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In Alhamdulillah Hina monastery you know when to stop

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when our older belay Manchurian fusina amin say yes Dr. Molina mania de la Vela moody la mejor

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y shadow

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Illa in la bomba de la sharika y shadow. Muhammad Abdul humara sudo

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in da Cunha DC kita bumo highroller Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam

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What shall I do more image data to her wakulla more data in beta wakulla Bala Latin wakulla Bala that infinity

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey of looking at Hadith and cozzia, whereby the previous Hadith we looked at either to gain the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, or to unfortunately earn the Wrath of Allah Subhana Allah, the following few Hadith continue the theme of talking about Allah Subhana Allah, that in general, is the Quran as well through full Quran, one third of the Quran is nothing but the head to a doula he Subhana Allah had mumkin the whole coup de

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de la Ilaha Nia Tilda he Subhana Allah, the narrative, every single ayah of the Quran, whether it be in the beginning of the middle or the end, will be some element of reflection, about returning back or pondering about Allah Subhana Allah, our belief in Allah Subhana Allah, and thus in his current world that we live in a world of rejection of the Creator, extremities that we find whereby a large portion of people begin to reject the Creator, or begin to move towards a thought of materialism or excessiveness, of having their own belief and attribute in what they want to attribute to Allah Subhana Allah, these unfortunate extremities that we live in,

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and the first extremity that we find that is hereditary mentions about the rejection of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah lo Darla dibny Adam, indeed the son of Adam has belied or rejected me, while I'm mucuna hadelich will shatter many while I'm yaku delic and he has no right to deny that I am the creator. And likewise this individual the human being, he reveals, or he curses or he makes a false attribute towards me. And that is a theme of our discussion. Firstly, rejection of Allah Subhana de anda, and secondly reviling and cursing Allah Subhana Allah, whether it be falling apart from materialism, or above, attributing that which does not benefit Allah Subhana Allah, oh, wouldn't we

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find in Canada lice of Canada Allah, in care, would you lie Subhana Allah, that rejecting about the existence of Allah Subhana Allah, that we find, unfortunately, being spread upon this globe, whereby people don't want to believe in Allah Subhana Allah, or they think that our last panda does not exist, want to bring the fallacies and the misconception to try to prove to people that there is no concept of the Creator. And we know that in the Quran, if not, the whole of the Quran, is a moral high be at a phase of the unseen and from our carnal Eman that we find, to believe in normal bath, to believe in a day of resurrection, to believe in a day of reckoning, a day of retribution, and a

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day of being brought back to life once again in front of Allah Subhana Allah that is the creed of Allah Sunnah, the creed of Muslims that we find that we should instill within our own selves, and inside this wider society, full of rejection of Allah subhanho wa Taala for amateur zebu EA, as for his rejection of Allah Subhana Allah O belying Allah Subhana Allah for coluna and your Edenic Mr. Baba Annie, that Allah Subhana Allah cannot resurrect me once again, cannot bring me back to life once again, just like he created me. While I said I will Hulk. We are one way earlier that he and he did to resurrect the human being to recreate the human being is far more simple, far more easy for a

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lot and an initial beginning of the human being. So this is the first v that we find the first case that we find that people who believe there are lawsuits, and I will not bring people back to life will not have an element of justice, or accountability inside the era in Carroll path that we find. And this rejection of a bias that we find resurrection That we find is the way that disbelieving individuals who want to instill inside this society, about just living this life, about enjoying this life, and don't worry about the Hereafter, don't worry about a day of retribution. And unfortunately find that maybe some of us Muslims, we begin to fall into this pattern of thought as

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well, that we enjoy our life. We do whatever we want to do upon this life. And then at some moment in our lives, we may begin to reflect upon the occurrence

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And unfortunately find no other word can describe it but a sickness fee by the Shabaab that we find amongst our youth that we find that they want to enjoy their life Phil Morales he was the noob they know what a life of disobedience and singing is, but they try to place it in the back of their mind. And they have this perception What a cool new member Lee Coleman salia hain, we're going to do whatever evil we want to do upon the face of this earth. And then at a later stage inside our life, water cooled human body calm and solid pain, and later on in our lives, will become pious, righteous individuals, the man had a call to use of a center and the beginning of saw the use of that we find

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whereby the either decided that maybe we should kill him, or place it inside the well. And then later on what a cool woman Barney Coleman salia hain, then later we become pious, righteous individuals who are the man who just put on that we find documents the thoughts and perceptions for the rest of time until this book of a lot and I will be lifted. Liana llibre. We are movement of the Navajo saucy suburb. That lesson is taken from the generality of the words and not from the specifics of Revelation. When can I get so to use? Have you heard the abuse of La Salama who speaks about use of La Salaam, but the meaning is for every single individual, we're happy to sort of use

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that we find that we find Nakia Neff ecosim Ibrahim, Al Bab are the end of it now Kenya had eaten you thought all these are lesson stories that we narrate to you which contain ibra contain people to become hateful. To be wide these are not made up fables and tales that we find and like what the beginning sort of use of as well it highlights that is two story nanoco salic acid and also see Bhima Oh, hi Nick.

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This is the best story. The best story inside the Quran is Torah use of narrated to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and before this use indeed amongst the heat this individuals stories inside the Quran nanoose a b2b for adeq, to strengthen your Eman to take the Abra to take the lesson to see the life of MBA or Rasul. See the life of the messengers and the prophecy what they faced inside their life and take money for an inside our lives not to become corrupt individuals that we read from the Quran we studied the Quran, but we tried to find out how to lay your hood in the Quran yakusoku Allah Bani Israel the most of this Quran narrates about Bani Israel. That's what the Quran mentions

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itself. Time and time again that you find on your cuso Allah Bani Israel near a suburb near you her Why is the Quran narrating about Bani Israel and we find the prophetic traditions because this is the closest to Bani Israel. We're going to begin to imitate them. We're going to ask the same question. We're going to bring the same excuses. We're going to follow the same message of those individuals. It's a warning to us to not become like those individuals. So when these people that they say and they have this perception that life is just enjoyment, just enjoy it you only have one life, enjoy yourself. They fail to read through the Quran. The Quran mentions alpha has septum Anima

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Hakuna Kumar Bertha welcome Elena Allah Tarun alpha septum Anima kalapana Kumar bata Do you think we create huge vanity, we do Nikos denwa La Jolla without any intent about and Allah just decided to panatela calendula Lucas decided to create the heavens and the earth and place the heavens and earth placed them in place for what for what reason for people to enjoy themselves, to people to pass their time, to people to live upon this dunya is that the perception that we have palawa hasha biLlahi supernova Allah, Allah Subhana Allah creates everything for with a purpose, with an intent with a wisdom that lies with him subhanho wa Taala a wisdom that many of us would that we fail to

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understand. So this is the beginning of this false perception that we find that's infiltrating amongst many of our lives. Many of our individuals we think that's what all life is. That is no purpose of life remaining upon this dunya we're called Luma here in the higher tuna dunya Namu Tijuana licona illa de her, they say what is this life? What is it like living and dying? The only thing that will destroy us is the prevailing of time, the coming of time. In other words, just enjoy your life. There is something that will take place upon every single individual by should have no impact about you don't worry about an era Don't worry about Allah He said, Just enjoy your life live

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your life. And death is something that will come upon every single individual that needs to fall upon every single individual we're calling in here in the higher to the junior woman a new member who seen in other places in the Quran. These people make this statement is only this life is only this life that we live, one man national be my routine. We're never going to be rejected, resurrected in front of a law. There's no concept of resurrection in front of Allah Subhana Allah, I do come under comida meet to Maputo Robin where a woman and no come to her Dune he had to he had to leave

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argued this is another perception find some sort of meaning. What is this that you are talking speaking about? is going to be no perception about the resurrection of gathering people together or putting people together once again in here in the hair to know dunya Namu Tijuana when a young woman nanobeam a bit routine, a once again we just live and we don't. We're never going to be resurrected, when they never got to be brought forth in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala the AMA Latina kifaru Allah uberto called Bella hora de la took Icelander from Allah tuna buena, Bhima amyl to mother and the gala la he can see it inside so to touch upon that we find the mutual loss mean a smell, an era

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for amongst a day names of the Day of Judgment the last day that we find a Yama, Yama, Yama, Yama, Yama, and Korea and her Akasha only different names are the Quran mm ko Toby has collected them. Oxfam and Sarah seen as much as Kara mentioned inside the Quran. Yamato Hopwood strange is that a lot of the inside the surah mentioned that mutual loss where people will be inside a loss on that day. There are many Latina kifaru Liu Baku, the disbelieving individuals they claim we're never going to be resurrected but Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah be say indeed by your Lord, you're going to be resurrected, and you're going to be brought forth on that day. And D that is something

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simple, something easy for Allah Subhana Allah to bring the whole of the creation back in front of him Subhana Allah. Likewise, you find the end of Surya seen our mural in Santo Domingo Putin for either Hua Cosima muy bien our ishara in San Araki to Allah Al Quran look at the Quran describes the human being Allah Subhana Allah created the human being minute 14 min semen and this individual for either who were Cosima mubin is always in a state of Jordan. argumentative always likes to argument always like to make excuses present certain things are the shuttle shuttle shuttle insan shuttle buses for either work or see movie to be in LA who explained to him that in the New Jersey look,

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always arguing, always making excuses. These excuses were not available to individual love it dude, you're laughing because every individual stands as a witness or testimony for their own self. You can make excuses in front of people. You can argue in front of people, you can make your false perception in front of the people. But you can't do that with Allah Subhana Allah for either who will call c mu mu be a clear reject of a loss and I'm making excuses that I'm not going to be brought forth in front of Allah, Allah wa dorabella masala wanna see who he tries to bring these parables and he forgets about his own creation and Quran. Mahmoud Sally Quran is full of parables of

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17 1780 different parables inside the Quran llibre Allah throws down various parables inside the Quran, to awaken the mind to awaken the soul for the individual to reflect on this occasion this individual he wants to try to throw down a parable about rejecting of Allah Subhana Allah column, a Bama here amin, who is going to give life to the bones of the become dust.

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Who's going to give How is that possible? What sort of Baccarat that we find, once again another individual goes past but goes past Korea how we are doing a ghost town, a town which is totally dilapidated, totally been destroyed. color and

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I'm not going to give life either to this to this donkey or this town. How are people going to come alive once again. But Allah Allah once again chose the parable gives a response of how Allah kind of gives life to the dead. Look at your, the state of your donkey. Look how we we've destroyed this donkey look at your food, look at your material, look at everything has been destroyed. And how Allah Subhana Allah brings it back to life to show you. And likewise in this end of surah Yaseen that we find that his person brings his excuse that I'm not going to be resurrected in front of Allah and Allah call me a gamma yomim when these bones turn into dust, who's going to bring him life

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again? But he has a lady and Sha, Allah Mara bikuni Culkin aalim say the one who gave life to in the beginning will give life once again. And He is the Creator and knowledge over all things. Once when he gave life in the beginning, where Who? La is simple for Allah Subhana Allah to give life to it once again. Well, I'm surah Yaseen that we find me in football and I'm sorry I seen that some people that they say if Kuru Allah Mota come Surya see read upon your dead individual Surya seen

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The Mullah Hadith diaries are mostly a hadith are buried in nature, but you can understand why the extraction is there because possibly that these are talking about death to key about life. So some people that they believe that reading surah Yaseen upon the dead individual alleviate stem or when a person's died then read surah Yaseen or the hapa mistake, Al Quran

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listening um what Quran is not for the dead individuals. Al Quran is for a living individuals. That's what the Quran is. Don't fall into this trap that people use I had eaten by Eva, while mo about reading upon dead individuals reciting when a person's a shock didn't matter shocks if a person has died curato Corolla your feed to abandon curato Corolla your phaedo risotto kuranda up to benefit him.

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Enough faithful Haji when Obama was so caught up in the likes of Hannah Diana and makura to an M word for had a Bob Dylan Bob Dylan now to Crocker on an AMA don't read the Koran upon the dead individuals is only for the living individuals.

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An Isa Baraka to transport the birth of the Quran to a dead individus la la sala who fishery at La Subhana Allah no evidence, no evidence Sheree of Allah Subhana Allah wa la subida but in the Rasul Allah says nocona Yoko Quran Youngsil Oh Yo Yo, yo, yo Quran in a shocker can make it a profession, read the Quran and then transported that reward to a dead individual. We should be aware of this, because inside our society Yes, it's a sad affair that people they pass away they leave this dunya but people they want to try to maximize a false reward, a false perception that when I leave this dunya let people do this action. When a muscle man Taki a logical example to help us to understand

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it that can shock Saturnian and rich person in the Amelia Amelia rod. Millions of dollars millions of realities personally possesses one worker who sia T. And before we leave this dunya writes in his will, that every person who reads the Koran for me or cut them know us as dinner as janai give that person 1000 pounds. For every person who reads the Quran for me, when I leave this dunya people would naturally flock towards that. Well, I can Sharon, do you think that people who read the Quran Do you think that this person that a reward will be given this individual what kind of moogerah man first second, rebellious individual Canada Yeah, Buddha law, devil used to obey Allah never used to

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worship Allah? Well I can. So I have a person full of wealth, as is that when I leave this dunya just read the Quran for me, the Lamb Allah if the Kabbalah maybe Allah will accept this and enemy to Jenna, this is a fallacy to approach the city of Allah and Allah with this mantic with this logic, Allah Subhana Allah is just

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a gentle Muslim he Nakamura mean mela come pray for the moon is Allah guide to make criminals like Muslim individuals

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Taki Natal future are we get to make those who are McKean tell pujari those people rebellious individuals

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go up on your equities or no suits of the Quran we need to understand don't fall into perceptions and feelings of emotional feelings. The Quran is it's clear that Allah never equate such individuals in this dunya wonderfil Kira and as we find that these individuals who don't believe inside the Acura wahoo Lady of the Aloha Kakuma URI do Allah, Allah subhana wa one initialize the creation, and he's going to make bring back the creation once again wahoo LA and it's such a inside the Quran, have been repeated various times, with various wordings, whether it be inside suit to the moon, or inside suit, suit and hedge as well that we find that Allah speaks about the creation, we die to a

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large degree by talking about creation, be there I mean, talk about creation. And likewise, throughout the Quran throughout various verses. It's very simple and easy for Allah Subhana Allah to bring the creation back once again. And as we find that this world of rejection of denial, rejection of Allah spandana, or the second extreme that we find about rivarly, and cursing Allah Subhana Allah, there's only one thing that gives stability to this dunya one thing that will give stability to the mind of the individual, to the heart of the individual, to the life of the individual. Who will Islam is Islam. Islam is the equilibrium. Islam is the way of life that we find that tells a

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person what to believe inside their life, what to attribute to Allah Subhana Allah how to obey Allah subhanaw taala how to worship Allah Subhana Allah that's what he

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Islam does.

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Islam Dino Sherman, and Islam is a complete way of life. A complete way of life that we need to expose these people to, because these people more and more are full of a life of rejection was the kurumi A Amina, awaken these individuals to remember about the days of Allah that you find out

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who had that what to do. He's the most virtuous of that. One is to remind people about Allah woman I saw no cola meme under a lava where Amina saw the hawala in nanny, mineral muslimeen the best thing that we could do living philokalia be living in the West at the moment. Tender nurse Illa Allah, call people to Allah. remind them about Allah instill the belief of Allah amongst these individuals, amongst our own selves, because this is a key element of success. When the heart and the mind is awoken, is full of belief in Allah Subhana Allah than the rest of our carnal Islam, what are called Islam they become simple, become easy for the individual that we find the beginning is a man who

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biller and Emanuel and taught me Nabila. The first thing as a man is to believe in Allah. You believe in Allah have the right belief, then the actions become simple for the individual. And unfortunately, throughout what we find inside our society, day in and day out, Lima that also Lee Why should I pray? Why should I fast? Why should I perform Hajj what is the main thing? What is the hikma? What is the wisdom in praying in fasting? What is the wisdom and where is the job? What is the wisdom in doing this?

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These are questions asked by Muslims inside our society. Nema has a for what purpose Leanna email number if the email is weak, mi anomala you know he came in and they don't believe in I'm not completely because if you know Allah Subhana Allah, then you know that what Allah Subhana Allah is legislated to place down upon you is simple. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, people, Kabir does he know nobody has created the most subtle, the most awaited Allah Subhana Allah in the light of the Hara machine, if Allah make something wrong, then a person doesn't need to try to decipher as we find inside a society to try to understand the intent to see what why is it haram to come to the

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conclusion or to make your own conclusion that this haram does it affect me? So it can't be haram? A Sharia law? Sharia has certain intent certain mocassin as well am I've collected? Sharia doesn't look at you as an entity, as an individual. Sharia not based upon me as a personality. Are you the personality? The Sharia is based upon? The human sanctity? The human life, the human intent, so if a person does something haram and says that does it impact me is another note in a harem?

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If I looked at something haram it doesn't impact my Shahada does it impact my Shahada is Lee had a bottle? Because he

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did it becomes harder for me to look at her arm because my emotions are not affected, either jealous to Arjuna BIA if I sat with a strange woman, it has no impact upon me. So the changes for me can wash. It doesn't change for any individual either Sharif to hammer home acuna su kronen if I drink alcohol, I don't get drunk, so it means it's helpful for me pehla pehla Hahaha, that's not what the story is based upon. The sherea looks at the general perception of moon karate, the general perception perception, either just

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call Phil Phil haraam coffee, Xena, it's a very strange woman, it can lead on to Xena so Islam a prohibited you could drink small amounts of alcohol elite eventually to drunkenness leads to under Muhammad Ali. This is what the Sharia is based upon. And this is something we need to instill within our mind that more many young individual have these doubts? Who had doubts about the Shetty of Allah Subhana Allah and in essence, these are only doubts about Allah. That's what they are, as we began with passages strengthened their reading of the Quran, study of the Quran. All of the Quran, as you mentioned, is nothing less but reflection about Allah subhanaw taala like what do you find it on my

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shuttle EA for kolu ittehad Allahu Allah. Then as for the reviling, cursing of Allah Subhana Allah, so the person either rejecting the Creator, we find these, these beliefs, these discrepancies, these false attributes towards Allah Subhana Allah reviling Allah Subhana Allah that Allah has taken a son, that Allah has a son were anila had a Samad Allah Subhana Allah is the absolute, the eternal, the ever living lamb Allah, Allah Allah, it speaking himself. Last time he had it could see I'm not bored and notice any given birth from me while I'm Jaco Lee cuckoo

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When I had a no Well, no one is similar to me very similar to be fine to soar to Atlas, they were by day speaking about Allah Subhana Allah. So this is shut them. This is cursing and reviling Allah Subhana Allah, it does Allahu Allah, that Allah has taken a son. What is the belief of mainstream Christians inside our society? Let's go into a few minor sects of Christianity. mainstream Christianity believes that Allah Subhana Allah has a son and nerissa one of the law, there is a son of Allah, and that's the whole of surah. Miriam, the 19 suit of the Quran is nothing but read Allah nesara is nothing but refuse refuting the Christian belief. And there are many one other, the

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heavens in the earth are about to rip asunder, because why they attribute it a sun to Allah. Because once again someone was mustard refined, a trivial refined dialogue is a common cause. Which common cause? Which common cause is this, or anta to sabula? You Kirsten, you revise Allah you attribute to Allah. It's a common cause. Liana aka cleric, who is Jenna, the end of it will be Jana toman belay cannot cannot, cannot live. Worship Allah believe in Allah how you want, do whatever you want to do at the end of the path. We will meet in Ghana, the Khufu Allah, Allah subhana wa Shakti Kofi, the bravery Abrahamic faiths that we find that the three paths that they've merged together and they

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come to one ending, go for Allah Cofer. That's what it is. There is no concept that all Judaism Christianity and Islam a monotheistic paths and at the end of it, you all meet Allah. Only one meets Allah, Montana mo Hayden, who Sleeman

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Tolkien, one who is worshipped hanifin worship only Allah Subhana Allah pious individual will meet Allah at the end path. Amal Baku, Baku for whom cooler home in the rest of them, filled, filled jahannam inside jahannam Amala Howdy, howdy this sort of Imam tirmidhi that we find the house that only the only under your hood. Instead of food that you did a deferred into 71 six Kowloon feeder in in our header all of them will go into jahannam except for one sec amongst all your hood and that set is great those who believe in Musa appropriately. The Christians. If terracotta in a survey was an infill, the Christians are divided into 72 different sects. Olam will go into janome except for

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one, the ones who believe he said that time. So to say that modern day Christians will go into gender more than they go into gender. Only those who believe in the beginning will go into gender because in essence they know under Sora they know all your hood. They are those who believed in the messages that were given to them. When I had a Samad Allah Subhana Allah is the one and only they absolutely turn a day in the early map described the eternal the absolute Samad Allah de la yet on the one who has no need of nourishment, has no need for food and drink. That's the Quran mantuvo mo

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or occasional Quran is the one who feeds and does not need any feeding. That's why Allah Buddha buenas ausnahme, those who worship the shrines and the idols and they think that the the idols and statues they need they need food and drink to be presented to them. They need sustenance. Allah Subhana Allah is the one that feeds is the one that provides likewise in IR which are talking about the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah wa Hanako Gina will enter in Le Abu Marie do minimal risk and redo and you remove in the MA who are was killed Mateen strange is that Allah straight after talking about the oneness of Allah wa Salatu didn't know what to insert in Delhi Abu I never created a

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genuine human being except for to worship me. I like what you find cut for Sara Lee why he dude to singular only Allah for worship. Men only do minimal risk when Allah doesn't want any sustenance from us doesn't want any any offerings to be given to him Subhana Allah, that any benefit goes to Allah and the things that we do are the things that we present, and the things that we may bring on the shrine or whatever that we do inside our life. It's all a fallacy, unless one that does not need any of that, in Allah who was. Allah is the provider, unlike the Sustainer. So that becomes a feeder to mean that Allah Subhana Allah is the one that provides is the one that sustains is the one that

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takes care and this year

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Another lesson of Akita for many of us average individuals that we become a bit wary over worried about our risk about our sustenance. A person shouldn't become overly worried person should make that make the effort and alasa panda will facilitate it and make it easy. The opposite that we find feedback Chabad Bina in some of our youth that we find kusa Allah, sake of laziness, no effort inside their life, you're sitting there thinking risk will come to them, money will be given to them, wealth will be given to them while our Judo no effort that we find change needs effort. In the law law you have the Roma becoming Hatha Yoga, you may be unfussy him. Allah never changes the

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condition of a people until they don't change your own condition. They don't make that effort. We have to make that effort. Once again people think the change of this the Islamic world which is just take place in mama Dee Emma Maddie will come to the end of time and rectify our face. We just wait for that we just sit domiciled, complacent. The Qatar law. This is just a decree of Allah, a CRO fitori chef stop me Tamia hero. People that time for this is the end of time him because he in his works. I'll be down to one new high I'm not the most volume of history. He fought it's the end of time it will see inside He's inside he's Atari alchemia he thought is the end of time every single

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item towards the end of time shareholders del v e four is the end of time.

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But what did they do is tomorrow, they remain focus inside their lives never became stagnant inside their lives, focusing towards the end journey. And we are possibly even more closer to the end of time and look at stagnant that we've become inside our lives. We should be more focus, more effort should be given inside our lives. To remind people about the oneness of Allah. Because this is why he had a share of learner fellow Kirby young and great ability and nobility living in the West at the moment Mazda in the North Korea, they still a freedom of expression of reminding people about Allah, to awaken people about Allah to bring them back to Allah. In Allah. Allah, Allah upon us just

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to convey upon Allah is to bring accountability, we make the effort, and Allah will respond to the effort wakulla Kohli had Ronnie welcome. When did you meet a Muslim enough first of all for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman Temasek Episode 19 A yo meet in

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the final part of the Hadith I mentioned. While I'm La Jolla, oulad I was not born and nannies they got to know born from me, is how Allah and I described that this other concept of reviling what they attribute to Allah Subhana Allah, and this once again is nothing but a refutation about the Christian that we find such passages inside the Bible, which according to him, at times, are picked up and removed at times, please stay in john 316. For God so loved the world He sent His only begotten Son. Why Amina had nothing I had been an Iranian none of the Christians can describe what is the meaning of Begotten Son, none of them can describe what the meaning of this can be met. And

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as sometimes they begin to place it somewhere to begin to remove it. But he held that we find a lot makes a rebuttal of this, that are lost and has no sun and has no need to take a son and no need for a benefactor an individual who come and takes care of Allah subhanho wa Taala hasha is what leads these people they perceive and what they think inside their lives. And as we find a simple message of Islam is a rebuttal of the concept of Trinity is a rebuttal of Christianity in general. And so Quran europese Allah the Quran focuses upon this. And it should be a lesson for many of us individuals living in what is classified as a so called Christian country, that we should focus upon

00:39:00--> 00:39:43

this of these individuals. And it's often mentioned in Sarasota, Florida, talking about the Christian individuals. Well, I didn't know that and the Latina and Latino call in Nana Sora you find the most closest of individuals, to those who believe are those who claim to call themselves under Sora. In today's language, those were the Christians. That's how Allah Allah describes these individuals. And prior to this, a lot of those individuals who showed the most extreme animosity and hatred to the believing individuals, Danica, Danica b&m in whom they can be seen, because amongst them adults, they are priests. And amongst unknown law, you're stuck Bureau, you find amongst them,

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

their monks and their priests who have a belief in Allah. And they are not arrogant individuals. And if you look at in general that you find, you don't find that priests amongst the arrogant individuals. And this is a side point, Elena, this should be a lesson for many

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

As individuals if the Quran says that amongst their priests and their monks are people who are arrogant individuals, lemma to hottie boom, that to him when you speak to them, don't become arrogant towards them. Don't revive them Don't look down upon them how how will antithetical ficolo been tried to enter into the mind and into the heart Don't become that so you find that when many of us in that argumentative debate today under sada that we find that it will becomes reviling and cursing. This is not this is not fun. It is not the art of Dawa a person if they know that they're not able to control themselves. Don't speak to such individuals if you get emotionally wound up

00:40:42--> 00:41:24

about what they may say, person should be controlling about themselves. That's when the Quran mentions one or two J Dilla. Handle kitabi inability he is and when you debate once again, debate with people of the book, debate with them in a mild manner, in a good manner. Like was the end of sort of none other readers submitted a bigger bill hikma Walmart has said our God Illuminati he acid could alter the way of a law with fear preaching and admonition. And if you begin to argument with them, then argument argue in a good manner. These are teaching manager Dawa teaching the Quran unlike many of our youth that we find it's all about reviling all about cursing, all about making

00:41:24--> 00:42:04

the individual look like a silly individual. Now, that's not should be intent. Your intent should be to have the sharks in Islam will be the coolest person to Islam. Make this person respond to Islam make this person become a better individual. And so Quran mentioned that these individuals are not arrogant individuals and the Quran strange is it continues why the summit room I own zero Sunni Torah you know, toughie, domina dreamin, Morocco, middle hoc currency that some of these under Sora some of the priests and some of the monks that we find, when when I yet have a law, when passages are recited upon these individuals with a messenger baudin Torah, you know, Luffy domina Remi

00:42:04--> 00:42:48

Morocco miniloc you find that the eyes begin to shed case, knowing that this is a truth that's been brought down to them. Yoku, Luna Robin Amanda Fact of the matter shahidi and you find they begin to respond. These are the Quran is describing these individuals. And they are very receptive. If we make that effort that you find that when they when they hear of a law, they hear the Quran de casa tuna joshy to refresh in your Eman and Sahil Buhari, and digestion with Abyssinian King, who never met the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. And he said that if I was to meet him, I would wash his feet with a blessing water that we have had as a medic. This is a king, king of Abyssinia that we find he

00:42:48--> 00:43:28

said if I meet a messenger, I would wash his feet. He said alpha men in our Bay know the difference between us and these individual is Muslim according to Mr huddle, hot madness, nine that I've just placed on the sand on the ground, there's a difference between Muslims and Christians. That's the difference that we find sudra Marina defined earlier mentioned reason revelation Surah marimon, 19 surah. It all talking about this concept about Christianity. And we should work on the emotions of these people about the about these stories about the Quran, how he addresses his individual brutal man, either the table spread what they classify the table, the final table spread the final supper,

00:43:28--> 00:44:06

The Last Supper that came down from the heavens, what Leonardo da Vinci in his painting of 1490, whatever it may be, of course, he tried to depict the final supper, the meeting of Christ and His disciples sitting there said they are very weary, they're very aware, a certain concept that exists existed is about us awakening those concepts from the Quran to remind these individuals about the belief in Allah Subhana Allah, while I'm yakun Lee Khufu went ahead, and I have no partners on to me, nothing is like unto Allah Subhana Allah, and this is the Muslim belief, a simple belief that we have, and we all understand it's really limited. So to us, that's sufficient for us to go out and

00:44:06--> 00:44:16

give that word to the wider society around us about the belief regarding Allah Subhana Allah and as we began with, stay away from excessive logic, philosophy,

00:44:18--> 00:44:44

while mantic Greek logic stay away from this horrible outcome, it wrecks the mind enters into Shiva doubts that we find that people they try to be always smart, that if I read about philosophy read about it read about this, it strengthens my argument it does this it presents this will come in a one in a how many of our brothers have entered into Chabot hardwire reading logic, reading philosophy and color shifts up in the Tamia

00:44:45--> 00:45:00

philosophy nursery what Elise Lamanna sorrow, they never aged philosophy or trying to reject philosophy why reading philosophy and they never benefit in Islam. And this is a specific science for certain individuals who are able to study it to understand certain principles.

00:45:00--> 00:45:23

So everyone lumen habla de bas reads about philosophy or reads about aka idle popular reads about false belief and then doesn't know how to tackle understand these belief reads about our VEDA, a hula she is Mary Leah reads about these extreme beliefs and think I can tackle these beliefs. I can assure up in Santa 20 years old, Nakashima

00:45:25--> 00:46:04

hasn't read anything from 20 years old thinks that he's going to refute classical debates that existed before Rockies and he focused upon the Quran and asuna Rocky's Allah, you're free to focus on that which will benefit you. Not everyone is going to be a debater, not everyone is going to be one who is going to be is personality. We should fall away for that person for that perception. But everyone can be a personality you understand the Quran, who lives by the Quran? Come in a nurse. How many people that you find simple simple things that we find? Simple individuals could only read one ayah to the Quran to disbelieving individually what the hell have you called be entered into the

00:46:04--> 00:46:44

heart entered into their mind? Just one ayah one simple if the Quran in the English translation they began to reflect upon the life that we find as an communists I mean, how many non Muslim just hate the call of prayer? Hey, the call of the prayer awakened the soul. Imagine we focus upon the Quran. And we came down from the Quran. Imagine the focus the impact with the people around us how much impact it will be, rather than try to get involved in things that create super hot inside our code. And thus we find a good mind leads to good obedience as we began with, in fact, it has a sound mind sound, a birder a sound light, we've got a slide become such simple for an individual, that every

00:46:44--> 00:47:24

single perception of this air revolves around the Quran. If people don't want to accept the Quran, or don't want to understand the Quran or reject the concept or the Quran, you've done your task. You don't need to get over worried that How should I decipher this verse of the Quran to help this person to understand this verse of the Quran is not your responsibility is not my responsibility in Annika lol Bella upon you just to convey the Quran? Yes, there may be certain intricate Ayah inside the Quran that a lot of see it needs some broader explanation, deeper explanation, but that's not the most of the Quran. Most of the Quran is crystal clear, is a book that's there to be understood

00:47:24--> 00:47:45

to be implemented. May Allah give us all a tofik inability to return back to the Quran, to understand the Quran and to be able to deliver the message of Quran to our own people and likewise the the wider people around us to make us to become a source of attraction to the new Islam to make it come into into our scales of media and center field filler here because a person

00:47:46--> 00:48:23

in a cafe really want to cause to goodness, it just like the one who does it. Want to cause a good just like the one who does x y on the day gentlemen person will come with a mountain of good deeds, mountain of Salawat mountains of zakka mountains of good deeds. shucks your call, the pastor said Where did his good deeds come from? I've never had so I've never done so many good deeds in my life. Where did these deeds come from? You call this individual you reminded this individual, you help this individual become Muslim. You remind them about Allah, every time they do a good action, like a Nazi minister, do you have a share of that reward? You have a share of that reward? What more do we

00:48:23--> 00:49:04

want? Every time I shared that reward? Like what do you find in the Hadees speak to Alibaba be positive that you want a home or not, um, that we find you with a red chicken, which is a prized commodity in today's language that we find a red Ferrari who wants a red Ferrari who wants a prized commodity a red chicharon for whom will it be given to an individual cool so law and a person responds to that person responds and enters Islam. That is the price given to an individual. This is the price that we should be searching for inside our lives. May Allah give us all the trophy and ability to do that inside our lives in the law one Malaika Teresa Luna Allen every year you Latina

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Emmylou sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad Ganesha later Deborah hemara Deborah manga hamidou Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed Kamara Dr. Deborah hemara alibre humana hamidou Majeed robina Tina Fey Tanya Hashanah Warfield, cara de hacer una joaquina Robin, Robin algo alumna Susana wild mtuc fildena with an akuna Minal Casa de Robin aphelion, only 100 of the NSF acuna will Eamon alfia Co Op Nikita Linda Dina Manu robina in Nakuru for Rahim, Robert Africa, Elena sobre, wasabi Tokuda, marazzo norelco mill Catherine from Canada to Jackalope, Ana de de de tener la miel de dum kurama encanta la hub robina habla de Muniz vergina Ria Tina kurata Yun

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tokina Imam rubbernecker coppermine Dinah canta Samuel Aleem watauga Elena in Nikita taba Rahim subhanak vichara

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Believing that the unknown was mostly known hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Pomona schelotto Muhammad komaba

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