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You saw a Muslim doing something hard on us saw your brother doing something hard on us so a sister you doing your you saw your sister's doing something haram and instead of coming to the public, exposing them you conceal those sins

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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I personally believe that the next point that I'm going to talk about after Islam it is the indeed in my view in Now there is one of the greatest scenario of Allah

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we all acknowledge we conclude the greatest snare Madonna loss of Hannah Hall water Allah shower upon us is an incremental Islam

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and that's why some of them are sitting when they were giving the Tafseer of soda to her they say whenever whenever was when a loss of how now what I mentioned in the Quran will be near Matera Becca for Hadith ad they refer to the deen of Islam

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Medina and Matera Becca for Hadith that is indeed the greatest Nima upon us.

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Look at the condition of the people outside today.

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Look what they were doing last night.

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None of you eat Mila and insha Allah none of you were part of that.

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And the only reason you were sheltered The only reason you were protected from that the only reason you were not part of that because of nearmetrade Islam and because of your email.

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So say at hamdulillah for the name

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that you did not work for it.

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Say Al Hamdulillah for the gift of a law that came to you and I for free near mutton Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said in the Quran, woman Yep, totally legal Islamic Deen and felony you better men

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who ever take any path other than the path of least suddenly will not be accepted, accepted accepted from him.

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In Nadine, indeed, a dnn. The law he in the sight of a law is an Islam in the dinner in the loyal Islam.

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Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam almost for 13 years. He was trying to sell the Orange County Mattila ilaha illa Allah by saying to them, yeah, a yohannes Ooh, la la, la la to flick through, or people say law, in law law, and you will be successful. So there is no greater greater nerima than the near metal Islam.

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And I know Allah has showers many neerim on us

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And we were taught in the haoran.

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If you want more now,

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all you need to do is be grateful

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and alasa weather in Chicago to let azita know calm.

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And if you're grateful for the near term that I've blessed you with, then I'll give you more. If you're grateful for the children that I bless you with, I'll give you more righteous children. If you are grateful for the behavior of your spouse, then I will make them more righteous. If you're grateful for what I even given you from the wealth of this dunya then I will give you more all you need to do is understand the equation which is be grateful to Allah and I'll give it to you

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whether azita nutcombe

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but in my view,

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one of the greatest among the most of us are not appreciated don't do not appreciate and you do not consider daily in my view is NEMA to such

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a such

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a certain means there were a lot conceals your fault.

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Today I was sitting in the restaurant.

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I was sitting in the restaurant and I saw you coming lining up on the street

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and I see you sisters and brothers alike. When you see someone that you know you will go to him and you will have your Muslim brother and you will shake his hand. Sister when you saw someone that you knew you run to her on you hug her.

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Now imagine

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if you on her on you and him Imagine if your sins were exposed

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Imagine if she knew your sins.

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Imagine if he knew your sins or he just committed.

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Imagine some of you who's sitting right here last night you were somewhere else.

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And you play righteous right here. But you were somewhere else last night.

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Imagine how Allah expose you to everyone that you see.

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Do you think they will come and hug you?

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Do you think they will come and shake your hands and Masha Allah Baraka la, la la

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ciudad de la one of the other ma was asked Kay for a spa. How was your morning? How was your day or a sweat to be in a near maintaining the oven? He said I am I'm in the middle of two nerima I don't know which one is greater

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honor Leuven. satara. Hola Hua Li

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Wang Yu IE Ronnie.

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So Han Allah. He says, since Allah conceal them, and none of his creation can mock me because of my sins. No one can say to you, you were there last night. You text message someone last night You're not supposed to. You saw something that last night that was haram for you, but no one else saw it but you and Allah.

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So he said I'm between to Nima Nima that a lot considering all my sins and nobody knows about them.

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When my when my word, Allah Allah, Allah will be bad. He said and an AMA that Allah made people like me. Let me have Aloha. I'm Ali. My D did not reach there.

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He said I did some deeds. Yes. I praise a lot of fudger Yes. But I did not do that much GIS for these Muslims to like me and to love me

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I didn't do it

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mmm Imagine you're above the law.

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If everybody knew your sins your whole journey Abdullah bin Hamad Al castanea poets power law he was talking to people but you're talking about what people need him he said well law Hello Ollie Mojave hacer de la voz Santa Maria manual only. While there are only one man No

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wonder about the kurama Tb one, lakh and satara Tamara idioma 30 v. Hunter and SOHCAHTOA answer. He said well law he if these people knew my sins, none of them. None of them would shake my hands. But you're a law. You consider that you conceal my sins from the eyes of the people.

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There is this is the greatest cinema. Do you think if you knew my sins? Do you think any one of you would be sitting here listening to me? Do you think if I knew your sins, I will come here and address you.

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So the greatest

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is the no matter law has covered you fault. Your wife doesn't know what you did. Your husband doesn't know what you did. Imagine if you come home and your children can tell what you did today.

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Do you think they will respect you and I know a lot I know a lot. So the greatest snare that every day that we should be grateful for is a nightmare that Allah concealed the sins of Benny Adam from us.

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So let us see what we can do a Baba LA. See Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said in Sahih Muslim. He said

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no servant

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would conceal the servant of others. except Allah subhana wa tada would conceal his sins in both dunya and

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or a woman satara Muslim and satara Hola. Hola. Dunya. When?

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you need to understand you are a sinner. And it is indeed by the mercy of Allah. No one knows your sins, so you should not.

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You should never ever belittle other people because you think you saw them committing a sin.

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And remember what the Messenger of Allah is saying sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you conceal the sin of a Muslim, you saw a Muslim doing something haram you saw your brother doing something haram us so a sister you doing your use or your sister's doing something haram and instead of coming to the public and exposing them, you conceal those sins

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on the day of Yom Yom

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Allah would conceal your sin

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in Hades Abdullah him normally Pablo de la el barrio Muslim. Look what happened to your sins on the day of your multi ama. Your own.

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Allah will bring imagine your monkey arms like this.

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Imagine there's a stage that is set up for the hisab imagine everybody who's sitting here is they also go do you go on to be the we're all going to be there but in a larger number, but the difference is there would be no nice roof over your head. There would be no nice outfit you will be wearing. There would be no nice light. It is only the sun and a bright white sun and none of us is dressed.

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All of us are naked.

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No status. No wealth. ohana Anna Maria heliconius Tanya hufa Hulu Samantha Hina solo sama, faesal cylinder, Ivana danfoss nothing.

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The holder is a yo yo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of Yama. Yama, people will be resurrected naked and there is a Yara Salalah original one Nisa of messenger over la men and women would be together and dress naked color your eyes Your eyes, the situation is severe than that is more than you will be attracted to the opposite side because on that day everybody will be saying enough see enough's enough See, no one else.

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On that day Allah will call you to the podium.

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Not to give a lecture

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not to receive a word. Not to be praised. What do you did not to get your degree, but definitely you will get your degree and different level.

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And then if you are not min Allah subhanho wa Taala when Linda Hill method Allah Allah I am not using this justice to say a lot is like this, but I'm showing it to you so you can understand your whole Navy use Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah will bring the person to the stage, and then Allah would conceal the person between himself between the people and that person.

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So this conversation would be only between a law and you

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and a law was say to you and I

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do you remember that sin?

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At Escuela de cada waka? Do you remember what you did that day?

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Do you remember when you were alone and nobody else was there? Do you remember what you did?

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And you were said the person woman will say yes. And say Do you remember that other sin?

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And the person will say yes

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or no.

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To the point that the person would assume that he's done.

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And Allah was say to him, God satara to her alayka freedonia what Anna Leona us to Holly.

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He say I conceal that sin from the people in dunya and today, no one else would be able to see it harder for your pocketable personality. And that person will receive this good book with his right hand Aloma aluminum cola I mean,

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we ask a lot to make us among the people will receive the book with their right hand corner I mean

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and the Mona

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and the people of jahannam. Luca What happened to them?

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A lot I would call them

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and everybody will be able to see

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everybody would be able to see it.

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And your whole Navy Naveen Hadid hustler Lee, he said a man will come on the day of your multi ama kaha sanity Mr. Jeeva at him. He said he will come on the day of Yeoman came with a salad with good decent like the mountains of the mountains in Yemen and Saudi.

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and Allah will turn all those good deeds, the mountain like these, Allah will turn them into dust.

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The Sahaba Surya Rasul Allah Why, why would that person has to not be turned into Deus has no wait.

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The Messenger of Allah said

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Allah in the home can Allahu Minh and Lady mithuna mala come, he said in de those people used to pray a pm and lay not Salatin insha Allah, Muslim, now regular Salah he said they used to press the MLA, the way you pray, your abubaker the way you pray your Roman the way you pray, Earth man, the way you pray your eyes. They

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used to pray for him and they like the way you pray. And they used to fast the same way that he used to fast. Then why?

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why would these be turned into dust?

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on our can either Hello be Muharram Allah

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Subhana Allah, He said yet, when they're alone with the sins when they nobody else can see.

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They will cross all the limits.

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No one else can see. You hold on one of the tabs and he said, on the day of Yama, Yama, Allah may say to you, I am the old my servant. He said when you do mercy in front of Allah alone.

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When you do morass in front of Allah alone, when you hide it from your sisters, when you hide it from your siblings, when you hide it from your parents, when you hide it from your husband, when you hide it from your wife, when you hide it from everyone else, and you do it in front of the law alone, knowing that a lie is still looking at you your whole job interview raba I'm Natasha Abdullah and you are an aka Yeoman Yama I Abdi akin to one another in a in a net afraid that Allah will say to you on the day of Yeoman famine was I least of your concern?

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Because you didn't want your neighbors to see your sins. But you didn't write in front of me.

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You did not want your children to see your sin. But you did it right in front of me Allah may say

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you hid it from everyone, but you are so bold that you committed right in front of me.

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And don't think because allies extending the distance and the time for you that a lot is heatless don't think that way.

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Your hola Zane and Abby Dyneema llama lohani Hazel, Eleni waka, tema de to see them the Warriors toorani and a lady

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Ada Alan Massey. Why in law, he is in an RV and he says Subhan Allah, Allah is so patient with me. He say Indeed, I commit mercy after mercy after mercy. While Allah is looking at me while I conceal the anime showed nobody else is looking at me.

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So on the day of yom Okayama

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a munafo a sinner, his sins would be exposed and his man would be turned into evil deeds.

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I want to give you only a few things.

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Few things

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number one,

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if you commit a sin

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don't publicize it.

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If you commit a sin, don't publicize because it's a hell Buhari some young men and women they talk to each other and they think they are so cool. You know they are so fine. They are so into this when they tell each other what they did.

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But the messenger overload in Buhari he said he couldn't do it every single of my oma can be pardoned can be forgiven, except those who will expose their sins they commit sin and no one else can see but they come in the morning and they say I did this last night I spoke to so on So I had a date with so long so I did this and that.

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He said those will not be forgiven. Your Holiness Raja.

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Merci. Merci. Merci. Merci two times Mercia

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that you are ashamed of, you don't want anyone to know. And you're asking Allah for such you asking Allah to not expose you. And he say on that, mainly Allah may forgive. He said, but the master Allah may not forgive is the mercy that you commit, and you're so arrogant, they are so proud about and you come out and you say I did this last night.

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I did this yesterday.

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He says those are the Massey oshada sahibi. Those are the mercy the man who committed the person who commits most likely will be doomed.

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Number two, number one you conceal. You must see if you did, don't publicize your sins.

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Number two,

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don't wish mercy and evil deeds for others.

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Because Allah said, in the Latina you he born and for anti alpha heisha to fillerina Amanullah Hamada le dunya what he says those who desire

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evil deeds for others,

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not that they actually pushed them to do it. But they want people to be thinners like them. They want everyone to smoke shisha or to smoke cigarettes, or to drink, or to party or to listen to music. So they can all be in the same level. Allah says those, the reward would be added in dunya. And not only in Africa, but they will be punished in this journey and here act

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in both.

00:20:32--> 00:20:33

So don't wish that for others.

00:20:34--> 00:20:37

And when you see someone doing maaseiah

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try to conceal it and try to understand and don't hate the person, but hate the sin of witherell or Ferrari or the lone wolf

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that they saw this young man was being beaten by his friends. And then he came in he stopped his friends. And the people they say, yeah, ba da da, da, da, da, da da masana. Don't you know what he did? He said, Yes. Oh, chakra he said, don't do that. They say to him, don't you hate him and what he did he say, No, I don't hate him.

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But I hate the sin.

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I hate the sin.

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So try the number three Eva law

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number seven, number two, I'm sorry. Number three, I mean,

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ask Allah to forgive you

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and is still far.

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Howdy NSP kinematical Buhari.

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A man came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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A man came to the Messenger of Allah for Allah yada sola la woke up to he had a hidden or missing your Avila I have committed a sin so purify me and as well how about it Sala and the solid iqama was called and then he got up and the Messenger of Allah walked away because Salah was calm and then they pray selected Gemma and then the Sahabi came to the messenger overload and he said jasola law I just told you I commit a sin so purify me applied the head on over law on me

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for a cut sir later man wakasa later mana you pray with us he said yes.

00:22:22--> 00:22:23

con esta de la

00:22:24--> 00:22:35

escuela to forgive you and keep doing good deeds and don't worry about it. Don't worry about it doesn't mean you keep doing means don't apply. Don't go after the dude.

00:22:37--> 00:22:44

And his mother You know, Javelin aviya sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can listen to what he says a long run on

00:22:45--> 00:22:53

what they say and has done at a tempo. Ha he said every time that you do bad deeds, following with good deeds, and he will wipe it away.

00:22:55--> 00:23:21

You did something bad don't say you know I'm a bad person. Let me do it another one. And let me do a third one. Let me do a fourth one know that go by performing another good deed and another good deed and another good deeds every time that you do bad deeds. ask Allah for forgiveness and hope that Allah will forgive you for and don't relax, get don't give up from the Rahmatullah subhana wa Taala. Yoda Romar

00:23:23--> 00:23:24

will conclude this with two stories.

00:23:25--> 00:23:26

He said.

00:23:27--> 00:24:09

When Abdullah had been over, he had been a saloon passed away. And his son This is the immediate Muna 15 he passed away. And then the Messenger of Allah was sitting on his son, the moon Africa son who is a movement, he came to the Messenger of Allah, a Sierra solo law, my father died and you know what he is, you know, you're missing your overload. Can you please come and leave Salatin, Jenna's on him and the Messenger of Allah subhana wa rahmatullah material and I mean, he got up to leave the salon. And when he came to make tech beer and ABA live in Minnesota, right in front of him, and he wants to make tech beer Allahu Akbar, Omar jump from the back and he stood between the janessa

00:24:09--> 00:24:26

rasulillah. And he says, Yasser Allah, don't pray on this man. He's a munaf you know what he is? don't pray on him for color ilica Ania Amara out of my way, and he came back he said, No yada so you know, preying on this man, he is a Muna

00:24:28--> 00:24:54

unto the Messenger of Allah say out of my way, and he led the Salah, but Allah even though Allah agreed with Rama, and he said, and after that, do not pray in any one of them yet or Modi said, because of that sin, I keep giving sadaqa I keep praying pmla I keep fasting because I objected messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when you do a Masia, don't give up, keep doing good deeds. The last one is above the law.

00:24:55--> 00:25:00

And this is a beautiful story that I read. I have exactly five minutes

00:25:01--> 00:25:02

This is the last one.

00:25:04--> 00:25:07

Please. And I said it lightly. But please,

00:25:08--> 00:25:16

please, if you want the reward of a law and the reward of

00:25:18--> 00:25:19

Do one thing.

00:25:20--> 00:25:28

be blind from what other people do and concentrate on yourself. Concentrate on yourself.

00:25:30--> 00:25:51

Don't judge people. Sisters, you may sit next to her sister who was not dressed the way you want her to dress. Or maybe she hasn't put makeup on. But as you may be sitting someone that you think he does something hard on his pants too long, he shaved a beer he trimmed a beer. Don't judge the people you would not send to judge people.

00:25:53--> 00:26:18

But if you see something that you think is not Islamic, have a nice naseeha conceal secret Nazi and move on. I want to conclude with a beautiful story that Nabulsi Lucy Rahim Allah in the Misha wrote, and I want this is a beautiful story. And this is his revolve in an issue that most of us will not act that way.

00:26:20--> 00:26:24

And also he said, an Imam told me, he said,

00:26:26--> 00:27:12

he said the Imam. He slept one of those night after Salatin, Russia, and then he saw Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his dream Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the man, yeah, man, Tell your neighbor, Tell your neighbor, Tell your neighbor. He is my neighbor in Ghana. So the Imam he said I say to myself, he did not, you know, not talking about me. I'm the man. I'm the habit. I'm the Imam, the Mufti. But he's talking about some simple man that I know he who only just goes out and sell basic things on the streets. And he's not an email. Mr. Adam is not a Mufti. Why would he deserve to be without a sort of life in general? So he said, in a state of shock,

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instead of doubt, I kept it to myself. But the next night, the same same thing happened. And the third night The same thing happened. A soldier kept coming back until I went to the man and said, Yeah, had on this man, messenger. Avila was coming to me three nights in a row, telling me you are his neighbor in general, what did you do?

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Why did you How come you received that status. And you became not only at peace from the people of gender, you became from the you became a neighbor for so long? So the man told him after a long discussion, he said, It's a long story. But to summarize it, he said, I got married to this beautiful young lady, whom Her father is well respected in the community well respected. And he said, in her work on our wedding night, she sat on the bed, she started crying. And I thought to myself, she's shy, because she's never been with the man she lives in, in Syria. She lives in a Muslim country and out of country and is able to have a boyfriend and so on. She said, I said to her

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La La key, don't be afraid. Don't worry. We'll get to see each other. She said, No, that's not what I'm crying. She said, I am pregnant from Xena.

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I am pregnant from Xena. He said I didn't know what to do. If I come out and expose her, then the whole city would know about her and her family. And this old man that is well respected will no longer be respected. So I decided to conceal the sin and to look into my own sins and say, May Allah forgive me, I forgive her. And I did want that. He said, I kept her home in a different room.

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And you say Finally, the night where she was delivering her child. And she delivered the child. I took that baby. And I said give the baby to me, bring him to you to deliver a beautiful little boy. And I took the baby to Salatin failure to the mesh that I used to go and I purposely went to the masjid late and I put up the mess put the baby right inside the masjid and I proceeded to the gym I'm making sure that I can see the child also. And when the Imam says salaam aleikum wa Salam Alikum and the people who are about to leave, they saw this baby and the people like a stop or last somebody left the baby here. soprano, Allah Subhana Allah. He said, then I said, Oh my God, my wife

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always wanted to raise a team.

00:29:39--> 00:29:49

My wife always wanted to raise someone who has no parents, give the baby to me, will will raise him. So I took the baby, I gave it to my wife.

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And I said to her, I will never tell you story to anyone. But I'm only telling you because I want the reward of being next to us.

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Sort of light in general.

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So yeah if What if you let if you conceal someone's fall and you look into yourself then allow me We will you like that ultimate testament honor ceremony.