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In a episode of Adrianna's "vesting of the prophets of Hamlet" show, the hosts discuss the loss of the previous year, the decision to attack Muslims, and the importance of following the instructions of the Prophet. They also mention the upcoming episode on "vesting of the prophets of Hamlet" and the potential for "the next episode" to explore the loss of the previous year.

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Welcome to another episode of Ramadan 2018. Day 27. We're still talking about the previous one, the seal of the prophets of Hamlet, most of them. Now Prophet Mohammed is about, you know, 56 years old. He was 55 you know, the previous year, you know, when button happened, when better the battle, the Battle of battle happened, he was about 55. A year later, he was 56 that's where the Polish because they could not swallow the fact that they have lost the battle of battle. So they decided to attack the Muslims. And the prophet SAW Islam he consulted with the Sahaba he saw a dream and he told them that in that dream, he saw some cows being killed. He saw a crookedness you know, in his, in his

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sword, he interpreted that as some bloodshed will happen, you know, and killing would happen to his companions. And a member of his family, you know, was gonna, you know, he interpreted that he was gonna get killed, you know, in that vision that he saw some allergies and so his opinion was not to come out. But those the hobbies, especially those who did not participate in but they were so adamant that, you know, we want to proceed with, with with war. And so the profit went inside the loss limit, then he put his gear, and then he came out and then those hobbies who kind of like, persuaded and push the profit to accept the the suggestion to go for the war, they decided that

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maybe, you know, we were a bit harsh on the prophet and then he they said yes, let's not go and then the Prophet knows that, you know, it is not befitting for a prophet who puts his gear on to you know, remove it. And here is a definitely an amazing lesson that when you make a decision, you proceed with it. When a decision is made, and there's a consensus and it has you move on with it, you know, this is one of the lessons we learn here. But at any rate,

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they came out and they met in the in is not far from Medina. Yeah. And you can see from the measures of the Prophet Mohammed also sit down and you can you can have a view to the Mount of oil, that's where they met. This time the Muslims were about 1000 right on the way 300 hypocrites they retreated, they said well, the prophet initially did not want to come so they just retreated. So they were left with 700 from the Polish side led by Abu Sufyan they were 3000 3000 you have something called Mei, Mei salah and then the heart you know may may not visit the right hand side of the battlefield you know of the army and then the depth side and then you have the heart the heart

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was led by Abu Sophia and you have equity man

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and it had what he was not Muslim at the time. Right and then from the Muslim cap you have Roberto le and Hamza or the old

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age may

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they get noticed you know some Muslims notice you know in this it's called the mouth of the archers in the in the land of

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Allah there's this small mount and hadn't been worried was sort of no not kept in there but he was with his you know an army

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of about 307 100 and then 2000 let you know by Abu Sofia.

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So he had 300 and the Muslims they saw that there was something you know, fishy about you know how to do it. So the Prophet Mohammed Aslam sent 5050 hobbies led by side mutual aid and he told them not to move to go and to remain in the in that mount and not to move from their positions. So the instructions were very very clear whether you see us winning or losing stay put the battle started there was no time to do any duel whatsoever and the Muslims straight when after the one holding the or carrying the flag because ml from each camp or from each army there's always somebody you know carrying the flag the flag of the of the of the of the army and then the the if the flag goes down

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is a symbol that you know that army has lost the battle. So the Muslims you know Zubair and Annie right away they went straight for the one carrying you know that holding the, the

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the flag and and and killed him and then there was another person who carried the flag seven people carried that flag down

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They and they were all killed. As soon as the fact goes up, it goes down. So price, you know, got really shaken and they started retreating. In no time any the battle was over. But then what happened was, everything took a switch, because of only a handful of people. So Pamela, who did not follow the clear instructions of the Prophet, if I were to ask you today Now, how many Muslims today are not

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obeying or following some of the students of the Prophet Mohammed.

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And we wonder what's happening to the Muslims? What really happened with in the next episode?