Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #28 – The Story of the Ant

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kita Boone

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Jelena who Isla de que Moomba Coulee Dam. Oh, yeah, he when he got on

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AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers, my sisters, all of us want nice things. All of us want something unique. Sometimes we want something. Unfortunately or fortunately, Allah Almighty bestows many people with similar things, but you would have a unique gift at times, that is shared by very few people. And Allah Almighty knows that. Now, why I say this is it's human nature to one things, try to protect yourself from being selfish, and wanting that goodness for yourself alone. Because one of the qualities Allah wants from the believers is to share what they love the most. lantana will be raw had tuned fickle minima to hipbone, you won't achieve true righteousness

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until you spend from that which you love, that which you love, and a times that which you love the most you spend from it in order to disconnect from material items, and connect with Allah reconnect with Revelation SubhanAllah. How did you manage to do that? Well, I disconnected from something I was connected to, in order to connect to that which I was supposed to be connected to, and that is Allah. So try to share things. Try not to be selfish. Many people are very selfish men and women. I need this for myself. I want to be known for my uniqueness. And that's it. This I want to be seen as the only one who has this and the only one who has that. That's not realizing righteousness is

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achieved when you share things. It's a difficult one. It's a real hard one. But righteousness is achieved when you share things,

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including your beautiful recipes, Mashallah. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness, it just came to my mind. But my brothers, my sisters, there is a story of Solomon, the Prophet Solomon, Solomon May peace be upon him. He used to make some amazing supplications and he asked Allah one day he says, Rob be heavily a bit fiddly. Oh ALLAH forgive me. Oh ALLAH forgive my shortcomings. And from that we learn every time you want to connect your supplication to Allah and plug it in. You start off by seeking forgiveness by sending blessings and salutations a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam seeking forgiveness, praising Allah and then you ask for your thing. What would you like? So

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there is a way of starting and you end off with sending blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once again. So the Prophet Sulayman

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he says, Oh Allah, forgive me, and grant me Kingdom give me that which you will not give anyone after me. Something unique. He wants something unique, that nobody after that will have. So Allah Almighty answered his prayer. Amazing. Allah gave him the ability to communicate with things and creatures that nobody after him would be able to communicate in the same way. Yes, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has his unique gifts far greater than the Prophet Sulayman. You know, he used to say, in Nila it for Hassan Bhima Katakana you suddenly more Ali. He's, you know, he was greeted by things around him. He says there was a stone in Makkah, a rockin Mecca that used to greet

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me Subhanallah So the Prophet Sulaiman says Rob balefully will happily moon can lie. I am but really, I had the Member ID in Tel Wahab, you are the giver. You are the one who gives gifts. God forgive me and grant me, Kingdom control.

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Lamb but really, nobody after me would deserve to get all would get.

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So Allah says, foster Karna Allahu Li.

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We made him control the winds. We made him communicate in order and instruct the clouds, the winds and so on. We gave it to him for a time, but among his gifts was something unique, something amazing. An entire surah is named as a result of that. What is the Surah it is called Surah two namely the end the surah of the end, that end was a result of the dua of Suleiman Alayhis Salam, he says, Allah give me what you've not what you're not going to give anyone after me.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him the ability to speak

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and to communicate with some of the other creatures, such as the birds and the ants and various other creatures of his. So, one day Sulayman Alayhis Salam was

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moving with his army. And he got to the value of the ants. The value of the ants, amazing.

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Either ato allawah Dinniman he heard something when he got to the valley of the ants, what happened? Verse number 18. And 1919 speak about the story.

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It says, call it num Latin, one of these and said

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Yeah, are you Hanuman or the Holo Messiah? Kena, calm? Oh, ants, all the rest of the ants enter your homes quickly. Lie Yattaman Netcom Sulaiman, who would you know, do well whom lie as your own so that Sulaiman and his army do not trample over you? While they won't even realize they won't even notice they're trampling over the ends.

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When you and I are walking, how many ants have we added? How many ants have we trampled over? We don't even know. Allah forgives, Allah will excuse Allah will not hold that against you, because you walked, you didn't even know what was happening. It's okay. And an ENT, after all, it's permissible to get rid of these insects, and that which is irritating to humankind or harmful in any way. So it's not bad or wrong. But here Allah is showing you the type of gift he gave to a man may peace be upon him. And if he gave him such a sophisticated gift, that was a prophet, we're not prophets, but he will give us gifts, perhaps less sophisticated, but Allah grants us and we need to recognize the

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gift of Allah. So the point here is

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Sulaiman heard these ants.

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When he heard the one and tell the others and he heard these ants rushing into their homes, do you know what?

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He thanked Allah for the bus, some Abba, he can mean Kolia he smiled, he broke into a smile as laughter to what was being said, from the statement of this end, what call and he made such a beautiful statement that we should all be calling out to Allah with.

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What did he say? On the one hand, he had already prayed to Allah, to grant him from the goodness and on the other hand, here is him thanking Allah. Allah be he said, Oh my lord, oh my lord, oh my lord. Subhan Allah, O Z any an ash coronet? unmetric. Grant me the ability to thank you for the gifts you bestowed upon me. Your net Ma.

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O Allah, grant me the ability to thank you, for the gifts you have bestowed upon me, that is him speaking. Be Hussaini an ash Curonian, metallic allottee and AMTA lay that which you have bestowed upon me, and upon my parents, who was his father, his father was the was the prophet David that would alayhi salam, may peace be upon him.

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So he says of Allah, give me the ability to be thankful. Imagine you're asking Allah, you're not saying thank you, Allah, I thank you for what you've given me, that's one thing. He's saying, give me the ability to show gratitude. By doing what by obeying your instruction and staying away from your prohibition, by doing as much good as I can while I'm alive. That is called gratitude to Allah by rendering as much worship as I can, by being kind to the rest of your creatures by being just unfair, by standing up for what is upright.

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And by helping those who are downtrodden and oppressed, all that is part of showing gratitude to Allah. So Suleiman alayhi salam says,

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give me the ability to be thankful to you for what you bestowed upon me and my father, my parents were Halawa. Lee they were an arm Allah Saleh and Tata give me the ability to do good deeds that will please you will feel me Biometrika and grant me entry into through Your mercy about the Kosala when your pious worshipers what are the three Nubira Matic Fe baddie kosali in grant me through Your mercy? entry into the circle of those who are your true worshipers, the pious ones? So Ibrahim alayhi salam Wa alayhi salam was a king as well as a prophet. He was given kingdom and he was given prophethood May Allah Almighty grant us all from his goodness, my brothers and sisters be thankful

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to the Almighty she

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Yo gratitude ask Allah to give you no problem. But when Allah has given you learn to thank Allah and call out to Allah with similar prayers that were used by this beautiful prophets who lay man alayhi salam, and you can look at Surah two Naml verse number 18 Onwards 18 and 19 and inshallah you will see the goodness May Allah bless us all Akula Kali hada or SallAllahu wasallam Baraka ala Nabina Muhammad kita Boon

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who Isla de Gama

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de su De he won he got all on