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Welcome to the law in Alhamdulillah.

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Romani when

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fusina dR Marina Maryam De La

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da da da da da da da sorry. When I said when I say Ghana when Mohammed Abu or pseudo America call

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for calling me

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upon your Hajime Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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Allah not become a minister Judy Barbuda Rebecca diakonia de

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la Rosa paka paka Nabila.

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okoma caladenia Salatu was salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. While the world continues to progress technologically I swear by Allah it is retrogressive morally and spiritually. While life seems to become easier, theoretically, it is becoming challenging practically, tension depression, frustration has become the order of the day, happiness, joy and prosperity is something of the past. Well, I never mind becoming a victim to any tragedy, which perhaps might warrant depression. The average man the fears that haunt the mind of an average man today is sufficient depression. When a man becomes a victim to any tragedy or not the fears that are

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even lurking and the fears that are haunting the mind of every man is sufficient depression. The poet says it's so beautifully subtle terminal acid bathinda, yummy, mushy. I presented in the surgery of a physician. If you understand basic Arabic, you can appreciate these couplets for call to me machinery. I asked him I said, Doc, look at me. I'm getting Whiteman. What's the reason for this? For Karla belcampo he examined me he made a diagnosis he says a lot of phlegm in your body. I told him Doc, I don't know much with utmost respect to your expertise. That's got nothing to do with flame Bella Ramu instead This is depression. This is the tip any man and let him put his heart out

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and every man is in crisis. Well, I don't be deceived by his palatial home. Don't be deceived by his ex five go into that man's life and you see this crisis. Like the poet says it's so beautifully that Indira is to catch on to some stuck belly falling to a knuckle illuma Marino on my brother, I seen you sitting before me, the very gesture of your face indicated you're going through depression. How are we nearly equal? Rebecca huasteca relax and take it easy and put trust in Allah Falco, Tokuda, Andrew, who after we know, For verily the one that relies on a lot, the one that relies on Allah takes life easy, like in English, they say so beautifully. Of course, he's an example, to speak to a

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lot. No breath is lost. To work with Allah, no strength is lost, to wait for Allah. No time is lost. So trust in Allah and you'll never be lost. For whatever coalition. We know, Tara Allah and nothing if it is the lamotta you

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know, the only way to avert financial depression. The only way to avert financial depression is to convince yourself allies the Sustainer when you've convinced yourself now the gross fluctuation in the currency and the competitors in the market and the volatility of the rain, and the fake predictions of the economists will not go to you in any way. My respected father always says man like him does it fair is present in this gathering. Allah reward him abundantly for the wonderful upbringing he has given me. He always taught us an IVP TTR then yesterday we say things were cheap, but we didn't own it and we couldn't afford it. Today when it is expensive. Allah has given us what

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is the cost for Allah has provided it for us today. Let us look at the claws of Livia Kareem salatu salam Ala Moana Nia Nia pmrs actually are like granny contentment in what you have provided some are equally free and then give me bulka give me Baraka. Now, if you analyze contentment, contentment is something that is associated with needs. needs. It has a limit and has a definition. Greed has no limit and no definition. Alaska the entire world has come on to green today. The world is coming to greatness. Don't get me nice into grade. One humble man in his simple profession taught me a lesson. I wanted to test him to see and after he was finished it Don't you want to know you can pick up your

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quota. So I asked him what what do I owe you? He says no, I can't take money from you. I insisted you have to charge me Then he took a meager amount to make me happy. So I told him no, but it's not enough. He turned he turned around and he said well now what is the definition of enough? What does enough mean? What is the definition of enough? What

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is salat wa salam. This is the modern day poverty that in the midst of effluence a man who has no peace in the midst of effluence Allah saved the object of your house in the 40 inches of the Quran, who will lead the jungle Allah. Allah says he has made for your booty come second, has given you a home in which you can get pleasure and bliss and joy. If your house is not providing you with comfort, the fundamental object of that house is forfeited. Last year we had the opportunity to go to Malawi I was invited the Quran was translated in the village

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Due to language, and there was an opening of domestic. After we completed they took us into some of the rural areas. And we've seen some of them, massage it into modalities. We came outside one one particular location, there was a small hut so small I can safely say your laundry room was bigger than that man's entire house. He was sitting outside it was extremely hot. There was some goats outside children were playing there was a little well, but I swear by a law that Hey, man, it's such a smile on his face. That was priceless. That smile transmitted such joy that I've never seen it in my life. It seemed like an indelible impression in my heart. And once I was in Georgia, we were

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hosted by a very wealthy man, such a wealthy man, he built his house on the highest mountain of a man, he received us at the airport, he filters these waters 16 times before it comes out of the tip. He has spent in excess of 2 million US dollars only on his garden, breathtaking view. He received us his own over an award in 20 food outlets in the United States. We perform Margaret's summit outside a wonderful scene. But the endorsement in the engagement of that man was such that I did not envy his well for a second. Let's have a look at what is the definition of Well, let me take you 1400 years ago to the words of my master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the narration of it may

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have been when I was a young

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man who will not oversell? Do you consider excess provisions as well within less than man who will * and lack of provisions as poverty? I said yes, want to be able to address the apparent definition of wealth and that's the apparent definition of poverty, abundance of provisions as well and lack of provisions as well. Let me hurry Sam says no, no. Who said let me set the records correct. Like they say, let's just get the records in order. Yo, let me tell you what is true. Well, let me tell you what is true poverty. In the middle greener, greener local wine demand for crude oil. The true the true wealth is the wealth of the heart and that is contentment of the heart. And

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the truth poverty is the poverty of the heart and that is the greed of the heart. And that's not all a loser less than a woman can elvina feet will be that person who enjoys divine satisfaction and divine contentment Fela yoga room I'd love to Amina dunia no material challenge will depress this man. No material problem will be one young boy came to me the other day. Well, Anna, do you have the door for depression? I said my brother Do you know what does depression mean? Well, many times I'm tempted to document to write down I promise you it will be the first cell if you put it on the market. Just to know what is the treacheries of this boy in my little boy Do you know what this

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depression mean?

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So what is the number one let's say that person who is content when in his heart No amount of material problems will depress him. One man can and photography can be and he who is wealthy in his external appearance, but he's poor in his art. In other words, he has great follow up Hema extra minute dunia, no amount of wealth was satisfied his grades, there will be nothing to envy that inner inner crave of he is he or she cannot fulfill some heartfelt wish. Melaka the poet says it is contentment grab on to it you will live like a king without the throne. Lola Mia camino de la salle Bethany even if you just have a healthy body 130 Lima Malacca dunya Big Mama why not ponder reflect

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and introspect over those own the entire world in the facility searching for people govern over the entire world that Dominion extended as far as the world wants to believe as to what this believers the believers was today Monterey Salaam into Kearney, that is believers were numbered and booked and Mr. Winslow Kearney in whose government and dominion extended to the world when he was leaving this world he made one request he says put my hands outside my coffin. let the world see the man who ruled over the world also leaves with nothing one third Lima Malika dunia Piazza Melina palabra is like they say money can buy a house but not a home. money can buy your bed but not sleep. One if you

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and I get men who cannot find joy in his house, we'll find it nowhere. No Victoria Falls no Niagara Falls will give that mentor if you own a house cannot give you it is not what you take up. But it is what you attend and it makes your life a pleasure. It is what you give up. When is it that our first has come to such a point? That if the kid makes noise I get up if the clock is ticking, it disturbs my sleep. And when is that simple man who sleeps beneath the tree and enjoys the divine shadow of my law. What law we're down in the local minima for lack of a law they stretch we can even deep sleep. I wonder who is rich and who is poor? What do you think the definition of wealth and what is the

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definition of poverty?

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levier is salat wa salam says my yaku will kill you man. I have some words to disseminate. Would anyone come in Listen to me for Yamato Pina implemented? Oh yo Halima Yamato. beenleigh open at stake you can pass it to someone else. Ilana came running he said whenever you have a luxury to me and I will listen. Let me restaurant set it up in my heart chakra now. But the nurse

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abstained from the disobedience of Allah and you have worshipped Allah the Most. Our Buddha explained from the disobedience of a lion you have worshipped Allah The most

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common law

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be satisfied on the divine distribution of your law and you are the wealthiest. You are the wealthiest. You know the owner must speak of a condition called the Free Will your hand your condition to a law. Like I have seen some of my desire Tony Martin, I believe you're going overseas he says I never intended it. Now I've left it to Allah someone said it's so beautifully proposed or I have applied for my visa in athletes for in Marathi Humala if you approve it the job or the visa or the proposal in essence my airline is approved but you will be appreciated because you are the external means way manager but if you have refused actually my Allah has declined but you will be

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excused while manager handing over to Allah Obama if you will be satisfied you have an awesome holla to kill a bird at all my sermon I created you for my worship for lotta love I don't want to see you loitering around in the world. I very selectively made this translation I have created you for my worship I don't want to see you loitering alone what person to like areas and I divide I decided how much wealth I will be giving you for that setup I don't want to see you exerting yourself what we mean who for that? And for more than what I have decided I don't want you to even desire nevermind endeavor and listen to what I have to tell you in Ravi tepee Martha some to hula in Raja moccasin to

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hula if you will be happy on my choice in my selection in my distribution divinely I will bring joy to your heart in your body and you will be beloved in my eyes. But if you will try and embrace more if you will try NMS more so when is it what Jelani no Selita nalli dunya. I will impose the world on you you will literally in one like animals. This is not an exaggeration. This is the translation of the quotation and remember myself and in the end you will not get more than what I've allotted. You will append in your family life you will append in your social life you will have nothing It will be nothing like joy in that life. Like someone said listen to his brothers, Filipina salata, we all are

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searching for three things, but we were looking in the wrong place. fell in love with Lena Fillmore. We search for wealth in things, but actually it was in contentment. Actually, it was in contentment. What's up nog Rafi chakra and we were searching for comfort in luxury. But actually what sort of katra we were searching for luxury in comfort, but it was kept in in the toilet pool and interact with a lion in contentment. What phenomenal Khurana Phil Hall. And we search for honor in the creation but honor was in what Allah?

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Allah used to say is that joy, the divine formula of the joy of both doors, the divine formula of the joy of the boat The world is not to desire wealth, no honor from any human. Once a man has discipline himself, his maturity the crave of materialism, while other people have been blinded by the claim of materialism to such an extent. I know people that were making money out of their own parents can umaine stoop so low, someone said it's so dutifully The best way to put an end to depression is don't think of three things in your life. Let that affect the fabric. Don't ever think about poverty because it will only increase your greed. It will only increase your feet number one,

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number two, lot's of luck kercheval Mima balama don't think of those that have hurt you or press you down you know who have been evil to you and back to you in person or in any in any aspect of life. Why because now it will create malice in you and every time you will be at loggerheads and you will try and retaliate but while you are trying to retaliate you will be making your own life more miserable miserable of your wife miserable of your children. You will harm Jackman nice and you will harm yourself more most and law sets effect curfew will back off do not plan a long future Allah knows what is the future of every man but do not plan a long future for veteran if you plan a long

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future you will have to amass a lot because at the age of 80 I'll need this when I'm 85 I need this you planning a long future to not plan a long future so that you do not have to miss more of this world you have an attempt

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at Oh my servant free yourself from my body

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will fill your heart with joy and brothers may I add one of the greatest contributing factors to depression I swear by your lines control is my life is gonna there's nothing that can depress me more than some of that man that is on ecstasy and as that person let's let's perhaps take one of navionics from Libya restaurant save in Tama Nina verily honesty creates contentment, honesty prevert provides satisfaction. Honesty brings about happiness, and lies creates restlessness. uneasiness, not extend the meaning of this hurry. Honesty, piety, loyalty, fidelity, in every aspect in every facet of life compliance to the order of a law will bring joy will bring inner

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satisfaction. And a person that is involved in an unlawful relationship restless. My wife doesn't get all of my phone. She doesn't see this phone number any of us to the door. He is restless. Why? Because he isn't just obedient as that man when you become sober, and as that man perhaps when he's perpetrating the crime, he enjoys fake pleasure. But no sooner he leaves that woman and he comes home. He gets such depression I swear by Allah notability

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The world can put an end to the depression. And let me tell you that antidepressant and antidepressant brothers that is like someone. This is my own example that I always give antidepressant. There is like a person who went to the mechanic and says, You know what, there's a certain level in my car, I just can't trace it. So the mechanic looked at it and he says, You know what, I can't solve it, but I've got one clue. If it's really bothering you, the next time you try put your radio louder. That's the way you would get these depressant. While I use camouflage the problem you've solved no problem when it comes in a hurry to play hockey La hawla wala quwata illa.

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Allah is the cure of 99 ailments the least of which is depression, after Ferrari cinemas taught us along with long as he Banila hammer will cause me to rub your hand over your forehead and to make dua that Allah removes sorrow and grief for me another 12 nearly Salatu was salam, a salute to policemen who were like all I asked you through the medium of every name of yours, and CELTA houfy kitabi, which you've revealed in any scripture of Allah who offer them in healthy, or you have divinely 3027 or you've kept it in any kita until Jalil, Cora and Alavi Mojave aku Vina, that makes the Quran a means of life to my heart and remove that inner depression. What does Satan alucabond

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telling his son, oh my son save yourself from death. It is a worry by 19 it displaced by date, save yourself from death. It is a worry by night and it is a disgrace by date. So brothers.

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As I mentioned the modern day poverty using the myths of wealth the man has no peace. Remember depression is also comes from a law when a law wants to snatch depressed when allowance to bring depression and allowance to snatch joy from a man their own sitting on his throne. It was only told to him one vision intellect crippled his joy. A man is living in a palace. He enjoys everything. Doctors suspect cancer, nothing confirmed that the end of joy in the life of that man that the end of happiness invocation, there is a fear that he will be diagnosed with cancer. He said that you perhaps don't own that well, but you have a variety and his delicacy, he can touch eggs for

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breakfast, he can have that for lunch. What good is that whereas when you cannot eat it yourself. One vision film is sitting on his throne and it was told to him that a child will be born and you will lose your kingdom at his hand. The child is not yet born and you still coming in. But the reverse suggests from that day if your own was a different man, unlike in cripple a man and likewise when Allah wants to give contentment when Allah wants to give divine peace just comes from Allah. This comes from Allah. Let me take you through the Battle of a very significant better in the annals of Islamic history. What happened in the Battle of Allah speaks about how he aided the Muslim world

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aka de como la vida. De persona among the ethnic Hata is official to Manasa to Phil Emery was a member of the Mahara tomato hipbone that you were slain the kuffaar with the help of Allah and victory was yours. And at this juncture, when it was apparent that victory was yours, and Libya is strong, it posted 50 arches at a particular mountain so that the kuffaar cannot penetrate. And this was the time where they became dispute. And sometimes that when the battle is over, Victory is ours. Let us go forward for the spoils of the war.

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And you disputed in your meta, and aside from Phil amblin you shifted from the command of the lobby of Allah and you went headlong towards the material game I mean, come when you read the dunya amongst those that one material game after like Game of Thrones says only when this verse was revealed, I realized there people amongst us that are incurring material things otherwise I thought everybody has come here 14 men coming up to dunya woman coming up to lock her up. It was as a result no listen to this brothers. I show you how Allah gives divine contentment. Three amazing extra problems. He can't sleep that he doesn't take your pill. He's on this tablet is on this medication.

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This is the side effect that is different side effects. Every man is frustrated with law. This is the modern day poverty in the midst of well there is no joy, the object of your marriage. The Quran says Lita, schooner Elena, you must look at your wife and it must put an end to depression and depression.

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So anyway, what does the Quran say? Didn't even hit long. The gophers seize the opportunity, and they launched the full scale attack, they launched a full scale attack. And when they launched the full scale attack Sahaba were not prepared for this. It created chaos in the ranks of the Muslim. They were engaged in the spoils of the war. And at that very moment to Lancelot a tune in battle from a fossa como Gangnam. Viva Milica de la casa No, because you shifted from the command over la after one depression in one setback Allah brought about another one on you. One is you shifted from the command of delivery of Allah, the enemy's launched in attack, and an apparent victory was

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turning into failure. At that very moment. The rumor was circulated of the assassination of Nabi sallallahu sallam. Now how do you get away my beloved Navy, he lost his beloved tooth. And for tomorrow, the Alanna came, and she took water Allahu Akbar, and she started pouring it on the cheeks of nabire salaam. And now you will be alone who was wiping it in the midst of the battle, the contribution of the queen of the woman of gender, and she realized this technique was aggravating the bleeding. She then took a piece of met she burnt it and she stuck it on the cheek of the blizzard peace of mind me sallallahu wasallam and then, of course, the blood subsided at this moment

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When there was stereos with reference to the serious money pays the 90 on the hush and number four when it was total chaos in the rings of the Muslims, with Sahaba realized that his victory was turning into into defeat this circulation of the rumor of the assassination of Mariela Salaam, and Sahaba were lying on the floor. Allah said I decided I'm going to now give you peace and let the world know peace comes from a lot. It doesn't come from any place when you vacation, or any restaurant or any scenic view. Some man's allowed me to remember the one meal a minute and Allah says at that critical moment where you didn't know which way you would turn in. I sent on sleep and

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slumber on the believers in the myths of the better abutilon sorry, says I was among those people the sword was in my hand and it fell off in a fell off to sleep while people would die. Imagine a main component to sleep in his bed made out of water as they say, and he has all comforts around him because of what Allah snatched at sleep away. Now I can understand when Allah gives joy and endless literacy. at this critical moment, the Muslims are fighting as well as the minority. Two brothers are in partnership. Allah gives contentment to one another snatches it from one two brothers are living in one house and that gives contentment to one in Illustrator that contentment comes divine.

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It cannot be acquired it is inspired. It is inspired when you follow the commandments of a law there is no there is no pharmacy in the world that can give you the right prescription test you don't have to knock the door Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam anyway, Allah says in this much so man's olalekan Minda de la Gumby, I gave you a piece of the like Memphis road says and no filter the mean Allah sleep in the midst of the battle is a sign of victory and is a sign of the help of a law and sleep while performing namaz is a sign from Chevron when NASA fees for administration.

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At that moment the law says I put sleep on the Muslims and the moon African wall so fighting Allah says I'm Matt home and also known as a lion

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the other group that will fight in with you what ulterior motives I snatched joy from them so they were wrapped up in fear what is going to happen and Salva says we were falling off to sleep until I said I was working with nearly Salaam the rumor was circulated but I was comfortable because then they'll be over lovers with me and then the fear and you know bounce and unless send down this read that the sleep upon us and I fell to sleep and and then I could hear the moon African say in Holland Amina lamrim in say ways the big three ways the help of Allah coming he was this few moments of sleep and then he says we got up when we got up we we were together we got our composure, we got our

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act together. Allah gave a strength Allah gave us ability. It is let's learn about our company one great Boudreaux Allah has given him control over his sleep. He could look at the photo of the sleep at 10 minutes and be up after 10 minutes total from the kindness of Allah in Sonia is a medical condition that is only increasing in the world. He says we got up we had our act together and after that a lot that I gave a string. So this is a how Allah will give this is how Allah will give one Latina Allah Monica Posada Maja pulu la Allah says only Viva La we know you feel depressed when they perform do not listen to your message that has been give you the prescription to remove the

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depression can they be any deeper any prescription better than that which Allah prescribed please never

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give up because our co minister didn't make Subhana Allah abundantly and fall into sajida and worship your Allah and to get overpowers you let us then end with the law of miracle is Salatu was Salam. O Allah give me contentment in what you have given me up to her grandma. Rogen masama a king is a slave as long as he is greed and the slave is a king as long as this content like inspires all with contentment, watered down and in hamdulillah