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Allah takes an oath by the pen!

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Sajid Ahmed Umar

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Islam is the opposite of ignorance. If you look at Islam, its foundation is a Quran. Any Cora means read. And when you read you become educated. This is the foundation of Islam. The pen or instrument of Islam, the instrument of Islam is the pen. The pen is a learning instrument is an instrument of education. Allah subhanho wa Taala takes a person by the pen. Allah says loon will call me Mama your stone. Allah takes a person by the pen. Allah doesn't take an oath or atheism except by that which is important. Allah takes us on by the pen. And in Surah Cora Cora Bismillah beaker lady, Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says it a lady Allah mabille column, though, the one who taught by the pen,

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so the pen is the instrument of Islam, and the pen is an instrument of education.