Builders of a Nation #26 – Mother of Imam Al Shafi

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The speaker discusses the importance of helping others to build a nation and achieve success. He describes the struggles of a woman named Fatima Shafi who was the mother of a man named Al Bukhari, who was born as a woman with a son. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from the source and bringing up the support of teachers and students to help them achieve success.

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Salam, Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatu to build a nation to build an MA, not necessarily, you have to be the one who do it physically.

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Or your name will be the one that is well known sometimes. And in many of the instances in times, it's actually through your action, helping somebody else. The result will be the same meaning people don't know you.

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People don't recognize you. But you were an integral part of the success that someone else achieved. And in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, you will get the same reward. This actually applies to a couple of the woman in history. One of them is actually the mother of Imam Shafi. So who's the Imam Shafi, famous scholar of Islam, and one of the founders of the for school of thoughts of faith, and he made a special contribution to the development of a new science and which is also referred to principles of he was also great scholar of knowledge, of poetry, and of lineage. So you wonder, and you always ask when you see a successful man who was behind it, his hard work is intelligent. Maybe

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someone else helped. In case of Imam Shafi, the same case for the Imam Al Bukhari was actually his mother. He actually grew up as an orphan, and his mother, Fatima, been to Abdullah as a de, she was actually from Gaza. She delivered him there. And soon after the delivery,

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the boy became an orphan. His father died at a very young age. So the challenges was not only she was a single mother had a young boy, but also financially, there's a lot of constraints. She was young, she was beautiful. She could have easily get married, but she decided not to, and actually devote herself toward this young boy, he has a special gift that Allah gave him.

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And because you are such an intelligent boy, and full off potentials, to become a knowledgeable man, and she saw that in him from young age, she devoted that she is going to support this boy. And she is going to do everything she can to get him to where she thinks he can. And the first thing she did, she moved out from Palestine. And she came to Makkah, why is that? Because maca was the place where all the famous scholars lived there. And she wanted him to learn from the source. So she decided to take him to Makkah to spend time with the most famous and knowledgeable scholars, she traveled. In these harsh days, you can imagine how inconvenient circumstances were to travel. A

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woman single with her son, and it's not even safe was for her. But she did that, because she believed in the cause. And she believed that this son will need that support. And she believed that it stomach education and make her Miss color is something very dear to her important and needed. They were very poor. To the point she couldn't afford paying for a school. And the reports say she couldn't even afford buying him a piece of paper. And one time he came to her asking her to buy him papers. And she said, I don't have it. Let's work on your memory. So you will use your memory as a paper. And this is one of the uniqueness and extraordinary ability of Imam Shafi that he was

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described as his memory as photography, memory. His mother, Fatima,

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as I said, doesn't have a lot of money. But she would collect whatever she can and she will give him and help him. He complained one day to her that they are not taking him seriously because he is not a paid student Subhanallah so she advised him look at the support a mother and look at the impact a mother can do to a son. And she told him, You can do it. They will take you seriously. Show them your ability, extra ability help the other students so they see it in you and didn't take that long. They did see that and they accepted him with a false color. Image even harder. Say

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That's an imam Shafi mother. Fatima was one of the great worshipers of Allah. This is for all of us to learn extra ordinary things comes from Allah, and we need to be connected to him. So he bestowed this on us. Imagine hedger keep saying she was the central role in Imam Shafi life as he grew up without his father, her beautiful character affected him to be respectful to the female scholars, and he had female teachers and he taught female students most famous narration of Imam Shafi mother was when she was with another woman, once invited by a judge to the court as a witness and the judge divided them and then she quoted the verse from the Quran, which is in surah, Bukhara that you

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cannot do that we need to woman witnesses, and he brought them back together, teaches you and me that to bring up an educated scholars, I need to educate myself first. So the story of this woman again, let's learn her name, Fatima, mentor, obey the law as a dear. It's a story of what story of struggle through devotion, investment in the future, perseverance and piety towards Allah subhanahu wa Tada and Imam Malik was one of the teachers of Imam Shafi and he said to him, yeah, Boonie my young boy, I see that Allah subhanho wa Taala have gifted you through in your heart light, don't extinguish the slight with the darknesses of sins. The support of his mother to the support of his

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teachers ended up the famous Imam Shafi. We all know now