Stories Of the Prophets – Adam (AS) Part 3

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Salam ala rasulillah karimabad.

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We continue with our discussion on this. So

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the stories of the MBR him salatu salam, we are discussing the story of Adam milanovic. You know, I think he's sort of to sum. A quick recap of what we discussed on Friday night. We spoke about ls command to the angels to prostrate before Adam it is Serato Sam. And we explained that this was a such the frustration of respect. And in those times a frustration is such that of respect was permitted. And I also explained the must allow that to prostrate before somebody is not necessarily sure. It is haram in this area, even out of respect to prostrate before someone it is haram. It's only when you consider the person you are prostrating to, to be with you of worship or to be a

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dietary of sorts, that it would become shared. We also spoke about why he believes refuse to make such them. His argument of unethical means that I am better than him. Whereas soil is not inferior to fire rather, it's the other way around. Because fire is used for destructive purposes and soil is used for constructive purposes. And, you know, spy was telling me as we left he said, you know, come to think about it, that if you if there's a fire and if you don't have water to put it out, what do you use you soil. So shaitan was wrong in his argument. But in reality, it was something deeper than that. And I explained because the jinn had lived on planet earth 2000 years before the mother before

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the man was created. And and the police was taken to the heavens on the request of the angels, because they were so impressed by his worship. He always harbored this desire and allama send me back to planet earth. And I must be made unless clarify must be made device of Allah on the earth. And when Allah created other money salam, then at least could not take it his jealousy and his pride came to the fore. And hence, he started arguing that he was superior even though he knew better because Allah created him, and Allah created other monies from and not only that he did not repent, he did not make Toba. Rather, he started to blame Allah for his own misguidance and then he asked

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Allah for respects until the day of kiama, so he could continue to misguide the progeny of Adam Elisa to Islam. And we concluded by highlighting this point, that jealousy and pride have brought many a great person to the nice one, Animoto beautiful he mentions, he says that he believes chiffon. He was a great Abbot. He was a great worshiper, as I explained the other night, not the equivalent of a hand spent in the heavens, except that he prostrated there. He was a great Ireland had a lot of knowledge. But he was not an ashik, he did not have true love for law, he was not sincere. All what he was doing was just for sure. All his worship was to impress, because he wanted

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that position. He wanted to be made halifa de la, he fell out. And now after so much of effort, when he did not get the position, that's when he lost control of himself. And he started rebelling even against the law in the direct quote of Allah. to a lesser extent, the same thing plays out in our own lives. When you do something without sincerity, it always catches up with you, when you do it to please someone. And ultimately, you see that it has had no impact on that person. That's when you lose yourself. That's when you get because you see all of your effort go up in smoke. But when you do something for the pleasure of Allah, even if you don't get acknowledged for it, even if you don't

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get rewarded for it, even if there is an appreciation for it, you know, in the law, you the original machine, that Allah will definitely reward you in the era. So each one of us we need to introspect all the time, see jealousy, pride, arrogance, it looks from within, you know, it builds up slowly. And it's very sophisticated. It's very sophisticated. It makes you think that you're doing things for the right reasons that you're standing up for yourself, that you are going after what is justifiably yours, but in reality, it's either pride or it's it's jealousy, that's motivating you, and this can destroy all a person's either. Adam Ali salatu salam is a human would not have been

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able to do as much Avada as the police did, but he was far greater. Why? Because he had sincerity. And he was he complied to the commands of Allah. He believes, on the other hand, was a far greater in terms of the quantity of his wisdom, the quantity of his worship, but he was not sincere and he did not comply to the commands of Allah Baraka without him. So, moving further, the scholars have written they say, Adam, Allah, He salatu salam was honored by Allah in four ways. The one is Allah created him with his own hands, figuratively speaking, Allah doesn't have hands like you and I, meaning Allah created him directly. Then secondly, Allah breathed life into him directly. Thirdly,

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Allah made the angels prostrate before him. And Firstly, Allah taught him the names of all things. So automatically salatu salam was

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By Allah in these four aspects. Now at this juncture, I just want to explain, you know, we've talked about three different creations of Allah in Sun jeannot and melodica. Angels, what are the difference between them? And what are the similarities between them. If you look at the melodica, the angels and the gymnasts, they have one thing in common in that they are invisible to the human eye. So the human cannot see them with a few exceptions here and there. You know, those people who do those animals and then they can see the jinn, that's a different world altogether. But generally speaking, you cannot see a jinn you cannot see, a an angel. So they have that similarity. But the

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angels are very different, in terms of the capacity which Allah has given them. Allah has created the angel such that they don't have the capacity to do evil, they only have the capacity to do good. They are unique creation of Allah, they don't eat, they don't sleep, they don't drink, they don't marry, they are gender neutral. So you don't get a male or you don't get a female amongst the angels. They are constantly occupied in the body of Allah, and in carrying out the commands of Allah, they don't have the capacity to do any wrong, because Allah hasn't created that capacity within them. But it is for that very reason that they don't have a test. Their existence is such

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that they can only worship Allah, so there is no reward for them. There's no punishment for them because they can do good, but there's no reward for them because there's no temptation that they have to overcome. There's no test for them in life, there's no challenge for them in life. So therefore, the angels will not get gender as a reward. If the angels enter in gender, it will be to serve in Sun, it will be to serve in Sun. So the jinn are similar to the angels in that they are visible, invisible to the human eye. But other than that, the jinn are very similar to insaan in that Allah has also given them the jewel capacity. The jinn have the ability to do good, and they

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also have the ability to do evil, and they will get rewarded and then they will also get punished. There is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars whether they will get rewarded with gender or not, or they will they get another form of reward, but definitely there'll be a reward for them and there will be punishment for them. They are different to us in that they are much stronger. Physically, they live for much longer, but they are also mischievious by nature. You will find many more mischievious gymnasts than you will find pious gymnasts although by default a Jin has the capacity to be both good and evil. Like Allah gave us that capacity for Alabama half Georgia with

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Aqua butterfly Hammond zakharova habermann DISA, so you got the inclination towards good and you got the inclination towards evil simultaneously in you and it's about inclining towards the good and suppressing the the evil desires and the evil temptations. So the jinn have the same and the a the, the the prophets that were sent were not only sent through the insaan they were sent to the gymnotus Well, that's why the entire surah to Jin is Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam interaction with the gymnasts on Oh hiya Elijah. And on the forum in Elgin for carlu in SME Annapurna Java, they heard Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reciting the revolution, meaning the Quran and they responded to

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that, so from amongst agenda to get those who are pious, pious servants of Allah, and they worship Allah, and they are good believers. And if they die in that state of faith, they will be granted reward in the after. But then you get those gymnasts who are rebellious who are mischievious, but they are still believers. So they are like Muslims who are Muslims, but we you know, in the actions, and then you get those did not who are disbelievers. And they are the ones we call the shouting. We call shavon shavon. That's the singular and the plural is Shireen because he is a disbelieving jinn. Now this belief doesn't mean that you don't know that Allah exists, or that you don't know that

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Allah is one I mean, at least knows that, at least was in the heavens. And even the Jews know that the Jews, unlike the Christians, they don't believe in a trinity. There is one group amongst the Jews that believed that there was the son of Albania, the villa, but the Jews also believe in one law. The Jews also believe in Revelation, but there are certain things which if you don't believe in it, it expels you from the fold of Islam. So the Jews don't believe in Mohammed Salah Lisa and there is critical there is a fundamental of faith and he believes he is making Cooper in terms of his actions, total disregard and total rebellion to the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that is

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his Kufa, he knows that Allah exists. He knows that Jenna exists, he knows that random exists. He's not like an atheist. He's not like a person who doesn't know he knows. But he's still a kafir because he's not subscribing to the fundamentals. He's not subscribing to the basic tenets of Islam and eemaan. So to summarize, the melodica or the creation of a law that can only worship Allah. Amongst them, you've got the four highest ranking angels jabril Makai, Seraphin and Israel jabril is Ramiz, the highest ranking Ranger he was responsible for bringing down revelation then Israel

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Is molecule mote is we know he's responsible for the taking of the souls. He doesn't do it alone. There are many other angels under his command. Then you've got a Seraphin, who will blow the trumpet on the day of gamma, and you've got Mikhail, those are the four senior or superior angels. Amongst the humans. The superior obviously the embryology was Salatu was Salam. And amongst the jinn, you get the bad and you get the pious, but you get many more who are bad, because jinn by nature are mischievious and rebellious. That's why you will find many of these did not that interfere with people, you know, when they say he's been afflicted by a gene. It's these rebellious and

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mischievious gene, not the Shia teen, those who work with beliefs. Those who are under his command, they hold purpose in life, is to cause harm to insulin, to try and deviate insulin to try and misguiding son. Why, because of that original animosity between the police and other family Serato Santa's over position, from that time or the money around, was given a position that he believes wanted, and for all of these millions of years, he believes in his follow was a continuing to carry out that vendetta against the progeny of Adam Allah He salatu salam ala barakaatuh the understanding so Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed