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Alhamdulillah here on Big Island in WA Salatu was Salam ala sherfield Ambia even more saline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Stephen Catherine cathedra haha my brothers sisters we are in our class on leaving Islam and and studying the

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cold battle whether the farewell hotbar of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam which he delivered on the ninth of June hija in alpha

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in his last and only hedge.

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We talked about the different

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the eight things that also realize Arsalan mentioned in his hotbar and we talked about the inviolability of the life and the honor of a Muslim.

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Today, I wanted to speak to you about the next one, which is also As Salam said, which is to deal with

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money lending and borrowing on interest, any form of interest transaction, which falls into the Zimbra into the category of Riba.

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As well as truly the interest money lending with interest, and which, of course, refers to lending and borrowing of the era of Mahalia of the era of ignorance

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has been laid aside forever has been made harm.

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And the first interest that I begin with is that which is due to my father's brother, abasement of the rateliff and truly the Blood Vengeance, of the era of ignorance has been laid aside forever. And

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the First Blood Vengeance we shall start with is that which is due for the blood of my kinsmen.

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Even at IBM in Harry's been absolutely as I mentioned before, this also shows the dutiful character or soulless asylum where he did not put himself above the law.

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If there was anyone who could legitimately have done that it was and it would have been, also realized himself but he did not do that he included himself and his family. In the line this shows us that in Islam, the law is supreme the word of Allah subhana Medina, is supreme what Allah subhanaw taala has decreed is supreme and that is why

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the orders of Rasul Allah is on a salad bar supreme because Allah subhanaw taala is the one who declared that the that he gave his Nabi SallAllahu Sallam absolute authority to permit and prohibit things. Well, my Otago rasuluh for Hello hauwa unhappen Omar almost no haggle and who fund the whole must have handled that mentioned and sort of harsher whatever the Nabhi gives you take it and whatever he stops you from stop from it. So this is a very clear indication that when we obey Rasulullah saw Salam we are indeed obeying Allah subhanaw taala and of course Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that mentioned this in many other places in many other ways, in the Quran Al Karim, so

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those who deny their Hadees of Rasulullah Salah and who deny the authentic Hadees of the interviewees who deny the orders of Rasulillah Salam in effect denying the Quran Al Karim and they are denying the orders of Allah subhanaw taala with all that goes into such denial

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now immediately after mentioning the impermissibility of murder and character assassination Rasul Allah, Allah mentioned the issue of interest, this should show anyone with a modicum of intelligence and integrity, someone

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not intent on fooling himself or herself that the matter of interest is of critical importance. As I mentioned in my in the as I mentioned many times

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in the in my different hotel

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Allah subhanaw taala card those who called his people he called the people he said, Yeah buddy, for example.

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Call ya a ba da AlLadhina asafo Allah and CUSUM la Tamera DE LA and LA said say oh my slaves

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who have transgressed against themselves do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Now unless at my slaves I remind myself anew that the welfare of the slave is the responsibility of the last of the one who owns the slave. Now, we have a buster who is known for his mercy. Raha Rahim, ALLAH SubhanA wa. So what can be better than to be his slave? Because he then with his Rama, with his mercy, is responsible for my welfare.

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But one of the slave who not only rejects his master, but sets himself up as an enemy of the master and accepts a declaration of war from the master. Right, what can that slave look forward to except eternal suffering and loss? A marathon I mentioned is very clearly, yeah. Are you are loving Amanita Hola, Viva rumah Bucky Amina Reba income, meaning it's a conditional statement if you are believers, for a lambda for Allah and if you do not do that, father, no, we have a min Allahi wa rasuluh. He were in to Bhutan follow Kumu. Also, I'm wildly comme la docilely Munna wala to the moon. And this is again, the sign of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala where I'm also very interested in sort of

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Bukhara or you will believe, fear Allah subhanaw taala Dangar be afraid of Allah and give up what remains due to you from the Riba from the interest. From now on, if you are really believer, as I said, this is a conditional ayah. Allah is saying, Do this if you are a believer, so if you don't do that, what does it mean? Then Allah is the result and if you do not do it, then take a declaration of war from Allah and His messenger. How do we mean Allah, He will also

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take a declaration of war from Allah Subhan Allah, Allah, and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But if you repent, you shall have your capital exams do not deal unjustly, and you shall not be dealt with and just so don't ask for more than what is due to you and you will not be denied what is due to now this is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, even after somebody has accepted the declaration of war, Allah does not say, you are finished God, nothing can be done no, even after that, if you want to return to Allah subhanaw taala as long as there is life in the body, the door of Toba and is the fire is over. And therefore we turn towards Allah subhanaw taala and we seek his

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and he begged Him for His forgiveness, and we beg Him for His mercy

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of other sisters. It's an established principle of the Sharia, that the punishment for actions that corrupts society are far more severe than for individual transgressions, thus, not just death, but death by stoning for the adulterer. So, also this declaration of war for the one who deals with

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with interest. Now,

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you know, this is the

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this is the very

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important thing to understand

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that Allah subhanaw taala is you know, declaration word for lending borrowing. So, declaration of war is the other principle of the Sharia which I was mentioned to you, which is that when in the Sharia

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the the principle is that if something is private it that everything to deal with it, there anything that deals with it, or leads to it is also prohibited. For example, Allah subhanaw taala prohibited the consumption the eating of pork, like now you can't say well, you know, Allah said pork he didn't say tribes he didn't say trotters? He didn't say spareribs right? You can you can say, Well, I'm not eating pork. But what about raising pigs? I mean, it's a good business.

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One of the reason why pork is so was widely consumed is because being farming is so so you know, profitable. So here is the situation why why don't I just raise Bernard Ed, I'm writing them. I'm not even selling them to Muslims. I'm selling them to somebody who's not a Muslim. Right? So why can't they do that? Oh, how about Carrie How about wearing a big skin belt or a big skin shoes or big skin? Or getting a big skin briefcase right now all of this in Islam everything is all at once Allah is prohibited for Allah has private everything to do with

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whatever leads to it. So it is eating pork it is raising, raising

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Pigs transporting them big slaughterhouse all kinds of big products whatever they might be, these are these are haram for the Muslim and Muslim is not permitted to deal with them in any way not even for example buying shares

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in a company which has a slaughterhouse for example, or Processing Factory, which processes pork or pork based products, even if they process something else along with that, maybe it's not only pork, but it's also pork, not permissible. You cannot do that it is haram. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala privated gambling but you might say well, you know, I'm not going to Las Vegas. I'm not doing I'm not betting on a roulette table. I'm not playing blackjack I'm not you know doing going to the horse races or the dog races.

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I'm only selling lottery tickets in my in my shop. Or you might say well you know, I'm betting on a cricket game, believe me, gambling is gambling, whatever form it takes, it is prohibited and all gains from that are haram. So your lottery ticket income is haram and as soon as and as Adam said in 100 dinner if there is one dinar available, it makes the other 90 raha remember that? Do not adulterate your Halal income with haram it is like putting you know a few drops of urine into your drinking water. And if somebody gives you a glass of water and says there are three drops of urine in this village bring it simple as that just simply ask yourself this question the person man maybe

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even like it may be doing it as a joke, but when you take a chance,

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they will take a chance. Now please understand that so don't play games with Allah subhanaw taala. So, therefore, in the question of interest, Allah subhanaw taala privated borrowing on interest lending on interest

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witnessing such a transaction writing those vouchers working in banks, interest based commercial banks,

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lending or renting out your premises to a interest base commercial bank. Now you have a house you have a shop or something and a bank wants to

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you know rent it from you. Are you permitted to rent it? No, you're not rented if you do that, that income is hot.

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this is because why whatsoever why is this? Why is Allah declaring war? Something so we're so very serious. Allah did not declare war on somebody eating pork or gambling or or fornicating. Allah subhanho Darrick declared war on the one dealing in interest. This is because interest is the biggest destroyer of society, the greatest oppression of the week and the biggest weapon of shatta Allah's Ramadan and did not declare war, even on the one denying him or the one committing Sheikh. Allah did not say that he's at war with it.

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But he declared war on the one dealing with interest, even if he is a Muslim, please understand this very, very clearly. And also emphasized it because he is also a party to this declaration. And because Allah declared war on behalf of himself and his Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam,

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I will just simply ask, let us ask ourselves, are we interested in the forgiveness of Allah? subhanho wa Taala or not? And are we interested in the Shabbat of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, ALA, people have all kinds of arguments, there is the shafa of the Rasul alayhi salam, is it true it is not true? Is he going to really really do our shofar on the Day of Judgment? Of course, he will. The problem is, are you fit for that? Are you eligible for that? Right, as soon as it has a number, do we do not deny the shahada resources or maybe we, we accept it, we understand it, we love it, we want it we beg Allah subhanaw taala for it, but it comes with conditions rasuna Salah will

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not make sure for that for his enemies.

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Allah will not allow him to make Shabbat for his enemies. So if I put myself into the list of enemies of the rasa salaam, and the enemies of Allah, I have accepted a declaration of war from Allah subhanho wa taala, and our sorrows. And then I'm saying we is there so far, there is how far is it for you? That is something that you have to ask.

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So seriously,

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let us stop fooling ourselves. Now. This is not my opinion, this is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. And if you are a Muslim and ask yourself how you can afford to ignore it, and go against it, do you really believe in the day of judgment or not? That's the basic fundamental question. Do you believe in the Day of Judgment? Because if you believe in the Day of Judgment, then how can you go do something for which Allah subhanaw taala declared war? How can you do something? Where Allah subhanaw taala

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Really a lot of promise to punish the person who does it. So how can we how can we say I believe in the devil, but I'm doing something where I know that I will be in serious trouble with the last panel.

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Now because this is this is the word almost 100.

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Now if you are a Muslim that ask yourself, how can how you can afford to ignore it and go against it? What is the fate of what can be? What will be the fate of someone who accepts a declaration of war or loss of heritage and Messenger? What will happen to him in this dunya? What will happen to the ACA? Ask yourself, do you want this fit for yourself? seriously ask, Do I want a fate for myself? Do I want to wake up look in the mirror and say I have an enemy Oh Allah, I am an enemy. Also Salah is what you want. If you don't want to say that Inshallah, you do not want to see that and get out of interest.

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They cannot even tell this to anyone who tells you that to grow your business, you must take a loan on interest. Anyone saying that he's either ignorant, because he doesn't understand or that person is an actual

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agent of shatter, because he's trying to fool you.

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Right? It's not about them, it's about us. So let us be very clear in our minds and get out of this.

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Then the third thing that was always on, as I mentioned in his hotbar was the whole issue of our egos, all the titles and all the entitlements and whatnot that we go in feudal society, these take the form of actual titles, Lord, so and so now if so, and so, you know, this one jarred that one that was Lola and Jiang and whatnot, all the titles that we have in India or used to have in India the more the Mughal titles, and similar titles, you know of

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in the Arab world cybils Some, and they will July. So, I will tell you that Allah subhanaw taala which, in sandwich you will be called themselves I will, if this is this, may Allah protect us from ourselves. So, all kinds of such titles in India we are change SHA, SHA, SHA Sha

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Sha, it's one of them is just imagine Don't you feel like a fool calling yourself king of the world. Don't you feel? Yes, yes that don't you feel a complete idiot? Are you okay with the word you're not even King inside your house? Try telling your wife that that I'm the king.

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She laugh and and fall all over the floor drawer roll on the floor. Laughing if you see if you say that and your name got Chaga

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or you name got name Gordon and cultural change those names these names are sort of themselves that Allah subhanaw taala dislikes and hate these names.

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Change these names and never don't don't do this injury to your children by naming giving them these ridiculous names.

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Give names which show humility. We are slaves of Allah subhanaw taala. Right. We are not the all the giant Jalil and all the shine and whatnot is for Allah subhanaw taala is not for you.

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So truly, there is truly the hereditary distinctions that were pretentious to respect in the in the era of ignorance have been laid aside forever except for two which is the custodianship of the cover by Bernie labradar and the

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subtitle Hajj, the giving the drink, giving water to the pilgrims, by the family of Allah Abbas and Allah and his family. And Allah. Danzig, the novelist have you in in Allah sight is the one who's the most Bucha Taki.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in other videos as well, where he said in Accra, Morocco in the lay of Congo, the most accom the most honored of you is the one who is the has the most Taqwa the arrow has no merit over the non Arab.

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The white has no merit to the black, the Black has no way to the white, other than tougher. He said, I have no he said Have I given the message or Allah your witness? Now, there is understand this thing

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that as soon as our Salam is putting aside all of this, Islam is the most egalitarian of all religions. We have no caste system. We have no clarity. We have no, you know, priesthood, we have no kinship, we have no nobility. Right? None of this exists in Islam. To the extent that ALLAH SubhanA wa is

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a person who makes another person stand in His presence to enforce his

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superiority. Right. That doesn't give us it makes him stand in His presence does not allow him to sit down. He said that such a person will search for and find his own place in

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think about just letting just making somebody stand. It's a different thing if you if you give you offer a seat and somebody doesn't stand that's a different matter but making them stand not letting them sit, marry somebody, because you might

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seriously ask yourself this question.

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To the extent Rasulullah saw Selim himself that if there is anybody in the world in the Hall of creation, for whom you might say that it is mandatory, and it is absolutely a justifiable, it is something which has no question about it, that you must stand to show your respect for himself a license. It is the law violation. But when does have a right to stand, it will make them sit you just don't stand

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that he himself stood for two people who was fighting battles, Zaha Delana. He stood up when she came into his presence. And he that is out of his love for his daughter. And he put his own shadow on the ground and he made her sit on that. The other one is stood up for was currently very caring. But when he came of Elano to accept Islam, and Caribbean Well, he was among his biggest enemies. But when he came to accept Islam or sought asylum stood up and honored him because this is something that he wanted to do to honor. He didn't really have the alarm. But other than that the basic principle in Islam is that no human is superior to another man or woman.

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No on any basis, Islam is not only non racist, Islam is anti racist, anti racist, whether you are British or American. Right? We are against we are we fight racism. In Islam, as I mentioned to there is no clarity there is no caste system, there is no priesthood, there is no kinship, kinship, there is no nobility, there is no Pope, there is no patriarch there is we have no buddy in Islam was superior to another person.

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Our scholars are people who have taken the time and travel to study. And so we honor them for the work they did. And for the work they do. And we honor them because they have more knowledge than we have. And this is just like you would honor a cardiac surgeon for his for his knowledge of cardiac for his knowledge of cardiology and cardiac illnesses and cures, it is like you honor an astronaut for his knowledge of what he does, it is it is like like your honor anyone with knowledge and Hamdulillah this is this is good and this is how this is what we should do. But there is no personal superiority, as in status

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that any item has and that is the reason why May Allah protect us today we seem to have

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even among the Oba we have created all kinds of titles and pseudo titles, which really we should not use Right. to bill for example, in our Indian system. Before anybody's name you say instead of TK you gotta go, but you have not fallen Bolton, Malia will adopt say Mother was KPJ Yeah, Ron Pierre was

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full and being full on that damaged Burghard to home

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Now, these, all of these these titles,

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they give a sense of great superiority to the other person with the person. First of all, this is not from Islam, as soon as I spoke specifically against it, and secondly, it it is from Chetan is working with everybody, and share that then puts a sense of arrogance into people.

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Right, very, very, it is very, very important to understand this. I'm not suggesting that you should not expect your course but you should expect age we should summarize them said is the one who does not respect our elders and will not

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who does not show mercy to our youngsters is not from us. So showing respect to elders, being respectful to them, addressing them respectfully. Behaving respectfully with them, please understand this thing Islam is is a religion of dignity. So as long as SLM said that all that we think all of these things, the all these titles and all these categories, and including in Islam, people have introduced, you know, various categories and various things, titles, shuffled Islam, shuffled him, you who you have this title,

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what is the meaning of shareholders now what is meaning of shareholding?

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Please, you are an I will be erased and called on the day of judgment by the name of our fathers. That's it for us.

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I think that's

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the all of these things were introduced into Islam by people with vested interest in their own ends, and general mindless attitude, sore and gentle people, they sold themselves into slavery, we are critical of those sects of Muslims will practice some form of blind leadership and clergy and priesthood or others, and that is rightly so,

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right. But what do you say about our own Indian Sunni caste system of the Ashraf HLF and other more than on the Hindu caste system. But unlike Hinduism, without any sanction for it from the the Quran and the Sunnah, the biggest evil of the system is the fact that it is a single biggest reason for many lower caste Hindus rejecting Islam, because they don't see any benefit in it, in terms of a change in status for themselves in this life, when your life is dukkha is going to be continued to be spent in the same slavery in abject poverty, it is very difficult to find the merit of theological argument based on the year after,

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after all, for the average person, the hereafter is reflected in this life, to expect them to see janela when they can't see their next meal, and have to suffer discrimination and humiliation on a daily basis. And to the birth is to stretch beyond things beyond reason. So how are we going to answer Allah subhanaw taala, especially those who support this caste system is a very, very serious matter, I strongly, strongly strongly

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advise people to stop this discrimination. And to start doing this, I will tell you in our Masjid in Hyderabad MHMR it as a rule we had, we had two people, we had the the security guard, and we had the

00:26:58--> 00:27:47

person who swept the whole building and everything else in this building is much in a block of apartments. This was a sweeper, they could have the apartments and who also be in the masjid. As a rule, I would insist that when we had any meal when we ate, and usually this would be during ethical phenomenon or to in our daily Iftar, or any other meal, I would insist that these two people were called in and they sat with us and ate the food. But it's not only question of giving us giving them the same food, I would insist they have to come and sit here and eat with us. And initially I got a lot of pushback from from some people. These are how can you invite this value? He's either sheduled

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caste is a low caste person. The other person, both of them are Hindus. They said he's a low caste, Hindu and the other one is not a low caste in the world still is a Hindu. How can you invite the Magi if you don't invite them if they are not going to sit here and sit and eat with us I will not eat as simple as that.

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this was a Hamdulillah I hope the same tradition is maintained. But this is something which we absolutely insist run of course may Allah bless all those who supported me in this in this address that didn't happen myself. They were all except for these couple of people who protested all the others mashallah they supported anyone they are even the ones who protested Guevara, and we all sat in it together, maybe the food was too nice to resist Allah knows best but pointing point being that this is something that we must absolutely do. Remember this, think about this, if this and I'll talk about this in more detail the next next session, if this miserable rule of introducing the Hindu

00:28:49--> 00:29:16

caste system into the Muslim into Islam had not been done. And may Allah protect us this was done by our leaders. This was done by our oil AMA. And this was done by some people whose names are in the in the upper echelons of the religious scholars of Islam of India. Right? If it had not been done by them, just think about how many Hindus would have accepted Islam.

00:29:17--> 00:29:34

One of the reasons in my opinion, why Muslims are having such a hard time in India is because we left our the our deen was to bring people together our deen was to love people. And our deal was to present his love was to give dignity to people.

00:29:35--> 00:29:57

Instead of that, when we sat and we became an hour Kingsburg kings they were not Muslim. This happened when we have Muslim lives, but they were kings and they were engaged in, in, in things which were not Islamic. And when we and including our scholars, when we supported that which Allah subhanaw taala Andhra Surah Sana Sana made haram

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we signed our own fit

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Now, there's no need to lose hope. We can change that we must change that every generation has an opportunity to rewrite their future. Not history is history. History is triggered we read, The Future Can we read it can can be written, it's not written yet. Every generation has the opportunity to write their own future that is right our future, which is the future without racism, which is the future of equality, which is the future of human dignity, which is the future of non discrimination, which is the future of accepting individuals and human beings as human beings and ordering everyone equally in the sight of Allah in the Quran, Morocco and Allah here at Koco. The most honored among

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you is the one who is the most watashi wa salam ala Anna Anna will carry while Allah He was