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The history and spread of Islam have been discussed, including the use of shay mortar and the struggles of people against the spread of Islam in Western countries. Pr practicing and learning to improve one's behavior is crucial for achieving better results in learning. The importance of practicing and learning to improve one's behavior is emphasized, and it is important to avoid negative consequences and focus on one's faith. The conversation ends with a discussion of a new student named Noah and a potential future episode on the topic.

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Smilla Henry Lael salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was Sunday II woman, whatever but Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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the story of Noah Halley's salam

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after the time of Adam as even at best Radi Allahu Anhu mentioned there was 10 centuries of people upon to heat upon pure monotheism, pure let ILA in Illa Allah and then eventually the people fell into shook. And Allah mentioned this in the Quran, when he said canon nurse who omoton Wahida so but other more who Nabhi you know, Mobis shooting a woman Vereen? One Zilla, mahalo kita will help Billy Akuma bein a nurse EP MK the level fee that the people they were one OMA, they're all a poor one religion. And then Allah sent the prophets, mobile Shireen and woman Vereen as Bringers of good tidings and Warner's and he sat down with them the books to scripture for them to judge by a truth.

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And when you look into the story of new Halley's salaam, any new day, you see that all of them were on one message on Laila and a lot. What happened? How did they eventually fall into shirt? This is very important when you diagnose the stories. You look into the Stories of the Prophets that just to get information. We know it was 10 centuries, and they found it this year. But why how did they fall into church? This is what's important. In the story of New Orleans, salam, they had five very any the grandparents of the people of newer from the from from the other generations, there were five very pious people. And all of them, you know, were people who are opposed to heat and they used to

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encourage others to do good deeds, you know, feed the poor take care of orphans and what have you. And Allah mentioned their names and sort of knew in verse 23. What Suwa, your wuth, your oak, Vanessa, all of these were these Famous Five, five pious people. And what happened is that when they died, she Athan inspired some of the people, and this is the whole swath of shaytaan. Pay attention, the footsteps of shape on how he works. She Athan doesn't come right away and just say make shook. She just like when it comes, for example, the person who fell into Xena and to, you know fornicating or fell into adultery, how does he fall into it? He falls into it

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with the steps of shaytaan first looking at what is haram, than having a meeting to have this and then one thing after another leads into the major sin. So here, when the story of Noah the people of know, what did he do, and pay attention how crafty shippon is. He said, Let's

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make some Timothy of some statues, as what as reminders, we see these pious people who still call it all this good and do all this good. When we see them, they will remind us to do good deeds, they're going to remind us to do good deeds are encouraged us to do hair to do good. So the other persons that have already that's a good idea, man, what do you think it's a good idea is going to encourage us to do good. Che thought didn't come and say let's worship these statues. But after generations came, what happened is that then they started to worship did you leave London to worship any one generation two generations. And even if you look Subhanallah, if you look at like some of the

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Western countries, you will see that you know, the, the Hijjah, the jedco, or the grandmother, you know, she has like proper hijab on and then you'll see that her daughter has, you know, half hijab on, you know, maybe or skirts a bit shorter as well. And then you'll see that the granddaughter has nothing one at all. And we see this in the West in front of us where they've completely gone against Islam. And this actually when you go back and you look at some of the plans of the enemies of Islam, they said that this was one of the main objectives.

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The main objectives was to in letting the the Muslims come to the west, is that they would end up leaving their religion. And it did happen to an extent but there was a revival and Islamic revival that none of them any expected would happen. And the third and fourth generations now we're coming back to Islam and practicing Islam Al Hamdulillah. And we see you know how Islam is spreading in the west from these generations we'll come to the left. No Haile Salam was considered the first messenger because you look at it we have an Arabic we have an a beat, a prophet and a row Sula, messenger. So Adam and and,

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and from his sons who came after all of them he was considered to be

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He were considered to be from the prophets. But then the Russell, the Russell is a messenger some of the scholars differ in any small difference between an A an A br Rasul, and they mentioned different things about them. For example, Rasool was sent some of them said with a any new Sharia and when you look at the foundations, all of them the foundations were the same all of the foundations were the same. And

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no Allah mentions in the Quran Zoltan Ambia will now send them in Publika miraclesuit and inland new Hey LA and hula Illa Elana baboon, and we have not sent any messenger before you except revealed to him and he Leila Hello, there's no deity except for me. So worship me worship Allah alone. Allah Allah Allah was the message sent to all of the prophets, all of the foundation of the Prophets had the same, but different prophets were sent at different times with different Sharia with different legislations. But all of the foundation of all of the prophets, as we'll see, throughout their stories are all the same.

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His people and He, how did they react to his message, and he very similar to most of the prophets, how other people reacted, especially in the beginning. And Allah mentions and sort of a common cat that cobbler whom Oh Menuhin for cat Zaboo for cat, then we'll have dinner, we'll call Lou Majnoon, who was DJ, that the people have no had the night, nor before him before. And they just and they denied him, they called him a madman, and he was repelled, he was threatened. This is the reality of all of the people all of the profits when they come, that the people deny them that the people try to harm them. And that's why what have they been no fun in the beginning of social Buhari, the

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beginning of the Revelation when it first came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he went with Khadija to her cousin, what have I been no fool, who had knowledge of the Scripture. And he said, I wish I could be with you as he was. He was very old at that time. He said, I wish I could be with you. When your people expel you, when they when they when they kick you out. And he was surprised that people are going to my own people who love me and respect me, they're going to kick me out. And he said, No one comes we're going to come with except for their heart. And that's a very important message that you realize that the prophets went through difficulties to relay the message

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to their people, and also us as their followers, if we're going to follow their way and act upon it as well. We're going to be tested in similar ways. And we're going to go through difficulties as the panel, as we mentioned, and the blue was the first episode, that one of the beautiful things

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is that

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when you go through these difficulties, even though it's difficult, there's a there's a pleasure, there's a left hand side of it as well and hamdulillah so that makes dealing with the difficulties. And he easily amarilla and when you you face these difficulties, and you remember the reward you're gonna get from Allah subhanaw taala you remember why you're doing why you're on this path, it makes it dealing with an easy will hamdulillah

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from the challenges that new are faced.

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Now just as people as people when he they were so against him that even at the time of death, and there will see they would prescribe for their offspring for their children, beware of the word of the of newer stay away from new I don't listen to him. Don't be fooled by him after our death. But one of the biggest trials that he faced is that the person closest to him, became his enemy. And that was his wife SubhanAllah. And law mentioned her example and sort of at the headin when he said barraba Allahu methylene Delena CAFO Imran or who were more or to rule, the law presents an example of those who disbelieve the wife of Nora of Noah, and the wife of Luke, the wife of large

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Subhanallah, the wives of two of the prophets of Allah subhanho wa taala, that they were disbelievers. And what Allah describes, look at the verse, Allah says, can attack the Abbe any minute a bad you know, saw Lee Haney that they were under to our righteous servants to our righteous prophets, they will undo them. But what did they do to them for HANA tell Huma that they betrayed them. And it's very important to understand what this means for HANA tell women that they betrayed them. They betrayed them, because betrayal. A lot of times when it comes to a husband and wife, we automatically think about the marital issues. And even in Arabic, you say LPNs zodia. Me when when a

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woman cheats on her husband, they are a man cheats on his wife, they call it Kiana Zhu Jia, Bahasa Tahoma but that's not what's meant here because no wife of any prophet ever cheated on him when it comes to that no to marriage issues, and intervention never did anything haram in that aspect. All of them were chaste when it

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When it came to that, how did she betrayed know, she betrayed him, obviously, by agreeing with the people, when the people will call him as new and they will call him crazy called a madman. She's like, Yeah, he is, you know, he's saying, our statutes don't harm, they can't do anything. So here, your own wife is in the she, the own wife, she is in the with, with your enemies and supporting them. And she's supposed to be the one who stands behind you and helps you and support you that like maybe even your own wife doesn't believe in what you're saying, even your own wife thinks you're a madman. And on top of that, as well, she would take his secrets, and she would portray him with his

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secrets by going in telling the people and the leaders that so and so accepted Islam, so and so follow the Dawa. And what would happen to them after that they would be punished, they will be tortured, so they will leave their religion. So it was a big test. And that's an it's important to realize, when you get involved in the Dow up or you start to practice your deen that sometimes your biggest enemy will be those closest to you. And even when I talked about my experience, giving Dawa,

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and some videos I mentioned that the main ones who attacked my Dawa and tried to stop the spread of my development. I'm a teacher, I'm just trying to teach I'm not you know, I'm calling people to Quran and Sunnah, and corny people to get at hamdulillah that's what I was what I aim to do. But the main obstacles I faced in the main No, I don't like to call them enemies because the enemy my brothers, but that's what that's they became or they made me their enemy Aloma Stan, it was from the Muslims, not from the non Muslims, those who are supposed to be closest to me, those are supposed to support me, those are supposed to assist me and help me and be with me. They were the ones who are

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against me, I will be less Subhanallah

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in the story of Noah.

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Allah shows us a beautiful example of how a day should be. And I think it's very important upon the Duat

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that they study the Stories of the Prophets, especially Nora and his Dower. First of all, look at the patience ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada told us that he was with his people for levy the fee him and for Senate in ill il comes in a hammer that he remained amongst his people, not 1000 years minus 50 mean meaning not only 50 years, given them Tao over 950 years. And a lot of times when it comes to our patients, and we have very limited patience when it comes to giving Dawa. When it comes to the guy we call a person to Islam a couple of times, we try to call someone back to Islam a couple of times, and we find Subhanallah immediately that we give up and we give up hope on them and call us they

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become Hapa Jahannam they're gonna be, you know, cause of the hellfire and to hell with them, and we don't focus on them. But you need to take this example of Nora, the patients that he had, and I'm going to show you in a bit the outcome the results, because the results of his Dawa. And he like many of the prophets. It wasn't Allah, we know the story we've mentioned before about a prophet that will come you will Tiamat and he only has a couple of followers, a handful of followers. Some of them have, you know, two followers, some of them have one followers, some have no followers, no one accepted that doubt. But they relay the message that's important upon us is to do it is not about

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who accepts it, but it's that we perform our duty as Muslims by relaying the message. Also something very interesting in the story of Noah Hannay Salam is that he

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took different approaches.

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He had different approaches and how he gave his Dawa. And the scholars mentioned any, in different approaches and different the ECMO wisdom behind this. And some of them said no, trying different different styles. But also at the same time, maybe this thought or this approach might work with this individual, but it won't work with that individual. So you see, who is what, which approach is better for this person, which approach is better for that person? So we use different styles and different approaches in his Dawa? And also what are the things that the scholars mentioned when you as as the as a as a reflection, and you look and sort of newer and chapter 71 sort of know how to

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SLM that also is the fact that he changed up his styles that means that perhaps he when he realized something wasn't working that he held himself to account and said, Look, this isn't working. Let me try this approach. Okay, this approach then we're going to try that approach. That's very important that we look and we see why do certain things work and why do certain things don't work? And I'm there a lot of other things now online you have, you know, the you have the different you know, insights and things you can get to see what's working when

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It's working when it's not working. And we need to take advantage of those things to you know, constantly try to improve ourselves. And even sometimes, you know, they always talk about like, like the athletes is very important for the viewer will give doubt. If you look at an athlete, or a competitor and any permission athlete, they always, they're always looking at film,

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always looking at film to see, you know, what they did wrong in their last fight, and their last match whatever it was. And also if they look at the look at the film of their opponents as well to learn. So a lot of times when we lecture, if we go back and look, or we're giving data, we go back and look at what we did, and we hold ourselves to account, we're going to see what went wrong. Like Well, let's see, for example, if we're in a data table, and we're not getting good outcomes, but in the past we were getting good outcomes. So what's going on what what change what are we doing wrong, that we look into the you know, the approaches we're using the styles are using to see you know,

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what's going on to be able to see what's going wrong to be able to improve in our Tao Inshallah, tada. If we look at the story of Noah, Halle Salem, some things Subhanallah

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I don't want to know just take the whole episode just reflecting on the surah but it's very deep if you look at the meanings that come in the Surah Subhan Allah when Allah subhanaw taala starts off the surah any showing the message that he came with to his people,

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and he is what allows that in now to send a new one Ilco me that I'm their coworker melancholia yet to motherboard I need the law sent to them. And this from the Rama will also Panama Tada. And he sends the messengers, the people they went astray they committed the gravest sin which is the joint partners with the law.

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But yet Subhanallah

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they committed partners of the law and Allah sends them the message as a chance for them to come back to repent to come back to Allah. In our setting a new honey layer called me an under a coma communicably at home at Abilene that we sent newer to his people to warn them before painful punishment comes to you.

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And He said to them, call a call me in Nila Camilla, the Ruby in that and all my people I am indeed at Clear Water for you. And yeah, Buddha law with the GU wealthy. To obey a law and to have Taqwa to have the consciousness of a law in your life and to obey Him. This is what the messengers were calling their people to.

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And then he says young fella come in, don't obey, that Allah, He will forgive you of your sense. And then as the verses continue, he shows us the different styles and the approaches that he used and giving it down for verse five onwards when he said follow up be in need that Oh, to call me, Leila in one hour. Oh Allah I call my people and I invited them during the night and during the day

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during the night and during the day, a different styles different times different approaches and see which ones work if it didn't work in the daytime and it's trying to nighttime this person is a night person you may approach him in the night this person is a daytime person to me approach this is very important to understand as it as a day that there are certain times for certain places it might be good for certain people. This person he's coming home from work at nighttime, he's not he's not a night person. Not a good time to talk to him. Not a good time to advise him. He's a morning person. Let's talk to him in the morning. This is a good area that to talk to these people it's not a good

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area to have those people What did he say about what what was the response of his people?

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But let me use it whom do I love your aura? He said my invitation my dad would only increase them and flaming that they're running away from him running away from the truth won't accept it. That just that pay attention to the stories fun one, we're in Nicola McGough tune in every time I called them. And what's he call it a listen, we listen what he says. What does he call it? The takfeer Allah Who will you forgive them? They committed the gravest sin. They join partners with you, yeah, Allah, but yet, we're calling them back to you for you to forgive them. So called Luma. Coulomb TAO to whom we don't feel alone.

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Every time I call them for you to forgive them. Jaya Alou. I saw a bit unfair that him that they put their fingers into their ears was Doug showed the elbow. They took their theory of their claws and they would cover up their their heads with the Thea with their garments, so they wouldn't hear while soveral and they persist. It was stick bottles stick Bara and they became very, very arrogant as well. So it wasn't just not listening. But there was an persistence you're not listening and rejecting the doubt and also on top of that, being arrogant did not give up at acela.

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He said to me in need the out of him Jira, and then I invited them publicly to in the island Tula home and then I announced to them was sort of Tula home and I was secret when I get down with it.

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And then he was not alone was Ron Tula whom is wrong? And I was an unconfined and secretly I talked him feed, you get opened our secret now every type of data you can imagine, for call to stop federal robber come in no kind of a photo. He said that I told them seek forgiveness from your Lord in the who kind of afar that indeed He is the author giving subhanaw taala

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something amazing is I had for verses 10 onwards

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A man came to Imam and has an adversity, Rahim Allah.

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And he complained to him that there was no drought and they needed to have some rains. So he read these verses, which I'm about to read to him so wanted to know. I know he told them to totally make his stuff for it or to make it stiffer. And then that person came to him and also complained, and he that Allah hadn't given him a child and he needed a child, another person came, complained that he was poor. Another person said that he was having problems in his farm. Each person that came to him he gave them the same piece of advice to make his to fall.

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And there was a student one of his students said Yeah, beside eight he said every time one of any person comes to you and as you tell them,

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You tell them that the same thing and he can pay about this equal each one you say big so far.

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And he said it's not what I said. But it's what the law said and sort of newer for who to stop feel rubber come into who kind of follow what comes after that in verse 11. You will see this Somalia commander Allah that alone can send down to continuing showers. We did a combi um while in Weber Nene, and a law will increase you and I'm one in money and wealth and money in and your children were gyla Come Jannetty and wedge Allah C'mon Hara, and he will provide for you gardens and provide for you rivers, then the question comes mirlo cumulative junella Hirakata what halacha humara Why don't you turn back to a law and any and hope that you will be rewarded by a law and He is the One

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who created you in stages. And then he continues in the story to show about the creation of Allah subhanaw taala and this is the style of the Quran all of the time. We see in the style of the Quran we see here and the Tao of the NBA as well, that they would call that they will call for their people that a lot of code his creation and the prophets called the people as well to reflect on the creation of Allah subhanaw taala which would bring them back to the Nevada to worship Allah subhanaw taala as one without joining any partners with him Subhana wa Tada

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when we reflect on the story of Noah, how they set him

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and his Dawa.

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All of effort he made all of the approaches that he tried and he all of these years. What were the results in the end? One man and a man who electorally that only a few of his people believed tell us a lot told us in solitude. Well am I am am I Maui luckily the only a few of his people believed and even our best Radi Allahu Allahu Allah, he said it were there were only 80 people who believed in Allah.

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if you were someone working on a data table,

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and you only had 80 shahada is like, that's not a lot, you know, your organization and organization, not just the individual organization. And you have AD she had this. These guys aren't giving good now something's wrong. Why are people not accepting Islam or the ad chakras? You know, here's a prophet of Allah subhanaw taala. And not just any prophet, by the way, because no, he's from rural Azmi. They want to the five prophets who have the highest status. As Allah mentioned them in the Quran and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam mentioned them, which is new Ali salaam, and Ibrahim, Musa Issa and our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on all of them be peace

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Subhan Allah, he's from the fire prophets who have that high status. And yet, only 80 People believed in his Dawa Subhanallah, only 80 people followed him. And not just any people, the people who followed him. They were from the weak from the ones who are considered, you know, the lower lower ones in society. And that's an important message for all of us to understand, because a lot of times, you'll find that many people focus on the celebrities, and no doubt at Hamdulillah that

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if a celebrity or someone who's famous, we're to believe it has a big impact. So that is something we should focus on. But we shouldn't leave what we say you know, the rats man, which is the foundation because a lot of times it's the poor, the middle class, who are more religiously inclined and the ones who are more practicing. So we need to focus on on our core followers, a lot of times you're going to find that they're the ones who are

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And he

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will might not be the rich, they might not be successful but I'm the Lani you can see for us as Muslims and hamdulillah that's not always the case we have a lot of people who are religious at the same time we have a lot of our you know our doctors and our engineers and our

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our businessmen who are also very religiously inclined that hamdulillah and then we have with us our brothers who are you know, who are not that rigid not that well also all of us Alhamdulillah or one that will want to all of us inshallah striving for our Ummah and striving for agenda inshallah Tada. So the people of New they came with different things to distract him from the Dow, the push away from the Dow. And one of the things even though he had a small following, they wanted he wanted, they wanted him to leave them as well.

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They said, Look, if you want us to listen to you, not necessarily follow you, but even for us to listen to you and listen to your message, then you have to get rid of those, you know, lonely communists get rid of the lowly communist. What was the reply of no Ali Salam would be a bar, it will be in terminal and there's no way I'm going to drive out those who believe these are, these are my brothers. He's the ones who have believed. And he said in the other and the other verse, and he we are whole we met young, so they were young. So don't even a law in Palo Alto, who is going to protect me from a lot of I would drive them away. These are believers, they have a right they have a

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high performing, not going to I'm not going to throw them out like I kicked them out. They believed in they believe that hamdulillah and they're upon fair upon good.

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When you look into the Ernie, the reply to his Tao is very small, but it continued to get worse and worse as well. And each generation became worse. It became more difficult for him, they made it you know, they fought against his data even more. Even they said three generations that no one believed at all. And imagine three generations that none of them believed at all. After that a lawsuit. They said to they said to Nora has told us in solitude, and he want to see the story in detail go back to these items solitude, Allah subhanaw taala mentions it in detail. You have sort of new herself, your sword hood, and all sorts and sort of all throughout the Quran, but it is the disorders that we're

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focusing on here are mostly this is mostly taken from these, these three sores and sorted hood. Allah said, the people of New after all of this Dawa receive one of this message all we are new deltona cottagey Delena, is it Oh no.

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You have disputed us and you've been frequently dispute. So they said to him, that Dean Abby Murata, Adriana in quantum anisotropy. So, bring what you're saying, if you are really truthful,

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and SubhanAllah.

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Now they've challenged not just newer, but they've challenged Allah subhanaw taala. New has come as a Warner, he's worried about the punishment. He's worried about the punishment. And they're saying Bring it on if you're honest. So they challenged Allah subhanho wa taala. What was the outcome? What happened? And shuttle tunnel will continue in the next episode. And I realized partway through the lecture that I forgot to mention the story of Idris Ali salaam Subhan Allah. And he because last week, we missed last week's lesson. So it was in my mind that we've already done it. And I will do a lot of research on knowing. And Savannah just It slipped my mind that we hadn't talked about

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injuries. So I guess we have to do a bit of backtracking probably at the end of the next episode, which is not,

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you know, proper when it comes to, you know, how it was, how it went in the timeframe, but nonetheless, inshallah will still benefit from the story of injury. So we mentioned in the last last episode, that there's something very unique and very beneficial in his Dawa that really want us to focus on especially the brothers and sisters who are involved in Dallas something really that will benefit the story of Idris so inshallah we'll wrap up next week with the story of Noah

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and Instagram, not too much not too long ago Netshelter and then destroy the trees and we might have a bit of time next week as well to you know, cover part of the student who would at least Salam inshallah Tada until next week, hello, I'm also low selama Baraka Hamid, what does that little hidden, salam alaikum warahmatullah