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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The powerful and remarkable 10-day period of time in which the first 10 days of the picture are the most powerful of the year is emphasized. fulfilling the fifth pillar of Islam is crucial, and showing one's true devotion to Islam is crucial. Finding ways to avoid wasting time and fulfill financial obligations while on vacation is crucial, as is the importance of good deeds and technology for shaping behavior. Finding guidance and being a carrier of good behavior is crucial, and the upcoming "offensive" andSA season are also highlighted. The importance of forgiveness and guidance in shaping behavior is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa ala who was on Allahu wa salam ala Mala BIA Babu ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain,

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my beloved brothers, my dearest sisters, these are the best days of the year.

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is a beautiful day because it's a Friday.

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Over and above that it's one of the 10 best days of the year in which

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Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us through the blessed lips of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that there can never be any days in which good deeds that are done, are more loved by Allah than these 10 days, which are the 10 days the first 10 days of the picture. So you will die. May Allah accept our good deeds. The five daily prayers we fulfill in these days are unlike other days, one might ask, What about Ramadan? Good question.

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Ramadan, the nights are more powerful than the day and it is 10 days, the days are more powerful than the nights. Simple.

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So Laila to Qatar is the most powerful of all nights, we know that is the most powerful time of the whole year.

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It is a night that Allah Almighty describes when he says, like he led to Ghaderi how you

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mean, I'll finish the Night of Decree or the night of power is

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better than 1000 months, and the whole surah is named after that night. But these 10 days, the days daylight, the days are powerful, Allah refers to them as the 10 nights because

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in the Arabic language, just like in many other languages,

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when I asked you, for example, how long are you going to be in Johannesburg for and you say four nights? You actually mean I'm gonna be there for four days, some of us, we still say four days, but technically, when they charge you at the hotels, you know, they charge you per night.

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So, Allah says, well, in February while I am in national, Allah swears and oh, by these days, and Allah swears an oath by the Federal, the dawn and Allah says Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah me, he says,

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and by the 10 nights so he's taking an oath by something grand, because Allah Almighty is the only one who can swear an oath by something besides himself. As for us, we're not allowed to take an oath

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using the name of anyone or anything besides Allah, Min Karna Khalifa and funnily enough, Billa whoever wants to take an oath Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, should take an oath in the name of Allah. You take an oath by Allah, I swear by Allah. You can't say I swear by the head of my child. Some people say that it's wrong. You can't say I swear by my father that's wrong. In Islam, we say I swear by Allah, I swear by the Most Merciful, I swear by the one who created me, I swear by the Lord of the Kaaba, and so on. That's all correct, no problem.

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Allah is the only one who can take an oath with something else. So he says, What Morehart that's an oath. Allah says well, fragile X an oath, and so on. So when Allah takes an oath by something, it means he wants to draw your attention to how great that particular thing is, he wants you to ponder over it or he wants you to think about it due to some reason and it differs. In this particular case, these 10 days my brothers, my sisters, number one, those who are intending to fulfill a pillar of Islam the fifth one, the Hajj, they should be they're already almost there. The plans should have been made some leave last minute. And mashallah, it's not wrong for as long as you there on time,

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but you should have already made a plan by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you might have the odd case where sometimes a person is so so gifted by Allah that last minute they say come you know what, your name is coming and you've got to go and there's only a day left mashallah, you you flying out on the sixth? I think that's technically impossible, but for Allah nothing's impossible.

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May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us acceptance. So the people fulfilling this powerful Ibadah known as a pillar of Islam, the fifth pillar, the last pillar of Islam, they are already there. Most of them

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The buzz of the place is definitely at the peak.

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That tawaf that is happening the people that are there from all over the world both in Makkah and Medina unlike any other time of the year.

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and what are they going there for to declare the Oneness of Allah love bacon Allah whom Allah bake I'm at your service Oh ALLAH I'm at your service. Love bake Allah Shani cannot cannot bake. am at your service Oh Allah, there is none. As a partner you do not have a partner. There is no partner with you, oh Allah so they are going there to declare the the Oneness of Allah and to honor

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the pillar that Allah has kept of Islam. Now why is it the fifth pillar? Why isn't Hajj The first pillar of Islam?

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Simple because some of these pillars, every single one of us must be involved in them. Like the first pillar everyone has to say and utter and believe and teach and work towards that's the La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah I bear witness there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is his messenger. We repeat it in advance so often, it is repeated and should be repeated by us every day. And you can repeat it now as well as Shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammed and Rasulullah Oh, you can say Abdu hoorah, sudo SubhanAllah. The first pillar, the second one, Salah, it is five times every single day, minimum,

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every single day, and every single one of us has to fulfill it. Besides women who have been excused at the time of the month when they have their menstrual cycle, or when they've just given birth, excused, Allah says, Don't worry, you can pray in other different ways, but this particular prayer known as salah, you're excused from it Subhanallah but everyone else five times a day, then it comes to the next pillar, what is the next one?

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Come on guys.

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Zika right. Zika is to be given charity is given to the poor, not everyone gives the current some receivers they will receive that guy, right. So now notice is the third pillar, you follow? First one everyone second one, everyone. Third one. Some people who are they, the people who have what do they have what Allah has given them, whatever Allah has given you give others

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some of it is compulsory. The compulsory part of it is the pillar of Islam when Allah has given you more than a certain amount you have to give.

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And the rest of it is voluntary. Sometimes Allah hasn't given you that amount. But Allah says, Well, if you give, it's good for you, we're going to give you more unsafety I'm gonna add my own fake it. You want to spend, I'll spend on you, you want to give even though you're in need, we will give you and we are not in need Lahore, Allahu Akbar, a quick way of getting his given. Did you ever know that? A quick way of getting his giving you want happiness, create happiness in the lives of others. See how happy Allah will make you over time.

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You want wealth, give something to others. But when you become attached to it, and you don't even want to give it out to those who might need it more than you even if it is a fraction? How do you expect to get more?

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That's why when you eat a fruit, what do you have to do? There is a part of it, you got to return back into the soil, it will grow more. You want to chow the seeds as well. Sorry.

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We used to think when we were literally eat the seeds and maybe the plantation would start growing from your ears. Do you remember they used to tell us that they were liars. You've got to put it back into the soil.

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It's Allah telling you that you know what, what we've given you a small portion of it give it away when I was learning about Zika at one stage very little, and they told me Well, generally it's two and a half percent. I started looking at an apple and I told myself you know the seeds and the space it takes from that Apple proximately two and a half percent of the apples going back.

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Obviously, it's not an Islamic thing to think about the two and a half percent of an apple and the fruit but it's just me because when you get to a pomegranate the whole thing is see

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Allah make it easy, Allah make it easy. The point I'm raising is that's the third pillar because not everyone is involved in it, but it encompasses everyone in the sense that throughout the year people are giving people are receiving okay, but Ramadan or fasting is the fourth pillar because it is only one month of the year, one month only the rest of the year. There is no Ramadan. fasting in the month of Ramadan. That's a pillar of Islam. You can't just say fasting is a pillar of Islam fasting in the month of Ramadan when the prophets of Allah Selim says so more Ramadan, which means to find

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Asking Ramadan you fast outside Ramadan you will get a reward. The Sunnah fast is nothing fast the Monday and the Thursday the 13th 14th 15th of the lunar calendar for the lunar month and so on you fast on the day of Arafa for those who are not in hajj, Allah reward you so greatly you fast during these 10 days how many other days you can one or more Alhamdulillah you get to reward you fast for example 10th of Muharram and 11th or ninth 10th 11th or ninth and 10th you get a reward Subhanallah all these are beautiful fast, but they are not Farah they're not compulsory, the compulsory one is the pillar just like when we spoke of zakat, I told you the two and a half percent is compulsory

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beyond that is expected of you but it's not compulsory. It's a bonus you should be giving and you should be fasting the extra it's beneficial for you not just your health but everything else.

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Subhanallah but it's the fourth pillar because it's only one month in the whole year. Heart is the fifth pillar because it's once in a lifetime. You see the it's the fifth otherwise it would have been the first but it's once in a lifetime will attract and habits are the Allahu Anhu he gets up after the Hajj and he says I frequently Armenia rasool Allah is this compulsory every year or messenger he kept quiet. The prophets of salaam did not even answer the question because Why are you being you know, as they say, Why are you being so inquisitive? In our lingo, we say curiosity kills the cat, this will kill all the cats. Later the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said local to

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If I said yes, it would have been compulsory upon the whole Ummah every year, imagine what would have happened.

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Our quota in South Africa in this country here is probably round about 3000, maybe between three and four, we're hoping that they can perhaps leave it at 5000 for us insha Allah because they need to take into consideration two things. So far, I think they take into consideration one thing the population of Muslims, but they shouldn't be taking into consideration two things because Hajj is part of those who can afford. So if you're in a country where the population might not be that big, but the

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financial standing of the population is such that they can afford the heart you need to take that into consideration, too. So the equation needs to be revisited to include two things, the population and the financial standing, you have a country like this, perhaps I think 5000 is excellent people be smiling. But nevermind, we still happy because they're still given us more than the 1000 for every million, mashallah, that's roughly what they used for those of you who know,

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that was the last time I checked. So if it's changed after that, please excuse me. However, the point I want to raise here is hudge. Being compulsory, once upon a or in a lifetime. It's not on everyone. It's only on those who can afford it. If you can afford the trip, you go. And while you're out you you need to make sure you fulfill your financial obligations while you're out. So someone might ask I said this two weeks ago somewhere, because I was asked that but I was asked it again that look, I have got a loan and it's going to take me 20 years to pay for this house, can I go for Hajj? The answer to that is simple. If you are owing someone some money right now where they are

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following you, because you're supposed to have already given them then you got to pay them before you go for Hajj. But if you're owing a long term loan or a debt, then for as long as you've sorted out the amounts that are going to be due during your absence, you still have to go for Hajj during my absence it's a small amount two months, not even too much one month, I need to make sure the payment for this particular month is done. And if it's sorted and it's made, I've made arrangements for it and I can then you have to still go for Hajj even if you're owing 1,000,020 million over 20 years. You follow otherwise some of the wealthiest people live on overdraft I'm not talking about

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its permissibility or prohibition. I'm just giving you a reality okay, some of the wealthiest people their lives are such that they're always owing money they got to pay and so on they would never end up going for hedge but the guy is driving a Ferrari and a Bentley and for example a slightly

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you know what's a strictly it's better than a Bentley because no longer beat

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one day one of the youngsters will hear me say it will come and invent it Inshallah, right? Make money to get a challenge.

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And then we'll come to Bosman you distribute. May Allah bless you guys Wallahi my brothers my sisters, I want to let you know something * something very big. It's a pillar of Islam. It is something we should really be looking forward to make dua Oh Allah take me for Hajj. Even if you don't have the means. Because if Allah accepts that dua he first has to give you the means you follow what I'm saying? So if you want something you make a dua Oh Allah helped me to fulfill Hajj he will say

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like you're a baker, you're such a poor person. You always say keep quiet and calling the Lord of the worlds and calling my maker the Lord who's going to do things for me. Who knows the following year you might strike a deal, everything is paid and you're on your way for heights Subhan Allah, may Allah take us for Hajj, all of us over and above that those going for HUD give them a little bit of importance to Allah, He is not an easy thing. Those returning from Hajj, remind them that they are a judge.

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Give them a little bit of importance. If you've been for Hajj, when you come back, carry yourself as a *. I've been for Hajj. It's a pillar of Islam. What do I get by fulfilling that pillar? Allah says do you know what you get?

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You get a reset completely of all the bad that you did wiped out and you come back as the day your mother gave birth to you, but the bonus is the good deeds are still there.

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You see, when I tell you you're as keen as the day you were born? It means I'm starting at zero. When you come back from HUD you're as clean as the day you were born and even cleaner because you are not starting at zero all the good deeds are still there who told you that by going for Hajj everything's wiped out even your good deeds that you did all along, wiped out. If that was the case, no one would ever do good deeds until they went for Hajj and said well, it's going to reset let me come back and started No, no, it's not an odometer when you keep it pressed and suddenly it comes back zero. It gives you the good mileage mashallah if there is anything known as good mileage.

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So, Hajj is something very important. People go for Hajj, pray for them. May Allah make it easy for them and accepted from them. And may Allah help us so that we understand what Allah wants. Allah loved the fact that Ibrahim alayhi salam answered his instruction without asking a question. So Allah says, we're going to carry this example up to the end. When you go for Hajj, do you understand every single thing that you're doing? You may understand some things you may not understand some things if you ask me. Why are you circumambulating? The Kaaba or going around the Kaaba seven times, what's the to answer? You got to feel like Ibrahim alayhi salam for a moment and say, because Allah

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instructed Allahu Akbar, sufficient for me.

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Didn't Ibrahim alayhi salam say because Allah instructed when so many things he was instructed with? And he didn't even say why? Why we are instructed to fulfill five Salah we still have a question, but how come and why? And so on? No, come it because Allah said come. That's why we're coming. When Allah tells you dress in a certain way, you will take it away. It's not fake. I've heard people say this. It's not fair. Why this and why does Manuel have to dress this way? Female have to just you know what, you're a Muslim. Just say submit Allah. Allah, Allah. We have heard it and we have adopted it and accepted. The fact that it came from Allah is enough for me. I don't know. But I

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definitely do know if my Lord is instructed something, there has to be greatest benefit in this world in the next that's my Lord. That's the Hajj. Hajj is training you to come back. And if you could go and belt the Juggernaut, and you could stay in Mina and go to Arafa and Musa leave and come back and sacrifice an animal and we're certain types of clothing and do certain things and not do certain things for the sake of Allah when you come back because you were trained not to question when you knew that the instruction came from Allah. You don't question anything that comes from Allah ever again.

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True Believer, you are where did you get the training from went for Hajj.

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And when you go for Hajj, let me tell you what happens. There's not 1000 people, there's not 100,000 People there are a few million people. And not just from one place not just from two places from 200 different nationalities and beyond

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Subhanallah all of them, it cannot be a coincidence that they just come in no chance. They are evidence that Allah and the deen of Allah is the truth.

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When I went to Morocco, and I've been now fairly recently made Ramadan came back

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and I'm looking at sitting looking at people, faces, nationalities, height, race, color, lingos languages, everything else and I'm saying eyeshadow Allah ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, Who am I, I think I'm a big deal in my own community. What Allah He all of these people are calling to Allah tears in their eyes, they're all enthusiastic. They all doing the same thing. They ask Allah's forgiveness, they worshipping Allah, they say my maker, you are the only one you are the one. When we return to you have mercy on us. They have billions of people repeating the same thing. It's not just a coincidence. It's not something your Eman becomes, you know, refreshed if I can use that word

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strengthened. And it's solid because why? Hey, people I can't even speak to the bear witness exactly as I'm bearing witness, and they come from a part of the global net

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The heard of before allottee and here I am thinking, Should I read salah or shouldn't I go for Salah? Can I go for Joomla or should I not go for Joomla comm for Joomla see the types of people who pray to Allah it should refresh you to say I'm going to pray to there's an older person there is a unhealthy person, there is a person who perhaps is struggling more than you and I and they are here praying and crying to Allah and then they smiling at you salaam aleikum here in Bosman salaam Buddha mashallah, right. And they so happy and you have no idea what sickness they have, what problems they have and it is smiling at us because Allah is my maker. That's it my Eman, I've got the man I'm

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greeting you may peace be upon you. Allahu Akbar, may peace be upon all of us.

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The Hajj is something we should talk about. Today is a Friday, and it is within those 10 days. And there's no other Friday coming because eat here in this country will be on the coming Thursday in sha Allah.

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And you know what? We're all going to declare the greatness of Allah because Allah is the Greatest now I asked you a question. Surely we should look into our hearts and understand the meaning of what we're saying. And ask ourselves Am I genuine? Or am I just paying lip service? Because Allah He during those days have to shriek immediately after the fact of prayer. What do we say?

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Allah walkabout, long walkabout along rock bottom.

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along Akbar, Allah Akbar.

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Amazing, amazing words. Do you know the meaning? You're saying Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest. There is nothing worthy of worship besides Allah, Allah is the Greatest.

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Allah is indeed the greatest and unto Him belongs all praise. He has given me an blessed me.

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Allah has blessed you and I.

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I was speaking last week. And I was making mention of

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something that really moved me this whole week.

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Because as I said it I didn't realize it will impact upon me to.

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I said, you want the best of this world? Guess what? You probably already have it and you don't know.

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What was the best of this world? What is the best of this world? Is it not your connection with Allah?

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Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam don't you? And I believe of balule hyung keyworker Amoruso Lee, best of creation most noble of all prophets. Tell me Did he have what we have in terms of material worldly items. If Allah wanted, he could have given him much more, much more. But he lived at a time or he was in the presence of the people at the time. When there was no even running water from the tap, no electricity, no internet, no cars, no planes, no nothing. Subhanallah today we're so spoiled. Some few people got into a small capsule in order to go and see the Titanic.

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To have them were mostly May Allah grant and Jana and have mercy on them, they passed on.

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But that's the level upon which we've gotten to today, technology.

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But if that was the success of this world and the best of this world,

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maybe Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam would have had him before you and I, you know what Allah says in the Quran in Surah Furqan abou rockin laggy ish.

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Allah Allah

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VALIC Glory be to Allah, great is Allah

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whom if he willed He could have given you Oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam better than all of that could have given you better than all of that. Whatever these people have, Allah says we could have given you better than all of that. But the best thing ever is your connection with your making.

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The best thing ever. So these are the most powerful days. I want to ask you my brothers and sisters.

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Let's engage in extra acts of worship goodness, even if it is a smile on the face. Fulfill your five daily Salah try to fast these days. There's a few days remaining you can fast the days you don't have to fast all of them, give a charity be helpful solve problem solving problems is actually a bigger and badder. Resolving secret forgiveness. You know, recently there was someone who just told someone else after a long time. I'm sorry, forgive me and Allah He changed the lives of so many people. Those words, they changed the lives of so many people, be you wrong or not Wallahi if that is going to solve the problem, and it was not so much a big deal so much Forgive me

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Forgive me, and I am a person. I don't like to say, Forgive me if I faltered that word if is a problem because you are trying to say, I don't know. But if you were hurt, forgive me. I just say, Forgive me. That's it. Whatever has happened, please forgive me. You might want to add, look, I didn't do things intentionally forgive me. And I'm telling you here now, and all those who might see this and hear this, forgive me

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without an if, forgive me anything I said or did that hurt you? Forgive me? I'm sorry. May Allah forgive me too.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:45

So we went paradise. I told you, you give you get, you give wealth, you get you forgive others, Allah forgives you. He says it in the Quran. When

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Allah to Allah, Allah, why don't you forgive an embrace? Don't you want Allah to forgive you that Allah has brought the two together? It doesn't mean I have to forgive but if you're going to show that it was so hard for me to forgive you, but I still forgave you. Allah will say for me, it's easy to forgive you. Here's the forgiveness. Subhan Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. May Allah God could help to those who are unwell. May Allah make it easy for the Hadees who are in hajj, the elderly who are in hajj in some countries they have been saving for years 20 years and now they're gone. May Allah make it easy for them. The weather is very hot they may Allah grant them cool days of Hajj. May

00:26:27 --> 00:27:09

Allah make it easy such that they returned to us Salamina Ronnie mean with a hedge mob rule and an accepted hedge, may Allah make their do as acceptable and may Allah remind them to make do as for us while they are there, because indeed, the day of alpha is powerful for all of us, we should be fasting the Day of Arafah that's the day preceding the day of Eid, and for them, it is so powerful they are in ARAVA, although they shouldn't be fasting because they are hajis and those in hajj, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did not fast on the Day of Arafah so they should not but they do us that is the day of Hajj. Hajj is the Prophet sallallaahu Salam says had Giraffa you must Arafa

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you miss your heart. Imagine what a powerful moment they will be having from the time of boyhood coming all the way down to the sunsetting. May Allah bless them. Now Allah take us there. And really on that day we should also be from among those who cannot make dua imagine the whole world calling out to Allah. Now I end by saying my brothers, my sisters,

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start preparing for your sacrifice, sacrificial animal. Again, celebration of the same thing, follow instructions without asking questions. That's what happened to Abraham alayhis salaam, the instruction he was given by Allah that would not make sense to any human being is to sacrifice his son.

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And people might say, Oh, you Muslims came up with this on your own? Well, I can tell you there are other faiths who actually share the same story. There might be a discrepancy as to who exactly it was whether it was his heart, but it's mine. We believe chronologically, his heart was only born years later, so 13 years later, so it was definitely not him. It was his mind, but we don't want to argue others who believe in other faiths something else. It's okay. We can prove you completely wrong. But nevermind, it's not a matter of debate. The point I want to raise, did it not happen that Allah instructed this Ibrahim alayhi salam to sacrifice his son? The answer is yes, there we go.

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That's the point. I'm raising, like I told you, we can call you midwicket regarding that matter. But no problem. We don't want to we're not playing cricket yet.

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But my brothers, my sisters, pay for the sacrifice and tell yourself whether you are going to slaughter or you're waiting for the meat from the people. Both of those need to think about the lesson from him. Allah says lying now Allah Allah has hola hola, hola, walla.

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Walla Qing Tacoma

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COMM The meat or the blood is not going to get to Allah but the connection with Allah from you is what's going to get to Allah. The Taqwa piety, the God consciousness. Yes, that's the lesson. So even if you're just going to receive meat mashallah you're looking for a mashallah we got this meat. So nice lamb, we're gonna cook it for you as you're eating it. Think of your Salah. Why? Because the connection with Allah, think of your goodness, think of your dress code. Think of quitting your bad habits today. People have weird habits. So weird, like I said a few weeks ago in the same Masjid.

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That they want to convince you that it's not weird. That's what it is.

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That's how weird it is sometimes. And it's becoming so prevalent, that they're beginning to argue that it's not weird Subhan Allah, just ask Allah to grant your goodness Allah He and ask Allah to keep us steadfast on the straight path.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:07

Like I've always said the most powerful tool that is repeated the most ever in existence is in a Serato musta team.

00:30:08 --> 00:30:38

It's repeated billions of times a day. Because there are so many Muslims you pray five times a day every unit you say it dinner Serato monster can guide us to the straight path that proves that that is the most important thing ever is guidance. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide all of us and bless us all. You know when I come to this Masjid I really do not feel like ending my talk today chef told me you know you can go on and on up to half one I told him man I even I need to go

00:30:40 --> 00:31:01

Allah bless you all and grant your Baraka goodness I pray that you have a Blessed Eid when it comes and these beautiful days I hope that these few words moved us inshallah we need to be better people. The world is full of a lot of evil but trust me there's a lot of good as well and we need to be carriers and we need to spread that good. May Allah bless us all Apollo COLA that was a man who was salam ala

Jumu’ah 23 June 23

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