Islam’s Unique Liberation Theology #03 Transcend Imperfect Systems

Mohammad Elshinawy


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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various systems of government, legal, and political Islam, including the religious aspect and spiritual reality of Islam. They also touch on the concept of a "eleration of evil" and how it can lead to behavior. The segment explores the concept of "the roadmap" and how it can lead to a " pun intended death," with emphasis on the value of women for their uniqueness and humanity. The segment also touches on the idea of "the roadmap" and how it can lead to a " pun intended death."
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The second statement, he said what anyone remember?

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Yes. And to liberate people from the injustice majority at the end the injustice of other systems to the justice of Islam.

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Somebody here might be wondering why keep translating at the end as systems because you're saying at the end is the plural of Dean and Dean is religion? Well, Dean comes from the same root as the word Dane, what did they say? A debt a debt is What is something you are committed to something you don't see it within your agency, your right to break away from something you're committed to. And so if that's a legal commitment, it's called a political system. A government system, right? That's why by the way, you find this in the Quran even that usage.

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McCann Alia, who the Houthi Deen in Malik Yusuf was not able to take his brother apprehend him in the dean of the king, he met in the law of the kink in Egypt. So that's a system a legal system, political system. There's also other systems that we are committed to like our cultural value systems, right? What society accepts and rejects. And then there's also the religion sense of Deen, right? Because that's a religious belief system. All of those systems, legal, cultural, religious, all those systems are bound to be imperfect in actualizing, Justice all of them

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because they are all a product partially or fully of men. And it man is an imperfect creature, whereas only Islam can be perfect, because it is as flawless as the one who revealed it. subhanho wa taala. So from the injustice of other systems, to the perfect justice that Allah revealed in Islam, Allah azza wa jal says about this, why is Islam so perfect? He says what Tim met Kelly metalock Vika Seder con where Adela the word of your Lord has been perfected in truth, and inequity injustice. So every statement Islam says is true. Okay, and every rule Islam gives us just and fair, that is very liberating, isn't it? Don't they say the truth will set you free? Right? You are liberated from the

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lies, liberated from the falsities that hold you back? Right? Don't you go on a wild goose chase when you assume that something is there, when in reality, it's not there? I'll give you just some very practical examples in our time, city. Don't people debate our human nature? What is human nature is inherently good or is inherently evil? Based on what you believe about human nature, you're going to act accordingly. Right? Human nature is always good than if it feels right. That's right. It feels good. It's good. Yes, live your truth. Yes. And if it's inherently evil, you're going to feel guilty for doing things that are naturally just tendencies inside you, which may also

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be a wrong assumption about your nature. Do human beings have a soul or not? Based on whether you believe you have a soul or not, you're going to behave accordingly. Right? If you don't believe you have a soul, you're not going to cater to it, you're not going to nourish it, you're not going to address it, you're not going to refine it, you're not going to feed it yet you don't believe it exists. Is there are a hereafter not? Based on your belief about that? There's a true answer. It either exists or doesn't exist, the one of them is true. Based on the truth of that matter, you will act accordingly. It's consequential. So Allah azza wa jal actually draws two images very quickly. I

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want to read them to you from the Quran about the people that live their lives, captivated by wrong captivated by falsehood, captivated by incorrectness, and how the truth would liberate you on the opposite side. Allah azza wa jal says in one area, well, Lavina Cafaro and those who rejected faith disbelief here in this particular area means rejected faith, the if there is those that accepted the religion of the masses, those who rejected faith.

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Their actions are like Kisaragi in bhakti, it is like a mirage. You guys know what a Mirage is? hallucinating the desert when you're thirsty. It's like a mirage in a low land. Yes, several VM annual map that the thirsty person assumes as water when you're thirsty. In the desert, you see a mirage on the brink of death. What do you do to it?

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What do you run to it? Right? This is the image that was drawn, the person assumes it's water, so he full throttle, the floors it gives every last ounce of it

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Energy for the potential the hope the chase of survival. He says had either Jaya who and so when he finally gets to it let me Ajit who shaida he finds out it was nothing yeah allah how difficult that is.

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And then Allah azza wa jal switches the scene right away he says, Some alleged hola hola Ando and then he finds hola in front of him. The parable jumps to the day of judgment the reality now

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and then he finds Allah in front of him right after death fell affair who has ever who and he gives him his payment in full. They allowed him to believe the lie he wanted to believe. And so he acted on it until there was no more chance to act, he discovered the truth. Or the other idea that says that the person who acts on falsehood, karabell City Cafe Hill and Matt is like someone who stretches out his two hands to water, Leah beluga, to bring that water to his face. Why Matt, who have you barely read and it never reaches every time he reaches for and brings it it flows between his fingers. This is the reality of living in a world where you don't know truth.

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It is devastating. Consider our times when we talk about the relativity of truth, like your truth and my truth, when they call it the post truth era where everyone just has their own Subjective Truths. The idea that there is no real truth, there is no objective truth to be found. That is the bedrock of injustice. Right? And we're living this aren't we like, if you want to find proof that marijuana or intoxicants are not that bad, you'll find that proof. Yes. And if you want to find proof that they're bad for you'll find that proof.

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And then multiply that by 1001 things. That is the injury because subjects you to your biases, when you don't have any source, a pure a filtered source of truth. You're a captive of your biases, you're a captive of your limitations. You're a captive of your social conditioning, all of these things will hold you back. And then you get tossed from one system of injustice to another from one unjust system to another. Can I be a little bit controversial here?

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You promise you'll give me the benefit of the doubt. And if you think I'm saying something toxic, you're going to like wait till the paper comes out called Gender uniqueness. Gender series, part two, wait for it. Like that plug Dr. Julio. I'll invoice you.

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women's liberation movements happen in very different ways. Okay.

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In the time of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam.

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Women were subjugated by a system that sewn that saw no value in human beings except the ability to defend the tribe, and the ability to earn bread, make money for the family. And so naturally, the women in that society were disadvantaged because of their inability to do that, in a saint the same way that men were doing it.

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, as we all know, liberated women from the many injustices that were present in that cultural value system. How did he do it? Did he make the mistake of what we do nowadays in the materialistic society, how similar yesterday's today of saying, a woman has no worth unless she does everything that the man does as good as the men.

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That will be a big problem because that would be setting the man as the ideal and she'll forever live in his shadow. That is not equality, that is not liberation. That's a ruse.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not make that mistake, because he does not utter he does not propose he does not endorse he does not bring to the world his own system. Because he is a human being Alex sotto Silla himself, he brought to them a system from Allah that said that they are inherently valuable for their uniqueness and they are relevant for their uniqueness. And the same way that men can provide for society in a unique fashion. Women can also provide for society in a unique fashion. And so each of them is ranked based on how they live up to equal and their humanity equal and their dignity, all this that you know already, but in the parts, the aspects and

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dimensions that are unique, that is justice. Otherwise, you'll just flip from one injustice to another. Some can claim that women have never been more oppressed than being subjected to the standards of like to do today, but that's a subject for another day. So Islam came to liberate them from the injustice of all other systems, to the justice of Islam.