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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of the Surah and how it relates to the loss of Allah Holly. The transcript discusses the various ways in which Holly's actions have impacted the Surah and how it is important to read the history of the Surah for a better understanding of the history.
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So yesterday we discussed the second verse for suddenly a bigger one house. So perform Salah for your sustainer and sacrifice. We explained that in the first verse a lot of articles Allah spoke about granting the reset Allah Holly will send him co author and abundance of goodness, that live of co author. And after so many fevers and such great fevers of a lie have been conferred upon to be similarly solemn. The gratitude needs to be just as great. So let's let's do two things for suddenly perform Salah. Salah is the greatest form of spiritual worship and physical worship. So Salah is spiritual, and it's physical, and it's the greatest form of worship. And one has to sacrifice

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meaning sacrificing animals for love. It's the most distinguished form of monetary acts of worship, especially since the original sacrifice was to sacrifice one's own life. But it was then substituted with an animal in the story of smart Italian salatu salam. And that has been the trend ever since that you sacrifice an animal for the pleasure of a lot about a katana. Now look at the mindset in Islam, the more you enjoy the bounties of Allah you don't become arrogant, you don't become pompous. You don't become you don't develop a mindset that you know, see how special I am. Everyone is supposed to do this for me or that for me. Even though he said Allah Han, he was sort of who was so

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special Allah says, Don't forget where the bounties are coming from and acknowledge that being by performing salah and sacrificing for him. Well in a seletti one Oh, Suki, Yama, Yama, Mattila had a blast. I mean, it first which really excited into our cellar last night. Now we move on to the third verse in shermie, aka who will ever tell without doubt, the one who is your enemy, is severed into oblivion. Now, some have translated Shani, aka his enemy. Others have translated it as the one who hates you. The one who insults you. Remember right up front, we discussed that the reason the sorter was revealed is you had the Mexicans who were taunting the salon he was selling when his son Qasim

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passed away, that you are a better warrior, the Billa you have been severed, because you have no male progeny to continue your name or to continue your legacy. So lottomatica responded by saying that he is not seven to look at what Allah has given him. And look at the profile that Allah has given him. And after mentioning that in our clinical growth, then Allah system the visa lottery system, but even though I've granted you all of this don't don't you don't need to become like them, you focus on acknowledging Allah for suddenly a lot bigger 100 now in a shiny alcohol abita they call you avatar but the ones calling you in reality, they are up there Why? Even though they may

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have sons, they may have a mane of spring, who remembers them nowadays, if we don't open the books to learn about why the surah was revealed, we wouldn't know they existed. And even the existence is mentioned in a very negative way. So whether it was aspirin, wa ala aka a combination of all of them, or any one of them, that's the reality, nobody knows them. Whereas when it comes to the sort of loss of Allah Holly who was selling millions of Muslims acknowledge him billions, billions in reality, and have been acknowledging him for 1400 years and will be acknowledging him. They have a relationship with him far greater than they have with their own biological parents. And his position

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on the day of the AMA the muckety muck mood, the how the Kota Nabi sallallahu Sallam is the spiritual father of the entire mine will remain so until the day of the AMA, and on the day of pm and beyond his position will still be exalted and he's in Alas, fevers will continue to be, you know, to be blessed upon him. So in reality, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even though he sons have passed on before he, he passed on, and as a result, his progeny via male offspring did not continue, but their entire oma is his progeny. There is no man in the history of humanity that enjoys such a following that enjoys so much of love, so much of respect, so much of devotion, so

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much of acknowledgement, man, a lot of article with Allah Himself was acknowledged to be so in love and he was sending me the kalama La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Allah sort of lump in there than a shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa shadow Anna, Mohammed the pursuit of love, who knows anything about us Meanwhile, where's he buried cabina should have who are the children? What is the legacy even when they meant when they are mentioned as they say they are mentioned in a negative way. So that brings us to the end of the two seer of surah terracotta and I hope that this will give us a great understanding of the sword I don't expect you to remember every point but read that for yourself as

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well. And and now when you read the sword and ensalada could not be because it's the short the surah or even if you're reading it for that reason, at least read it with a greater degree of understanding