The History of The Islamic Hijrī Calendar

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smilla al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Ali he was a woman Well,

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first and foremost May Allah subhana wa tada bless all of us in the entire oma on the first moharram of the year 1443. This is our new year, our new hedgy year we make to Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala, to allow this year to be a year of happiness in the year of peace and a year of lifting of the COVID crisis and the year of return to normalcy. And the year is for the Islam and the Muslims in the year of protection for all that are persecuted from the Uyghurs and from our Syrian brothers and sisters and the Burmese and what is happening at Ivana Stan, and all the places we want to have peace and security, because today is the first time how wrong it is useful to remind ourselves of

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the reality of the hedgy calendar, where it came from and some minor issues about this insha Allah, Allah miscellaneous thoughts is going to be a bit unstructured today insha Allah. The first issue, of course, is where did this calendar come from? We're all familiar that in the 16th year of the Hydra, there was no hijiri calendar, and urban on the photographer, the rhodiola. One had to settle a court case where two people were arguing, and the contract said you have to return the money in shadowbanned. And the guy said, No, this is next Siobhan and the other guy said, No, this was the previous Shaban that went by. It didn't have a year. So I'm going to realize we need a calendar like

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the Persians have a calendar and like the Romans have a calendar, okay? They understood that for a civilization to come, you had to have some independent realities of your own. You cannot be linked to other civilizations. This is the reality of any great civilization so that we needed our own calendar, another 30 years would come and Abdul Malik even more one realize we need our own currency. We cannot work with the currencies of the Romans and the Persians. So he minted the first oma yet currency. So the point being we needed our own civilization. So we're going to the hotdog realize we need our own calendar. So he called the Sahaba. And he said, What should we do? We need

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to have our own years now What did the Quraysh do before the coming of the Hijri calendar? How did they mark the years, the holidays were of course not a global civilization, they were a small regional tribe, and the Arabs would mark the years like

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uncultured civilizations, which is an incident would become the year something major happens, then you will say that is the year of the elephant and will feel that is the year of the peace treaty of the such and such that is the year of how to boil fauja whatever might be the became the year and if nothing happened one year, they will say one year after horrible failure, okay, two years before amyl field. So every few years, as you grow up organically, you begin to memorize the dates based upon a major occurrence. So in your lifetime, 1015 major occurrences plus or minus a few you have your years you get the point, right. That's how the calendar system was pre Islam. So very

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rudimentary system, which is what we expect for a rudimentary peoples like the kurush and like to pre Islamic Arabs. Now, Islam is becoming a civilization we need to incorporate we need to have independence. So I'm gonna go hop over the last one calls the Sahaba in the masjid of the Prophet system, what should we do? They said, Yes, we need our own independent calendar. We cannot follow the Romans and the Persians. We should have our own. Okay, when should we begin? Multiple suggestions, once a Hobie said with the birth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam another Sahabi said, with the beginning of the dour when the Islam began to be preached, okay, coming down.

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And it is said that a little deal law one who said we should begin the calendar from the year of the hijra, because this is one How can barter were separated. And this is when it was manifested in the oma and Obama hardtop said yes, that is the date we should do. The hegira is what separated the time of Yanni stress and the time of humiliate not humiliation is a harsh word. But you know, the time of oppression is a better word right versus the time of public reserved. That's the clear cut distinction. in Makkah, you are oppressed in Makkah, you cannot be public. in Medina, you have your own independence. So this is the beginning of our calendar. So they unanimously decided that is

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going to be from the hijiri year. And by the way, it's interesting to note, they're even thinking maybe the birth of the Prophet system. They're thinking, you know, the beginning of the doubt, these were suggestions that were debated, but then eventually they decided this was in the 16th year so in reality

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The history calendar was instituted in the 17th year and they back projected the 17. You get the point right? For the first 17. There was no history calendar in the 17th year of the hedgerow. This is one day back projected. Okay, you have the year, the year is going to be the year of the hedgerow. Which month should we begin the calendar because before the history calendar, there was no system of the beginning month, it's just a continuous 12 months all the time back and forth. And by the way, pre Islam, they would swap the month. This is another pre Islamic custom that the Koran mentions, and the Prophet system forbade this right? If they didn't like a month or you know, the,

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the four months of the season of non fighting the national hero, if they wanted to wage war, there was you Okay, actually, it's no longer a third. Hey, Jenna, we'll just pretend that is suffer right now. They'll swap it just imaginary, you know, and they will do this, the Koran came and forbade it and said, No, you're going to keep it as it is in the shoulder. And Allah has an eye shadow and is in Surah tober. So 12 months was there, but there was no first month, there was no first month, it's a perpetual cycle. Now that you're going to have a calendar, you need a first month as well. So then the second discussion began, which month should be the first month, the most obvious candidate was

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Ramadan. And Ramadan was discussed, and Ramadan was almost close to adoption. But then it is said either with money been a fan or I'm gonna have a hot tub. So the calendar, it comes from Adi rhodiola. One and earthman and Omar, and then the Sahaba. All of them unanimously agree, but the main minds of it are these three that are doing the soap, then the suggestion came, actually, and actually, there's also suggestion of Roger, believe it or not, there was a suggestion or a beer And oh, by the way, Mr. Malik 160 years later, no 150 years later, would say that it should have been, it should have been rebutted. Oh, well, Mr. Malik's opinion was that they should have chosen a

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beard. Oh, well, why are a beard? Oh, well, not why most of you think why that's not the reason why Mr. Malik said because it was the month of the Hydra. The Hydra actually occurred and revered Oh, by the way, so common misconception, especially amongst our youth, that the hedgerow occurred, and we'll have it on, because it's our first month. So the assumption then comes it is in Muharram. No, this is a false assumption. No scholar actually said this, the hedgerow occurred and rubbish. And oh, well, this is the explicit

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testimony of the books of Hadith. Ibn is how they've been a sham and walk through the insides and stuff of what they all mentioned the hedgerow occurred in the month of Ruby and oh, well, it is well known no dispute there. So there was a position of greater audit was basically not adopted and Mr. Malik wished they had a Dr. Bill Oh, well, for the first month, because if you want to do it the way the Hydra, then you should do it. Roberto windhager. Right. So that's when it began. Nonetheless, they began their discussion with mundo de la one or Omar or the both of them, they came to the conclusion issue to be more huddled on why more how to run. So this is the reasoning that they had,

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they said, and remember, and those years, pretty much every McKee or Madani person is doing hygiene, right. So it's a regular thing. When you're there in Medina and maca, you're going to go for hygiene, the majority would go for Hajj every single year, it's close by you're not going to why would you not do your hygiene. So rather than the hot tub set, and by the way, hedge would take around two weeks to come back to from Medina. Okay, so two weeks of suffer time, not four hours and we're complaining about four hours in the bus. These days, that four or five hour journey, we find it difficult, okay in air conditioned sitting on coaches, and we get irritated at that. Can you

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imagine if the Sahaba saw us and we are grumbling we have to be in Iran for four hours in this air conditioned coach sipping our teas in our juices and what not? Can you imagine walking from Mecca to Medina in two weeks journey by the way on average, right? That's how they did it. So 100 Allah Allah blessed us but he also only tested us in this regard. So Urban hottub reasoned that look, by the time we get back from hedge, okay, we are now you know, everybody knows hedges re birth to new opportunity. So when we come back, you'll begin Muharram so it's as if every single moharram you have a new opportunity to be a better person to cleanse your sins to have a new year. So he goes no

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moharram is when we come back, you know from the hedge and we start you know life again, because again, when hedge finishes you stay there a few days you come back, you're literally going to come back to Medina you know, two three days before first of Muharram and then the first time around begins so they decided to make it more haram That is why Muharram was chosen. It has nothing to do with the month of the Hydra the year of the Hydra is yes number one age by the way, for the youngsters in the audience, there is no zero ah okay, you have the first year of the hedgerow is the first year there is no zero in time you have negative one and then you have one one year before the

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Hydra then one year of the Hydra, the Hydra occurred in year one, not Year Zero time is not zero unless you believe in quantum

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That was a whole different case which we're definitely not going to go into Tuesday night caught that after Isha. So where was I? We're talking about the, what are we talking about? I forgot

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the hedge. We finished the hedge. Muharram Okay, well, how long so how long was the month that they decided, Okay, now another scholar by the name of his Swahili, he died 850 something great alum of Sera, Sera, Sera and literature and history. So, Haley said, I have a Quranic evidence that I don't know how Papa's decision was correct. I have a Quranic evidence that yes, that should be the hijra should be the first year of the Islamic calendar. How can you have a Quranic evidence for something that's historical? This is called back projecting, like if you want to find evidence, you'll find something so he found a verse I mean, you know, he constructed an argument from the vs select a

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tober, right that lemma student OC Salah, taqwa, Min awali yo Min hacohen Tahoma fee, okay. And so Haley says min a William the first day. So the verse goes that remember the process of migrated to convey the first message he built was Koba right. And then there was some tension between the magnitude of the roar of the munafo and Oba and whatnot there was some tensions. So Allah praised Koba and Allah said, the masjid you establish from the first day, that is where you should pray mini Masjid Koba, okay, so Allah says from the first day, so Haley says that means Allah intended Of course, this is a stretch but still it's interesting point that Allah intended the hit God calendar,

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the first day to be the year of the of the hedgerow. So anyway, that's the story of the hedgerow. One other miscellaneous point which again, FYI, I did fight in Charlotte, and we're done.

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The issue comes that Okay, I'm gonna have instituted the Hydra and we now have this, you know, civilizational calendar and whatnot. How about saying greetings and making dua and blessing the oma like I just did in the beginning of this talk, okay. Is this something that might become a beta? Or is this something that is john is an allowed? Because the Hijri calendar is not from the sooner quote unquote, right? So should we give congratulations moblog Today's the first time we're hard on New Year's Jani, our new year's and May Allah make this I just made a long day. So you already know my position because I made the job but now the question arises, okay, should we do something like

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this? Or is it a religious innovation? This goes back to a much deeper topic, I have a longer lecture online, you will find it I gave it four or five years ago about the definition of Buddha. And depending on your definition of Buddha, you will then have a position based upon your definition. So there's a small group of scholars you will find there fatawa and those who read Arabic and you're on Facebook, you know, these fatawa have been floating around every single year, the same thing that you should not mention, that is the first time I've heard of them. Do not make dua for the oma do not bless anybody robotic, but do not do this. It becomes a bit. Okay. Jay, we

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respect that position. Always. We respect any item that says that's their opinion. But of course, there's always alternative viewpoints. Right. And in fact, Mr. Su t 600 years ago, wrote treaties. And in it, he says in this that, you know, I was asked, should we greet one another and the beginning of the new year? And should we make dua for the beginning of the new year? So Mr. masucci, died 911 hedger, we're talking literally 500 600 foreigners 500 years ago, that he was asked this, and he quoted an alum of the Shafi school I forgot his name that was in my head somewhere who died 200 years before him. And he says share so and so Imam so and so mentioned this as well. And he said

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that, giving greetings and wishing well for people at the beginning of the new year. Listen to this. It is neither Sunnah, nor VEDA. It is permissible and it's not a part of the deen

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and this is the correct opinion. Okay, it can't be sooner because there was no hichy calendar at the time of the Prophet system. But it is not be there as well because Veda means you introduce a ritual that you expect to be a part of the deen and that Allah is gonna reward you for now making the offer somebody on any occasion. Is that a ritual in and of itself or is it something generic? Somebody gets a job May Allah bless you in that job. Okay, somebody gets a house May Allah bless you in that house, making a generic drop. Do you need a specific evidence to make a generic Yes or no? No, you can make a generic girl what's wrong with making a do offer and I can make do out right now when I

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see you may Eliza bless you and your family. Any problem with that. So to make a drop no

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This is not Allah didn't tell you on this day magdoff you know it, but it's just you want something good. And by the way, by the way, if you want it to go down this route, which is the bigger quote unquote beta making the app for your Muslim brother or sister or bringing a whole new calendar that the process of did not have, or whatever the hot tub did not view this as beta IDT to bring in a whole new calendar, he understands this is the world needs to work as dunya we know problem and it becomes religious and it becomes a sign of Islam. Right? Not everything that is dunya we is separated from religion, it becomes sometimes religion, even though it's not religious, per se. And

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if you listen to my longer electron this I give it an academic lecture what is the definition it's a bit of a shout Toby's opinion, a shaeffer his opinion have been tamie his opinion have been Hydros opinion, different definitions a bit are based upon that you get different understandings. The bottom line is that wishing somebody, any generic drop on any occasion is permissible and to make dua in the beginning of the month when they get a new job in the beginning of the hedgy calendar is something good overall, it doesn't become something that is of the negative without because you are not making it into a ritual. And so with that, I once again make dua that Allah subhana wa tada

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bless all of us in this year and make us all better Muslims than we were last year. And may Allah azza wa jal show us there is of Islam throughout the world may Allah azza wa jal grant peace to all those that are suffering. May Allah azza wa jal live from us this COVID crisis which is akmola, who was set on widecombe rahmatullah wa barakato.

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He can