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The importance of sh airlines in building one's faith and building a solid foundation of knowledge is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to have a foundation of worship and worship to deal with their doubts. The importance of building a foundation of worship is also emphasized, as it is crucial to change one's views on Islam and to have a structured curriculum to study the religion. Going deeper into the history of Islam and the importance of having a strong foundation of knowing is emphasized, along with the need for working parents and teachers to protect one's hearts from evil ideologies.

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Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala veal Kareem while he was married

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Coca Cola with the other people on the machine but we'll be learning ministry gonial regime.

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Rowhani Rahim radical Peter who are

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said that she will come to you. And he will whisper to you.

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And you will put into your heart questions.

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Questions like who created this? Who created that? Until shaytan? would whisper into your heart the question Who created Allah?

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The prophets of Allah Allah He was loved and said, when that question enters your heart, simply respond, I believe in Allah His messenger.

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What this hadith teaches us is that one of the plots of shaitaan is to make people doubt the existence of Allah Subhana Allah does it make people doubt that Islam is a true religion.

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She not puts these worse horses into the hearts of people, these these thoughts and questions into the hearts of people that if we play on these thoughts, if we overthink them,

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if we allow them to grow, they can lead a person down the path of grief on the part of this belief.

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And the reality is that everybody, everybody at different points in their life, they deal with these kinds of homes, some more than others.

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And in the culture that we live in, it's not just shade on who's whispering these thoughts into the minds of people.

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But it is the dominant culture. It's the university professors, the stand up comedians, it's the movies all around us, they are the sources of doubt.

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People questioning the existence of Allah, people questioning the validity of the religion. And if you are not prepared

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to deal with these kinds of things, they can be a real fitna for you, they can be a real test.

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So what I want to share with you today are the few steps that each and every one of us can use, to help to deal with our own doubts internally.

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That should the shaitaan ever put a Westwater into your heart about any of these issues? With a to do with Allah, Allah, His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or the Quran? Or the

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call the road or any of the other aspects of our faith?

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Should you have doubts about any of these things? These are some of the steps you can take to help overcome these doubts. Step number one is based on this hadith, where the prophets Allah Allah Some say that when shaitan put that question into your heart, who created Allah simply reply, I believe in Allah and His messenger. What this means is do not entertain the doubt. That's what the Hadees means. Don't entertain, don't overthink it. Because there are some things that cannot be answered in this world. The art some things that are beyond the rationale there are beyond science, they exist in another realm altogether. The human mind cannot comprehend for example, the nature of garden, how

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does Destiny work?

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How do we have free will a destiny at the same time? This is beyond human comprehension? We simply say we believe in the same woody attributes of Allah subhana wa taala. How do we? How do our mind process the idea of who Allah is? How do our mind process the idea of paradise being eternal? These are things beyond human ability, we simply believe, because Allah said you must be. So the first thing to do when the shaitaan puts a doubt in your mind is to never entertain that doubt and to say, I believe in Allah, His messenger. The second step that everybody can take to deal with doubts about about the effect is to build your faith upon a foundation of knowledge. One of the problems we have

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today is that many of us build our faith on shaky foundations. The foundation of our faith might be I'm just following the religion of my forefathers. The foundation of your faith might be your family, the Muslim so I became a Muslim, or the foundation of someone's faith might be that oh, you know, my teacher looks like a pious person to this religion must be true. But then what happens when it's a disconnect between someone and the parents? What happens when the person who got married for the sake of Cousteau for the sake of marriage ends up getting divorced? What happens if a person whose entire fate was based on the teacher learns about the teacher sins at the end the private

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mistakes with a teacher messes up? The feet is broken

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So feet should never be on his reasons. Our faith should come from knowledge. Our feet should come from knowledge we should separate our relationship, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala from our relationship with everybody else, because people fail. People make mistakes, people fall people commit sins, Allah is perfect. The followers of this religion are not. And so faith should not be because of people it should be because of Allah. And the way to build weight is to build a solid foundation of knowledge. And every Muslim, every Muslim owes it to themselves to study the basics of this religion.

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To study basic things like how do I know the Quran is the vertical? What are the evidences for this? How do I know that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is a true prophet. What are the evidences for this? Basic things like what do we believe? And why do we believe in? See, no one's going to do everything? I only Allah Subhana Allah knows everything. But we all can know enough to have a solid foundation. So when the doubts come, they don't cause you to spiral out of control, because you have a solid pounded foundation that helps you to deal with the doubts that helps you to deal with the doubts.

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So he said the first step is don't entertain the worthless option. The second step is to build a solid foundation of knowledge. The third step is to build a solid foundation of worship, to build a solid foundation of worship. Because if your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala is strong, then this can fight off any doubts that she tries to put into your mind. If you have a strong relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no space for what's what's in your heart, there is no space for she thought to whisper into your heart, that this the closer you get to Allah subhanho wa taala. The more you experience, for example, answer to art, the more you experience

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through dreams, the more experienced the sweetness of faith, the more you experience, Eman highs, the more you experience, maybe even verticals, when these things happen, there is no room left for doubt in your life. So build that strong foundation of Eman by doing a lot of good deeds. The stronger your relationship is with Allah, the less room there will be in your heart for doubts. The number one, we said, Don't entertain the doubts. Number two, build the foundation of knowledge. Number three, build a foundation of worship. Number four, if you don't know, ask if you don't know us. Now, unfortunately for some of us, we may be in places where we can't ask you know, we maybe in

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our families or in a local machine that we go to we scared to ask. If you're scared to ask someone find somebody else to ask

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the law, we live in the age of the internet, you can access bla bla from around the world. Through the internet, there are platforms to ask. And we have the right to ask if something is is bothering you. If you can't understand certain aspects of this religion, Why did Allah allow this? Why'd that Allah prohibit that? If you can't understand these things, ask a personal knowledge. Sit through the personal knowledge and get your doubts answered. Don't keep it inside. Because when you keep it inside shaitaan is going to play with the tone and play with the thought and erode your mantra. So find people of knowledge whom you trust, who are able to articulate the answers well, who are able

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to help to deal with these doubts, and be open and honest with them about these thoughts and help let them help you work your way through it.

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Number five, the first step for dealing with doubts when they enter your heart is to doubt the doubt is to question the question. You see too often, we accept the premise of what is being said when the premise itself is wrong. For example, so many times, a young person will come to me and say, How can Islam be true? No, because Muslims are politically weak. So how can you stop me true? Well, that premise doesn't make sense. Political weakness has nothing to do with whether a religion is true or not. Whether the premise come from the question itself doesn't make sense. Or how can Islam be true when he doesn't allow us, you know, to fornicated regale God. Again, the premise doesn't make sense.

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You are saying Islam is not true because it prohibits vices. Using sometimes we we get caught up in the society and the culture that we live in. And we automatically assume that whatever they say is right must be right, or whatever they say is wrong must be wrong. Maybe instead of doubting Islam, we should doubt the culture.

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Instead of doubting Islam, doubt the culture you're growing up in the culture you're growing up in a bit tells you it's okay to fornicate, ask yourself why does this culture see this? Is it right?

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You know, what are the harms of this, that maybe the culture got it wrong? The culture we are growing up in today tells people it's okay to engage in all these deviant sees

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and our region prohibited and then the young people come and they say, How can Islam be true? It prohibits these things. Know how can this culture be true if it allows these things? You see we need to change the way

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Think instead of always going after our religion, why did our religion not allow us to do this? Why does he force us to do that? Go and look at the rest of the world, and question everything else as well. Because very often,

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the only reason you think that this aspect of Islam is wrong, is not because it anything wrong with that aspect of Islam, but because there's something wrong with the culture that you're growing up in.

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And sometimes, sometimes what we think is a problem with Islam is simply a matter of fact that we don't understand the way the world was, or is anywhere else you see, another problem we have is that we live in bubbles, everything that the whole world throughout history is the same like the bubble we live in today. Right. So for example, many youngsters who are not familiar with Muslim history, the SU Muslims have always been politically weak and poor as they are today.

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And many of them are clueless of the fact that for over 1000 years, the Muslims were a superpower in this world and the dominant civilization on earth, and had had he just taken time to study the history, that doubt wouldn't even be there in the first place. The other things like this as well, for example, sometimes the youngsters get shocked when they learned about Sahaba getting married when they are nine or 10 years old, or with the, you know, becoming fathers with the 11 or 12 years old is shocked to read this, like, How can this happen, this is wrong? Well, you feel it's wrong. Because we growing up with only time in place in history, that's not normal. Literally, the only

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time you place in history when it's not normal, go back 50 years or 100 years, and it was normal. And I guarantee you in 50 100 years time will probably be normal again.

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But because we live in a bubble, we think the rest of history must equal and must be the same. And then we are shocked when we find history does not reflect the bubble that we live in. And therefore I say when you get these doubts, doubt, the doubt, question, the question, question the premise, there may be what I think is right, is wrong. And again, just happens very often with young people, that we go through a phase in your need in your late teenage years, early 20s, where you think you are right about everything. And you only realize five or 10 years later that you were wrong. That way that happens in your personal life or in your work life. You know, there are ways to report when

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that happens with your understanding of the religion, it can be very dangerous, when you think you understand the right and wrong better than Allah subhanho wa Taala that can be very dangerous for the part that you're going to need yourself down.

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So we need to have a bit of humility, we need to look back and say maybe the premise from which I'm working is wrong. And really there's nothing wrong with the religion itself. So again, doubts are something Shakedown will put into the hearts of everyone. Part of the purification of the soul is to fight off these doubts. The ways to do it is not to entertain it to build a solid foundation of knowledge, to improve your spirituality to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala to ask the people of knowledge when you do not know and to be critical of the dominant culture, instead of being critical of Islam.

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To be critical of the dominant culture, instead of being critical of Islam, we ask Allah to submit our Eman in our hearts to grant us in to make us of the people of the mind of the people inside Shahana Robin is at your mercy pool for salaam, saline 111.

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hamdulillah Wanda was Salatu was Salam ala

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sure

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to have

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a kilometer Impala or kulula.

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We said one of the ways to fight out these doubts about Islam is to build a solid foundation of Islamic knowledge. And for many of us, we don't know how to do this. We don't know how to build a solid foundation of Islamic knowledge.

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One of the problems we have is that we just take from everywhere. So we may listen to a lecture here, read a book there, see a two minute video somewhere else. And we feel this is knowledge. But that doesn't give you a solid foundation that gives you scattered thoughts. That gives you a bit of detail a bit of that. A solid foundation comes from making a concerted effort to study the religion with a teacher to sit with a teacher over a long period of time following a curriculum. This is where you get your foundation.

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And this is something every Muslim needs to do. Whether it's a weekly Halacha, whether it's a online course, whether it's a structured program over the weekends, but everyone should have a teacher in their life, or multiple teachers in their life. And they should have a structured curriculum that we are studying,

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especially when it comes to the fundamentals of our religion. Because if we understand the fundamentals of our religion, a lot of things make sense that don't make sense if you don't

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know the fundamentals.

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There's so many points today where people come to me confused or shocked at how they just come back to the fundamentals if you have made sense.

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For example,

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many people

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don't know the fundamentals of Musa district.

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Right, they have this utopian idea that everything was perfect until the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. There will be love for the ages only or everywhere just spies, people everywhere. They have this weird understanding of history because they've never read history. Then they open the history book, and the read for Muslim kings killing their own brothers. They read about this enough to read about the alcohol. They read about the civil wars. And they Imani shaken, the Imam is shaken. Right? He's like how can this be Islam? How can this be the Muslims

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had just gone back to the basics and studied the foundation that the foundations you would have learned to separate the people from the religion

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to separate the actions of people from the foundations of this religion, that Islam is founded upon the Quran and Sunnah. It is the Quran, the Sunnah, the vibe of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, that is where perfection is found. Wherever came up to the time of the whole of our machine, those are human beings. They would have made mistakes and committed sins done good than evil, everything, because those are human beings. Not only are they not prophets, they are normal people like us. And they had their faults and they had difficulties. When you understand history from that perspective, that doubt is gone. You can read about the most bizarre things have ever happened in Muslim history, from

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the cannibals to the other crazy people out there. And it's not going to shake your Eman because you know this doesn't reflect on Islam does reflect on that person or that group of people only.

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So we have to learn to differentiate between when it comes to history we have to learn to differentiate between what is our religion, that is Allah and His prophets while he was on the Quran, the sooner the syrup. And what is Muslim human history, everything that came after that.

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Another example of where if you know the foundations, you won't have so much doubt. A lot of young people experience doubts about this religion, because they feel the religion is too harsh. Right? They say everything is haram and everything is wrong and the and this is too harsh, it's too much to follow.

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But if you go back to the foundation of our religion, back to the Quran and Sunnah back to the earliest sources, to the principles of the formal house, you will find the one of the principles all of the must have shared is that everything is halal, and haram.

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US look, Eva Villa Asha Eva, that the original state of anything is permissibility. The original state of anything is permissibility. And that they are far more things that are halal and haram. When it comes to things that you can drink, you can drink everything except that which is alcoholic. If you count what's halaal in terms of what we can drink, you can't count it, it's in the 1000s. And what's haram, two or three things that alcoholic drinks. Same with food. It's a handful of foods, haram, you can count them in one hand, right pork, Kevin and a few others, and the types of foods that are halal, everything else, everything else that human beings are going to imagine the event

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until the end of time. And this includes these two ingredients. So the halal is a lot, and the Haram is few. But if you don't know this fundamental, you can be very confused about your religion. And that confused it can either lead to extremism, or it can lead to doubts about the religion. And very often when people say that this religion doesn't make sense, because it's too harsh. It's not because there's something wrong with the religion, because you didn't have a strong foundation of knowledge that had you had a strong foundation of knowledge, you'd have learned that this religion is the most practical religion on earth. Allah has only prohibited that which is harmful to us, and

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everything else he has lifted up.

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There are very few things that are haram and those are only the things that are harmful to us and harmful to society.

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So this is why I say it's very important that we have a strong foundation of knowledge, and that this knowledge comes from the right sources. So every single Muslim, especially those who are young, especially those who are teenagers, in the early 20s. From that time in your life, you must make an effort to have a teacher to guide you through life to guide you through this religion, to have a teacher to teach you the basics and the foundations of this religion. Learn what are the basics of Islamic law? What are the foundations in the goals of Islamic law? What are the principles of studying history? How do I understand the Quran? How do I interact with the Hadees? What do we take

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from the life of Rasulullah sallallahu I am sad to see many Muslims don't even know the life of Rasulullah sallallahu many Muslims don't even know who

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Hola Rashid enough foundations are so weak, then of course doubts are going to creep in easily.

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So to summarize and conclude, we said that it is part of the

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weapons of shaitan that he will put doubts into the hearts of the believers. And the way to fight his doubts is number one, never to entertain it. Number two, to build a strong foundation of knowledge number three, to build a strong foundation of worship. Number four, to ask those who know if you do not know. And number five, to question the dominant narrative and not rather than to only question the religion, as we said, when seeking knowledge to make sure you build a strong foundation of knowledge, ensure you have good teachers, who have a good curriculum, and who is a good teacher. A good teacher is someone who understands his religion and understands the world. A good teacher is

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someone who allows you to ask questions, who doesn't shame you and keep you quiet. When you have questions who understand you need to ask your questions you need to have it answered. A good teacher, someone who will tell you I don't know, let me check it up, rather than like to a good teacher is someone who will tell you the truth, even if it is controversial, even if it is not politically correct. Find yourself good teachers keep righteous company, and this will inshallah help us to build a strong and solid foundation. I end with one last point. Don't underestimate the importance of spirituality in all of this. I found very often that when people start experiencing

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doubts about the religion, before experiencing doubts, they experience a lapse in their practice. So it's usually the person stops praying five times a day, or they stop observing, observing a job, or they let go of one of the fundamentals of the religion. When you let go of these fundamentals, you are weakening your Eman. You're weakening your value between you and J bar. And this makes it easier for shaytaan to put these dots in your heart, this makes it easier for shaytan to mess with your mind. So to build a solid foundation is not just the knowledge, it's also the practice and sometimes these days, too many of us we do one without the other. We either practice without knowledge and we

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end up changing the religion or we build knowledge and we don't practice it we end up just being walking books without any actual spirituality and faith in us we need both a solid foundation is both it is knowledge of the religion is a spiritual, proper classical practice of the religion. And we have this foundation and inshallah shaitaan cannot put any doubts in our hearts

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in the asking Allah to strengthen the demand of the youth to strengthen the mind of the Muslim community to grantmakers or people of European and people that we assign and people who have conviction and people of sincerity to protect our hearts from all the devices around us and all the evil ideologies around us. Robert Dinaric Jr Hasina. What will offer the husband a working Robin a hub dynamic as well. Gina will do.

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A mama Mr. Shanahan Robert is at the NYSC fool was Saddam Hussein. He will continue