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Salam Alaikum

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I don't feel I'm going anywhere, I'm just going over the ditch. So as you know, all you have to do is start running from Melbourne. And then when you reach down,

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take a big jump and then you'll eventually land in Malaysia inshallah. So that says, that's my thinking. So I'm not going too far. hamdulillah and Malaysia is a very common popular destination for holidays and for events and for at least for transit, everyone has to go back through there. And these days, Malaysia is a good place to refuel as well, for most airline companies. So just to make everyone come and then your heart's not any anything at all. hamdulillah really, I'm not going too far.

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But then again, we'll have to realize it's a part of my life that I've been here in Brisbane, I've been here in Gold Coast for the last few years, I've learned my medicine here.

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I feel I've increased my knowledge from the dollar. I've launched mercy mission from here, launched alcocer first, from here, not in here, but from here.

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And all started in that house in in Gold Coast, where I used to live in from here, everything grew. Now we have over two and a half 1000 team members with over 45 people full time hired worldwide.

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We have last year touched the lives of of more than a million people worldwide or hamdulillah. At least for one to two hours a day we have touched over a million people's lives, at least one to two hours a day. And all of this started from here. And we'll have the low or thanks to Allah azza wa jal who has allowed all of this to happen.

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You know, Allah makes things easy for people.

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Certain things you will notice yourself in your own lives, you will notice Allah has made it easy for you.

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Perhaps it's the work that you're doing now, perhaps it's something else that you're doing, you will notice that you know what, I'm really good at that. For some reason. Allah has made it easy for you, if you're not good at anything in Altru This allows you're doing it for you. But ultimately, really, Allah has given you the ability to do certain things more than others.

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And I find that this is one of the things that lies made easy for me. For me to travel to another country is quite easy now. To travel to another country and move is very easy. Everyone is helping me. Somehow Allah Allah has made it possible with you know, being an Australian citizen to travel and to spell as being for example, Allah has made it possible with good team members that are with us to move wherever we are and find company and support and friendship.

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So you really think about what Allah subhanaw taala really intended with you?

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Because I know ally intended this with me and that is why I find it easy for me because Allah has made it easy for me to do. And the reason why I'm telling you all of this my brothers and sisters in Islam is because of Hadith Rasul Allah says Solomon Bihari, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in that were the prophets who said no authentic hadith pollun we are certainly makuleke Allah, everyone is helped for the purpose that they were created. Everyone is helped for the purpose that they were created.

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Many of us are living that purpose. Many of us following that purpose and are executing that purpose. Many of us are struggling against that purpose. And that is why we are struggling with our day to day life. You go to work and you don't you know what, I just can't be bothered. And yet another day and you toughing and scrubbing, but you're justifying to yourself. We have to raise our children. We have to pay our bills. We have to have food on the table. I have to finish this degree. I have to get the job now those are not gonna have a house. They don't have a house How the heck am I feel is what motivates most of us. Fear of failure, fear of loss of money, fear of loss of life,

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your loss of wife, your children. Fear is what motivates most of us not, not this excitement of following what you're really made to really do on this earth. Allah created each one of us and He has a plan with us.

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He created each one of us for a specific purpose. However, most of us don't follow that purpose because we are now following our fears are motivated by our fears to do something else. And I ask that every single one of you all really think about what I'm saying here, especially my elder elder brothers and sisters, those who have children, those who have families, those who are in business, those who are, have jobs, don't let your jobs don't let your business Don't let your life dictate where you should be going tomorrow. Your present is only the present. In fact, your present is always already the past. Don't drive your future by looking into the back view mirror, drive your

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life but looking forward, what is it that you're going to do? You know, whether you are Muslim or an atheist, whether you're Muslim, or whether you're an atheist, everyone believes we have one life.

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So it doesn't matter whether you believe in a god or you don't, the whole point is you believe you have one life. So you might as well do what you can with it. You might as well do the best that you can with it. For Allah sake, don't waste your lives. Allah has given us beautiful lives, Allah has given us so much potential. Allah has given us so much capacity to do so many things with our lives. And by Allah all we're trying to do with mercy mission is to give you that opportunity to achieve something bigger and better with your lives. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala intended something bigger and better with all of us. You see, there's a hadith or sola, sola, that many of us really

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forget. And that should really, really, really strike us every single day. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in authentic hadith in Bukhari, he said Allah in Silla de la Vallee Allah in La Silla de la jolla in La Silla de la jolla Silla de la Jana. is not the price of a light expensive is not the price of a less expensive is not the price of a light expensive. The price of a low is nothing but

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how expensive is gender, by the way?

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is gender. How much are we charging for this course? $95 so it's generally $95 Can we buy agenda with the course? Can we buy agenda with one hour a day of hard work for the day our two emails we send one SMS we send Yeah, I'm doing something for Islam. Allah give me Gemma.

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Right. Is that cheap? Is Janna 35 cents is that how much it costs to send an SMS? Is Gemma that cheap? My friends in silicon La Jolla. The first problem in our mind is we think Gemini is cheap, cheap.

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Allah, Allah loves us. Of course he's gonna give it to us. As if Gemini is as cheap as water. As if Jenna is a cheapest water it just falls from the sky. You know, when you're very thirsty, then you drink water. Did you remember the Hadith rasulillah or the ayah in the Quran, where the people of Johanna will say the people of Jenna why not others have various herbal agenda and a few at a nominal ami Morocco mala in Sudan out of Corfu in Allah Rama harmonica theory

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on that day when the people of Johanna will call out to the people agenda and say what will they say? They will say a feeder Elena minima Oh people agenda Please give us some water even a single drop or whatever Allah has given to you. And so the people agenda was a call in Allah

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Verily, Allah has forbidden water today even a single drop to the disbelievers my brothers, my sisters Islam, Chanda is not cheap. It's expensive. But a lot of water of the Hereafter is very expensive and no one will drink that except the one who was paid his price in this dunya.

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No one will drink that water except the one was paid its price in this life. And the price of Allah azza wa jal is not money, not Australian dollars, it is time.

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It is dedication. That is the bar of the heart.

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It is the lack of sleep.

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It is the giving of your money in a place in a time in a situation that is difficult for you. It is a standing up of the Knights in prayer. This is the price of Allah azza wa jal if you do not pay a last price, you will have nothing of it.

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If not, I have Rahim Allah says in a very beautiful part of his near your heart. Horrell Hasani

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genital Hiawatha de la quinta de mon Hakata woman pinata, Basil tomato mnlf Manny. He says What is he saying that beautiful near 1000 verses of poetry about the hereafter and about the belief of Muslims? He says in it Yeah, horrible. Whoa. Oh, the one who is seeking the beautiful women of gentlemen. This is for my brothers in Islam, or the ones who are seeking a beautiful woman of gender while his son he and her beauty

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dwellings meaning gender itself. Now contentedly if you were to know the one that you are seeking to marry, man, or woman palapa, the one that you are wanting the one that you're seeking, which is to marry her and to and to live in her house, which is gender itself, doesn't matter female as many you would have paid whatever it's required to meet that. Meet that price. So on the last, the first verse, he says this, and the last verse, you know what he says?

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He says, fabul, Mahara.

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He says what he says, so pay her mother now, as long as you're still able to pay it. Yes, the murder of the women of Geminis now with our time with the hard work, you must pay that much otherwise that women will never come to you. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? What I'm trying to say is all the prices of gender, the beautiful cars, the beautiful homes, the beautiful families, the beautiful life of eternal grace, the price for it must be paid now, the price of it must be paid now. And this is what mercy mission and our culture and others are giving you the opportunity, opportunity for you to do pay the price now, pay the price of gentlemen now, so that you can have an

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internal gender battle, where you will never sleep and all you will do is is is bask in the mercy and blessings of Allah. So the second problem that we have is we think gender is one level.

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Within gender is only one level. It's like what it's communism or something. Yeah, where everything is like everyone has $100 for each person, one plate of food for everyone. It's like, you know, what is what is gender? It's like, equal equality, no equality and gender not in that way. Gender has 100 levels. The difference between one level to another level is like the difference between this earth and the heavens genma has 100 levels in hygena. Once a Javier came to the solar system and said jasola Where is my, my son and son son died in the Battle of butter. And had it was what was the name of the of the men of this young boy who died in battle so had

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and had it had died in the Battle of brother, not actually in the Battle of butter itself, but unfortunately had it there was a casualty of war. What actually happened had it there was guarding the wealth of butter at night was the people asleep, and the people thought, unfortunately that he was an enemy combatant. So one of the Muslims killed Hadassah. So he was one of the Muslims in part of the Muslim in 317 that went to fight the fight the machine the Battle of button, but the Muslims thought he was an enemy combatant himself. So the Muslims killed Hadith, unfortunately, thinking that he was one of the enemies. So the people when they came back to Medina, they said, No, no, no,

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your son didn't die is a Mujahid your son didn't die in battle. Your son died in this manner. So omad is a cried and cried. Why did she cry? She cried. She thought that had it'll never go to gym. because he'd wasted his life. He didn't die in battle. He died as a mistake of battle isn't the mistake Muslims killed him rather than non Muslims. And so at that point alone, Stan Omarosa cried. So she went to the solar system and said, Yasser Allah, will my son, will my son ever enter gender? So the professors said, way hacky way hacky overhead is a world to your world to the world to your editor. Has it the agenda? Do you think it is only one gender? That he said in Jena it is Jana, it

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is many gentleman's

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hair is a asaba genitals.

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And indeed, Harris has gone to the highest of gender, alpha docile ad. Yes, Allah in hygena. My friends, if I were to show you pictures of cars and houses, okay, I said slide one is a new car. This is a new folden Holden so I fold them new. I'm already out of Australia, isn't it? new Ford territory for example. Nice, beautiful car, right? $39,000 would you like to like it? Some of you said, nice car. Let's get it. Okay, next slide. Okay, this is a Volkswagen.

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Another SUV Mashallah nice. 59,000 would you like that? Was it Oh, that's nice. That one has this one has bluetooth that one has rear assist that one has this is another slight slight changes. Okay. Next slide is a BMW SUV. Would you like that? BMW SUV has $100,000 much nicer leather seats. Beautiful double dual phones. You can actually put your phone chip in there. Your wife can put a chip in there. She can speak to whoever else you can speak to you whoever's do a climate control your climate in your zone is different from the climate zone. Yes, allow the luxuries of this life as no comparison. Okay, slightly.

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changes now again, this is Porsche Cayenne. Okay. Oh $150,000 car, okay, even better, Porsche even better add everything BMW has plus add a whole heap more. Add all of that plus a superpower engine as well. The V 12 engine the new Porsche car v 12 engine Mashallah goes really, really fast, phenomenal piece of a car, but very nice for the wife as well you can limit the speed as well it goes amazing car. slight changes again, when you have a Bentley SUV. Did you understand I'm saying in hygena

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Why are we happy with the for territory?

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it's gonna break down that is gonna go down as soon as the ties become dirty. You know what's gonna happen to Ford. I have a Ford territory actually have word but it's four years old and the price is less than half. Who wants a Ford territory when I can go for a Porsche Cayenne? Why not? For eternity, that will be your car. For eternity that will be a house we guarantee that will be your life in hygena. It is you're not all you have to do is pay the price now.

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More hard work. A little bit more taqwa a little bit more fearful. A little bit more thanks. Weather in Chicago. As he didn't come if you thank me I will increase you.

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Okay, yeah you Hannah's unterman sakara. Allah, Allah who will meet all mankind. You are all in need of Allah and Allah is rich, free of all ones. My friends, this is the agenda of Allah Xhosa. In the hygena, it is multiple levels. Why is our goal just Allah somehow, by some mercy, please enter me into gender? What do you mean any one gender, no Allah into the highest agenda. And you must follow that up with with a true desire to do so.

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And all mercy mission and accomplish trying to do is give you the opportunity to achieve that. Multiply the deeds that you cannot achieve sometimes by your own self. How difficult is it for you to launch your own Institute? How difficult is it to do all these projects on your own. But each one of us here can bask in the mercy of Allied join in great outcomes. If we are we partake in working together to achieve this, because there's no way we can act you can touch the lives of million people by ourselves. We can only touch the lives of million people if we work together to touch a million people's lives. So my brothers and sisters, Islam, this is such an important point. such an

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important point. fix up, fix up your vision for your real life. What do you want to achieve with your life? fix it up? Please, for Allah sake. For Allah sake, don't be those people who say no, no, that can be done. Just as it can be done. Why can't it be done? Oh, no, no, no, I've got a family to look after. I can't leave my job. Our medical doctor, I can't do my job. I couldn't do my job. So what the heck, what do you mean? He can leave his job as a medical doctor? Why can't you leave your job? No, I can't leave my job. I'm a man. I'm studying. I'm a student. What do you mean you can't leave a job to figure out why he's okay. Well, can you do it? I left my medical degree and I got

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back into it. So can you. My point is, is very simple. Follow what you're meant to do with your life. Follow what you're meant to do with your life. Do not let present circumstances ever stop you. Do not ever fall into that trap. Do not ever fall into the trap. But a lie it's a it's a trap. It's a big trap. The whole system is a big trap. And unfortunately we're all in that trap. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to escape from all of this. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to dream that we can achieve bigger things bigger things in Charlottetown.

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My last advice for everybody,

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for my brothers and my sisters here in Brisbane

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is to maintain the love and affection and brotherhood amongst yourselves. Especially in this small team that we have. It's not appropriate that we only get together when someone invites you or it's not appropriate that we only get together when there is a team meeting. We should be brothers and sisters of each other even before the team meeting and even after the team meetings as well. And this is so important and it has to go through our veins. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to be brothers and sisters and slap.

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Verily, in the beautiful heavy sort of solar system we have tremendous examples of the prophets of the valley send them wanting brotherhood and encouraging brotherhood. And but Allah is the most beautiful thing that this Deen has in the authentic narration. We know the prophets of Allah were seldom used to go

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to go to a hammer I used to say, Latin son I mean

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he used to say to all my brother, don't forget me from your daughter. SubhanAllah Is there anyone

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of us who actually does that with our brothers and sisters here? Is it any one of us does that the prophets have said, if you were to love somebody go and tell him that you love him? What did he say? He said, If you love somebody go and tell them that you love him. Is there anyone here who actually does that to their brother and sister that they love that for the sake of Allah? sisters, of course, to you all, and the brothers Of course, I'm sure we love each other for the sake of Allah even a little bit. But even if it's a little bit, we should say that to each other. Well, it only increases in our life. What about giving gifts to each other? When was the last time we actually gave

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something to each other? Even if it'd be something simple? Even if it'll be something we'll learn simple, and it's the means of everyone here to give gifts. Why is it so strange for us to give gifts, the profits of ourselves at the heart to the heart to give gifts and you love each other. And I encourage every single person here who has money, that is every single person here really, because everyone has money in their pockets, to buy something simple, even will lie even if it's a chocolate will lie even if it's a date, buy gifts for each other and fall in love with each other for the sake of Allah azza wa jal because this is the Brotherhood and the sisterhood that will save you on the

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Day of Judgment. This is the brotherhood and sisterhood that will increase you in gender. And they said, the authentic coloration of the tambourine from the third fret of the third being, that the greatest of the things that will increase you in the levels in the Hereafter, when you enter one level allows you to increase your another level that is because of your brothers for you. And we all know that we all know how important this is and how important it is to join our hearts. We find in the generation that Abu Dhabi

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used to make up for all of his brothers by name every single day, every single night at the Haji prayer or Allah so and so Allah forgive him. He's having difficulty or Lammers union. Is there anyone who actually does that? Even when people ask you to make law for themselves? Are you actually making the law for them to make the law for your brothers and sisters and have their concern in your hearts. We have inauthentic variation

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of of the Sahaba examples of how this have a loved each other so much sun so strongly. We have in the example of Mr. rhodiola. We used to love the javelin and who's to love

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the giraffe so much. When the land was the halifa and Aveda Jabra was the Emir of Sham, our one sent a messenger to our VEDA and said, I'm going to come and visit you. And this is an authentic narration from armour. So I will Aveda replied back to the message and said no, I don't want you to visit me. I don't want you to lose your sleep. But I don't want you to have your red, red eyes again. He said that he said red eyes. And so I replied back and said I'm sorry, I'm already on my way. So he's already on his way he reached sham. And he went to our Vedas house at the state of the whole night, talking about Allah and His Messenger, talking about Islam and the deen talking about

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Allah and Allah, and this life in the dunya and Africa. And they cried and they cried and cried until they got to the morning. And I will be the going to Mr. Silva, I did not tell you, I didn't want you to lose your sleep, or to have red eyes. And the eyes were red from crying online. This is the beauty, beauty of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam. And this is why I'll have some adversity Rahim Allah used to say leka only one gela.

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Verily, to meet our brothers and sisters, for the sake of our lives, to remove all our worries from our hearts. Let's remove all our worries from our hearts. And this is why I also have the level of water crodeon we used to say, when used to miss one of his friends, I used to leave the gathering. And we used to go from one city to another city to gain knowledge when he went to one city. And he knew that when he was traveling, you'd never see those people perhaps another one year, because it take many months to travel back from Baghdad to another city, for example. So he used to say, Well, lucky My life has ended because he's missed his brother or his sister in Islam.

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So my brothers and sisters in Islam, it's really important that you form your friendship and your brotherhood, if you're not friends of each other. If you're only helping alcocer because I don't know it's just nice. You want to do something with your life. You don't want to be bored. First of all, though, think that you help people closer because you're trying to give your life purpose. And if your purpose isn't to help a lesbian then what else can it be? So you're trying to help as Dean you help you're fulfilling your purpose by actually helping and working in our culture. That's number one. Number two, you're working with our culture to build your bonds of friendship and

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And that is extremely important. We should be friends of each other. Not just in a very polite way. Okay, we're helping uncle Golem because it's his son, whatever. Uncle Ghulam is well respected person in our community so we help him No, no nothing like that. We help you on cuckoo land because we love him for the sake of Allah. That's why we're working with him. And we're not really only helping on Google lamb. We're helping each other. Okay. So have that love that respect. transcend all of these politeness that is really only

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you know, not real true politeness transcend this and go into true love.

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Love each other for the sake of Allah do this work for the sake of Allah and inshallah Tada, you will see Brisbane will grow very very quickly. This will go very quickly. We only in our second course, as Brisbane grows as mercy mission grows as our culture's classes increase, you will see inshallah we'll start lots of projects here Brisbane will start a lot of things we'll start our sentence we'll start with a Medina here we'll start with perhaps even a school perhaps we could do so many things. And whatever we feel the community needs, we will work on inshallah, to Allah, and only so that we Villa, we can help the people here will even perhaps bring one of our gods the

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shakes, and make him still stay here live here in Sharla. And all of these things can happen with Allah, if we truly make sure I'll call for a successful your goal this year, my brothers and sisters Islam should be to make every outcome of the course at the least at the least 200 people in every course, make every outcome of the course successful have at least 200 people have released the first course when at a break even point, inshallah the next course will run at a profit inshallah. And when the profit comes, it stays into the account and allow once it accumulates, then we can have something big that we can do with it, perhaps a large conference, perhaps a large conference in

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Brisbane next year, at the end of the year, for example, the end of this year, for example, a large conference you have five or six, six or 10 machines come down on a one day conference to the conference room, that'd be great. Just knowledge conference of 1000 people attend 2000 people attend. That's all very very possible. Very, very possible to Panama, and you can tell it's possible because all it needs all it needs is dedicated people with a little bit of resources for them to do so inshallah.

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And I hope that we even allow you continue to do all of this inshallah and continue to make Brisbane very successful that I'm not going away too far. I'll see you all in February, and inshallah we'll have a bow inshallah, the course will have a really great time and inshallah there'll be 200 plus people there. All of them wanting to learn about Allah azza wa jal is Dean. And you all all be happy because when you see the topic of the course the importance of it, you will all realize some handle I'm so glad I put some effort into it and made sure more people came and made sure more people learnt in Sharla for everybody, Zach Okay, thank you for your time and thank you for all your

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efforts. I don't know you all by name but we know you will face out of the Day of Judgment.