Stories Of the Prophets – Adam (AS) Part 2

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not being Yoqud in Islam, rather being "by the way of the culture" and avoiding pride and jealousy. They also touch on the topic of Adam Alay's " consolidation" and how it has been reintroduced to the world. The importance of pride and jealousy in relation to actions and behavior is emphasized.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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This Villa

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certainly, Allah rasa Hill karimabad.

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We continue with our theme and our series on the stories of the prophets. This episode MBM. We are discussing the story of Adam Allahu salatu salam. A quick recap of what we discussed yesterday, we spoke about the fact that Allah took clay from various parts of the earth, and created the mode and the outer shape of Adam and his serum. And because the color of the clay from the various parts of Earth was different, therefore, you see the skin color of humans is different. And because the characteristics of the soil from the various parts is also different. That's why these differences and variances in the temperament of man when that mode was there, a lot all the angels I'm going to

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create a vise different on Earth. The angel had seen the bad behavior of the jinn were existed 2000 years before Adam Ali Salam was created on earth, and they thought that this human will also spill blood and create mischief. So they said attach Alfie hammer you see the fee however is frequent, Dima and Allah responded and said in the Alamo Allah tala moon, I know better than what you know. We also spoke about how the devil went in from the mouth of the mood of Adam alayhis salam came out from the posterior and said, You don't have to fear there is a hollowness in this creation of Allah which will be filled by desires and these desires will lead this creation of Allah astray. We also

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discussed yesterday that the angels were asking a question of Allah, they were not objecting, they said, Oh Allah, this creation, will it create mischief on earth like the jinn and a lot of Baraka with Allah then prove them to be incorrect in their thinking, because Allah gave Adam and Eve Serato Salaam knowledge. And it was because of the knowledge of other militia ram that he was granted superiority because of his intellect, while lama akula. And we explained Allah taught him the names of everything, and the angels were astounded. And then Allah told the angels, that now you have to prostrate to him out of respect, you have to prostrate to him out of respect, because he has been

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granted superior intelligence and superior knowledge. Now we take up the discussion from there, we all know and we concluded on this point, Allah told the angels that prostrate before them for such as Illa beliefs, all frustrated except the police. A police was from the genius we discussed yesterday. But his eye Baba was so impressive that the angels took him up to the heavens, and they wanted him to be there so that they could be motivated by his Iboga. Now, let me explain to you one important must Allah, you know, you may have thought that generally the scholars always tell us that you cannot prostrate before a human being, you cannot make such that before human being. And many of

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us assume that when you make such that before a human being then automatically shift and you out of the fold of Islam. No, it is not automatically shipped, it is haram. In our Sharia, the prostration of respect is not permissible. Previously, it was permissible to prostrate out of respect. So if somebody prostrates out of respect, it will be haram but it's not sure. However, if somebody prostrates before a grave or before a human with the intention that I'm worshiping this human why I'm worshiping the occupant of the grave, and obviously that would be shaped, so we wouldn't be judgmental. I remember once when I was a youngster was a lie to you. We went from Omaha to Saudi and

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checks out when Abraham shrim the amount of the harm was coming out and one person in that exhibit you know that a delight. He makes sense today in front of the ship just like that he just dropped to his knees on the marble outside the heart of the ship was was exiting. And I will bring a youngster was also enthusiastic. So I was following him. And this guy came out of absolutely nowhere and he dropped into such the right in front of the amount of harm. So the chef picked him up and told him how the harem This is haram. He didn't tell him how to shake because already the South African people will say hey come with a chip, he must renew his kalama if you prostrate it out of respect

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then it is haram but it is not sure. However if you prostrate it with the intention that no I'm worshiping this person or this person is with you of worship then obviously it should so if you prostrate before an idle ob prefer prostate before human. So he believes he gave his excuses we know and the pharaoh minister I'm better than him. Now in Arabic They say this is called chaos. When you when you make an analogy or other when you make an assumption, you look at something and then you make an assumption based on it. So he considered himself better than me now. abdomen. Lola, You created me from fire and you created him from sand so I'm better than him. Why am I prostrate before

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him? Other scholars right? Or is his initial mistake was this that it didn't occur to him that Allah Who created him and created Adam is telling him to prostrate? Who knows better who superior him Allah Who created him. So that was already the first mistake. The second mistake is saying that I am superior because I'm created from fire but

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Adam alayhis salam was superior because of the knowledge that he had, because of the intellect, the intelligence and intellect that Allah gave him. Certainly his assumption also was wrong. Fire doesn't mean because fire has that fury in it and because fire has light in it, that automatically becomes superior. Sometimes we think that that you know, it's a person who's more loud and more forceful and more vociferous, automatically. He's a better person, no fire, generally speaking is used for destructive purposes, and soil is used for constructive purposes. Then if you look at the qualities of soil, this calmness, this clemency, this endurance, this growth, and all of that is not

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found in fire. So he believes was wrong on all fronts. He tried to use his logic to justify what he didn't want to do. But in reality, he didn't want to do it. Irrespective the reason why, why, let's look at him now. Right? And this this, we know the story, it's about the lesson behind it. Yeah, you have a gin who is so pious, that when the angels come to punish the other gyms as we discussed yesterday, to the, to the to the, to the jungles and to the islands in the oceans, they say wow, this guy is a bar that is so great that they want him to come to the heavens so he can motivate them if like a theory is written you won't find the equivalent of a hand span in the heavens except that

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he believes makes sense today. Not the equivalent of so much except that he makes sense down that spot. So why after so much of a bother simple command for such a do every engine frustrated with him being the only exception Illa Iblees. Why? Because allama Shapira, money Rahim Allah says he's a Baba all the long was with the motive. You see, he was already living on Earth. As I explained yesterday, the jinn were in existence on the earth 2000 years before the man was created. And when he got uplifted to the heavens, you always have but this ambition that allama sent him to Earth is the vicegerent and when Allah created the mode of other Mali Salaam and said in nature alone, fill

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out the halifa that this new creation of mines will be my vice chair and on Earth. Now the true colors of obliques came to the fore his jealousy is jealousy and his pride. That's why he started saying your domain name and narrow in the clemency have a license and even after he refused to prostrate the first time, even after he refused to put a state the first time he could have made a statement after that. He was adamant he said I'm still live for a while, in general before he came to us. That too he didn't do. He asked a love for despite he never asked Allah for forgiveness. He asked a love for his spite he never asked Allah for forgiveness. The point they want to drive home

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there are two qualities Will you which you will find in every personality was condemned in the Quran, pride and jealousy. And these are two things which are eating us from within. Even though we are outwardly very pious. Sometimes we think that you know, I am more regular with my Salah. I go out more in the path of Allah. I know more about Deen. Now you find people these days Mashallah they go out in the path of Allah, and they go and take beard in the hands of chef. Now they know more than the scholars. Instead of doing power to the law, instead of doing a slap on nerves. They want to sit in judgment of other people and that is motivated by pride and it's motivated by jealousy.

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These are two destructive things to destructive things. Look at the police. He refuses to do it, then he doesn't take advantage of the respect to retract his bad behavior and ask for forgiveness. rather he says Oh Allah give me life until kiama. Why so I can lead them astray because now the issue with Adam alayhis salam is personal.

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The animosity with Adam alayhis salaam is personal because other monies Salaam was given the position that he covered it. And we see this replaying itself in life over and over again. We want something a lot decreased for somebody else to get it, we take it out against that person and his whole progeny. It's not other Melissa who wanted it is Allah who granted it to other money, Sam, but it please, his fury went to such an extent that he even blamed the La Jolla de Bella for Pema boyton Allah you led me astray. He is an angel who never left the equivalent of a hand spirit of the jinn, except that he frustrated and now he's going into debate with Allah is telling Allah who is superior

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and who is not. Whereas Allah is the Creator, and he's asking Allah for respect and he's asking a lot that let me live. You know in the time of Musa the Santa Monica police came to Musashi Salaam and he told me Salah salatu salam, that you know what, ask Allah to forgive me, ask Allah to forgive me. So Allah responded to masala Salaam and said it's very simple. Tell a police to go to the grave of other Mali Salaam and to make such that that which was outstanding from the heavens, tell him to go into it. So the police said if I never prostrated before him when he was alive, I'm not going to prostrate before him now that is not a life. You see that animosity is still there. That's why Allah

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wants us in the Quran. In a shavon Allah Komodo

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he was the enemy of your father Adam. He will remain your enemy.

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We up to the end of time. So, rather than say to him oferuje min her for in Naka Rajim he was granted a lofty position the angels are very lofty creation of Allah. He was not an angel but he was granted their companionship because of his worship. Now he lost all of that because of his pride and jealousy, his pride and jealousy. Allah said get out of here. What? For in the car regime, you are focused today even a light he opens the Quran was the first thing he reads, how do we learn him in a shape on a virgin? Allah protect me from the devil, pride and jealousy will drop you in life. Pride and jealousy will shatter and shred all the good that you do. In La collana de la Yomi Deen. Allah

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sees because of your pride, your haughtiness, your arrogance and your jealousy. Up to the day of Fiamma. The curse of Allah will remain perpetually upon you. Oh, he believes May Allah protect us from jealousy. May Allah protect us from pride. What sort of love was certainly more about Ocala Nabina Muhammad welcome