MCO Tip #5 – List Down Allah’s Blessings Upon You

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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Hamdan cathedra de Botton bar and fee was salatu salam ala rasulillah what Allah Ali Hassan salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sisters, and whoever is calling this program, this is the fifth tip that we like to share with all of you, how to

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live your spiritual game giving this 14 day movement control order.

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Now, being human, sometimes, we take life for granted. A lot of things that happen around us, we don't really pay attention to it.

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Allah Almighty, remind us that initial cartoon as

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well as in an effort to

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look at the remainder of our life so beautiful. If we are grateful and thankful, remember the blessing of Allah that Allah has given us for so long,

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then allow it increases blessing.

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But if we are ungrateful, we just take things for granted, then we will never know.

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And we will never change.

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And then Allah say, we have to wait for his punishment. Allah has given us beautiful environment

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for so long.

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But now, we are facing some difficult time.

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The whole world is shutdown.

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lockdown is locked down for a while.

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But of course, is for the benefit of all of us.

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it's not easy to express yourself. Sometimes there are people who just can't communicate well,

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then we can try to do some things, start a daily journal, to come on last lesson before if you want to complain about why this why that let us write down

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the blessing of Allah that we have been enjoying for so long.

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Why because it's important. But how important for us to remember the blessing that we receive.

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From a lot of mighty to our parents, what our parents have been given us from the day we were born until today.

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We don't remember, and we are very ungrateful to them.

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This is only our paramedicine Allah, who give us the eye they can see the air they can hear and give us oxygen, rain, everything. He never said any bill to us. He just want us to be thankful and be grateful to him, leaves all the thing that you have been taken

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it for granted. thing that you don't remember. And you have to remember why it is important

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is very important to remember all the good things that happened to us.

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The blessing that alive giving us the good comfort that our parents have given us is very, very important.

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So we always are thankful and grateful. And there's a blessing

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in return.

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And also king that we forgot his time for us to recall being human. We always forget a lot of good things that happened to us. But we always remembered that thing we got we like to do that. We are more negative than positive.

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Remember, all the good thing that Allah has given us.

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The peace that we enjoy in this country, Malaysia example. The harmony, the relationship that we have built. Among all the motivation is the blessing from Allah.

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And whatever bad that have happened. We take it as a lesson so that we don't repeat

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the mistake again. May Allah help those who help themselves. And may Allah make us people who are shaqiri or Shakira, who are thankful and grateful to Allah among us near and female. I mean, women are below 250 rock

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and then 100 below them in Santa Monica Mata Mata la wa barakato