Sulaimaan Ravat – Tafseer of Surah Kauthar #4

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of the three verses of the clinical book, which include verse two, verse three, and verse four. It is emphasized that the book is a powerful form of spiritual activity, and that individuals should be thanked for their actions for their benefit. The importance of gratitude and bounty for others is also emphasized.
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Continue now with the seal of suta tokota. Thus far we have been discussing the first verse in our clinical cosa Valley we have granted you Kota and explained that go that literally means abundant good and we explained quite a bit about the river of Kota and the pond of Kota. Now, today, we move on to the next of the three verses. That's verse number two, for suddenly a bigger one heart. So perform Salah for your robe and sacrifice. So perform Salah for Europe and sacrifice sacrifice your means Kobani the slaughtering of an animal not necessarily at the time of Kobani but the slaughtering of an animal for the pleasure for Latin America without him. So the scholars of the

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Sierra have written that a lot about a quarter in the first sentence is highlighting To what extent he is blessed. Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam with an abundance of goodness. Now addressing the use of love and he was sitting directly Allah says for suddenly earlier a bigger one How do two things perform Salaam for your sustain a meaningful Allah and sacrifice for Allah sacrifice for Allah as well. So gratitude over such a great and excellent bounty as to be just so great allies granted you the love of Kota, the pond of COVID your gratitude needs to be just so great. So two things are being

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suggested here to the sort of loss of Allah honey was sitting Salah Salaam is the greatest of all physical and spiritual acts of worship, and sacrifice. Kobani is the most distinguished of all monetary acts of worship. So nobody said a lot when he was selling, he's been told perform Salah, which is the greatest form of physical and spiritual worship, and parbhani meaning sacrifice of an animal for the pleasure of Allah. This is the greatest form of monetary wisdom, especially since the original sacrifice was for a person to sacrifice his own life. And we know the famous story of his smiley ceram where the animal was brought in in place of a smiley salatu salam having to give his

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his own life. So these two things are great forms of Ibadan. So after highlighting that Allah has granted so much to be said a lot is including the love of God that Allah says to them you said a lot Islam that you're good at it should do should be now that perform salah and sacrifice the slaughtering of animals and do it for the pleasure of Allah Allah Robic like the Quran itself mentions pull in a Salah T one also key word wama Yama, Mati lillahi Rabbil alameen say my salah and my sacrifice, my living and my dying of Allah alone, who is the sustain of the world's last Jedi killer. He has no partners. For me Delica omit to this I've been commanded over and over muslimeen I

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am foremost to surrender the concluding verses of Surah Al anon. So the lesson for us to learn from you is that whenever we think of the many, many bounties that a lot about a court Allah has granted us It should motivate us then to exert ourselves even further and to apply ourselves to an even greater extent when it comes to the Iboga and worship of a lot about a quarter

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