Sulaiman Moola – A Clean Heart In Soiled Clothing Is Better Than A Soiled Heart In Clean Clothing

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The heart is a critical organ and is seen as the heart of a believer. It is discussed the history of the heart and its potential health implications, including the importance of monitoring its health. A woman named Jana recites a verse in the Bible and discusses the potential risk of losing a heart, while sharing a quote from another woman named Jana who says the potential risk of losing a heart is important.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. These an amazing incident recorded in the books regarding Lockman. The wise. Once he his master told him his Ballina Harvey has shot slaughter this lamb and sheep for me what a teeny be up to your burn move of a tiny minha and then select from it the two tastiest pieces of meat for jabil. Toby will listen. He obliged and complied, slaughtered the animal and presented in the service of his master, the heart and the tongue. The master asked him Are you convinced this is the most palatable pieces of meat? He said, Absolutely. A period of time lapse. And now the master asked him to slaughter a nother lamb, but this time to reverse it around and present him with

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the most unpalatable pieces of meat. So he slaughtered another lamb. And believe it or not, as strange as it is, he presents the heart and the tongue for the second time. So the master is rather perplexed by this and he said to look man, I asked you for the most palatable you gave me the heart and the tongue. Then I asked you for the most unpalatable and you gave me the heart and the tongue again. To which Look man, the Wise replied laser. Phil just said the modern attorney up to your boom in Houma, either Ababa with a bathroom in Houma either hoposa Oh my master, there is nothing better than the heart and the tongue when nourished, and there is nothing more wicked than the heart and

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the tongue when neglected.

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The famous Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which appears in eBay nomada, in reduced on a lot of when he was selling them said that in the body, there is a piece of flesh it are solid, if this piece of flesh is reformed, swallow * Jessa dokolo then the entire body will be reformed. What is our first said that and when it is neglected, then it will have negative implications on the entire body. Behold, beware, Allah we're here to tell it is the heart. If you want to ask the grammarian or the philologist or the linguist regarding the word Calvin, Arabic, which is the word to use to describe the heart, what does kaliber literally mean? curl means

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something that is ever changing, and that's the nature of the heart. It's evolving, it's changing. So it's erratic. Sometimes there's positive energy, sometimes there's negative energy, sometimes you energetic to do good. Sometimes you lethargic, that's the nature of the heart. In fact, when we talk about bringing a man on Allah subhanho, wa Taala. Then there are three key components if Robin listen to utter what the tongue does the kabil Jana and to believe what the heart or MLB or can and to execute the obedience of Allah through your organs. Hence, if a person proclaims the kanima with his tongue, but denies it with his heart, he's a hypocrite. He's a hypocrite. In fact, in the 14th,

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Jews of the Quran in chapter 16 in Surah, two nahal Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if a genuine believers life is threatened, somebody comes to him and tells him denounce the faith at a statement of Kufa and to rescue his life. momentarily he artists a statement of cover work Carl boo Mottola in number, a man but but at the very time of the utterance of a statement of disbelief, his heart was firmly anchored in belief what Allah and His heart was aligned with Allah subhanho wa Taala, then there will be no consequences upon such a person. Why because a man is accommodated in the heart. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu Of course, the manifestation is in the organs. The Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said at UCLA hoonah ca hoonah he said, taqwa is in the heart that why is in the heart. What ashara illa Toby and he pointed to the heart. The Arabic bullet said something so amazing, no, sir, you know, madaba or either Marina without will tell the owner be so early, when we are unwell, always sick, be the heart related or otherwise we hasten to the doctor. If it's heart related, we going to a cardiologist if we need surgery, it's a cardiothoracic surgeon. And we take active measures, because we know that an alien heart can be critical and can be crucial. But how often do we concern ourselves about the well being of our spiritual heart, and believe it or not my

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brother and my sister, Allah subhanho wa Taala also speaks about a healthy spiritual heart and an alien spiritual heart. Like we have a healthy physical heart and an alien physical heart. So in juice 19 in chapter 26, the chapter on bullets in verse 88, and verse 89, Allah subhanho wa Taala says on the day of the Yama lion for Ramadan, voila by noon, your sons will not avail

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Your assets will not avail you. And verse 89 of chapter 26 in lamb men Atala Herbie talbin Saleem, but the one who appears before Allah with a healthy heart. That's the literal translation. That's the verbatim translation. Of course, if not basadi Allahu anhu Omar Mujahid patata Hassan bursary and others have unanimously agreed calvey Salim a healthy hodja means a sound heart. And that's the heart of a believer in which there is a man and contrast this idea with a verse in chapter two, the 10th verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, fee to be modeled, upon obey Him mode, there is a melody in their hearts there is a sickness in their heart, their their heart is unwell they not well, for

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azada, whom Allah

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and Allah has increased the disease and that malady and this refers to the mana fatigue and the hypocrites just as medically you will be told there are different levels of a sick heart. Some is not so critical. palpitations might not be so intense, you went up a flight of stairs, you broke a sweat, you lost your breath, you went to the cardiologist, he monitored you he advised you etc. certain measures certain discipline, diet etc. And you will able to you know what regained your strength. Likewise there are different levels of illness when it comes to the spiritual heart. So the worst is this year that is hypocrisy. May Allah protect us. And then in chapter two in verse 74,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, So maka Sato Nobuko member de danika, yada yada, then their hearts became hard. It became like stone Nay, it was more hard than rocks and stone and that is where your heart becomes so hard. You cannot cry. My brother if you pray and you cannot tear my sister if you seen Carnage around you and you seen people in abject poverty and crisis and it cannot make you tear. That's a red flag that your spiritual heart is in degeneration it's dropping in decline in jus Moodle 90 min password. If you cannot tear that's a sign that your heart has become hard. Your heart has become hard. Workers sweating Calvin Catherine de Lune and your heart becomes hard when they are

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excessive sending that is taking place so it not earthman or the Allahu anhu said lo and not Banu by now. My shabby and I mean kalamera Bina, if our hearts were pure, we would never die, you're reciting Quran. If you cannot read Quran for a long period, I'm afraid that is a reflection of an alien spiritual heart. A rubbish bin Hussein the great Tabby said, lo Faraj totally be Vic cruel Moti. Sir it infested. aleja If I were to lose the thought of death for one moment, I consider that to be a fatal blow to my spiritual heart. I consider that to be totally destructive to my spiritual heart. Auto hero, Obi Wan Kenobi moodiness. The poet says, I take pride in my aesthetics in my

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cosmetics in adorning myself What can be more than us but my heart is soiled My heart is soiled. My brother, my sister, it is time we take active measures to monitor our spiritual heart and reform our heart. Let me leave you with a hadith and a quotation. The Hadith appears in telemovie narrated by Anna Suba nomadic and yet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gives us an exercise to monitor our heart. He said to understand the Allahu anhu in his data and to say what to say when a Sufi tell because recently I had a middle Muslim in a file under soprano Malik every morning and evening. If you can monitor your heart and see that there is no antagonism. There is no rancor in it. There is no

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dislike in it for any of the believers then do so monetate morning and evening is my heart pure is my heart clean all my harboring anger, antagonism dislike you know I have all this malice in me gorgeous in me that that is not the heart of a believer that's not the ideal heart. If you can monitor and see your heart is clean for fall do so for in Nevada coming soon at because this is one of my practices woman I have pursued nothing I have money and if you love my practice and revive it You love me and whoever loves me will be with me in Jana. I leave you with this quotation which I've came across of abou Idris Rahim Allah. He said luckily born nothing Yun fifth Tobin Denison Hiram

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min Calvin Dennison, fifth ob nutty you. It is better for you. Oh my brother, and it is better for you. Oh, my sister to have a clean heart in soiled clothing than to have a soiled heart in clean clothing.

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