Does a 16 Year Old Who Has Worked Pay Zakat

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Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers

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So I'm 16 years old, I handled, I was able to save some money I worked maybe in the summer, maybe during school and so on, and I'm having enough money right now that I think I should pay the car or not, I don't know, because I'm still considered minor. So I will pay the car on the money that I've collected or not.

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The answer to this is that the car has nothing to do with the age of the owner, or the owner who possesses that money, the car is actually on the wealth itself, regardless of the age of the individual. So in this case, whether it's a minor or an older person, we look at the amount of money that it's there even for the item for the orphans as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in Surah

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Surah Nisa that even the orphans you know, the money is kept in the hands of the Guardians. So the guards are responsible for the money for the for the for the orphans. So therefore, we look at the money, the money reach the threshold, which means as a car mount, the minimum amount for this account, which is around 81 grams of pure gold, so, probably maybe four or $5,000 of our time.

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If you had this much money, 4000 $5,000, for example, and an entire year passed by, then your money never went below that figure it increased, maybe fluctuated, but it never went below that figure anytime throughout the year. In this case, you become obliged to pay 2.5% of that amount or the current Sharlto Baraka data once again, it has nothing to do with your age. It has to do with the amount of money that you have, if that money stays in your hand, in your possession, at least in this case, for an entire year increased fluctuated but never went below that figure of the threshold or undissolved. Then you need to pay 2.5% shallow to botica with Allah ml accept from your anatomy