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The Galatians have the fear of their behavior and the potential consequences of their return. They also discuss the importance of acceptance for future events, including the death of Allah Tala. The segment touches on the history of Islam, including the creation of 360 idols and the use of it as a means of pride, but also highlights the importance of fear and expectations for future events. The segment ends with a discussion of the "has been accepting" messages of the first two weeks of the year, including a woman named Amy who said she was happy to see her sister and her brother.

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Hungry and hungry Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna via

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a mugger do follow me now you're gonna share it on your Gmail Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim nebith eBuddy and ne ANOVA for Rahim wanna Adavi who

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set up Allah will Azim My dear respected elders and brothers we are in the last Juma of this month of Ramadan. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it a means of goodness for us. May Allah Allah accept our efforts in this and may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us many more Ramadan's in which we can turn towards Almighty Allah inshallah say I mean, Inshallah, there are a few things that I would like to alert you with regard to on this last Friday, the first of which is the emphasis and the reminder to give set up a cool feature is the cattle feeder sericata will feature is watching according to the Hanafi school of thought, and amount has been widely publicized. It is important

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that we see to it that we fulfill this important obligation. Let me a Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I need a blessing that the Allah with Iran called and maybe you said Allahu alayhi wa sallam, the cattle fig tree to return Lissa me mean Allah we were referred, were to Mata lil Moroccan, that sicutool fitter and sadaqa tool FITARA fulfills two objectives. One it purifies us from the sins and imperfections in ours, Rosa in our fasting, the cartoon fetal cardiac earners rudia Yeah, and if you can SDQ watch in order to schedule and EUMETSAT mistake. Yeah. Okay, Rosa May, Jim COTA here we're gonna assert that we have the cartoon feature set Walmart. We're talking

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about a little Moroccan. And the second thing that we are Kareem sauce from said here very bokeelia Eat kitten Kanika into somehow it becomes a means of feeding the people who are poor that they could also enjoy a good meal at the time of feed. And then the via Kareem Salah when he was selling went on to say man adaptable a salad for here's the Carter monk Bula whoever gives him sericata oil filter before eat that instead of

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whoever gives it before it it is referred to fertile woman a da de salud for here sadaqa to minister the cop and whoever gives it after it it becomes one set up it is normal set up.

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So we see the see that we do this. The second thing that we have to keep in mind it is our attitude at the time of the last the last Friday the last towards the end of Ramadan. Our Allama have made mentioned that when we come to the end of something then we end up with fear and hope chip kisi ki chi sqft tamper I'm content to hum ft Tom is Teisco perkara Hof or Raja Hof or Tawakkol fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala an expectation in the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the way we end up something certainly Muslims the Hadith here it is a Hadith in Sahih Muslim that Maria Kareem saw cinnamon said lo mein MA in de la humanidad acaba ma Tama Avi Jannetty if believer more

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Amin Gaza pata chala key Allah Quranic Kia as our Kawa towards Jana kita ma Tanaka. Whoa if a person knows the other of Allah Tala has stepped in for him and adapted Allah Tala has he will stop even expecting Jana. He will stop expecting gender because of Allah subhanho wa Taala as Adam but on the other hand, low Yeah, and then we'll go here MA in de la human Rama Merkin Ataman Jannetty if a does believer knows the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala he would not stop expecting to get Jana Subhanallah that is a way we are supposed to have fear and we are supposed to have hope. Hope you hope or reach out to aku Bo has said look man Tula his son one day I said look man Yup, nepotism was here Karthika

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Oh my son. Here Allah subhanho wa Taala as punishment, but do not have such fear that you lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Allah Allah Allah has upset they can eat now Medina to Allah Tala Cyramza useful job. Fear Allah subhanho wa Taala but no fear Allah

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dalla to such an extent that you become despondent of the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh my son him hoping the Mercy of Allah Tala and that Rama to menial you can eat tomato tomato, Allah Tala key as I said before for their heterotic but don't have so much hope that you fear that you lose that you lose the fear of unluckiness punishment to the sunset. As soon as Look man, that oh my father, how is it possible in one heart to have two conflicting types of attitude? Yeah, motors that cheez it just didn't make a set amount of time. Don't notice that cheese. It didn't make a cent analysis there. How can these two things come into one heart? So the Monterey salat wa salam

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said, Oh my oh my son. The believers heart is teeming with fear. And it is full of fear and full of hope.

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The believers heart is full of fear and it is full of hope. That is how we are supposed to have our situation. And you know, because we have done some sort of effort in the month of Ramadan. We don't know whether Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept or not, because we don't know we have fear of Almighty Allah. We have we have expectation but we have also fear of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala his proper diet and

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because of this, we have fear mediana he Bramalea salat wa salam consolidator. Why give the example of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. When he finished build the Kaaba, he made this dua of gonna topple Mina in the contest, some of you will, or will not accept from me you are all hearing, all knowing the family. So that was Romney to among at the time of building the Kaaba, he made dua, and that is why we all make dua towards the end from banana topple Minda in the contessa Mulally are coming Mr. Xiao sometimes I think, yeah, if there was one person

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if there was one person in this universe, who could have said Yeah, Allah. Yeah, now you have to accept from me. It got me a DACA status. Kiana Kapoor cannot have careers

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look at what I have done. You told me to leave my for the home of my forefathers in Iraq. I made an urn in Palestine I left there you told me bring my wife and children you bring my to me bring my wife and children in a barren desert in Makkah and leave them there without food without water. I did show you Allah you told me take a knife and put it on the throne of my son I did so if anyone could sit here Allah you have to accept look at what I have done but even after all doing all of that you pleased to Allah pinata combo Mina oh

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oh Allah helped me yeah Allah except for me you are all fury and all the way it made Ibaadat can make you bad would you have a tough tough bull or kookaburra?

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After making such great sacrifice, he's asking

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he's asking Allah Tala for acceptance, How much more must we make dua in our type of effort is so feeble. So this is one of the aspects that we have to keep in mind that we don't know whether Allah Tala is gonna accept them. Therefore we have fear. And then we have another fear Allah Tala in the Holy Quran has made mentioned what led him

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to fund salah I mean half bow shaitan for MATA who commanded

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a person who made dua and a person who made Ibaadat in front of Allah for 300 years, but I'm Bill Barr, hoorah 300 years he made about a team so CellTech on a budget key and when he died could take him out Mara. He died the death of a dog for Mercer who who come and tell him Allah Tala the death of a dog. After making 300 years of

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Allah Tala took away the Allah Tala he got involved in fitna under the law took away he died he died a toughy after 300 years of

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shaytan any police there is not a spin on this earth in which he did not make six times. But what was even a shaytani R G became a test. So we have few My dear respective brothers. We don't know whether Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept or not. Therefore acceptance is such an important thing. I politely Massoud ready Allah who said the Hakuna Adam and Allah have the Capella mini Amala. If I know that Allah accepted one deed of mines, if I know that Allah accepted one deed of mines are happy Leia mill a Hakuna mill of the Sahaba I would have been more happy that Allah gives me that the entire Earth in gold. If I know Allah accepted my one deed, it was more pleasing to

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Meet an alumni giving me the entire Earth in gold. I got mucha pata chala K eight

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get dunya bulky as soon as it is Jada Timothy Hammond. So my dear respects you brothers This is one of the things one of the aspects with regard to it is it prevents us from hiding. It prevents us from pride that we do do good deeds. We have got no right whether to show and have pride with regard to the our piety because we don't know whether Allah subhanho wa Taala is accepted or not.

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Botanic Kyani is searching the compulsive gambling I gotta say that says hey, I'm Johanna AppNeta Paki open the cup of naked Sutton we can take pride in our we can't deprive because we don't know whether Allah subhanaw taala is accepted or not. Maybe I can even sell Allahu Allah He was so limited that sometimes a person does good deeds is one span between him and Jelena

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it never net contract whenever gender Cakery Matata ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada takes away he and he becomes amongst the people of Jana. And sometimes a person does evil deeds is one spin between him. A Polish reindeer Janam Kalia and Allah subhanho wa Taala he

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federal agenda. He becomes agenda. So we don't know brothers because we don't know we don't take pride. We have humility. You have to accept from us that humility comes when Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to accept he can change the fortune of people. Allah Have you ever thought about this? People who had 360

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taba 360 idols in the taba dedicate the Allahu Anhu and the agenda that is today.

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People who used to keep 360 idols in the in the Kaaba in the bay Tula, which is the murders of Tawheed which is the center of Tahiti and they kept 360 idols. Today when Allah Tala

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gave them Hidayat, they became heavy Allah.

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It could have been a real child grew up in the house of Abuja, Helen, who was the greatest enemy of Allah subhanho wa taala. I made mention of the 27th night that even for all when he was dying, he said I'm going to end Allah Ilaha illa Allah the AMA table we strive, I bring him on on the road open Israel, the spirit of this woman. He told her to live and he was to cut cut my net here down by the chest, so that people can take pride in my head. And he said go and tell you a profit. Go and tell your profit how much I hated him yesterday. I hate him even more today on his deathbed and the son his son who grew up in his home, he Allah subhanho wa Taala granted him he died and when he

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became Shaheed 90 wounds on the front of his body, Allah Allah

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Allah Tala COVID is equal to enter shaytan didn

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t Allah Tala segment Bucha. So this keeps us on our toes. It keeps us humble. It keeps us with humility that we don't judge the person by his past

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has allowed him to set out to kill them yet tell him sauce to them today he's buried next to him. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam. They see every saint has a past. every sinner has a future. Every saint has a past every person who has a saint, he has committed guna incidents because he

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was against he was against him. One day he came into a place and he said wherever he used to come people used to clear the village for Zambia yards has come great gangster you can't fight him. Just give whatever he wants. Let him take it. Joe could go

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and one girl was reading Quran

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and touch up

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is a time has come for people to feel that Allah when he Karelia Sonata he just sat there and he said and he was completely perplexed. The people said the people who are with him the tourists and the thieves were with him what happened? I've stopped. I've stopped kids I will stop from now onwards. On one ayat, every saint has a past. every sinner has a future. No matter how much sins you have committed in the past. No matter how many sins you have committed in the past, what Allah He has in your future is spotless. Your future is good, not one sin. No matter how much sins you have committed, your future doesn't have any 111 Sir. So therefore my deal is still to others we have

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here. On the other hand, we also have expectations there what could we do? Why can't we have to work? Why can we have expectation? You know, Allah subhanaw taala is very great. And let Allah nothing is compulsory upon Almighty Allah Allah Tala makes his decision on his own, either aka Ameren for

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your phone. When he wants to do something he said coal fire pool comes and it becomes

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hums and let other people who really cheesy, gooey,

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gooey troublemakers.

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No one can force anyone upon anything upon Allah. Allah is so powerful, but that Allah who is so powerful, he says in the Holy Quran

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many of

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Ramadan for us,

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that Allah who is so powerful, no one can force anything upon him. He says on my own volition and on my own. I have made Ramat compulsory upon myself

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I have prescribed mercy for myself. So we have expectation that Allah Allah will accept we don't know we don't know but Allah subhanho wa Taala loose but Allah has made confer you know mercy compulsory in Allah Tala Kitab and for were in the forecast. Maybe a cream sauce for Mr. Allah Tala has got a prescription. Allah Tala is an inscription written on his arch in Marathi Sabha catwa theory Wyatt in

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my Rockman is more greater and supersedes my anger and wrath. So on one hand we have fear but we are aesthetician. Michelle on this particular occasion I always make mention of it instead of Chef Sadie Rahmatullah Lee, you know I make mention of it every year so that we make it mention of it again also, a person made the had to put up tears that after 30 years one is making Hulu while making Hulu. All of a sudden he hears a voice telling him that you have 30 years of tattoos is no more accepted. We didn't do it correctly. Abner say trust in a prostitute Allah Tirana coordinator, Allah Tala didn't accept the war to enter war bichara Allah Allah will who can take a or had to protect,

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he continued making his blue and he made the start with Namaste.

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The second day, you had the same thing that your tattoo is not accepted the tears of Ibadan then the 30 year the same thing, the person who was making the wazoo for you putting water in a restaurant if Allah didn't accept you the tears of rebellion What are you wasting your time? Couldn't sleep?

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Why are you wasting your time if Allah didn't accept it? So he said show me another door we did go up

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prosecute or

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is it just there was a coupon

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I have to knock on this very same door. And then Saudi Aramco holiday season in Persian Kupunas forgot to check

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us map and our digger listed that the voice change he said working your Ibaadat was not worth your being accepted to Allah Tala. This one statement of yours is no door out of the door for Natella to turn to because of that Allah Tala has accepted all your two years of

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so my dear respectable as we have this particular type of expectation demands they do not believe that the great grandson of maybe a cream sauce to the son of Allah saying that the route and hope one day was in the heart, and he was reciting these beautiful Arabic poems. Yeah Allah yami Yugi will do it.

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For ya Shepherd derivable well, some axotomy Oh, the one who listens to the dua of the distress person. You know, when he is distressed in the the darkness of the night, and the one who removes the difficulties of people despite the his own faults and his own Gunas and sins. And then he continued encounter to the color to Lucifer hidden from me here to the academy, You Allah. If you're Ramadan, your mercy is only for centers. Allah agar aapke, Hamid sinful

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net khokhar or mata ki Kalia to guna God Kyoko Kandra hampering who will have mercy upon the sinners who will have mercy upon the cinemas, era je and detection of the cheapo kuruma team for Hudley do we put the hard work behind the team? Oh, the one upon whom we have all our expectation, forgive all my sins and grant us relief and grant us the acceptance of all our our our needs to have him as my Rahmatullah was listening. He didn't know who was saying this. So he went in he said, who is seeing this beautiful shower in these beautiful poems, so he rented this was

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and he said,

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You are the great son of maybe i can i up such as to Halloween you other family often?

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And no one definitely accept and Allah Allah will raise you and Allah Allah will grant to Jana and

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When he said oh hi to me, you are hurting us money you are an ally. Don't you know and let us in say the store fella and survey No. And the day of Tiamat come, no lineage will help anyone except the person's good deeds. St. Augustine, no fear and yet look at the expectation to get the expectation only if you're only going to show Rama to this to the Motoki who's going to have mercy upon the sinners like you and I. So we have this expectation maturity spectrum. Let us end Ramadan with these two attitudes fear and inshallah expectation. I see Chanda we have more expectations, say inshallah. Inshallah we have expectations. And lastly, I would just like to say one thing, that is we are

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living in an age this is too much of disputes too much of hatred at our hearts is the other gay Amara, hand down oh man, how about a woman McMahon hamara to Hana Sajid min Hudson's yada yada yet to Anna wall here at our target. We have so much of malice, so much of hatred and Nabil Kareem said Allahu Allah wa salam has warned us about it. The ballet

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has said oh well but maybe I can install Salam said the spiritual illness of the previous people will come upon you in which he has said he will Baba

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jealousy and hatred, jealousy and hatred will come upon you the way he came upon the previous image. And then the reoccurring source will said he Al Khalifa it shaves off and because shaving is to do with the head that they cut themselves from nickel, which may or may not Okay Joe Gray has said or walked into a four year deal put them out of the deal. And it destroys your deal. He says I don't say change of your head a change of your your dean. Maybe a cream saucer um, then said bring people together bring people together. There is no greater good deed. Maybe a cream sauce on one occasion said should I not tell you something about

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me lately was telling me not more rewarding tahajjud service yada.

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All roses

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and he slept with at the beginning logo.

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He arrived by the evening Casita, mocha, it is a day of happiness that has bring Sula and reconciliation if we have any particular type of hatred with people with asthma, that increase our happiness on the day of Eid by reconciling with our people. Because this Hassan MCDA this jealousy and hatred, according to the Vietnam sauce to destroy our deen and there is no greater deed. There is no greater deed even more rewarding than the 100 prayers and keeping fashionable first, then reconciling people and bringing people together. Allah subhanaw taala given

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this few fuel announcements by their respective brothers