Islam Unlike Other Religions does not Blame Eve for the Sins of Humankind nor Considers Pregnancy…

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There are certain non Islamic religions

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who put the blame only on Eve. May Allah be pleased with her for tempting Adam, to eat the forbidden fruit because of which human kind is born in sin.

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And when you read the Bible,

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Genesis chapter number three, it says that Eve, mela babysitter was responsible for tempting Adam, to eat the forbidden fruit because of which humankind is born in sin.

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There is not a single verse in the Quran, which puts the blame only on Eve mela between return.

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The blame is put equally on both of them on Adam as well as on Eve May peace be upon them.

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And if you read the Quran, it's mentioned earlier off. Chapter number seven was number 19 to 27. Adam and Eve, peace be upon them. They are addressed a dozen of times. It's mentioned there that both of them they made a mistake. Both of them repented, and both are forgiven. The blame is put equally on both of them. There is not a single verse of the Quran, which puts the blame on Eve alone exclusively. But there is there was no Quran in Surah Taha chapter number 20, verse number 121, he says that Adam, peace be upon him, he disobeyed God, but there's no worse exclusively. Seeing that evils possibilities be open.

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But overall, if you read the Quran, as I said, you cannot pick up one verse. If you read the Quran Overall, we have to agree that both of them they made a mistake, both of them repented, and both were forgiven.

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Further when you read the Bible,

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in the book of Genesis, chapter number three was number 16. It says, Almighty God says,

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it says to the woman, that I will multiply your conception

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and you will give birth in pain and sorrow.

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And your desire shall be your husband, and he will rule over you.

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So according to the Bible, pregnancy is a curse of Almighty God. It's a punishment.

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God says I will multiply you in conception.

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And you will bear children in pain and sorrow.

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As though it's a punishment of Almighty God on the woman. pregnancy is a curse, it's a punishment.

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And it says that your desire shall be that of your husband and he will rule you. In fact, if you read the Quran, there is a great contrast.

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The Quran says exactly the opposite. The Quran uplifts the woman because of pregnancy.

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The Quran says in Surah chapter number four is number one. It says respect the womb that boo.

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Ron says in Israel lachemann chapter number 31 verse number 14, we have enjoined on the human beings

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to be kind to the parents

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in travail upon travail. Did the mother bore you and in pain Did she give you birth?

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The Quran says respect your parents, especially your mother because she bore you in pain in trouble upon trouble that she bore you and in pain should give you the

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same message repeated in chapter number 46 was number 15. Over sale in Santa

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Santa we have enjoyed not the human beings to be good to the parents in painted Cebu and in pain Did she give you what that means because of the pains that the mother bears and the pain she takes while giving you birth. The Quran says you have respect her. It uplifts the woman pregnancy uplifts the woman does not degrade