Do Not Judge Others 10 – Lest You will be Judged by others

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah.

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The 10th reason of why you shouldn't judge others, is due to a what we call as soon as soon as law, the way of Allah how Allah deals, the set rules that are life you like the laws, the principles that Allah has placed in this universe. And one of those important laws and principles is like you do things to others, it shall be done unto you, there is a narration that the Prophet slaughter them said, he said,

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come out to Dino, to Dan, like you deal with others in terms of accounting, you will be accounted similarly. And when you look at the verses in the Quran, or the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, we know that this is how you shall be dealt with, you know, people practice certain things in this life, it will be done unto them in the next life, that's a general sort of generalization because, you know, algebra or minjin, ceilometer is a is a general principle that the the reward or the competence will be from the same category of the actions. That's why we will see that, for example, in dangers and people who are arrogant, they think they are big, they think they

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are high, they will actually be resurrected small, they're resurrected, like the size of ants, and other people will step on them. So they get that they get that if you like the repaid for their, the way that they dealt with it, and the examples are many.

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So when you judge others, you have to know that a probable consequence of you judging others is that you will be judged, you judge others, other people are going to judge you, there will come a time when that happens. When you mock others for a certain action, or you make fun of them, because they've done something, what will happen is you'll be also afflicted by that same action. You know, you might have seen somebody do something and you say, never do that, never practice this, or you saw a person's children. Perhaps what this means is naughty out of control. And you'll say, if I had children, my children never behaved like that. And the reality of the matter is a loss panatela will

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probably end up giving your children who are a similar way, because it's a trial for you. It's a test for you. Because, you know, we don't know circumstances, we don't know people why they've, they reacted in certain way, you know, so how sometimes you have, you might see somebody, their daughter or their son behaving a certain way, and you might attack them or accuse them of Whoa, look at his son, look at his daughter, look at his wife, against her husband, all these things can happen. But when you judge people in that way, you can be almost guaranteed that this is something similar is going to happen to you or to those who are around you. So we have to be careful because that is also

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a dangerous concept. Nobody wants to be in a similar situation. That's why it's very important to always consider the reasons why people might be in such a position. And at the very least, you should be sympathetic to why they are acting like this or why they have done like this. Because as we said with the other reasons before, if you don't know you shouldn't make a judgement because it might just come and turn round on to you.