Sulaimaan Ravat – Stories Of the Prophets – Hood (AS) Part 1

Sulaimaan Ravat
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the story of Idris Allah who was sent to the nation of art and was the first person to start speaking Arabic. The story also mentions the influence of the church on the language of Islam and the influence of the church on the language of the nation of art.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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ala rasulillah karimabad.

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Yesterday we discussed the story of Idris Allah He stood up to a serum. We mentioned that there was a difference of opinion amongst the Ottoman scholars. As to whether Idris Allah is Salatu was Salam came before no honey salam, or after some say he was born already in the time of otherworldly serum. And he came before no Holly some others say he came after no honey. Some were mentioned that Allah has made reference to him twice in the Quran in the 16th. And in the 17th Jews. He was an ancestor of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His name was kuno he was the first to write with a pen. He was also the first to teach the sciences of medicine and astronomy and the beast that Allahu Allah He

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was sillim met him on the fourth heaven during the occasion of marriage. And I explained yesterday the Quran does not go into too much of detail with regards to three Salah his salatu salam, and notice the Hadith in the statements of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So we leave it at that the Koran, talks about these incidents to highlight lessons. Today we commence with the story of hood it is Salatu was salam, and houde Allah His Salatu was Salam was from the nation of art. So once again, he was from the very people he was from the very tribe he was from the very nation, and he was sent to them as a messenger at various places. In the Quran. Allah says, What Allah I didn't

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occur whom Buddha to the nation of odd. We sent the brother a home when he was from them. He was related to them. And his name was hood. Now who de la Salatu was Salam. O the nation of art. This story is mentioned in the Quran, nine times, nine times a lot of arcotel it picks up the story and who the holy Salatu was Salam is mentioned by name seven times in the Quran, the nation of art, they were Adams.

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They came long before Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, they were in the area called Hydra moat, you know, near Yemen.

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That region, that broader region in specific they resided in the area called a calf. That's why in the 26, Jews of the Quran Allah says, with Gore, aha

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if under a Toma who will

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remember the story of the brother of the nation of Arab meaning hudl Islam, and he wanted them build off the place, his name was tough. So they were at UPS, Allah had given them a lot of physical strength. They were a very strong nation, a very muscular nation, a very mighty nation. They will also that area was also referred to as Iran. As a lot of articles Allah mentions in certain further

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aroma that they used to build these big, towering homes out of rock. They were very muscular, they were very strong. They came, as I said, Before Abraham had he stood out but after Trump, because in the Quran in the ages, Allah says mimbar, they told me know when they came after the Nation of Islam, and the scholars have written, now we explained previously, Adam alayhis salam came to planet earth, there was only tawheed there was only belief in the oneness of Allah. Then after Adam Allison passed away and some time at labs, people started to worship idols. And we explained previously how shaitan got them to make statues, and he got them to make, you know, these these carvings out of

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rock, in the image of the pious people were passed on to remember them and from remembrance and they're escalated to worship. They're no hurry, Sam came, he preached these people, they didn't listen, there was the floods and they were all wiped out. Once again, there was only 13 people only believing in the oneness of Allah. And then idol worship crept in, once again, idol worship crept in once again. So the nation of art was the first to re commence with the worship of idols. After the floods of no la Salatu was Salam. There is a narration of a Buddha refer to the lava and when he mentioned that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said that the four ambia, who are

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considered to be Arabs, they were four ambia, who were considered to be Arabs. One is going to be sent a lot of money he was sending himself. The other was schreib salatu salam, then Salalah alayhi salatu was Salam. And we speak about him in the days to come. He was sent to the nation of the mood and hood Allah His salatu salam, he was sent to the nation of art and therefore the scholars right, that who Allah is Salatu was Salam was the first person to start speaking Arabic. The first person to start speaking Arabic on Earth was good Ali Salaam. Later on, when Ibrahim Ali Salam came, he took it to another level. He was a man who had great eloquence in the Arabic language but the first

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person to start speaking the Arabic language

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was good AlLahi salatu wa sallam. So that's a bit of a background to the nation of art to whom Allah had sent who that is some very muscular, very mighty nation. If you know history, if you study archaeological findings, you will see that they even the skeletons, very massive, very big, very long and broad in the structure, but it counted for nothing in the end of the day, because they this believed in a lot of barcode data, and they wish up titles. There is more to the story from tomorrow inshallah, we'll take up the discussion from the verses of the Quran, the various verses, we have lots of articles Allah talks about the former head and Medallia salatu salam ala barakato again to

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stay understanding some kind of law he will be hungry he subhanak Allah whom ob handicare shadow Allah Highlanders

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