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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of the Mahdi or the Great Warah Medical (Vahid Medical) and the decline in pride, arrogance, and strength caused by the Great Warah Medical (Vahid Medical). The "opener" is used as punishment, and the "opener" is a blistering wind that causes suffering and regret. The Spanish flu and coronavirus have also impacted people and culture, with heavy rainfall causing people to feel the effects of the flu and loss of national independence. burial sites are also discussed, including the funny shape of rocks on the mountains and the loss of national independence.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Salam ala Soleil karimabad we continue our discussion on the life of hoodoo Allah His salatu salam and his nation known as the ad the comi ad. Yesterday we were going through the verses of the 12th Jews of the Quranic Karim will last about aquatera talks about how Medallia Salatu was Salam call his people towards belief in worship in one a la comida de la medikamente, line zero, how the number used texts used wisdom, he used what we would say a soft approach. He explained to his people logically and reasonably that I have no agenda last ru Kumara he has raw I don't want any wealth. I don't want any remuneration. I only want the pleasure of Allah

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because this is my duty Allah has sent me to, to convey the message to you. Then he also put the message to them another lesson we learn in terms of how to convince people how to make the hour, he put it in a positive way that listen, you're a very strong nation. So if you turn to a law, if you repent, if you come back to the belief in the one a law, why is it to come over Allah will increase your strength, and the initial punishment was a three year drought as we explained yesterday, and know who that is. Trump told his people that if you come back to Allah, Allah will alleviate the drought as well. But the big problem once again was pride and arrogance because of the physical

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strength for amiodarone fasttech baru Phil RDB rail Huck waka Lu menasha domina Pooja as we discussed yesterday they started saying who's stronger than us? Who can be stronger than us? Who can come before us? Who can take us on no one? And Allah so beautifully explains that our Amira and Allah Allah, Allah who shut dohmen home POA? Didn't they realize that the that Allah who created them, who gave them that strength, that Allah is more powerful than them. Now the manifestation of that transpired, meaning Allah showed his power. And a great lesson that we learn from the stories of the embryology, Masato ceram, is they say, Allah hits with a silent whip. You don't know where

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the punishment of Allah will come from. And you don't know what will turn into the army of Allah. In the 29th of June. Allah says, Allah, Allah Mooji knew the Arabic Allah who knows the army of Allah besides Allah, if you take on a particular person, you know, what is his armor? You know, what is his ammunition, okay, he's got this, he's got that. I know how to deal with it. If you take you on a particular nation, they've got a nuclear bomb, they've got an atom bomb, you know what you're dealing with. But because Allah is all powerful, and because Allah has control over anything, everything, anything and everything can turn into the weapon of Allah in terms of punishment. So we

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see this repeatedly in the time of no Holly serum, Allah use the water that came from nowhere. It literally came from nowhere. Like we explained a few days ago, they were saying the donation of new was saying to Elisa was from there, what's up you building a ship? Where's the water? You building the ship? Where's the water? They were mocking at him and scoffing at him. Then he said interest Holloman for Indiana sermon come, you will have today tomorrow will laugh and he will laughs last laughs the best. So the same thing happened with a nation of art, who Dallas Trump won them. He won them he won them repeatedly. And they refused to listen. So Allah says this is what transpired.

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Remember, they were suffering three years of droughts. Three years of drought from Ohio added on Mr. Kabila Odia Team 26. Just suddenly, they saw on the horizons, clouds appearing, and they got happy. They thought the rains are on the way, a great lesson for us to learn in life brothers. Sometimes the punishment of Allah can come wrapped as a gift and as a blessing. You may think something positive is about to happen in your life. But that's only the wrapping what's inside is actually punishment. And the opposite can occur. Why sir and Takahashi and Waheguru, Lacan something you look sometimes you look at something on the on the apparent and you say, what the hell happened here? How

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did this happen to me? Where did this come from? What a big setback in my life. But then a few years down the line, you look back and you say, that was the best thing that could ever happen to me. Sometimes you lose a business. Sometimes a marriage doesn't work out big setbacks in life. And at that moment, you think you'll know what's happening to me. What a catastrophe, but only down the line you realize it was actually a blessing in disguise, you know, is the same English, but the the opposite also happens sometimes you look at something and you think it's positive Weiser and to help boo Shay and well who was Sharon Lacan, sometimes you like something it looks appealing. It looks

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positive, but in reality, it's catastrophic. So they saw those clouds coming in. They said yes, it The rain is here. And they started mocking at would you say? You said the rains will never come?

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Come because Allah is angry. Here is the rain. But look at the words of Allah. Allah says rehome fee Ha. Boone Aleem. It was a wind that carry the painful punishment. It was not a rain away. It was not a wind that was whipping up the clouds to dispense the rain. It was a it was a wind that was bringing a painful punishment what kind of a punishment to them miracle lashay MBM. murabaha. Nothing could be seen after that punishment that hit them. Allah had destroyed the nation of art with a severe wind, a very severe wind, right and after that wind has obliterated them. When you looked at where they used to stay, you couldn't see no trace of them. Just the dwellings nothing, no

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sign of human life whatsoever. And Allah talks about this in various places in the Quran. The punishment that descended on the people of art, were fired in his arsenal, Salah la himari team, Allah says we sent to them a blistering wind Jalla tokara mean that that wind was so severe, it reduced them to ashes.

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One is you know, you kill a person but his physical form is still existent. One is you totally obliterate that person from existence you make him like he never existed, reduce him to ashes Rehan Sub Saharan free yo minasi musta mill, a raging wind on a day of continuous luck, bad luck. You know, they used to tell who that is from the day you bring in bad luck. So let's say the bad luck came that day when those winds struck, those raging winds tends your nurse can

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do nothing.

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Versus that we are going to be reciting in the coming days. 27th juice. Allah says that wind plucked the people pluck the people as if they were tree trunks that are being uprooted. That's how forceful The wind was Rehan savasana. Tia raging violent when Sahara him sobre. La erlin was a man yet it was not a wind of a few minutes or a few hours, seven nights in eight days, seven nights and eight days. When the punishment of Allah comes, then it comes in a severe form. I mentioned this the other day as well. Allah gives the response or like gives the response and like gives a response. But many times we use that despite is a rope to hang ourselves. And eventually you don't know where the

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punishment will come from. We see many people who lead the hottie life even Muslims, very pompous, very, very heavy handed. And then all of a sudden from nowhere. Even that person doesn't know what hit them. That's the punishment for Latin America with data. That's the system of Allah. Now look at this nation, such a powerful nation and look at them you luck Miss la fille de la versus a certain further

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that at that time they physical strength was unparalleled. Nobody was created with that degree of strength. Allah says, Allah is saying Allah is just defined to the standard they were given and let the lamb you fill up a mythical half will be lowered. It totally obliterated them, it reduced them. One wind from Allah, one wind from Allah reduced this physically mighty, strong, muscular nation to ashes. That's why whenever the wind used to blow the beast of a lava, he was telling us to seek a less protection, because you don't know if the wind is bringing the mercy of Allah in the form of rain, or whether the rain is bringing the punishment of Allah. And when I shadow the law, when I

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used to say other sort of law, why is it whenever these a heavy wind is a severe when you seek protection in a law, he says because I remember what happened to the nation of Iran. I remember what happened to the people of who'd AlLahi Salatu was Salam. These difference of opinion amongst the scholars, I mentioned this upfront as to where they resided. The majority of the scholars say in that area between Yemen and Iraq Hydra Mota have, but others say that, you know, the area was broader. It came into northern Saudi Arabian. If you go to Northern Saudi Arabia, I've been there. We'll talk more about this area. It's called mother in Salah when we talk about the story of Saleh

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la salatu salam, you see the mountain rocks, they in a very funny shape, a very peculiar shape, very strange shape, the status the shape of the rocks on the mountains, it medine solid, which is which is near the book in in Saudi Arabia, about six 700 kilometers from Madina munawwara when you go to that area, and you look at the mountains, you say, but it's a very funny shaped mountain, very funny edges and all of that to the rocks. And some scholars have written that those funny shapes were as a result of the the raging wind that hit the nation of

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the wind was so strong, that it actually distorted the natural shape of the rocks on the mountains. So if we could have that impact on the rock, which is solid, can you imagine what was the impact that it had on these people the nation of

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of Guadalajara to some, then there's also again a bit of difference of opinion amongst the scholars as to whether who that is Sonam. And those people who believe is whether they continue to reside in that remote Yemen area, or whether they left some say they resided there, and who dallisa Tucson passed away there and his grave is there. And others say no, that would Ali salatu salam, then wait, he's made his way towards mccutchan, mocha Rama, and he passed away in Macedonia, mocha Rama and he's buried them. That's why when you're traveling the Middle East, that you'll see different graves at different places. And they'll tell you, this Nabhi is buried there and that nothing is buried

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there. But we don't know for sure. These are all historical things. They could be correct, they could be incorrect. There's only two places that we can say with absolute certainty that an epi is buried here. One is in the Rhoda in Medina to manohara that Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam is buried there. And the other is in mustard, Holly Rockman in Hebron in Palestine, where we can say with certainty that Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam is buried there. But when it comes to the MPLA Mr. Nam when you go to Palestine, he will tell you he is the grave of universities from that when you go to Iraq to say is the grave of universities from and sometimes also what used to

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happen. They used to just put up a monument in memory of that Navy, so they call it macam macam. Maybe you and I use macom Navy, you know us So a macom is not necessarily the grave site. So if ever you traveling in the region, it would it would be something that would you know would be of relevance and of interest to you. Some places the indications are strong that in all likelihood the newbies but if so, if you go to Jordan, for example, they take you up the mountain and they show you the grave of tribalism, but it's we can't say with certainty but they the likelihood is great because Srimati Sallam lived in that area where Isla Medina Aham Shriver, so he lived in that

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particular area, you go to Mount Nebo, and they say, on top of Mount Nebo is the grave of Musashi Salaam. But then just on the boundary of Jordan and Palestine, there's another grave and they say no Masonic Salaam is buried here. Again, you can say with certainty, but the likelihood is there because we know that Musa alayhis salam was right on the edge of patron macness of Jerusalem, when I left America with Allah took his life because it was not decreed for him to enter

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as a conqueror and as as a victor. So Allah knows best where these unbelieving Masato sama buried besides Ibrahim alayhis salam, and when you go to mustard caliber of man, they will say is the grave of Imani Salaam, then they got a great for his grave for jacobellis from a grave for use of money from you Sorry, Sarah, we know he passed away in Egypt. But there's one narration that his body was then transferred back to where he was born. And that is in what we call today, Palestine. And in that, in that message, they'll say there's a grave also for Serra de la hacia, obviously, and smiley Salatu. Salam would be buried in muckety muck aroma, but those are historical facts. And as I said

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the other day, last Sunday, because if we don't know, but Medina to manohara, absolute certainty, and they after these, these are many, many narrations that indicate to that particular Masjid in Hebron has been the resting place of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, the MPR de Mistura to Salaam, Allah. Allah knows best Subhanallah who become the hero