Stories Of the Prophets – Hood (AS) Part 2

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Allah Allah Sahil Karim Amma but

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yesterday we commenced a discussion as part of our series on the stories of the MB Allah Hema salatu salam on the life of rude Alana Vina. Wallahi salatu wa sallam. I explained yesterday, that Who the hell is salatu salam is made mention of seven times in the Quran.

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And his nation that I made mention of nine times they are discussed nine times in the Quran, Kareem I explained also yesterday that the art the nation of art, they were Arabs, and they lived in the area of Hydra motes. Another description another name for the area where they lived, was a half. They were after New Halle Salatu was Salam. Yesterday we discussed that after the floods of Mohali. Salatu was Salam. They were the first to recomends with the worship of idols. They were a very strong nation physically, they had big stature. They will big belt, they were tall, and a lot of Barak autonom had given them a lot of strength. And we also discussed yesterday that amongst the

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prophets who were Arabs include, hood, Ali Sonam, Saleh Ali Sonam schreib, ali salam, and Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And our concluding point yesterday was that houde Ali Salatu was Salam was the first to speak Arabic. Although he smiled Ali salat wa salam came later on. And he took it to another level in terms of the eloquence of the of the language, but who Dally Salatu was Salam was the first now who the Annie ceram and his nation art and solid Ali Salaam and these nations the mood. They came long before Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam.

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Taking the discussion further this name odd, this name odd, where does it come from? The scholars have written that someone in the ancestry of that particular nation his name was odd. So no, Alice ROM has a son whose name was Sam. And from his progeny, there was a man called Art. And this nation basically were from his progeny. And they became known as the PO Mian the nation of art.

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Now the Quran, as I said, discusses the story at nine different places. And we'll take up the discussion from the 12 Jews of the foreigner Kareem we a lot of work with others as well as in

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the nation of art we sent their brother who would call a Buddha law man, a community law hero, you will see that this is a repeated phrase, when Allah talks about the different MBR Hema Serato serum. Allah uses this phrase repeatedly Allah what was the message simple one sentence or aboda la worship Allah Malika Manila in zero, there is none diet is no dietary with the official besides Allah. That's it though eight, monotheism. That was the core message of every interview. And then they also explain they put the people at ease. You see, normally in a community, if somebody stands up and he challenges the status quo. If someone stands up and he says, things are not being done the right way

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we need to change the way things are being done. Then naturally, people become suspicious that what is his agenda? What is he trying to achieve? Does he want position? Does he want wealth does he want kingdom? That's why when the Quraysh so that Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was starting to make strides in his Dawa, they came to him and they said, What is it? Do you want? Do you want the most beautiful women? We will read them to you? Do you want the wealth? We'll give you the biggest amount of wealth? Do you want position? Do you want leadership? We'll give it to you.

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People become suspicious when you stand up and you challenge the existing system, the challenge the status quo, they become suspicious that what's your agenda, what you're trying to achieve? So again, you will see that this is a repeated sentiment in the Quran. When Allah talks about every Nabhi or most of the MB Allah says, What did they say to the people? Yeah, homie, Allah komali. In Nigeria, Illa Allah Allah, the Fatah Ronnie, I don't want no money. I have no agenda. My ambition is to secure my reward with Allah. My ambition is to secure my reward with Allah. And then he says, Listen, I'm so used to this people fly attack Loon. Now understand, why will I challenge you? If I

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don't want any material benefits? Why will I challenge you if I didn't want any material benefit? Can't you understand? If I had an agenda, then you could say oh, this guy's got a agenda. He wants some money. He wants some prominence. He wants some fame. So he wants to be different. He's doing things differently because he's got a personal motivated, but I'm explaining to you I got no personal motive. So that should make sense to you. Now they were a very strong nation. And they used to actually even take pride in it. They used to say as a left the bar code on the seas for a Madden for stack baru, fill out the behavioral hacker

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They became hottie without any justification. And they used to very pompously say, men, Ashok domina,

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who's stronger than us, as it is when they in school and they go like this. And they say,

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when a vase.

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So, we normally chuckle because that's how the youngsters carry on. But many times adults also when it goes to your head, when you become proud and you become arrogant and you become haughty, you perhaps don't realize, but you become like a child in the way you carry on me, me my money. You know, like when you're giving sweets, and the children are falling over each other. I want I want my It's mine. We carry on like that, in this a bit of a more sophisticated way. The way we run after dunya you know, I met one very prominent businessman in maritzburg a few months ago, so he told me say Melinda, you must never get involved in business. I tell him No, I'm a stupid businessman and

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I'm too soft. I can't be firm you know when when doing deals and I know nothing about business. He says no, because you know what when you get sucked in everyone talks about the rat race the rat race. He says forget the rat race nowadays want to eat the rat also,

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not only chasing the rat, we want to eat the right also. So when it comes to when it comes to dunya we become like children we compete. We puff our chest is out. You know who I am for? Am I doing fasttech baru Phil will happen these guys had muscles you know they were not six pack was nothing for them. And they said man shut Domingo Pooja who's stronger than us. Who can come tell us anything. But look at the response of the Quran. Allah Miro and Allah levy hola como shut Domino Cova they did not realize that Allah who created them will always be stronger than them. You can have the biggest boats, one disease, one disease, and you become paralyzed. With your big mess of

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muscle, you become a liability. You become dead weight, as they say. So they had this pride and arrogance. But look at who that is from. And you see, I'm going through these verses because it teaches us the hikma and the wisdom of how to do our firstly you open your own book and you say Listen, I've got no agenda. Right? Let us know Kamala Kamala Kamala now. He plays the position he plays this strength in a positive way. He says we are called Mr. Futura. Oh my people make us the far turn to align repentance all these years of idol worship. Why is it that pom pom watton e la quwata comm if you turn to online repentance, Allah will make you even stronger. Allah will make you

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even stronger, Allah will give you even more. And the initial punishment that came to the Nation of Islam was drought. scholars say for three years there was a drought and there is the system of Allah. Allah doesn't destroy you at once. Allah gives you a lot of respect. And even in our lives, even though we may be Muslims, so we don't get destroyed because of correct a corrupt Akita. But if we waver if we move up the sirata Mr. Team, Allah doesn't punish us immediately. Allah gives a lot of respect. You know, when when I remember one incident, one student one day got caught, he was doing something he wasn't supposed to do. So in the class, he's telling the teacher that you know,

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it was the first time it was the first time I promise you, so the teacher said no, don't lie. If it was the first time I wouldn't have exposed you. Allah always gives you despite Allah always gives you despite. So even the punishment, smaller punishments come first, like we read, you know, the other night last night, one of the fundamental other bill Edina, Allah says, I give you a smaller punishment for just a wake up call. Like you know, when the light is misbehaving, you give him a tip first, or you just give him a pinch in the ear just to wake him up. So the three years of drought came, the same thing happened with musante Salatu was Salam. O Allah sent drought then first Allah

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Allah to furnivall gerada Welcome Allah was the father I would dump you know, the cockroaches came and the locusts came in the the frogs came and everything came and made life a bit difficult, but they want to take a listen, or if they took less than it was momentarily and then when things return to normal, they went back to their ways. So three years of drought so look at least some approaches the message Listen, it is to your advantage to mend your ways. If you turn to Allah in repentance, Allah will make you even stronger. The strength in which you take pride Allah will grant you even more strength will your city sama Allah commit rara and Allah will open up the heavens the drought

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will be alleviated. But like we saw with the assembly, it was awesome. They started accusing him that you know what? Your beautiful man What do you know? You so yeah, for me, but again, I know he always keeps come and he always keeps come. You see when you when you're doing the work of a law you cannot become flustered. You always have to hold the moral high ground. You don't join the people in the gutter. You have to show greater decorum and a higher degree of o'clock and character. So he didn't say Who are you to call me a fool I'm receiving way. Yeah, call me Lisa B. Safar. Yeah, call me Lisa b danada. These are the MBR Hema Salatu was Salam responded that listen, we are not fools.

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We are not misguided. We are messy.

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Just from Allah, we are missing this from Allah. So they said oh Yahoo Ducati

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de la Oh no, the story is going on now for too long you saying and you're saying bring the punishment let's see in Nakuru Illa otter acaba de la Hasina. So it looks like you are now starting to tread on dangerous grounds we taking offense now. You are insulting our idols, You are insulting our idols. So no harissa. Listen, I'm consistent in this message in the oshi De La Hoya shadow anybody on metric Rico? Listen, Allah is my witness, Allah knows and I'm trying to save you from shark, but you want to continue with your ship and the unreality of Serato. Sam always tried to use logic to reason with people as to jazzy Looney fi usma in some made to move her into

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these idols that you worship, what are they in reality? They are nothing but names that you have given them and your forefathers have given them. Secretary one stone you put him in, you say his name is locked. We take another stone, you put him there, you say his name is Rosa. They got no substance to them. They can't do anything. They have no history, they have no future. They have no capacity, they have no potential they have no power, they can give effect to nothing. So what it is, wasn't it what is it in reality, it is nothing but names. You have your conviction in names, and you are but worshipping names. And yet you're arguing with me New Delhi Salatu. Salam said to his

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people, but they didn't give up. They didn't give up. And they continued in the three years of drought and even that, and this is the this is the irony of life. That three years of drought was supposed to be a wake up call for them. It made them more stubborn. They blamed who that is from they said no, it's your bad luck. You started all the stories that we must stop worshipping idols, mercy, the idols across they no longer sending the rains. And now the major punishment came from a laughter Baraka wattana which we will discuss tomorrow inshallah. But again, I'm saying it's about the lessons behind it. Allah talks about these stories repeatedly in the Quran, because the

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characteristics are the same pride, haughtiness, jealousy. And as we go into this last third of the month of Ramadan, we need to start seriously introspecting that are these qualities found within us? Are these qualities found within a student in a way these people never believed in Allah? That's why they carried on like this. We believe in Allah. And yet we have the same characteristics. May Allah Baraka receivers, protect us And forgive us what sort of Lahore cinema