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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, who are the early he will be here woman whether I'm about

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the one verse in the Quran

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that has generated the most commentary in all of our history. More treatises have been written about this one verse, and more Tafseer ink has been spilled on this one verse, then all of the other verses in the Quran. This is just a historical fact. Which verse is this? It is the verse that is called the eye of unknown, the verse of light. And you all know what this verse is. It is that famous verse in the Quran, in which Allah subhana wa Taala calls himself the light. And Allah gives a beautiful metaphor or analogy of light. And this idea has been interpreted in more than two dozen different ways. Literally no exaggeration, what does the metaphor mean and what does this and what

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is that? So today inshallah Allah I've given this same topic before, but today I'm going to interpret it and one of the other ways if you have listened to my previous lectures, I have typically interpreted according to what is called elbow to your even Ibis is paradigm. Today I'm going to shift gears a little bit, and I'm going to give another interpretation based upon our theme for today. So what do you what is this famous verse? It is of course, I, verse 55, of surah. A note and it reads as follows are the bIllahi min ash shaytaan. enlarging Bismillah him Lachman Illa haying Ilahi

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Allah Who knows summer watch our old method Oh naughty he cammish got fee ha meals

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and meal spa fees through Georgia zoo Georgia gioca Anna Gonca

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radioing your call to me sheduled our team mobile or aka your call to me sheduled on Team mobile okay it is a tonight's in Sheldon Clea to hold on via yaka Joe is at Ohio Old Lee one. Jim says wanna

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know Ron Nyla

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Yeah, I didn't know when you know they hit me I shot

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while blu ray boom log.

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In. See one long movie coordination in any game came? In this verse, Allah subhana wa Tada begins by stating Allah is the Light of the heavens and earth, Allah who know to summer wa T will. This is the only verse in the Quran, in which Allah calls himself directly known Allah Who knows, Allah Who knows somehow it was all what does it mean? Allah is the knower of the heavens and earth it has many meanings of them is that Allah created the lights of the heavens and earth all light is because of Allah of them is that Allah subhana wa Taala is the one who guides you through jewelmint Automatic Allah No. So Allah is the node in that he guides therefore in this meaning, nor become synonymous

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with Hadi, Al Hadi, and of them is that literally in a way that Allah knows best Allah is nor we don't think too deeply when Allah says He is we say we hear and we obey. So Allah is nor in a way that we don't understand. And that's why when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went up to Israel well Mirage, and he went beyond even jubilees MACOM and he went to a place where no created being had ever gone. The Sahaba said to him, Yara Sood, Allah, *, eater Abduch Did you see Allah? You went all the way over there. You went beyond the either the cattlemen, cattlemen, you went beyond the DOE helmet fold. You went beyond the Sephora you went beyond you believe there was nobody

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there. Did you see Allah in the Divine Presence and the Hadith in Sahih Muslim? What did he say? No, an RA. There was nothing but nor how could I see him? There was nothing but nor how could I see him meaning when he was in the Divine Presence? He did not see Allah subhanho wa taala. But he witnessed the veil of Allah, the veil of Allah what is the veil of Allah we learned in In another Hadith

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Our Prophet sallallahu sallam said hijab whoo hoo nor Allah's hijab is nor Allah has a hijab in a manner that befits him hijab or who nor Allah has a hijab, hijab here meansville Allah has a veil and that veil in this dunya the veil blocks light in this dunya the veil stops light in this dunya the veil prevents light, but Allah has hijab is light hijab or who nor Allah's hijab is emanating light. What do you think that is beyond the hijab? What do you think is the behind that? As our professor said, low kasza For who if Allah were to lift the hijab of the North that are Harakat super hard to watch he he Manta, hi the hippo, Roman hulky the rays of light that come from the

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eminence of the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala would destroy the entire creation. Allah azza wa jal is himself new to Samoa to know in a way that fits him we don't think too deeply about this. And so to cover his Nora from the hook, because his note is so powerful, the mcglue cannot bear that nor to cover his own nor Allah created a job that hijab is not darkness, that hijab is itself nor and that is what our Prophet system saw, nor an aura so Allah Hulu's somehow it was our method who knew it now I said, there's over 20 opinions.

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And today we're going to take a different tangent if you have listened to this lecture of mine in another conference or whatever, I took another of those and they're all legit Inshallah, to Allah today, I'm going to twist it a little bit because we have the theme of the Quran. And so there is another interpretation of Allah who does somewhat the odd and that is methadone annuity he the symbol tude of his nor according to this stuff, see which diviner Josie mentions and it is also mentioned in a number of other earlier tough series if no Josie mentions the node here is a reference to the Quran itself. Method Oh nori he the example of the node of Allah what is the nature

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of hola there's many interpretations of this whole as I said this whole idea multiple complex multi layer interpretation today to keep it simple. We're gonna go down one trajectory, please understand, there's many interpretations and they show that they're all valid. There's nothing right and wrong here. One interpretation is this it is about the Quran. This is about the Quran and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, the simile today of the light of Allah ie the example of the Quran methodology, he can be scat and 300 SMA and the slavisa ga now please pay attention I wish I had a PowerPoint or something to translate the verses but you can understand inshallah I know it's late at night, but just pay

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attention and inshallah we're gonna go over this I in a very simple manner. Allah mentions the symbol today of the light of Allah is like the example of now the example has three components. And outer, a middle and an inner, can be SCOTTON fee, Hamas, VA, and Misbah Hill fees zoo jaja. Now, the parable, the metaphor begins with the outer jumps to the innermost and then goes to the middle. Is that clear? It doesn't go out or middle enter. It goes outer, innermost middle, and it's a little bit disconcerting if you don't know what the eye is going. By doing this. Allah azza wa jal has to mention what is in the middle twice. And that is the most sought or the intention of the ayah

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methadone already came in Sha Tin fee Hamas ba la misma who Feasel Georgia. Did you guys follow the Arabic Misbah is mentioned twice right methadone od can be SCOTTON fee Hamas VA now if you don't know Arabic, obviously this is being lost on you. So let me translate mish guts. What is a Muscat? Muscat is a crevice or a niche in the wall. We don't have one here. But back in the day, back in the day, luxurious houses you know, most Jews that were purpose built, they would have niches in the wall to put the lantern. And the purpose of the niche. The purpose of that space is to protect the lantern and to project all of the lanterns light in one direction. Like we might have mirrors or

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something. So back in the day, they had a carved out space that carved out space is called Muscats. So Metha Nuri commish Gaten. So the example of we're going to go with the interpretation that the node is the Quran here, the example of the light of Allah the Quran is like that of a musket, a niche that is carved in the wall inside of the niche is a mitzvah which is the mismatch is the lamp miss the mistress is the the actual flame, the candle that's Timisoara the lamp. I'll miss VA who feeds through Georgia, the candle or the lamp is inside of a glass. So notice the niche

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The candle the glass, you know the good old days and then they had the lantern right? Imagine you have a lantern. You all have seen a lantern on television I know you haven't physically touched one since God knows when but you know a lantern right? You know I've seen that in the good old black and white movies, okay? Those lanterns have glass inside the glass is a actual candle. And then where do you put that lantern? You put it inside of the niche in the wall, okay. This is the example that Allah is giving. Now, Allah azza wa jal mentions the niche than the candle than the glass and he has to mention the candle twice, by mentioning the candle twice by mentioning the flame twice the

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monsoon or the point is to emphasize this is the whole parable. This is what the parable is about. And that is the original light and of course in our understanding, according to today's lecture, that is the Quran. So Allah mentions the Quran twice, I'll miss VA and Misbah. I'll miss VA Hafiz. Sujatha. Can Michigan Cynthia Miss VI and Misbah Fuzhou, Georgia so that Miss VI is the Quran, the light of the Quran is being emanated. Now, if the interpretation of the Quran here is that candle, then what is the zoo jajah or the glass representing and what is the Mishcon representing again, you have multiple interpretations. And actually one can say there are multiple schools under each school

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there are some schools of how you would interpret this for so I'm just going to go with one school and one sub school because of time. If we were to go down this route of the candle represents the Quran. Then according to another group of scholars within this school,

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the zoo Jaja is the heart.

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The heart is the glass. And this is a beautiful, beautiful metaphor for the heart. Because

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glass is fragile. And it is also super hard. glass is transparent. And it is also translucent. Similarly, hearts, some of them are fragile, and some of them are hard. Some of them are see through and they're honest, and some of them are double layered. Some of them are opposite mirrors, literally hypocrites. So if we were to go down the route, that glass here represents the heart. There's a powerful metaphor that just like glass is of so many varieties. So to the heart is of so many varieties. And the best glass is the most see through glass, the best glass you don't even know it's there. And so to the best heart is the purest heart. The best heart you can see through that

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person is as he is there's no double standards. There's no hypocrisy. There's purity over there. And what then is the Muscat the niche, our scholars have said or some group have said the mascara or the niche is all of the outer organs as they project the heart, the tongue and the hands and the limbs. So the outer organs they project what is in the heart and the heart inside of it is the candle from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and that is the Quran. So the entire metaphor is about the heart of the believer who believes in the Quran. This is the metaphor according to one perspective, the hearts of the believer who believes in the Quran, that the believer who believes in the Quran, that believer

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his light is coming from the Quran.

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And that light is going to be protected by his heart. He because what does the heart what does the zoo Jaja do when the wind comes with the heart protects that lamp, the heart seals that lamp the heart is where the lamp is contained. So to the believer, his heart contains the Quran. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran. That one of the miracles of the Quran is that it is memorized by the believers but Who are ya don't be and don't feel so do realtyna autoneum rather the Quran is that which is memorized by the hearts of the believers. So here are those who jajah becomes the heart of the believer. And the Muscat then becomes the projection. What do your hands do? What do

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your tongue do? What does your I do is going to project like the Muscat projects the light so according to this narrative, the Quran becomes the guiding light and of course the Quran calls itself the light of Allah in multiple verses Allah says in the Quran what can I do? Oh Hi Natalie Kuru Hammond and Marina Makuta de Mille Kitab Wallen, Emo wala kin Jana who knew or Allah says We have given you the inspiration and we made the inspiration a light unto you. Allah says in the Quran, that fillerina Ahmed will be here with tubba on neurology wounds dilemma with those who believe in the Prophet system and follow the light that has been given to him. To that to him, Allah

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calls the Quran alight, Allah says in the Quran that are the Flamborough.

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Up to Kitab in moving the

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YouTube version so almighty Allah no Allah has sent the book down to take them out of darkness into light. Allah says in the Quran one Zenn la Kununurra Medina, We have sent down to you a clear light in more than 10 verses. Allah describes the Quran as a noon. The Quran itself is a light and Allah says the Quran takes you from darkness to light. So the purpose of the Quran is to achieve illumination. What this means brothers and sisters is the following. This world is immersed in darkness. There is no light of a spiritual nature that we can find without the Quran. There is no ultimate guidance without the Quran. Allah says the only thing that will take you out of your

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darkness is into the light, your creed your home in Illuminati either nor the darkness is or plural. There are many darknesses there's one light, there is no source of light, except for the Quran. Anybody who thinks they can achieve ultimate guidance, ultimate truth, ultimate spirituality without the Quran is mistaken. The only source of light in this entire Dark World, the only source and this is very, very important because other groups, philosophers, modern thinkers, they think we can discover the truth on our own. And the Quran says no, your truths will never be permanent and and 100% Your truth will never be definitive. It is only the Quran. And that's why when this first

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finishes the very next verse, Allah says women lemmya J Dilla, Hula, hula newlon family law, human nor whomever Allah does not give light to shall never have light, there is no light except the light of the Quran. The only light that will guide you in this world of darkness is the Quran. And by the way, this light isn't just of ethics. It's not just a values. It's not just of morality, it is the light of spirituality as well, the light of feeling an inner peace, the light of feeling a sense of Sakina we learned in the Hadith, and so everybody that wants the Prophet, the Sahaba was reciting in the middle of the night before Fajr he was reciting the Quran, and he saw a physical light come

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down, he saw what he called the chandelier, he saw a light come down when he recited the light would come when he stopped he would go back up. And the Prophet system said those were the angels that came to listen to your recitation, even the angels that came to listen to the Quran came in the form of light. So brothers and sisters, my time is up we have one more esteemed our teacher and our mentor coming at at all they want to eat into his his time and shallow data. But to summarize and conclude, the Quran is light in every sense, it is light, it is a light of the soul. It is a light of the intellect. It is a light of spirituality. It is a light of laws, a light of morality, a light

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of ethics, it is a light of guidance, every single darkness that you have, you turn to the Quran, you read the Quran, you contemplate the Quran, and the Quran will become that light and whoever believes that there is a guidance other than the Quran is strongly mistaken. Completely lost. There is no light other than the light of the Quran woman Demiurge Adela hula hula neuron farmer who unknown so we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us with that light in our heart. We ask Allah to strengthen that light we ask Allah to make that light the guide for this for us in this world and to lead it to us in Janata for those who are the witches Kamala who later on was set on why they can

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Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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be Ms. Dahiya doll seni one

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me what to feed

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on Sunday. What

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feels good

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to me.

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