Seat Belts for the End Times – 06.05.2020

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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of not overconfident about Islam's actions, as it can lead to chaos and harm, and the need for transparency and transparency in media to avoid damaging one's reputation. They also stress the importance of finding proof of statement and finding true information, as it is crucial for protecting one's heart and reputation. The speakers emphasize the need for people to let lie and convince them of their decisions and to focus on themselves, as it is crucial for building a successful nation.
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For example, law and levy this video on our hand in Namaha cannot even watever Yeah, even the INA analysts who follow them said EDA, Obama went

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through the roof

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after praising Allah's agenda, and invoking his dissenting salutations, and peace and blessings upon our messenger, fundamental Allah

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and after reminding myself a new with the tempo of Allah to live a life of dutifulness online practices of healing at all places at all times.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was reported to have said, in vain he said to the house, that's right before the hour, the last hour of the day of judgment will be mayhem, there will be chaos. And these are what form of chaos will there be? He said killing and then he went on after they inquire further to see and I don't mean the type of killing that happens between you and delete you to gain meaning to ward six on a battlefield when I can cut barbecue lava but you killing one another you know other Hadith say without the killer knowing why he killed a villain being killed knowing why he was killed. He said to the point and this hadith returning to it to the point that a

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person kills their own neighbor kills their own brother kills their own father's brother, killing their own cousin.

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And so it's a habit I get no idea when they saw this extensive description they said our mana or Bruna Yama,

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Allah, are we going to have our mind? silicates? Are we going to be in our right mind? So we could be crazy at that point? How could that ever happen? killing one another like that even within the family?

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He said

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doing zero who extra that is that the minds of most people in that era from them?

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Where you have a level level where there will be the nurse? Yes, sir. Do I tell them I nevermind. I hate when they smile.

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That there will remain the majority of people, the people that are utterly senseless that will assume that they're upon something or assume they're right and they will not be in the least bit right.

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This is one of many a heavy one of many signs from the signs of the end of time.

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That a Muslim should be very keen on studying in general this topic way beyond the scope of this talk, because it does renew and strengthen their conviction in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the religious he brought. But also it gives them the proper prophetic perspective lens by which to understand the events when he sees them unravel in front of them. And so this particular Hadith that we'll focus on today mentioned suicides of the hour that are probably recurring. They will happen time and time again until the end of time, but they will continue to intensify as we get closer and closer to 11pm. Closer and closer to the end of time. That sign number one is senseless

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And sign number two is people being so fond of the ignorant, baseless opinions.

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As for senseless killing, many people will dismiss and they'll say,

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that was really really crazy. Don't be overconfident, not even on that because we all have soft spots that we don't know about. We all have pressure points that just haven't been addressed yet. And once they did press they can bring us to our knees. And the fact that I was not subjected us to that vulnerability now doesn't guarantee what's happening later. What if everybody starts killing everybody? What if you are under the impression that it's do or die if I don't kill this person, I'm going to get killed. What if you are

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Seeing killing so prevalent around you that you saw verifying the danger, right? You are under the impression that someone killed your relative or someone is about to and so you feel like you have feet and you go back and you just do it in haste without real justification.

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And that will mean our destruction. No the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in last

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few posts Hitomi Leni Hillel uses them and harana the movement the believer will continue to be comfortably situated in his religion.

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mean he will not be that close to the edge to the point of no return the point of very unlikely repentance, very unlikely forgiveness and what meaning will continue to be situated comfortable in his religion until he spills blood that is unlawful for him to spill blood that is cut off. And so don't be overconfident regarding senseless killing. May Allah protect us for whatever from whatever tomorrow brings of injustice, and not allow us to tune up and issues of injustice and oppress? The second is what fondness of our opinions, and don't have our ignorant opinions are baseless opinions, because sometimes you have no choice but to have an opinion and you just have to make a decision.

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You have to stop investigating, but to have a baseless opinion, to not see the gaping hole in glaring blind spots. The problem is why are people overconfident and fall into this a lot, is because you see people that have baseless opinions all the time. And so you assume that you have the ability to identify basis opinions, right? Can you believe that can really represent beliefs that family I love affect us, and it doesn't realize that he himself has adopted many baseless opinions. You know, at the end of time, ignorance will prevail. Knowledge will be lifted, I used to think that knowledge will be removed from this earth in the form of knowledge disappearing, knowledge of

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vanishing not being available anymore. But now I'm starting to realize that perhaps it's the very opposite. That ignorance will prevail because knowledge is not being pulled from the earth. It's being flooded on Earth. It's being drowned out on earth. You think of the information age of information overload of information. You think about so many facts out there, it's so hard to find the truth. And not just it's so hard to find the truth. It is so easy for you to find what you want to be true.

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And this happens all the time. If you want to jump on the internet and find anything now you'll find if you want to find that the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu it is binding on you there's so much proof on the internet.

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And if you want to find proof with the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam is not applicable to you. Only the Quran according to your interpretation is enough, you will find Khufu that tells us more than you can consume in your lifetime. If you want to find proof that marijuana is good for you, you will find

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if you want to find proof and I'm using the word loosely here I'm telling the opposites. Proof that marijuana is much more dangerous for you than cigarettes you will find

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if you want to find proof that vaccines are an utter conspiracy, you will find if you want to find proof of the very opposite that vaccine anti vaccine, simplified errs are have lost their marbles you'll find.

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If you want to find proof that the sellers are absolutely sellouts you will find

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if you will, if you want to prove that the scholars have integrity, you're fine.

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And now with the latest disaster, that is probably one of the biggest driving forces behind this reminder today. And this lens that you want to have in these times the tragedy that is happening with George Floyd

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and the highlighting of police brutality. If you want to find proof of your preconceived notions that every single

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black person is a loser or suspect, there are racist people out there that have found tons of proof or so they think right? And if you want to find the opposite, that there's no such thing as police using unnecessary force or police having the stereotypical racist stereotype that this wasn't murder, this is always warranted. Cops are always with their backs against the wall and they're all angels, you'll find tons of content on all over the internet. So what do you do?

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When we it's so hard to convince anyone of anything, including ourselves so hard to find true? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not leave this unaddressed. He said they say I said I welcome

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you before the coming of the hour they'll be very deceptive years years filled with deceit, trickery, confusion.

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He said the truthful

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person will be called a liar and a liar will be called truthful. And the trustworthy person will be considered treacherous and the traitor will be trusted. He said why young people he, Hellboy dooba. And ignorant fools begin to speak up. They said what these ignorant fools look like how to identify them. He said Raju, the insignificant person,

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the unqualified person

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speaking the dynamic, speaking about the affairs of the public speaking about major things. And this is something that goes without saying, you can see this all the time, right? The fact that they call the democratization of knowledge that anybody can say anything, and it is equally weighty as the next guy, regardless of who is significant in the field and who is not who is qualified you it's not. But why don't people let the fool tell them how to live their lives. Because he's telling them what they want to hear about how to live their lives, they found the market and technology but he also found customers that would listen to this guy has to be right in wanting to be right. And so

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this is what causes what they call confirmation bias. One event after another one sounds like one factually after another that confirms and confirms and confirms what I have already decided is right.

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And so the prophets of Allah told us in this time,

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either ADA

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she'll handle the clock, when you find people's greed, driving.

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He says what Julian and people has bent on this world bent on their money bent on their recognition, bent on their domination, whatever it may be. i People bent on this. He said well, how I looked about and people giving into their bodies, their desires, what they want, he said what I gather and put it into your own body, and every single person just so fun that their opinions, he said later because of lapses, were there on camera,

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than just focus on yourself.

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And ignore the noise ignore the affairs of the uninformed moments, what that actually means in practical terms after the break.

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Salatu salam ala moana to me about the children

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who want to be more so

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it will be difficult to speak in detail with the few minutes that are left on the block. It may be a little bit abstract, but understand that the prophets of Allah audio Center did not leave us in the dark. He said, leave off the masses, meaning get away from the crowds Think for yourself. The uninformed masks meaning take information from places where there's more likely to be correct, not more likely to be agreeing with you are more likely to be louder. That's not how you wait.

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You know, the Quran says for example, about information management. When I'm not doing

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everything, and they would have just referred it back verified with the messengers of Allah, Allah you're sending them are the people in authority people authorized to make the decisions. He said, I remember in assembly level, meaning they would have found the proper knowledge of the matter. With those who know how to process it. Some people don't extrapolate. Its reality, pull out what to do with it, how to react to. And so asking for answers with those who are best authorized is the key.

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Yes, you will find tons of people, some of them may even assume to be solid to tell you you don't have to call. It's a small example. But are they greater than generations of scholars for 1400 years who never disagreed this image by human

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this way, you will always be right or forgiving when you are wrong. You know, I received married advice once that applies on this so much. Youth are so biased by their emotions regarding who they want to marry.

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He said listen to the advice of the people that know this person, not those who like like your friends. If every reason why you don't have any regrets, and this is the idea don't have any regrets on the day of judgment. He said when you go ask about this person for marriage, he said to me, if everyone is saying not a good match, not compatible, don't do it. Stop thinking with your

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Emotions. It's as clear as the this is my love for you. And then that marriage doesn't work out you're harder to get the movie

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because you're going to go for it forget your parents forget that. Just so hey, what's going to happen in the marriage doesn't work out you're gonna regret it.

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The writing's on the wall, it was so obvious how did I think I'm smarter than everyone else to know that person and he better and it's not as emotionally invested. Think about the opposite. If everyone told you this is a good match is compatible for you, it works and they are also good know this person and know you, and then the narrative doesn't work out, you turned out to be wrong on your choice, what's going to happen?

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Eventually, they'll say somebody that I couldn't have possibly known. I would rather be wrong behind the smarter hunch. So this is the idea respect that go seek it from the right places. The second thing very quickly protect your heart from leaking from bleeding due to you dishonor and any human being. Well, apart from that when the Hadith says people will be so Dishonored life, no valve forget their reputation, blood will be spilled, still lifted right? Forget slammed down everything else and you certain people's wealth and all of that stuff. You need to make sure you stand with just this always, or else your problem will not be with people it will not be chaos with humanity. Your

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problem will be with a mouse Canada with that and that's a long subject of course that you need to educate yourself on what is justice, what rights that Allah give, which is creation.

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The third lesson is don't get involved as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said close to the Kulu they will be so limited there'll be so much should be leaving at the end of time. Instead of why do we have for your winner the one sitting in it that is better than the one standard and the one sending the one working towards it and the one working towards is better than the one running towards madness slash recruit. Whoever goes out looking for the problems they'll come looking for him

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That's what he told us

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do not stick your head out looking for these things. And then he said the legendary Madden

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for whoever finds any way to avoid because sometimes you have to be involved if I'm sure something is right, I'm gonna have to take a stand if I'm

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duck duck for as long as you can stop being so source of facts, analyze Listen, hold on. And if you have to then go and then when you do you ask Allah why continue having Can I leave now because you don't want to put yourself in a place where May Allah forbid you have violated him and his creation and you're standing with him in the hereafter.

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Allah Mina now the victim will but that's it for now.

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Funny, hola Marlena. And finally Vironment and the Fuson as a club is that he had to play once again. And so when

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we asked a lot to protect us from every mistake, misleading tribulation, we ask Allah to give us prophetic clarity. We ask Allah to give us clarity, the client engagement from Allah

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and to protect us in the darkness of the injustice of our age, and use us for justice always, and to not make us of those that ever transgress against his right to the right to creation ourselves into believing men and women. And may Allah azza wa jal dualistic method of believing men and women and may Allah have mercy on our dead among the believing men and women, some Allah Subhan Allah

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