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I said why do you love him? She said he's always Mashallah. always smiling. I said Tamara color What else? He always says Allah and our solar lights Allah La Valley center. I said, Do you think when these days is when they go home, they just talk the way we talk?

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You know, have you ever seen me getting up for my bed?

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You will run for your life.

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I feel sorry for my wife.

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When I get up in the morning, no wants to talk to me. Until I have my cup my cup of coffee. And then if the kids are running around in my mind as I Why did I have them?

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And then in my mind, where can i donate them? Nobody would take them.

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When rubella he mysuru Liam fusina woman see Marina Maria de la hufa who was martyred woman yoga Lin fell into je de la who worry and murshida

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Why should you Allah Allah illallah wa hola Sheree. Kela shawanna Mohammed Abu hora sudo

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Yeah, you have larina Amara taco la haka to Kati Morton. Illa and to Muslim moon. Yeah, au Hannah sutopo Bakula? De hakomi nevsun wahida wahala caminhada min humare. JOHN and Catherine one is what talkin la la de de Luna v one or hum in la hochanda la camara de la

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Yeah, you holla Nina I'm an otaku la aku Odin serie de la cama Morocco. We are Filipino bakuman hawara surah who flokati faza fosun alima Ahmad Eva la llamada khademi kurama la vida de Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sharada Morimoto de tu Hakuna Matata 13 VEDA COVID-19 Baraka llogara. tv now

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I'm originally from Somalia.

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But I lived in Canada.

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And I don't know if you can understand my accent.

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Because you guys talk too fast.

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I noticed two things when I landed two things. One that you Tabata Cola, you speak so fast, and I cannot understand you. That's number one.

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Number two, I did not see any black person at the airport.

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What happened to the black people?

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So I was thinking I was like, you know, I'm going to this new city. This is my first time in this part of the world first time ever.

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And I was thinking

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Are there any Somalis?

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And as soon as I got out of the car, there were two of them waiting for me Mashallah. Like mother can move to some heinola

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do we have so much here?

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Where how many how many Somalis?

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Marcia, we are everywhere.

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You go to China at the airport, they are Somalis. You go to New York City at the airport. There are so many you come to this city there is no black people.

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So I hope you understand my accent. And when I speak I hope you don't feel that I'm speaking too slow.

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I also noticed every share who came here was wearing portra ambition. Am I right?

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I'm the only one who don't have that. That's discrimination.

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That is against the principles of a dice. If everyone is coming here wearing rubbish they should give me one for free.

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Say the car do you have one for me?

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So my talk will be very short because I know you've been sitting here for a very long time. And to make you to listen to the last lecture is not the best thing to do but I'll make it short.

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My topic is how

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can Allah What should we do for a lot to love us?

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It's very serious.

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And if Allah love us, what are we gaining?

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Two questions. If Allah loves you, you will gain two things.

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if Allah loves you subhanho wa Taala camisa Buhari will muslimin howdy Abba hora if Allah loves you, Allah subhanho wa Taala will call GBT Ronnie his Salah Angie we will not discriminate you when I say you you live in, you know Scotland and you white Come on the podium, you you black stay back, you know, it won't be like that. But when Allah will call gv and Angela will see to gibreel in Neo Hebrew Abdi funa I love my servants, so on So therefore, you must love him as well. So Hello, beautiful, you know, every time I mentioned this Hadith, and I do mention it a lot. I you know, every single hair of my body stands up. You know, I get goosebumps, because I can I can Subhanallah

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Imagine if there's an important person in your country. The most important person calls you for invitation, or call someone who has a lot of power on your behalf. And then that important person mentions you. Whether is the queen, what is the president, whether is Trump whatever who has a hope Trump will never call you and say I'm in Europe

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as a scary moment,

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but somebody that is important calls you.

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I guarantee you, you will feel so honored. And I guarantee you, you will share that with everybody that you know

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if chef Mufti mink, says Brother, come, take picture with me on the podium. Voila, you will send it to everyone.

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You are sent to the people in Pakistan who don't even know Mufti mink, I'm sure they do.

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You were sent to the village in Somalia and say Mufti mink took pictures with me.

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You know, because he's a person of significance.

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You feel proud. You feel important.

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But imagine if Allah calls g v.

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And he says to G ri, O g believe, my server and so on. So I love him. And I want you to love him.

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I want you to love him too. And you really wouldn't say you're Allah. He lives at the end of the world. He lives a place called What do you guys call your city Glasgow?

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You know, Jimmy would not object.

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gv because he's an angel Allah subhana wa tada said, Leia Sona LA. Mama hongwei. If

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they don't disobey Allah, they will love you immediately.

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But I want you to remember to imagine the status of this and it did happen to one of the Sahaba is the head Buhari you Muslim in Hadith NSP nomadic messenger Overlord, after the Salah, he turned to the Sahaba and he said to them, to obey, obey, obey, in Allaha Amani, an opera La Jolla, you healthcare for you. I'm sorry, yeah. So and then you're Canadian accuform in

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And we have been covered the long run cannot imagine him being a simple human being. him being nothing is nothing but a mercy of Allah. He accepted Islam through the mercy of Allah, he became a habit through the mercy of Allah, he became a companion for solace through the mercy of Allah. Yet, Allah said to His Messenger, go and recite Surah tilbyder to obey and obey you could not process that. So he said to the Messenger of Allah, yada Salalah was a man in law who luck or messenger of Allah Allah named me by that name by my name. Did he just say really to everybody recite to everybody? Or did he say no, recite?

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He say no, Allah said, recite, obey even

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will even start to cry.

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In southern Italy,

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he could not believe the messenger overlong photon, Allahu Amara, by Allah. Allah order you to do this. He said yes. And you could not carry the conversation after.

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The second thing that you will gain if Allah loves you.

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You will not be touched by Johanna nesara law say we ask a lot to make us among those whom he loves them in

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infamous thought that I can hack him. The Messenger of Allah said what law he law you're looking law Habiba. houfy not by Allah, Allah will not throw the ones that he loves them into jahannam so if Allah loves you jahannam will never touch. So what should we do for a lot to love us, I just want to mention seven things. So be shall have somewhat of these seven things very quick.

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Four of them in one Hadeeth and I'll give you the other three. And the Hadees that I'm going to mention mentioned, is one of the tabs of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Tabby remains, the students of the Sahaba. So he is a tablet of the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam this Sahabi this some sort of this Tabby, he came to the mission in Syria, and he entered a mystery. And when he entered the masjid, he saw a beautiful Hello. But in the middle of the halaqa, there was this very handsome man, a young man sitting in the middle of the halaqa He is not talking a lot. He is not giving a lecture. He's just listening to the rest of the people and people are

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talking around him and but what they different in any issue, they will ask him

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so this man, I will Idris he said to the man who was sitting next to him, man,

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who was this, you know, handsome man, that everybody is listening to him. Honor in Houma, Divina Jabba. He is

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a companion for Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So he said I love the mission after Salatin, Asia, and it came early next morning so I can be the first person to be in the message. But I realized why the devil is already in the masjid. Subhana Allah already in the midst. Now when I've been in Japan, he didn't say I'm a Sahabi I don't have to go to the masjid early. You know, I did Jihad he sabini la at the time of Rasulullah I don't have to go to the mystery early. You know, I am the email of the own amount on the day of Yokohama Therefore, I don't need to go to the masjid early. I'm from the people of gender. I am the man of the Messenger of Allah certian in new Hebrew

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kya Murat. Yet, he was the first person to go to the masjid.

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So he said, he said I walked into the masjid. And I realized Maha Divina, Javelin. He's praying. So I waited after I finished my targeted Masjid. And when he said a Salaam Aleykum Selam Aleykum. He said, I sat in front of him. And without any introduction, introduction, I didn't say my name is Sawa. So I am from this tribe. But I said to him, in his book aphylla I love you for the sake of Allah, not even a job at first time seeing this man and he's sitting. So he said to him, Allah, by Allah, you love me for the sake of Allah. He said, By Allah, I love you for the sake of he repeated three times. And he grabbed him by the shoulder. And he said, If glad tidings if you truly love me

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for the sake of Allah. Then I heard the Messenger of Allah saying this, and this is for the first four things that I would mention. He said, I heard the Messenger of Allah saying, what Jabba Mahabharata lil Mota have been a fee. When mutagen is seen a fee one Mutasa, we're in a fee, one. What about the Lena fee, four categories of people. If you want a lot to love you at least try to be a part of this four category. He said the first one, first one. Allah said, Allah made Rajim upon himself, that he will love everyone that loves another person for the sake of Allah.

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I repeat,

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Allah made words upon himself, that he would love anyone who loves another person, for the sake of Allah.

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Let me ask you this question. How many people truly that you love him or her for the sake of Allah.

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I gave this how this this lecture was long time ago, in in the University of Calgary in Canada.

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So the brother, I said, I said the Hadith, and one of the other after the talk is to share, I really, really, really enjoyed your talk. I said, Mashallah. And as I said, Do you have anybody that you love for the sake of Allah? He said, Well, I do. I do. And so what is his name? He said, her name is Jennifer.

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I said she's a Muslim. She's your wife. She's your sister. Definitely that I could not. He say no.

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But insha Allah mikdash you would accept Islam one day.

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I said so what? How do you love her for the sake of Allah? She's not even a Muslim. How do you, she said is Russia she sits right next to me in the class, Masha Allah. He said, Newell of a man is coming out of her face.

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I say, you just told me she's not a Muslim. He said, I can tell from her heart. Every time that I asked her a question. And she smiles one lie, I can see day in and day out myself.

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I said that is not what the Hadith means. That's definitely what the Hadees mean. And it means he'll find somebody who's righteous.

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Someone who was there before you at the masjid, someone who have more taqwa than you know of yourself. Someone who studies the DEA for the sake of Allah, someone who gives sadaqa that's the one that you love him for the sake of Allah. Not Jennifer.

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Jennifer know, somebody that you care about because of his Deen because the navia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam anti muslim, the hubbub. Look what he said about the categories of people. He said on the day of Yom Yom, there would be people who are so close to Allah, so close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the MBR, the navies and the Shahid and you know what Navy isn't University is Navy is someone who is guided by Allah shahidi is someone who gave his soul for the sake of Allah, the Navy and they say he would he would say to themselves, what did they do to deserve that status? They are close to Allah, what did they do to deserve that status? So one of the Sahaba said, jasola what

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do they do?

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The Messenger of Allah. He said there are people who love to one another, on the for the sake of Allah, without any blood ties, and without any business transaction, just for the sake of Allah. So I asked yourself, do you know four people five people that you love them for the sake of don't say Allah say the poly. I love Mufti mink? That's a TV screen love

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that's a screen love you really don't love this room. I know you love them, but she don't know what we do. Right? He never lived with us. You can be you know, living with somebody that much Mashallah, I'm sorry, you can be you can live with somebody that much. And then he said, I learned from the sake of Allah, not just because you watch his lunch

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will live as a Mashallah one of the sisters. She said, I love that chef.

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For the sake of Allah. I said, Sure.

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I said, Why do you love him? She said, He's always Mashallah. always smiling. I said, Tamara Cola, what else? He always says Allah and our solar lights and the lava Halima center. I said, Do you think when these that is when they go home, they just talk the way we talk?

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You know, have you ever seen me getting them for my bed?

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You will run for your life.

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I feel sorry for my wife.

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When I get up in the morning, no one should talk to me until I have my cup, my cup of coffee. And then if the kids run around in my mind as I Why did I have them?

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And then in my mind said, Where can I donate them? Nobody would take him.

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But you think you see them on the screen? Or I love him for the sake of Allah. He's a nice shirt. No, that is not the love that would find four or five people that you really love them for the sake of Allah. That's the first category. The second category he said, When mutagen is seen a fee, those who were sit together for the sake of Allah, for the sake of Allah.

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Not for political reasons, not for business transactions. Now for social events. Not for a wedding, not for a chit chat. But you sit together for the sake of Allah.

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You know, I've been I've done as is Robbie lavon. He used to say I've been I've done Aziz after he finished the work of the government. He used to bring a righteous individuals on he used to say

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Sit on remember Allah

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verse remember

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those are the people who deserved his love. So that's the second third category of people what matters are we in a fee people who will you visit them for the sake of Allah not value from the Data tab live you know in a in an Activity tab live and you just visit Muslims know someone you say, you know, I know it's a little odd it lives

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I don't want business from him. I don't want a favor from him. I just want to visit visit for the sake of Allah.

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Visit no other business no other intention only for the sake of Allah. Do you have that? Then you good. The first category he sets a lot he was setting them when metabo Divina fee, those who were given for the sake of Allah give and not only money, but sometimes you just yourself give of your time for the sake of Allah. And maybe you saw the long run he was telling me he said, when an MC ma can if he had a habit la Amina turkeyfoot, MSgt had a Shahada he saved for me to help my brother, in one little thing is more beloved to me than doing a ticket in my message. So that's number four. Number five about the law is doing no and if you want a lot to love, you do know as much Noah,

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Noah, the Messenger of Allah said, and how do you think mauto fairly famous had had it many other Li Wei Li and at the end, he said,

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at the end he said, Nothing is more beloved to me that I asked of my server and then Tim to perform the forum. And then he said, but if my servant keeper, perform the performing, now of it, which means voluntary prayers, voluntary sadhak, voluntary is what he calls Salah, then Allah said, then I would love him. So if you pray, Allah will love you. If you pray your wisdom, Allah will love you. If you pray your son, Allah will love you. If you do fasting Thursday and other days, Allah will love you, that is number five. Number six.

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Number six, is for you to be

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always tie it Allah, always repenting and going back to Allah. Because Allah said in the Quran, in the law, how you were being Allah loves those who always repent, not only when they sin, but always repent, always repent. And the last one Yeah, a bow the law. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah have mercy on all of us. The last one the Messenger of Allah said, and have been nasty Illa Allah He said the most beloved people in the sight of Allah and final humbly Naz those who will benefit others best I'm sorry those who will benefit others most. So if you want to learn to love you don't discriminate. Don't say I will only help someone I will only help Pakistani Indians our only help

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serious because I am of that you know raise don't do that.

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And he hurts me when I see in a massage.

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The brothers who are coming to the front and say let us help this race or this group or this nationality. They are foreign that people that the crying for. So when something happens to Somalis, you will see Somalian brothers coming to the message. We need to collect money for brothers and sisters in Somalia. They said drought in Somalia. Let us help them out. They're our brothers in Islam. They are they are they are and when something is happening in Syria, only Syrian buzzer would be in the front when something's happening in Lebanon on the Lebanese word. So I asked myself

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the Messenger of Allah said the most beloved people in the sight of Allah are those who were benefit others Then how come I don't see most of the time? You know Indian brother crying for Somalia.

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How come I don't see Somali rather than crying for Syria? How come I don't see you know, Bosnian brothers crying for Turkish community How come

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Why would I only cry for my own people

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but the Messenger of Allah said if you want a lot of love you most them benefit everyone.

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Everyone because the Hadith and never use a little long Ronnie He will send them Allah said the messenger over law said in the law hola yonder either. sawadee quwata illa scary Kamala Kenya Marina armonico Ruby Kumar Malik. He said Allah does not care about your shapes.

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But the color of your skin, whether you big or small, whether you're white or thin, whether you tall or short, a lot does not care whether you light or dark. A lot does not care any of that whether you're male or female, but he cares about what do you have in your heart and the actions that you show. So I asked Allah subhanaw taala to reward you may Allah subhana wa Taala rule for listening well, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh