Stories Of the Prophets – Adam (AS) Part 4

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Now, suddenly I remember back

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yesterday, we had discussed that Adam Allah He stood out to Saddam was on a bilateral article with Thailand, four aspects. The one is Allah created him with his own hands. The other was that Allah breathed life into hamari salatu salam. The third thing was Allah commanded the angels to prostrate before the Maliki Salatu was Salam. And the fourth thing is that a lot of articles item taught Adam Allah He salatu salam, the names of all things. And yesterday also we discussed what is the difference between insaan Jannat and melodica. Moloch is the singular word in Arabic for Angel. That's why we say medical modes many people mispronounce it, they say medical mode That's incorrect.

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Malik means King. And Malak means Angel, the king of death is Allah. The Angel of Death is Sahil, as we discussed yesterday, then Jin is the singular Jannat is the plural. And I explained that both the jinn and the angels, you cannot see them but the difference is, angels have only been created with the ability to do good. jinn are similar to man in that they have a dual capacity. They have the ability to obey Allah and to disobey Allah. That's why they get rewarded and they get punished depending on how they exercise their choice. But gyms, by and large, are mischievious by nature, they create a lot of mischief. And we also explain that those jinn, the unbelievers, they are the

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ones that we refer to as the shayateen. They are the ones that have an allegiance to the police, who is also from the jinn. Now we take the discussion further, we've spoken about the creation of Adam and Eve salatu salam, we've spoken about the entire episode surrounding the command to prostrate before at the mighty Salatu was Salam. Now after their entire incident had taken place, a lot of Baraka with Allah granted Adam alayhis salam from entering to gender and other Molly's Salatu was Salam lived in Genoa for a while. But even though he was in general, the best of places he felt a void. He felt empty, there was like something missing. And that void was only filled. When last

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Baraka was Allah created our mother, halwa rhodiola Juana now here is a very interesting discussion. You know, there's always this issue of whether a woman is created from the rip of a man or not. Now the Quran does not specify how was created all we know is that she was created and then she was married to a family Serato some, some incidents or some narrations have mentioned that an attorney Salaam saw her then there was a natural attraction and as he was moving towards, the angels intervened and said, No, you're nikka has to take place first. And the MA the Mahara for the marriage between other men, however, was durood upon the creme de la vida, he was sitting.

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Nonetheless, the Quran does not mention how it was created. But in the Bible, they say that Eve was created from the rib of Adam, and this is common. This is a common theory, the easy hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Within a year for losses, he stole Shubin, Nisa that treat women very gently for in El Mirage, Hola, Catherine de la that a woman has been created from a rip. So while the Quran does not talk about how we're being created from the robe of Adam, but the Hadith has mentioned that a woman has been created from the rip. Now these two these two opinions Yeah, like evenings hacks it, it means the robe of Adam and Islam. But even the hijab or the hood to be

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said, No, it's not necessarily the rep of Adam arisa to Islam, it could mean that the creation of of how was started from them, meaning that when she was created, the process started from there. Now why didn't reset a lot honey was in a mentioned this. Normally the feminists, they take a lot of offense to this hadith. And they say what are you trying to say that a woman is created from rape, so she's crooked, so there's something wrong with her. But just think about it. When you look at a rub. Rub is normal when it's crooked. So when you say that that rep is crooked, you are not criticizing the rep, you are actually acknowledging the rep for the shape that it's supposed to be

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in. So when this hadith says that the woman has been created from a rub, it means a woman has a different temperament to a man. A woman is more sensitive, a woman is more fragile. A woman has different nuances in her in her temperament in her disposition. So treat her as per her temperament and sensitivities. Because she's got like the rub up or try and straighten it. It's not meant to be strict. its beauty. It's in its crookedness. There's no defect in the rubbing crooked, it's crooked for a reason. So whilst you and I may understand

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Some deficiency in crookedness generally. But when it comes to the rub, there's no deficiency in it being crooked. So this is not a kind of defamation of women, or any sign of condescension towards women. No, it's acknowledging that a woman is created different to a man, meaning her temperament is different, the sensitivities are different. The way she reacts and the way she conducts herself around her emotions is different. So to not try and deal with the woman as you would with a man deal with a woman on her own terms. That's why we said a lot honey was Adamson is supposed to be nicer, that be lenient to women. Now, if you look at the world today, they almost won this relationship

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between men and women to be competitive. The more a woman can become like a man, the more she's acknowledged, and the more a man can become like a woman, the more he is acknowledged, Islam says man and woman are created equal, but not identical. Even physically, these are rules reason why the anatomy of a woman is different to that of a man. So they have been created equal, they are equal in the eyes of Allah. If a woman reached to a cat salon or metrics to record Salah, they would get the same reward. If the if the wife is pious, she'll go to Jenna, if the husband is in pious you will go to Jana. So there is no discrimination there, in terms of them being servants of Allah, but they are

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not identical. The temperament of a man is different than the temperament of a woman is different. And the role of a man is different and the role of a woman is different. So people just unnecessarily complicate things. This Hadith is a very beautiful Hadith. It's saying appreciate a woman on her own terms. Do not let Do not judge a woman by how much she can become like a man. So if you look at the world today, if a woman decides to become an air hostess, and she walks in a narrow aisle, whole time, eight hours flight, what she's saying, tea, coffee, tea, coffee, chicken, beef, chicken, beef, that's a liberated woman. Why? Because she wore a skirt that came just above and

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below her knees. And she decided to embark on a career. So she's a liberated woman. But what is she doing? Really, she's walking up and down. And I'm asking people, she doesn't know, she doesn't love. She doesn't care about whether they want tea, or coffee, or whether they want chicken or one beef. But that same woman who decides that I will stay at home, look after the husband that I love, take care of the children that are so beloved to me, then she becomes a woman who is oppressed, and a woman is not who is marginalized. So, this is the discussion that flows from the creation of halwa. Now, interestingly, what is the meaning of these names? Are them and how are these this difference

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of opinion amongst the scholars and we cannot say definitively, some scholars say both the Arabic names and others say no, Adam has a Hebrew origin and it means clay, dust with obvious reason because Adam and Eve Salatu was Salam was created from dust, and he was created from from from clay. And others say that how what it means to be alive, how our means to be alive. So why was she given that name? Because she's the mother of every living man. Every living man came from the womb of power. So that is the names of them and however, not tomorrow inshallah we'll discuss is a very interesting discussion, that which gender, where they send to, where they send to that same gender

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that we all aspire for, after all the reckoning is done in the pious and the good people go to gender, is it that gender, is it another gender? Was it a garden on earth? We will take up that discussion tomorrow inshallah. So kind of overcome these critical level