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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The La Habra council is an upcoming event that encourages people to share false testimony and accusations, including false testimony and accusations of bribery. People should not be surprised by "harvest" in their behavior and not engage in false testimony. The importance of forgiveness and listening to words and negative comments is emphasized, as it can lead to negative consequences. People should avoid being caught in a lose situation and be mindful of their behavior. The importance of forgiveness and learning about the Caribbean is also emphasized.
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So now it comes down to La Habra council once again our Luna sumio administrate famotidine Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen what are the one in La Plata mean when I ask people to then once again Lama Sunday was sent him about a crab Dakota suka Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Salah on Ernie he was like me he was a limb to Sleeman kathira

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inshallah tada First of all, it's the 29th night of Ramadan May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow this to be a blessing night for all of us. I want to reiterate to everyone to please keep us on your drops mean loss of habitat allows to be amongst those that observe and witness later to other whether it is tonight or another night Eliza allows to be amongst those who fully have the reward of Ramadan and they This is called the lip written down for them a llama and I mean and I have to admit there's a bit of a sadness thinking and penalize you're getting to the end of these if now so I pray that a lot so don't allow this to be for our benefits and not against us but the night tada

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The next is that we're going to start with and we're actually going to combine two inshallah to Allah, verse 72, Allah subhana wa tada says, Well Edina layer Sedona Zoo will either model the love we model kirana and those who adopt who do not witness falsehood, those who do not witness falsehood, and if they happen to pass by vain or harmful speech, Maru kiralama, then they pass by with dignity, they pass by with complete honor, they do not descend or denigrate themselves by descending into Shahada to Zoo or a love, okay, which is a falsehood or morality or vain or harmful speech. So again, those who do not give witness to falsehood, and if they happen to pass by, and I'm

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going to be very specific as to why I'm saying if they happen to pass by harmful speech, what either mob rule the lovely if they happen to pass by vain speech, model kirana, then they pass by with honor and dignity. So, last kind of Metallica first starts off with a zoo. And a zoo here can mean different things. So Zoo means falsehood, some of the scholars say that what this is referring to is the greatest falsehood of the rituals of polytheism. And so, this is, of course, makiko answers referring to those who refuse to take part in Shahada to zoo in a zoo to the greatest of the greatest falsehood, which was the honoring of the idols and the sacrifice to those idols and those

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that held back from those things. And so they said, that this connects to when Allah subhana wa tada mentions, those who do not commit shit, nor do they commit murder, nor do they commit adultery. So some of the scholars said this is referring to that the holding back from the rituals that were taking place, particularly in Mecca, to honor the idols and to to do harm in the name of those idols to sacrifice to those idols. And so nyesha Duna Xu, the scholar said, the first implication is a person holds back from that. And then some of the scholars they said, and that includes major sins. So the ultimate zoo is a shark, and then what emanates from Shrek is major sins. And then some of

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the scholars they said that this is talking about Shahada to Zeus, specifically, which is false testimony which the profit soul isonem Warren so severely against, and some of them said, it's in its most general sense, which is all sorts of immorality. They do not witness all sorts of immorality. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam talks about people that witness evil, and they don't say anything, and they don't register the disapproval. And as a result of that, they all face the consequences of that. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He said, in the NASA era, when when Carla euronet OSHA Can you remember lobby a lobby, that barely people if they witnessed evil, and

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they don't do anything to change it? It might be that they will all face the consequences of that punishment.

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The prophets lie Selim said that, that men can you know, be law who will Yeoman after whoever believes in the law on the last day for that yesterday so Allah its initial value has been do not sit on a table spread, where alcohol is being drunk. Now, I'm not going to get into the thick of this too much, you know, what exceptions might exist in certain contexts. But the point is, is that, you know, giving tacit approval in a way that would give approval to the people that you're sitting with that you're okay with it right. Should would have a profit prophets lie. Selim mentioned the person who witnesses a contract of Riba witnesses a contract of usury. So some of the scholars have

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said that what this is referring to

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the broadest sense of a zoo a falsehood and not bearing witness to it. But let's first talk about inshallah, tada, Shahada to zoo, which is false testimony.

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false testimony refers to telling a lie that has consequences to the person that's being lied against. So false testimony in a court of law, false testimony in a situation of arbitration, false testimony and something that's highly consequential, right? So whether it's an alimony or in a dispute or some sort of business contract or negotiation, false testimony is the key of piano right? It is complete hypocrisy, the prophets lie Selim mentioned that the hypocrites they lie when they speak, when they speak, they lie. When they make promises, they break their promises, when they are given an honor where they're entrusted, they betrayed her and they're not right, they betrayed their

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trust. And so false testimony is a combination of all of that because it's not just a lie. It's a lie that can really devastate someone else's life. It's a lie that that leads to the consumption of alcohol that leads to the consumption of rights. And that's why you find a hadith and authentic hadith from Abu Bakr Ah, well, the alone time i'm not i will Beckett I will record audio probably a long time and who said that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, shall I not tell you of the greatest of the major sins about the greatest of the major sins? And they said, What is it a messenger of Allah? The prophet SAW the law and he was sent him said that you associate others in

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worship with Allah, and that you disobey your parents. And I will Becca law says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was laying down so he was reclining as he was saying this rule of law he was stolen. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he sat up and he said, Allah will call the zoo for Shahada to Zoo Hello, hola zoo, which Zoo allow for the zoo. So how does the zoo and Beware of false speech and bearing witness to falsehood, Beware of false speech and bearing witness to false for Beware of false speech and bearing witness to false foot. Now I want you to just think about the imagery here. Imagine if I kept on repeating this for the next 30 minutes and Beware of false speech

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and bearing witness to false and Beware of false speech and bearing witness to false it. Right. Some of you would be like, Okay, well, he stopped now move on to the next point. Oh, Becca, he says that the Prophet slicin kept on saying Allah will Polish Zoo Shahada zoo. He kept on repeating it until we wished later who seconds we wish that we wished he would stop. The prophet SAW some would not stop saying Allah will call the zoo or Shahada to zoo. Be wary Beware of false testimony. Beware of false testimony and witnessing false testimony. And another incident the Prophet sallallahu it was Sunnah he compared poena Zoo false testimony to Chinook to polytheism. Why because it's a lie.

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Remember, all the zoo is a lie that brings about oppression or the consumption of rights. The greatest volume, the greatest oppression is that you don't fulfill the right of the one that created you. Right. And so the greatest oppression is to is the lie of schoodic which leads you to negate the right of a loss of habitat to be worshipped. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was praying one day and he stood up and he said that Allah azza wa jal has put ship and false testimony in the same category. And he recited Salalah why he was sending them. The verse inserts that had verse 30, fetched anybody rips them in an old San Juan study bucola Zoo. And so beware of the filth of the

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idols are rich, the impurity of the idols and our Zoo and beware, which Danny boo, relinquish, put aside, move away from distance yourself from Poland zoo, from false testimony. So what's the connection between shift and false testimony, as we said, shift is a lie that causes you to negate the greatest right, which is the right of a loss of habitat to be worshipped without any partners. And to be unconditionally obeyed. cola zoo is a lie that brings about the loss of the rights of one of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala Okay, so I just want you to see that connection between those two things. And, you know, we've talked about this when we're going through certain won't be

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known. And we were, you know, talking about the qualities and so it's mostly known as Allah subhanho wa Taala talking about so you know, the first quality of, you know, an after Salah, after prayer was when Athena home and in love wheat module and that these are people that don't waste their time with vain speech. And we said that level, vain speech can lead to idle speeds can lead to a bunch of unintended consequences and circumstances for a person. In this situation, what we spoke about them

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When you press share on something, you own it, to do nothing, to do nothing to transfer something, is to do Shahada of it is to be a witness to it, and to own it. And this is so you know, scary stuff, how to love because some of the stuff that gets passed around has major consequences. It has major consequences to people's lives. And people press share, they repeat. And that's why the prophets lie. Selim said, It is enough of lying for a person who has been in a cabinet. It's enough lying for a person. And yet the head, this could be my mouth, that he repeats everything. He hears that he repeats everything you hear, even if he doesn't intend to lie, but he parrots everything

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that he hears, and so on the zoo is talking about here, that and of course, this is, you know, first manifested in a courtroom or in an actual procedure or trial where a person's called to bear witness to something, but let's be real here, right, you know, people's lives, they're outlawed, their honor, their dignity. Everything is is is now out there. Right. So there's the courts, as in the courtrooms, and then there's the court of public opinion. And so people that pass on a zoo that pass on, you know, false witness, they own it. And when you meet Allah subhanaw, taala, you're not going to be able to say, yeah, a lot. I just press share. Yeah, lie just retweeted it. Yeah, lie just

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repeated it a lot. As I was going to ask you, what did you verify it all? And what was your purpose for engaging in the first place? So Eliza warns us heavily here folder zoo, that people do not? believers do not engage in our zoo? Now a person might be saying, but look, you know, I'm not actually in a courtroom. Who cares? What I what I pass on? What is my opinion mean, anyway? Or this was just, you know, this was just passing something along. It wasn't that serious. And, you know, I was just, you know, entertaining it or engaging it, so that people could look into it. A lot. So just talks about the process of how we fall into the zoo now called the zoo, false testimony. The

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greatest false testimony is slander, alright, slander, when it comes to the outlawed the chastity of a person. But how do I get to that point, right? How do I get to that point? So let's talk about a process here. And remember, we spoke about this when it comes to the major sins, that there's a process there's a pathway to major sins, and the pathways to those major sins of murder, of adultery of shit, are our minor sins or, or voids on the inside that eventually lead you down that path? What is the pathway to something as severe as cola zoo, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam will compare it to shidduch and the prophets lysozyme will feel like the Sahaba need to be warned so much that he

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will keep on saying, you know, Beware of false testimony and witnessing false testimony to the point that a companion of the Prophet slicin um, said, We wished he would stop later who seconds we were hoping the Prophet sighs and we'll stop on repeating the same thing over and over and over again, this was not the habit of the messengers licensee, but he was doing that to add emphasis to it. So what's the pathway? analyzers have gives us this pathway inserted who dropped first it's so clear, having a mocking tongue or having I'm sorry, having a prideful disposition, a prideful disposition prideful disposition why because Eliza just as long as her own home as a nukunonu Edelman home when

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Annie satin Minnesota NASA and you couldn't pay them in one okay? Eliza just says Don't mock other people because they might be better than you don't put other people down they might actually be better than you and so the believer Are you bother walking on are too busy in the corner of their homes. You'll be tonight it'll be him sooner than what the AMA asking a lot to protect them from fire and from their own sense, which they're deeply acquainted with. To feel the sense of pride over anyone else. So law says lawyers calm calm and calm. Do not have a prideful disposition that causes you to mock people. And then what happens if you don't check that prideful disposition? Okay, then

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comes a one a judgmental hearts a judgmental heart. What happens after you develop a judgmental heart to justice? A spying eye? Okay, so you start to you start to spy on people you start to do to a lot. You start to to look into and investigate people's sins you start to look and wait for, for for for their falls so that you can jump on them right and exploit them and you find you know, you find them

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Join that so to justice you start to spy you start to investigate things that you should you know, you shouldn't be too busy interrogating yourself to be investigating someone else. Right But that's that's where you're at to justice. Oh wait, let me click here let me go here. Let me ask this person let me go there and so you start to do to justice a spine I and then what happens after that a gossiping tongue liba Well I have a bla bla bla bla, okay, you start to have a gossiping tongue a backbiting tongue and so you start to because look, if you if you pray enough, you're going to see things of people that are undesirable. And the liba backbiting is not slander. backbiting is that

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you say about a person what is true of them, but that they would hate. Okay. So backbiting is different. It's gossip. That's actually true. But it harms people. Okay. Now, the inevitable next step after the book is that if you get used to gossip, and you get used to backbiting, eventually, you're going to decorate and embellish the true gossip with something to make it a little juicy here, and you're going to slender. And you're going to add in details that would further hurt that person so that you could further beautify your gossip or embellish your gossip. And that's how you end up falling into a zoo. Right polar zoo, false testimony, where you have major consequences,

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right? As a result of just going step by step what did it all start from it started from you not minding your own business, and having a prideful disposition, where you were too busy looking down on others to, to work on yourself. And so Eliza that tells us to avoid this pathway, right azura to avoid going down this dark path of Allah zoo. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from the so what's the prescription of that? How do we deal with that a loss of parents I says what you love Robin lovely mob rule kiralama. If they know if you read a translation, it's probably going to be lost here because the translation will probably say, if they

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if they, if they come across or if they are in the midst of a level idle speech, then they move on with honor and dignity. But as I said this is if they accidentally find themselves in a situation where they're not looking for a novel. They're not intending it, but they happen to see it or they happen to be in a gathering where it's spoken, or it shows up on their newsfeed wherever it is, they happen to come across something that they were not looking for. Right? They weren't looking for this stuff, but it came but it came to them either. Again, you're sitting in a gathering and people start talking about someone. You're in a whatsapp group, because everything is virtual now, right? You're

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in a whatsapp group and people start talking about someone

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you are scrolling and you see something. The point is, is that modern will be level you weren't looking for it. But it showed up, it showed up. So lots of patents and it says Maru kilala. They pass it with honor and dignity. They pass it with nobility. So how these are beautiful words that allies which gives here. Why because first of all, connect this to a few minutes prior, where Allah subhana wa tada says that these are people that walk with such dignity and honor to where when they're addressed by the foolish enough Alibaba, homemade Yahoo, Luna Khan was set on. Like they they maintain an honorable disposition when people insult them,

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when they see something else happening level happening, and it doesn't necessarily involve them, but it involves someone else. Remember, a bug or whatnot don't live lives of contradiction. They don't live lives of contradiction. So it's not like, Hey, I'm going to gossip and jump in here. Because, you know, I'm not I'm not the object of the gossip and the backbiting, right? This is, this is not worth my time. Right? It's not worth my time when it's leveled at me, it's not worth my time on this level, that someone else Maduro kerama. And this is a state that we should all seek to aspire to. All of us should speak to aspire to. So you're not looking for it. You're not intending it, but you

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happen to be in a place where it's spoken. You happen to see it, you pass it with multiple kirana. with dignity, with honor, it's the word that Eliza Jen uses here that a person passes through ketene a person passes through and comes out noble in the process of coming across these things. What is this referring to? The prophet SAW the love it was some segment, income, one cup, whoever amongst you sees an evil funding will be added if you have admin privileges. Again, I've got to speak in our lingo today because these are the nature of our interactions. If you can physically change something, change it right

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You can change that evil, do something about it. You can stop it, stop it.

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in them, you'll stop there. And if you can't do that somebody Sahni, then you say something about it. Right? You don't you don't, you know, you're going to deflate. You're going to deflate it at that moment. So this is not okay. Alright, so you're going to chime in and you're going to stop it, whether that's through speaking or whether that's through typing, but you're gonna say this is not okay. And so panel if you're watching the angel series, the Hadith of the Prophet, slice alum, where the Prophet slicin said that the one who defends his brother above the law on which he anomalous puntata protects his face from the fire, because backbiting what are the lies What does a lot do to

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the back biters on the Day of Judgment, right, they will be ripping their faces off with cloth, the profit slice of them set their own faces, because face and reputation are in wedge and reputation are the same, are the same analogy, right with one another. They're analogous to one another, because you make it hard for someone to show their face in society. And so here, you have a lot of saying that whoever defends their brother or their sister, a lot of times I would protect their entire face from the fire, you protect them from the face from the fire of humiliation, and Eliza gel, are you protecting their faces from humiliation in this life, a loss of hindsight protects your

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face from the fire in the hereafter. So, the Prophet slicin says, you see an evil, you stop it if you can, if you can't stop it, you say something about it. And if you can't say something about it, then the prophets lie. Some said you hate it in your heart. And that is the least of amount that is the least of faith. The scholars say that what this refers to is that you leave you leave you excuse yourself from the gathering, you know, you make it very clear that there's a departure. So even hating it in your heart is not that you stay put hating in your heart is that you either change the subject, change the conversation, but you do something to suggest that you're not okay with it, even

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if you cannot directly refute it, this is not okay. And, and you get up and you leave if it's a physical gathering, or you or you do something to suggest that you you want to move on. Okay, that this is not something that you are interested in, in engaging. The scholars also say that the usage of the word ki Lama here the usage of the word honor is very is very profound, why?

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I want you to think about that gathering.

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Think of a physical space, gossip and backbiting is taking place. People are laughing. And when people gossip and backbite they really bring out the ugliest of themselves. So they disgrace themselves, right? This is beneath you. They disgrace themselves and so they disgrace themselves and they lower themselves in the sight of Allah Subhana metab right. So it's beneath you. It's it's nasty. It makes you look upon someone as being less like why are they so messy? Right? Despite otherwise good qualities? Why did they disgrace themselves this way. And so Allah Subhana, WA, tada looks at that person as less, that person lowers themselves by making themselves ugly with these

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deeds of level with these deeds that come from level from idle speech. So Allah Subhana, WA, tada, looks at the person on the other side. So you're sitting in this gathering, people are talking and you're uncomfortable, and you're clearly uncomfortable, and you're clearly repulsed by it. And you say something like, you know what, we really shouldn't be talking about this or that's not okay. And I disagree. And that brother is actually a good brother. That's a good sister. fear of loss of Hannah Montana. This is not the right way to go about this. Okay. That's sucking the air out of the gathering, right? Just what Whoa, the person that says, You know what, this is not okay. I'm not

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okay with the discussion here. I am not okay with the direction this has taken. What's going to happen when a person steps in and says this is not okay. Initially, initially, he might be detested. But eventually he will be respected by those very same people. Okay, initially, they might detest them, but eventually they will respect him. Where do we get this from? The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam where he said it his Salatu was Salam. O Allah one NASA be satilla whoever pleases the people, by displeasing Allah subhana wa Tada. Whoever pleases the people, by displeasing Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will be displeased with him. And Allah will cause the

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people to be displeased with him as well. Eventually, you just gained a reputation for being messy and people want to wash their hands and like you know what, forget this person. Right? So eventually, what that leads to is the consequence of, you know, everyone looking down upon you, right, because people get sick of your abuse of time and then people also get paranoid By the way, you know why? Because if every time I'm around you, you

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You're talking about someone else, but nothing that you can even fathom and the young lady can effect then whoever quotes other people's words to you know that they quote your words to other people, whoever back bites other people in your presence know that they backed by you and other people's presence because it's a habit. It's a spiritual disease. And so, though in the in the initial moment of the gossip and the backbiting,

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people might laugh, people will indulgent people engage it, eventually they'll be like, you know what? That person's messy, right? And everyone will detest that person. Whereas the person that took a stand and said, this is not okay. This is not an okay way to speak about your brother or sister. I am very uncomfortable with this, we should fear Allah subhanaw taala. And we should move on. In the immediate moment, people are gonna be like, why did you have to make things awkward? People might detest you, people might not invite you to the next gathering or so. But they will end up respecting you and seeing you as what seeing you as someone who is consistently noble, consistently noble,

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ketene, dignified, honorable. It's not that they just jumped in suddenly. Whereas they usually are backbiting themselves, you know, sometimes held people back by themselves. And then you know, the wrong person is being backed by it. And so then they step in, no, like, this is a person that doesn't back like that doesn't gossip, and that doesn't like gossip or backbiting. And they consistently, they consistently register their disapproval, for that backbiting and for that gossip. And so what ends up happening is that while initially, you know, we don't really like that person being around,

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you know, it makes things awkward when that person is around, they're too religious. They don't like us getting into certain discussions, might not invite them to the next gathering. Unless the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever pleases Allah subhanho wa Taala, by displeasing the people will be Allah, one will autobahn, NASA and Allah will be pleased with that person. And the people will come around to be pleased with that person as well. People will come around to honor an honorable person and say, You know what, that's a noble person. You know, yeah, they called me out that one time it I didn't feel good either. And, you know, sometimes it gets awkward, but you know,

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what? May Allah reward that brother, may Allah reward that sister, they don't let these things fall. They don't let these things go. They hold themselves to that standard, and they hold others to that standard to consistently they don't live contradictions. They hold everyone to the same standard, starting with themselves not being okay, with a level not being okay with the indulgence of, of gossip and backbiting and what that eventually, inevitably leads to a slander. Okay, so are you bad? Don't watch man. Again. That is Russia, by the way? How's it Ruffner? It's refer to the person who's being backed by did a lie, you know, it's the last night to the people that are backbiting as well.

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It's legitimate to the people that are backbiting as well. Why? Because you make them start to think twice about their sins and their gossip, not just the one who's being victimized by the gossip, but the people that engage it so easily, so lightly, you might make them think and reconsider their attitude. And so you're bringing a document to them and that hopefully, they'll move on from a sin that they won't commit again, I think of him I'm talking a lot to Adam, and I'm talking about him, Allah was known to be extremely forgiving, so forgiving, right? He forgave everyone from the people that slandered him to the people that beat him in prison, to the people that ordered his beatings,

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right. He

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was extremely forgiving. But one time, you know, a young man came to come after him a whole lot. He told him that I was backbiting you. Do you forgive me? email him, Allah said, I forgive you. If you don't do it again. I forgive you so long as you don't do it again. And not my son was shocked by his answer. It was it was a very atypical answer from his father. So when the man left, Abdullah asked his father, he said, you know, why did you give him a conditional?

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forgiveness? conditional amnesty, right? Why didn't you just tell him you're forgiven, which is what we're used to from you. That's of how to look at the love of a teacher for his student. Look at the love of the love the for the oma. He said, Oh, my son, I didn't want him to return back to that sin. I was only doing that to stop him from returning back to the sin. I wanted him to reconsider the next time so that he doesn't fall back. In that sense. It was out of love and care for him, that he told him so long as you don't return back to it, so that he could set a bar for him so that he thinks twice before he engages it, once again. So that's a battle remembering that to everyone,

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what's the connection to the next one? Lavina either though, Kira will be it will be him lamea theodorou. La has some man for omiana and those who when they are reminded of the revelation

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have their Lord do not fall deaf and blind to those revelations and to those admonishments. Now the scholars here, by the way, they say that this is twofold number one in connection to the previous iaat. These are people that receive critical advice and admonition Well, everyone loves to give, we'll see how very few people love to receive, we'll see how, okay, and so a lot as I was saying, those people when they are reminded with the verses of Allah, they don't, they don't dismiss it. Okay, so not only do they dismiss falsehood, when they see it around them, and proceed with honor, when someone reminds them with the verses of a loss of Hannah Montana, then they receive the

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admonition and the critique Well, okay. And that's why I remember the last time he said, Omar was so, you know, was so dedicated to rectifying everything around him. And, you know, sometimes that might be interpreted as harshness from all the time. But if anyone from a child to you know, a servant to the most seemingly insignificant person in society, such as a lot of times it tequila, Fear Allah, he would suddenly this this huge men, this man of huge stature would suddenly shrink and say, why, you know, he'd cry, and he'd received the admonition. So it was a two way street, right? Because it wasn't about me being the one admonishing It was about Allah subhanaw taala being honored

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and the Arab the dignity of the people, who a lot as a gel has given those sacred rights made, made sacred sanctified, not being disgraced. So if I'm the one that's guilty of that, and I'm not aware of that, I want people to tell me that, right? I want someone to remind me with the verses of a loss of hundreds so some of the scholars say the connection of this ayah to the previous one is that either they'll Quito Be it, it'll be him refer specifically to when someone reminds them using the verses of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they do not dismiss that advice. And then some of the scholars they said, you know, that this is referring to, so I've had a lot of people that are so

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focused on listening to Allah and seeing what is pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada that they do not have space in their ears or in their eyes, for that which is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala. So they are deaf to liba to to backbiting and slander and gossip, because they are intensely listening to the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala to good preaching to admonition. And so they're too intently listening to those things that it is tuning out the other thing so their ears are intense, right on listening to those things, their eyes, they are too busy trying to see that which is pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. And to see the the opportunities that are pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada in front

00:33:08 --> 00:33:29

of them, to let their eyes stick to things that are shameful, or things that would take them away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's possible I mentioned. And I've mentioned this in a couple of lectures before my mother, may Allah have mercy on her she was. And I appreciate if everyone would make up for it's the 29th night of Ramadan. So please do keep her in your last thoughts have mercy upon her.

00:33:30 --> 00:34:09

She was partially Deaf after one of her strokes. And she would sit in the gathering and she'd just smile at everyone. But she couldn't hear what was being said, you'd have to speak really loud for her to hear you. And even then, often, you know, in the last decade of her life, you'd have to repeat yourself a few times for her to hear you. And she would just kind of sit there and gathering and smile at everyone. And she would say at hamdulillah at hamdulillah I can't hear the backbiting and the gossip anymore and hemmed in a lot like she was so happy that she felt like she could go to a gathering and not listen to the stuff that she was used to listening to before she was at home

00:34:09 --> 00:34:33

that a lot less spared me from hearing the garbage that I typically hear. So, you know, she was listening to something else right she was seeing something else. And that's a bottle of wine on the servants of a man that took him to a hospital sooner than leukemia, when they hear the verses of Lana as a loss and so it's not again, it physically humbles them and it brings them to internal

00:34:34 --> 00:35:00

in a place of internal connection to a loss of habitat and causes them to cry causes them to weep. And so, when a lot as a judge says that these people have attentive listening and sight to a loss of words and admonitions, that is the opposite attitude to looking for people's faults and listening to gossip about them. Again, the opposite to looking for people

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

faults and listening to gossip about them is listening and seeing a loss of words in a way that would cause you to better yourself, to be busy with the Creator, to be busy with getting close to the creator and refining yourself for the Creator, to get involved in all of these other things. And that is so essential to, to the soul and to the heart and to the soundness of the heart, to be able to receive the words of a loss of penalty properly, to be able to see the words of Allah subhanaw taala properly, to be able to receive admonition properly is to have a different orientation and to focus and to avoid that which corrodes those, those values and those pure places that we have in our

00:35:43 --> 00:36:23

hearts and our minds. And Allah subhanaw taala says, It is not the eyes that are blind, but it is the hearts it is the hearts and the chests that become blind. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, protect us from being those people whose ears and whose eyes whose faculties are in tune to that which is displeasing to him. And we pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make us amongst those that use was that and if these faculties of getting to know him, to know him, these faculties of gaining closeness to him to get closer to him, and we pray that Allah Subhana Allah forgive us for the times that we use the blessings of sight and Speech and Hearing to disobey Him when they

00:36:23 --> 00:37:06

were given to us to come to know him better subhana wa tada May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to use his neon, his blessings properly, not to misuse them like the brothers of shape on nor to use them to disgrace about disgrace other servants of the Most Merciful By by engaging in level by engaging in vain speech and then eventually in false testimony May Allah protect us from being wronged and from from wrongdoing and being wronged, realizes it protects us from oppressing and being oppressed from either dishing out harm or reciprocating harm a lot I mean, does that mean well hold on to you all. Please keep me and my family and your do out tonight keep the entire European team and their

00:37:06 --> 00:37:27

families in your diet tonight. I pray that a lot of accept this light from you and inshallah to Allah we'll see you tomorrow night for the final session of a Bible reprimand for and 3430 and above. With the night Anna Allah bless you all will slowly learn more Salim about the Caribbean Mohammed Ali he will be he was selling to senior theater with Salaam icon back into law here.

Tuned into Allah, and out of gossip

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