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AI: Summary © The importance of the day of July, which is the day of the return of the moon to Earth, is emphasized. The message of Jesus is taught to everyone, and the importance of the day is highlighted as the day of the volatile weekend. The speaker emphasizes the need to be attentive and not over expressing one's opinion and bringing others to the event. The importance of bringing children to the event is also emphasized.
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and Hamdulillah that only was the focus. I mean, it could be the shirt Gillian upazila theory this

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would have been interesting

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appealable fraud the minute that it does it offline would you even try?

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setting it aside? Misha dinner Fabiani with it either be useful for wanting to do a lie enough in Allah who I know last year he kind of opened up what I wanted to do like I'm home and then after what I saw no god Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah God what profile Hamid bow down

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on my team this

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team yeah you need to do this solidly Yeoman Joomla first of all either you whether they're

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incompetent Tala Moon fully at the salah to contest you know fill out what

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what could Allah cathedral Allah Allah come to Korea performance of the falafel team right now as the Kitab a walk 400 a hottie Hanuman hominins Allahu alayhi wa sallam wishes to have cocola Motorcity woken up with Arjun vana Allah localu Beratan for now, I'm about

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we started brothers sisters. First of all, as you all know that we are very well aware of the weather conditions. And before southern terminus, some people have called me texted me that Do we have something to my heart? And I said yes. Why? Because as you say, in English, the show must go on, no matter what what are the circumstances and whatever happens, the show must go on in the same way something tomorrow will take place. And is actually it makes me quite happy to see that despite the weather conditions. We have. We have brothers here today. From the we have sisters and we have even the elderly. And this is something that I want to talk about, about this is something that has

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been on my to do list for some time to talk about the importance of the day of July, what I was supposed to do on the day and for my journey we come for we come across this day, every week. And because in this country we do not get Friday's off like if you go to some other Muslim countries. That day a Friday is a designated day where it is completely off. Why? Because the day of Juma is a very special day. Just like every religion they have the most special day for Christians It is Sunday for for Jews, it is Saturday. In the same way for the Muslim the most blessed day in the entire week is the day of Juma and the day of Shabbat is by Allah subhanaw taala and what we have

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seen from the Prophet SAW longboarding was settled on Allah subhana talks about it in the Quran, he has designated an entire sutra by the name of Susan Jeremiah to show its importance and one its status and what is its status when it comes to our deen not only that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he has also talked about this, that this is the day when Adam honor his son was created. This is the day when he was entered into Jannah. And this is the day also when he when he was dismissed from Jana. So this day holds of great significance when in our religion. Not only that, but also Allahu Allah. He was telling me he has said many things about this day of Jamaat, first of

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all, he says that in this day of Joomla, we're supposed to desert we're supposed to dedicate ourselves to the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. At the same also will remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that in this day, there is one side the prophesy he used the word salah, some people they explain it and they translate it as one hour. Some people explain it as a brief moment and on the day of Friday the Allah subhanho wa Taala he accepts any door eyes of any person. So this is the day of the day of Juma Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, he says, yeah, yeah 100 ina Avenue EDA and via this Salatin Yeoman Juma, first out inadequate Allah, Allah

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subhanho wa taala. He says that when you hear the call of Juma, first of all, you rush towards the vicar and the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala that you can hydralic them this is good for you. I was telling us we want to know what is good for us. Allah is telling us that this is what this is beneficial for you. For you now put the earth is solid and it was solid is over fantasy roof it out and then you spread throughout the entire Earth whatever move involved in that and you and you seek out from the from the mercy and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala that I left them to their own so that you will be successful. So that's why it is so important that we take this day

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very, very seriously. Brahma Salah what he was saying another Hadith he says the best day on which the moon or the sunrises is the day of Joomla throughout the entire week, the promise Allahu alayhi wa sallam he talks about those who come early for Joomla. He says that on the day of Joomla the angels they come

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one Hadith says that the the shayateen, they spread on the day of Joomla into the marketplace and they try to keep the people preoccupied. But he says that on the other hand, the angel the stand at the door, the sun at the door of the masjid, and the very first person that comes in, he gets the reward as if he has sacrificed for the sake of Allah a camel, the next person who walks in, he gets the reward, as if he has sacrificed a cow. The third person who walks in he gets a reward as if he a sacrifice a chicken, and the last and the second and the fourth person and in their own words, I told the Imam he started the hook by every person who walks in, they get the reward of he gets the

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reward, as if he has given one egg for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. But when the Imam he stands up for the hotbar the angels they shut their books and they sit down and they also participate and listen to the football. So that's why we know very, very well we grew up most of us grew up understanding the what is the significance and importance of the day of drama, but at the same time, there are some other things that we keep we can keep in mind. The very first thing is that when we learn for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he would tell the Sahaba that when you come for Juma, you make sure you take a shower, you take a shower, you take a bath, and not

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only that, but you wear something that is good and put on in apply some water in some perfume. And what is and what we see for the Prophet SAW Selim is that during the time of the Prophet the Sahaba, they never had a season ever had heaters, whenever they would work hard in the sun and they will come to the masjid because Masjid number weedy the layout of the Medina who we were such that it would the smell of the sweat would affect other people around them and in their surrounding properties, all while while he was on he said that you must take a shower.

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They get into this debate that do you have to take a shower or not? The most important thing is that when you look at this, when you look at the Hadith of the prophets I send up since he said that because there was so much smell in the same exact way, if we have a job where we sweat quite a bit. And there is perspiration that when we come for the day of Juma which are trying to take a shower so that it will not affect anyone else. When we try to come, we try to apply perfume. And this is not only for assault on Java, this is for all the generous Hello, whenever we come a lot of times we call we have eight we have eaten something, we have been somewhere where the foul smell that has

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been in our clothes, it can affect someone else. So that's why it's important that when we come when we come for someone's facade, and believe me or not, people have come to me numerous times that there was a person standing next to me and he burped and there was either biryani or something and it was it was affecting everyone. Some people it is their socks that they're wearing. Sometimes it is the clothes that they are wearing. When we come this is the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, he says yeah, but he add them a hoodoo Z that the commonly called the masjid, that when you come to immersion, where it's something that is good, where it's

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something that you would like to wear outside where it's something that has some good smell, if there is some, some clothes that you are wearing, which has a foul smell and try to refrain from that. At the same time. What are we supposed to do on the day of Juma research? Now a lot of time there is a presumption, that reasonable cap why? Because it will protect you for the protection, it will protect you from the fitna of the jar. That is what the journal assumption is, although that is there in this place, that anyone who reaches out to the club, they will inshallah be protected from the fitna of the judge. But many people have asked that I don't think I will see the giant. Okay,

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first of all, we don't know. But I will probably will not see that. John, I'm at an age where I don't think so. Why do we have to reach to the QA? Well, this is the reason why you have to you have to read. So to recap, from Sallalahu. It was something he says that anyone who reads So to recap, on the Day of Judgment, it will this will probably be this was served as a source of news and light and blessings for a person between the two dramas. So that's why we use the caf why because it will serve as new for us Inshallah, throughout the entire week, the day of Jamaat is there so that it can be a spiritual recharge, just like we take our car to the mechanic shop, and we get an oil change

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time after time. Why? So that we can take out all the dirty oil, put in new oil and it can it can take care of our engine, keep our engine clean. And after that our car will function better in the same exact way. Just like we make our car go through this. And the same exact way this day of Joomla is there so that we can gain some spiritual benefit this

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spiritual benefits that we gain on this day by reading Quran by reading Susan Kehoe and doing the vicar of Allah subhanho wa taala. Sending Salatu was Salam ala Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this one shall not be a spiritual recharge, just as we are told to receive the cut off in the same exact way we are told you we were on. Now, this is something while back when I forgot to mention, this is just this is not something that is in Sharia. This is just something that which is my own personal opinion. And that is that when I come from Southern Juma, you see a lot of people they have their phones out and the readings from their phones, let me make it let me make this very clear, it is

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absolutely allowed to report out from your phones, I'm not saying it is not allowed. However, when we come to the masjid, we you know, the, the reason the Quran is on the phone is for our flexibility purposes, for four times when we don't have access to the Quran, we have Quran on the phone, and we can read Quran from the phone. But it is advisable that when we are in the budget, we should have a habit and we should try to pick up the most heart, we probably shall hold him was half read from the Most High. Because slowly and gradually, what I see is that we're going to continue to walk this trend that we continue to report on only from our phones and these massah that are on our shelves

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slowly and gradually they are getting abandoned. So that's why it is important. And once again, if you feel that I still want to sit down with my phone and just want to read from my phone. That's absolutely allowed. There's nothing wrong with it. But in my own personal opinion is I said that you pick up the most hot and try to connect with the most hot, hold them with something in your head and try to read from the most have. The next thing is trying to come early slipping in America we all know very well that when it comes to our work, we have to clock in and we have to clock out. When I go to learn I have to swipe my card I have to clock in. We are so particular about getting to work

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on time. For many people who go to school today's school was closed because of the weather. But for a lot of people despite the weather conditions, they were not they did not get off. They did not get a day off from work. They had to go to work. Well even though they had to go to work. There was flexibility today you get to work wherever you can. But for the most part we all know that when it comes to school we had to drop off our kids by a particular time when it comes to work. I have to get to work on time. But then the question is that why can we not come for southern Jamar also on time? Why can we not come early for Santa July? Why can we not come early enough before the Imam

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starts the football we are there we are here we are reading so to recap, we are going to the Quran. And then after that the Imam he starts the team starts the hotbar and we can attend the entire football. There are many people who come late and you only get the last five minutes of the whole book. And then they're wondering to themselves that what was the topic of the football? What was the purpose I mentioned that at the end of hookah, if we come early and we build this habit in sha Allah Inshallah, inshallah we will gain from the football and not only that, as we hear from the public, so a loved one he was setting up that anyone who takes a shower, he applies curfew when he comes to

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the masjid and he does not distract himself with anything else. And this is the football and after and he prays that you pray southern Jamal with the Jamara then inshallah Allah subhanho wa taala, he will forgive all his minor sins, from one Jeremiah to the other Juma and three days also extra Allah Subhana Allah will forgive all those sins, who amongst us does not want that we all want Allah Subhana Allah forgive our sins, where Allah is giving us the opportunity. So that's why it's important that we come early, for example, Jamal, the next thing is that while we are listening to the football, it is important that when we listen to the football, we listen attentively. And it's

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not only when it's not only with with, you know, one particular hottie it is with anyone if we go to any masjid, anywhere, any day, on the day of Juma when we're listening to the football, we should be absolutely attentive and try to listen to the feedback and try to apply and maybe attention that whatever is being said, I'm going to apply what is being said the most important thing is that not to see who the speaker is, but to see what the message is not the messenger but the message. The problem is a lot while he was sending one time he went to a grade, and he saw a woman crying next to grade because it was her son who had passed away. Promise Allahu alayhi wa sallam told her that it's

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very it's really that be patient for the sake of Allah. In return, she replied back to the prophet for in the kalam to say be mercy but if you are not in the situation that I am in the problems are some never sent anything back to her and he just proceeded ahead and he went home when the lady lady later on when she found out that she will

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Hi in this manner to none other than the Prophet sallallahu. It was sent down, she came to the house of the Prophet alayhi salam to apologize because of her conduct and her behavior. She came upon us so long while he was sitting up and the Prophet I did get some he says that as Salvador in the southern part that hola that you are to observe patients, the very first time you are challenged with the situation, the very first time you come across the situation, not that we cry, we whine and we complain, and we think things are inappropriate. And then we observe patients, the Mojave theme, they expand, and they take away a message. And a piece of advice they give us on this highlight is

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that this woman she never saw, she never focused on the message. She felt as if the person who was the messenger, she is not in my situation. And they did. And they derived from this hadith that always tried to focus on the message, not on the messenger and any number that we are in, even if we have applied that in our life, the most important thing that we need to ask ourselves is that have I spread this message to someone else? As we know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, Burnley who I knew well, if you don't want if you know something small about your deed and your religion, it is incumbent upon you to spread it to the next person. So inshallah we tried to keep

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these things in mind. There are a few other points that I want to make a shallow making in the next part of my clip, but may Allah give us the ability to act upon what's been said and hurt Barack Obama now when I when I found out when

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I stopped for a while when he said he must have been a pastor in the whole world.

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And Hamdulillah I want to sign in when I stopped filming when I was

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a young

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woman and I had yet when I

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was growing up, Mohammed Abdullah, Sunil my god cover them all in North America with Isla Majeed when for call me Michelle from Virgin Mr. La Rahman Rahim in Allah eliminated that will be so gnarly maybe yeah, you will need a hammer. No, sir. No Allah, he was selling the steamer. Please come forward.

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She's come forward

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on the day of Joomla one, the other indicates that the day of Joomla is for anyone who comes who comes too late. It is important that we don't cross anyone. Or if there are two people who are sitting in this boat and just try to smash ourselves and squeeze ourselves in the middle of that. It is distracting. It can hurt anyone else. And if we want to get a space in the front, we should try to come early for soccer Jamar. The next advocate is that the day of July is a day where we should meet each other today. The word Joomla in itself comes in the word Gemma means for people to come together. I remember here in Plano on Sunday, one time I went to a church for a lecture, and it was

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a Unitarian Church. And over there I remember I went there and in the middle of their service, they they stopped and the pause their service. Why? So that meet people in the congregation they can meet and greet each other. When we when it comes to the day of Joomla. I understand I fully understand that people have to get back to work. But first of all, is that after Santo Tomas tried to sit down for a while, read some test behind Subhanallah Alhamdulillah 99 Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allah make some dua for yourself. People, a lot of times you will find a lot of people they rush out the machine like the machine is on fire. They just like do their building from the masjid, trying to sit sit

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down, try to calm yourself. And then not only that, the day of July is a day, you know, we talked about unity, we talked about keeping our hearts united the day of Joomla is the best way to meet and greet each other to meet with others people who we have probably not met throughout the entire week, the day of July is for there. Once again, I understand people have to go to work. But if you have some time, try to take your time. And then and then you then you proceed wherever you have to go. The last thing I will mention regarding the day of Jeremiah, which is something important that we have to keep in mind. And this applies to our situation that we are living in most of our community

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members, their children are going to public schools, there are very few who go to there. There is a percentage of the Muslim community who send their kids to Islamic schools, but majority of the community they send their kids to public schools. Now as you are fully aware that there is no drama in public schools. There is no drama in public schools and from far so therefore when it comes to drama, either the kids

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There are there are many kids who are not praying to Allah. And there are some kids who are praying Jamal, the ones who are praying Juma. They are giving any kind of food. But there is a youngster who came to me he said to me that today I gave football, Soto Juma football and my school. He was only 1718 years old. I asked him what to think about this. And this is gonna seem funny. He I asked him, so I was shocked first I said, mashallah, that's great. memoirs are horrible and make you unhappy with the future, and effective hunting with the future. I said, but by the way, what topic did you give your heart behind? He says marriage. And I was thinking to myself, and I said that, are you

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planning to get married soon? Do you know about marriage? He goes, No, he goes, I just went to Google. I put in lecture, you know, topics of code buzz, and the very first thing that came up was marriage. So he said, I just read marriage. And I said, How many which one was the age group and you're gathering? And he said that, you know, we're a 16 1718 year old. So the thing is that, first of all, is that we should try there is you know, there are some school districts that may be a little strict about it. Some people have told me that why these scooters should this school district is no strict about it. But as far as I know, meno ISD has no restrictions. I feel that it is

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important for parents, just because and you can if you can come to me for a letter I'll gladly give you a letter for exemption from school for the time of Juma but we should try to bring our kids to the masjid on the day of Juma for Salonika Jamar. Why? Because slowly and gradually, if we teach our kids that you can pray at school, if you don't pray, that's fine. Your academics are more important than than Jamara. Then what we are teaching our children is that salted Juma, which is the most important salsa the entire week, it has absolutely no value and guess what slowly and gradually when they grow up, they will grow up with those same values, that son Joomla is not important. Later on

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when they get a degree when they get a job. And when it comes time to work, then they will not even take off from word to come for something Joomla and guess what? We see this happening right now. There are a lot of people in Wisam in many professionals amongst the Muslim community that they work that when the time Jamal comes they feel like it is not important. I can just pray something for heart there at the office in my cubicle, or I can just play soccer go home when I go home. And that is sufficient for me. Absolutely not. We should try to instill within our children from now the importance of Joomla when Joomla I comes try to talk about the importance of Joomla the Prophet SAW

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Allah what it was some has emphasized upon sending salat wa salam in Duluth upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on this particular day. And that is why throughout the entire day, we should try to send as much as salaam anime. So one morning he was sent off, and there are so many different ones. There are so many different ways we can send subtle aside and be so loved while he was sending them. But we have to do that. Why? Because it prompts us some says that anyone who says any blessings upon me, I receive that and inshallah I will intercede for that person on the Day of Judgment. So that's why these are few advocates that we keep in mind. Once again, create an

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atmosphere inside your home. The day of drama comes and many people have asked can I receive alcohol from Thursday from Thursday, Monday onward. Why? Because the day of Joomla has started and it is absolutely announced. If you want to read so you can have on Thursday night because it's typically the day has started. That's absolutely fine also, but create an environment within our household it is important to do Joomla what you need to do on the day of drummer, how much risk was free on the day of July. Teach your kids show your kids that drummer is so important that I will come to your school and you and I will pick you up and you bring them for drummer, let them hear the hotbar and

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then you take them back to school. This is something that we have to do and within our communities. I've seen many times Muay Thai. Many parents have told me that most parents don't bring their children for southern Jamar. Most parents don't raise your kids for southern German. So that's why this is something that has to turn around. There's something that we have to improve upon, and slowly and gradually inshallah if we take care of this day, we're supposed to do what we need to do on this day, then we will gain some spiritual benefit from this day and this spiritual benefit this recharge will inshallah help us throughout the entire week until the next until the next July. May

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Allah give us the ability to act upon wisdom send her memoirs of a holiday give us the ability to benefit from the day of Juma the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this