Secret Formula How to Find the Spouse of Your Dreams

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Is there a special magical derived that if you say it, you'll get married? LOL This is in Disney you don't just say a magic phrase and the prince appears. And Doha also is an Amazon, you don't just make $1 on Monday and have it delivered on Wednesday expedited shipping, but da works so here's the powerful equation on how to get married. Dream dA plus massive strategic effort plus to work good.

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Number one da Yes, I heard you you've been making dua for many months, maybe even many years now. But have you made your heart with weak dehydrated same old passive words? How about you up here dog game and change your dog to a dream dog? So turn your dog from a two of quality to a 200 change your wording of your dog from find me a spouse to marry me now? How about planning to make your dog continuously when dogs are promised to be answered in the middle of the night when you're fasting in solitude when you're traveling after we'll do it cetera. Number two massive strategic action, how to get married the strategy is always available. If you know the strategy, then make dua to Allah

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subhanaw taala to give you the tofield to take massive strategic action, you need to tie your camel massive strategic action and place your trust in Allah subhanaw taala which brings us to the third part of the equation to look good. Do you trust in Allah? Yes. Do you trust the Promise of Allah? Yes. So Allah subhanaw taala answers all doors that says promise with either yes, with either yes, but not now. Or Yes, and I have something better for you. So ALLAH SubhanA data answers all doors with either yes, yes, not now or Yes, I have something better for you. Your dua is heard and your DA is answered. Now go get it. Dream job plus massive strategic action and guaranteed by your telecoil

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and Allah subhanaw taala you're placing of trust in Allah azza wa jal, Allah teaches you this dua to say when asking for a spouse or a benna habit learner I mean as wodgina was already you know Kuroda union wotja.

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Delphina in

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this Muhammad Sharif and that's life by da