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Usul al-Fiqh #03

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Bilal Ismail

Channel: Bilal Ismail


Episode Notes

Evidences of the Shariah

Agreed Upon Evidences and Disagreed Upon Evidences

Textual Evidences and Rational Evidences

  • The Noble Quran
  • Introduction and Overview of the Quran
  • Dalalah of the Verses (Explicit and Non-Explicit Verses)
  • Qira’ah al-Shadhah (Solitary Narrated Verses)
  • The Prophetic Sunnah
  • Definition of the Sunnah
  • Classifying the Actions of the Prophet (saw)
  • Authority of the Sunnah
  • Narrations in relation to how it has reached us (Mutawatir and Ahad Narrations)