me, I cannot see it's an it's a site that I cannot see. And the second thing that hurts me a lot is that we do not attend our gatherings with our Islamic garb. It's a sad sight. When a man walks out of the masjid, he barely exits and that head gate goes off him. In other words, he doesn't want to be recognized as a Muslim. He puts on his his symbol of a believer when he enters and when he exit he camouflaging he disguises he wants to blend in with others. Taken what you've said, My opinion is my brother, when you find it below your

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dignity to dress as an Islamic and a Muslim person in that gathering. Why do you bring that attire into the house of Allah? Why I cannot understand Forgive me a tie in the house of Allah to come bareheaded in the house of Allah coming with these kits and performing Salah come in with these slogans and promoting this and that, how are we aware we are standing are we conscious? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said man Academy na de shutaura Fatah Yoruba namaz Cheetah, Na, if anybody eats raw garlic or raw onion, and then it is the time of Salah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam humbly asked him and use a stern words telling him for Allah sake not to come to my Masjid for in Alma

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Domine who ends because your bed smell is causing enormous discomfort to the angels. Now if that is the words for someone eating raw onion and raw garlic, you can make the equation of those who smoke and come and walk into the masjid understand what the painful side and Allah forbid the thing has spread so much last week when I was in Makkah, you know, it was a sad sight that I just exited from the harem and there is a big bull sign speaking on the hands of cigarette at the New York to tell us that Australia nice man young man that's Smoking kills 13,000 People's Daily q 13,000 people daily in the world. Why? Because it has become so prevalent there. So amongst the etiquettes of amongst

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the etiquettes of the masjid. What when this verse was revealed, and me I need a loving man oh and tough shampoo.

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Mandela Mandela, Allah says has the time not come as the time not come for the believers are now to be focused exclusively to Allah has the time not come when this verse was revealed to lightness Rudra Yolanda said Maka anabaena Islam Allah wa Bina and OTB Nabi Javi Illa scene in this verse wherein Allah admonished us and Allah said it's time you now get your act together and stop everything else was revealed the four years after we accepted Islam, we were given a window period of grace of four years, where it was expected that we comply in totality to every odd over law. You and I know we are performing Santa for how many years? What is the condition, the Hadees I quoted in

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the beginning shalom Kamara at moonee Valley. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said let your Salah confirm conform with my Salah In fact, the Quran teaches us the answer to depression my brother you are having financial problems, you're having marital problems. You see the solutions that Islam gives we don't want to do and we want other solutions. That is why we still miserable each man goes through depression Some are thrown into depression in clubs till four in the morning. Others are doing other things whatever is happening. The Quran says what occurred in Alamo and naka de Posada Rocha Pema Jaco load of professors and we know you go through a degree of depression because of the

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allegations against you. When the answer to your depression is drop your head before me facade. Behind the Arabic word can mean a surgery. When somebody insults you don't retaliate, respond to Salah someone made a nasty remark and they said Mohammed is an avatar. avatar means an animal the tail of which has been severe severe, meaning he has no male offspring that have survived, hence his lineage will not prosper. Now those are the three inflammatory comments which are painful to any human. Allah revealed the first Allah said don't react don't react with emotion. in APA in our calculator, ignore the comments and look at what I gave you. To start off I gave you Kosar in

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buffering mostly there is 26 different opinions of of codes are commonly translated as the pawn then Allah said how do you digress? How do you take depression for suddenly Rob Baker when her you turn to me and perform Salah in Abuja, Raka pinata boom water Palooza coffee surgery, Allah said I am watching you turning and twisting amongst those that prostrate so what did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam say performs Salah like how you have seen me performing Salah? What is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that is why it is important to be a person by the name of jB jubair. It says I came to Madina munawwara I was not a Muslim. I came to speak to the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam about the prisoners of whether as a non Muslim I wanted to know what's happening to the capitals. I got there it was the time of Margaret, can we imagine the atmosphere you know we hasten to secure the mcgarrybowen Solihull Buddha Eros debate Oh Jose, imagine the privilege of Sahaba behind the master of both worlds in his Masjid in Medina jubair it no Muslim says as I walked into Medina, the sun was stepping on the western horizon. The devoted companions had gathered around Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. The prayer was been offered in his blessing most and he was reciting this verse with feeling and passion in Arabic Allah awatea mala hoomin de fer verily the torment of

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your Lord will drop them and none can avert the torment of your Lord jubeir said the passion with which the prophet SAW some reading. I felt a tremor in my heart. I changed my mind there in there and I accept it and I respected the caring mother and the same verse. It is mentioned in aplicaci O'Meara Viola is riding on his conveyance. One person is performing Salah Omar will be allowed to dismount. The olana dismount. He heard this verse. First another Ilaha is he reclined against the one Raja elaborating he returned home levita Sharon Yehuda, who knows for one month after hearing that verse he took it so personally became sick. You just tell the person doctors suspect you got

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cancer he becomes more sick. What happens to that house? image and Is that why it of Sahaba of a businessman, a businessman now my brother You know you are traveling today. Let me mention to you another reason I will tie it up with that.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said after Abu Maria Kunal abdomen rugby he was the closest a person can get to his Lord is in sajida there is no other position in which you can bond yourself more with your Creator then set it up the way it is in Muslim Sharif

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is the narrator he said bainham and nappy yourself are seldom you suddenly feel Haram. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam is performing Salah in Masjid al Haram. Abu Jolene was havin local Jews and Abu Jamal and his companions are sitting there and they are watching the Prophet sallallahu wasallam what are the no hierarchy?

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Joseph Warren bill Adams and a camel was spotted the day before when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam went into such da Abu Jamal made a challenge to those that were present. He said, Are you komiya como ella Salah Jesu rupani Fudan, which one of you can pluck up the courage to bring the intestines of the camel that was slotted and drop it on the shoulders of Muhammad when he goes in to set it up. Today my brother You make set it on a soft carpet. On a cane above you on acorns around you reflect for a moment on the subject of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. But trust me that said that was a different such. Nonetheless my interviewee goes into such a law firm.

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The most wicked, the most wretched, the most nasty stands up he advances to the intestines of that camel, he brings it any drops eat on dead back at the Quran speaks about and levy and

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Allah spoke of every organ of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the Quran, he drops this which was colossal which was mammoth which was waiting, he drops it on the back of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam first, hukou, and then they start clapping hands and they had a good laughter. But I promised brothers one law a sajida in hostility when people are opposing you when the environment is not conducive, that is a such that the sweetness of which cannot be matched to a certain on any location. Once I was flying from California to Minneapolis in the states and I was performing Santa on board Alhamdulillah generally we do not witness any form of hostility or reservation but there

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was a gentleman that was needling me and I had about for Salah to perform. Well I cannot tell you the pleasure of that Salah at that time I trained for that set up. I honestly crave for that because this is now a bond between you and your Creator something that Words cannot describe. That is when a man will stand up and drop his masala wherever he is. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam is in such that they have in gyla yummy Luka whom he lava they started actually rolling with laughter ignoramus would set one upon him on under and I'm looking at this and it's hurting me loconet Lee man Arthur tough to answer.

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If I had the courage, I would have moved the intestines. I couldn't do anything My heart is boiling My tears are rolling fun palatka in San Juan somebody's rent to Fatima and said oh Fatima come see your dad quickly for that Fatima to where he or jewelry atone. This little Fatima came as a small girl. She came to the rescue of my puppy. Hence my puppy said Manasa Papa Donnie. I will never forget Fatima you hurt her. You ever hurt me? She came. Can you imagine her in her innocence? her walk makan it Misha to talk to and Misha Tierra su de la Hey, walk her walk Sava se was a precise Walk of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in her innocent way she came walking she moved the intestines

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from the back of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam that he

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did not abandon his Salah that what is this one mean? No No he completed his Salah. One fly one mosquito is enough for me to abandon my Salah. He continued his surah when he ended his Salah Rafa Soto Fatima said I heard and then Fatima started admonishing them to pellet Allah him to st moon when you die you evil wicked nasty people. All right, and Ludhiana. Avenida de la. Have you seen the person who prevents magnifi from prostrating? What did Nabi sallallahu wasallam do Rafa Soto who he lifted his voice, what can Eva da da da da Sahaba say when you make dua, he said it thrice. When he cursed he said he tried. He said Allahumma la copy to raise Allah these people have prevented me

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from bowing and prostrating Allah deal with them individually. ignoramus road said phenomena semi, auto Zahava.

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When they heard the curse, that that joy and that laughter turned instantly into tears. Nobody says him went on, he said it three times. Then he said Allah Malaika Ba ba ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ba? Now can you imagine it is my intervene in the golden era of Prophet wood in the surroundings of the Kaaba, what even a mushroom would say, I mean, what will be the fate of that person who is cursed by my inner beam, Abraham Maslow said la casa de la to LA Vina some ma sobre Yama Padre, everyone who's whose name is awesome, too, took I seen them lying dead on the floor in a line in the Battle of butter. Every one that he had prophesized that

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Allah will deal with them, they will line on a roll. This is saga, my brother in law of necessity. There was a solar eclipse in the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. To see fetishism. So.

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Today we're setting up the proper system engaged in Salah Atal trm. Here the lengthy ruco a lengthy atheon then he went into such that what john

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alegebra ke vi sudo t y Yang fo and in such dire he started crying profusely. He started crying profusely and then he started blowing as if he was extinguishing when he completed Salah. He said already that la ingenico generate was presented to me in the sajida Hata lo method to Yeti Tana well to mean poofy ha if I had to stretch my hand I could actually pluck the fruit of gender I could actually pull out from the branches of gender to mean Portofino

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LA and not worry that Aliya not and at the same time hell was presented before me the fire of janome was presented before me to unfold har*a in Yakumo haha and is I seen her in Santa I started blowing leaves the heat and gulps you imagine the patient of this Navy, the love of this Navy, and he said right up hi in Brighton sofa in my salon when I seen Hell, I vividly seen a woman being punished. I seen her been punished because she had abused one cat lamb to tango. Ha ha ha ha takumin Casa Sheila, because she had treated this animal that is why she was being punished in my Salah I seen it. Then he said in terms of a former attorney mean is in law, the sun and the moon apart the

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signs of Allah when they do not Eclipse at the birth or the death of anyone, because there was a solar eclipse which coincided with the death of the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Ibrahim rhodiola many people use this to say that even the sun is mourning the death of the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the Prophet of Allah was not like you and I to latch on to credit and say Where is every credit for him was doing there was nothing unusual for him. He could ideally latch on and say yes, even the sun is morning. He said no, no, this is the command of Allah they do not Eclipse at the birth or the death of any person. When you see this turn to Allah, but it's bear

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with me. This is the son of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. You might think this is exclusive to a Navy. Let me tell you the sajida have a center. Let me tell you the center of a transgressor the subject of an infidel, the search of a man who loved who came to challenge Allah speaks about the mutations in the time of Musab when they came to challenge the dinar masala is Salatu was Salam. They came with pride and arrogance. And we think today you know the team, the soccer team or the cricket team has pride and arrogance. And you know, they feel they will win the cup and they will win this and that these magicians had so much pride up to Baloo be Jolla La Creme

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maliko, Sanjana, angiomyolipoma falana, they came turn in, you know, you see when the batsman comes he's just flipping it around just to get the support and Eclipse and a smile and acknowledgement, as they came into the ground 1000s of gathered, it was the final, the final between the truth and falsehood. The narration suggests from 70 to 12,000, if not 15,000 of these magicians, Moosa and Harun standing on one side, they come in great arrogance. And they tell Moosa yamasa in

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an akuna

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Let's go for it. Musa Pharaoh's throne is there the support is there, the banners have been thrown up the slogans of enchanted Musa you want to throw us away? Go musashino Go for it. First flip the coin. You want the toss? It's yours forever. Hey, Bella Juan, what is he avant wakatobi is that if you're out, they drop the sticks, and they drop this distance and the roots and they say in the name of Pharaoh, we will read as they drop it down. It appears to the people that they are snakes. The Quran says Sakura Yunus, they cast a spell on the eyes was terrible. They struck terror in the hearts which are ob sekirei NaVi they display great magic. Then came the time of Musa when you flip

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through a TA Allah says a magician can throw in DC but not in the presence of a prophet. You can deceive but not when ainderby is there. Allah tomasa you drop what you have allathee Murphy Yemeni Go for it. Listen to this my brothers bear with me. When say the Namu satrapies stop. The Quran says it swallows everything. These people were experts of the field. They knew magic in and out in one glimpse, they realize this is divine. This is a miracle. It's got nothing to do with magic. Now you can see the beauty of these people over the years Serato so Jagga kado and NaVi rock been on I mean, when they seen this year they dropped their heads in such dire in the entire crowds. So the whole

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stadium is behind them the journalists are behind them they want to give an opinion from them a word from them and these people the players are in such anyway they have a lengthy such that they say his lesson Pharaoh we've changed our attitude. Man now one Saturday has changed their lives, my natural enemies, but that's my brother. You make it at the airport

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That's the guy my brother you make it wherever you are traveling. You make it around hostility for Allah sake don't be apologetic about your faith. Allah praise these people. They said less than fair round we brought him on on the Lord of all the words fear all still interprets it positively. He says he Jani. All the words you mean you talking about me? Isn't it? Is it No, no my friend Kate I dropped the musawah Harun. We are talking of the lord of Moosa and Harun. Oh if you brought him on on him, they are going to be consequences. The words of the Quran, Allah tala Muna Yona I said,

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Listen, I'm going to now chop you all the players the support is behind you. The nation is behind you. The event is yours and you desert us but then they had a search that my brother which might 30 years haven't given me you know your age. I don't know if you had that. Set it up. For your own set, we're going to chop your right hands and your left legs.

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Otherwise you accept or you return back to our faith. Now let me tell you what Nick Kathy has written who is a scholar of the Syrian Hadid and is notorious for refuting, fabricated and unauthentic narrations on the strength of ozarka. He writes for raffia Allahumma Jana Navarro. In that search da Allah opened up reality and they stared at Jeanette and in another event of 70, dibner jubair Romana Zilla, whom in that prostration against the odds against the numbers, they just did not see paradise. Allah said this paradise in tears your abode. Now when you stand up from that set down my brother who's going to tempt you? What is the of the word that can tempt you? What did

00:31:38--> 00:31:40

they say first of Lima I'm

00:31:42--> 00:32:26

15 years of studying I still cannot translate this verse into any language *a Lima and listen for your own in this such that we seem gender we have a bond with our love. Hello layli fi layli him domina in love with a loving him. Someone said the spiritual ecstasy the pious derived in prostrating before Allah far more excels the fake fake pleasure that we get in the in the in the clubs and in the laps of strange woman spiritual ecstasy in that set up what law there is a set it on my brother, I don't have it you don't have it, as those that have it. Just as today you cannot keep your head in the front of law. There is a search that that the pious enjoy, they cannot look

00:32:26--> 00:33:09

their heads. They just cannot lift it. One scholar told me look after your eyes and Allah will give you that set it up. Allah gave it to me Allah give it to you where you get limited to the earth where you cannot lift your head. They said your own why you make it one hand in one leg * Lima and tacos, why not go for both the hands and both the legs, go for the kill? Go for the jugular in Amata to the NaVi Hill highlighted dunia in pirot been angiography, rollin katajanokka, we brought him on on Allah in the midst of all these people that are watching us support cameras, fame, credibility against them. We hope in our Eman we need to be broadcasted across the globe and the

00:33:09--> 00:33:32

support was with us we hoping because of this Allah will forgive our sins because of the Khufu got us involved in really the CIA such that my brother May Allah give it to me May Allah give it to you. I'll leave you with the last ad. It's a hobby by the name of Robbie, I've been a cop said I passionately serve the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Sunday Elisha era, I used to stay with him till he would perform it for

00:33:33--> 00:34:12

at least up Bobby he when he would enter his house. I would sit by the door hoping that if there is a need in the dead of night and day to respond, but I would only hear him saying Subhan Allah He will be humbly Subhana Allah He will be hungry for Joe out of Livonia hyena one day he realized that I really love him and I passionately want to serve Him. He said come here via sunny Arctic. Today I'm telling you Robbie, you asked me and whatever you ask, it's on. He said unto roofie, embryo prophet of Allah, I will go back look into the method and I'll get back to you. Maybe I said I went back and I fought over it obviously immediately all your material props and flesh before you I need

00:34:12--> 00:34:51

this. I need that sort of the sort of that far off to an attorney, Yakuza Illa de Harris. He was a fini, I thought about it. I said, This world will end whether with ease or difficulty but he's going to come to an end. I'll get my putter get my shape, I'll have my roof My life will pass my number will end and I'll move on. I don't think it's intelligent for me to use such a bless its application to secure material gain. I said let me change it leave my material things. I came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Mafalda Yara. br br Have you thought over the matter? He said, Yes, I've reflected at length. What's the conclusion? As I Luca and Arabic for your company, meaning not? Us,

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

your Lord to forgive me and my neck be saved from hell. But America Ba ba ba ba, ba ba who gave this suggestion to you? Where do you get this from? Is it Oh,

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

profitable and nobody told it to me. I reflected at length and I thought, oh wait. And then I realized that really speaking there is nothing better I can ask Robbie I said the profits are some went into silence. somato Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Pavillon, he went into a lengthy pause. Can he raised his head? He said in the fall, I will make that for you. For me, Allah castrati, sujood Do me a favor, make prostration a common practice in your life. Really brothers, I cry my heart. I asked everyone, those of us that are performing Salah that has improved our Salah. I'm saying this I have few more months left in this community as you are aware, I hope I hope that something can come

00:35:39--> 00:35:58

out out of the little talks that we have shared the little discussions that we have had, I hope it can drive a message to one person also those of us that are not performing Salah let us seize the opportunity. Let us seize the opportunity to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala commence our day. What's Allah? Allah Allah Allah so the reality was

00:36:00--> 00:36:00


00:36:02--> 00:36:30

nice CD man. Yeah. simtech that Oh, what do you mean? simtech What's that? What do you mean what that day? That's a CD. No, I know it's a CD. I'm asking you. What is that? What is what are some checks? I'm asking you what is some take on probably what do you think tank man? Shin khakis, se d and what is that? That's what I asked you man. What do you mean what is what? Okay, leave what who is dead? Who is empty?

00:36:32--> 00:37:13

Look like some day. Goodbye. You said some tech from the beginning. You're the one that sets me off. So that makes me some debt. I didn't say that. Well, I'm in debt. collosum debt. Well, you just answered the question. What question the same question I asked you from the beginning. Who is simtech? A you like what you asked me what is in tech? Whatever. Don't miss the point. You don't even know what your point is. I do it don't do exactly what I'm asking you. You don't know what you're asking what you're asking. I'm asking you sim tech, right sim tech. What is it? Who is it? How is it? When is it what is simpler? And I told you from the beginning Symantec is at CD, it says

00:37:13--> 00:37:26

CD? Yeah. How can it be a CD? What do you mean okay, via CD? We are listening to the CD now you're asking me how can you be a CD? Okay, that's it. Some deck is a CD. Symantec CD. Got it? It was

00:37:27--> 00:37:29

oh my goodness. Did you see that?

00:37:31--> 00:37:33

CD, please drop me off in the corner.

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