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Tamara kalinina settle for Kannada Vidya Qunari Amina Nero salatu wa salam O Rama

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Rajan Munira, Masha novella varicella

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Omar omocha for one month.

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How could you hurry up for salatu wa salam o de not

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matana mahalo masa.

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What if you love my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Welcome back to another episode of the world of jinn.

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And this hamdu lillahi Thurmond Hamdulillah, we will be talking about points, the struggle that took place between the mother his Salatu was Salam. And if these are the human of law he may have.

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If you recall, in the past episodes, we talked about how Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered the angels to Prostrate to Adam, and how he believes by himself, committee of one self appointed committee of one decided to disobey his creator, on follow his logic, and follow his desire.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala at that moment, Allah asked him a fair question, why did you do this? And his explanation was because he's better than Adam, Allah is Allah, Allah to show him to show he believes that he is not as good as he thinks or hold status that he claims a loss of five min for in ecology.

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He said, Get down,

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get out of gin, get out of Paradise, indeed, you own regime.

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You're cursed. You're away from my mercy. And this is what happened.

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When he was kicked from the gatherings of the angels,

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when you realize that he is at a point of no return.

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He asked him a very unusual request. Very unique request. He said, I'm literally in a new bathroom. So Allah, give me a response. Allow me to live until the Day of Resurrection, the long my life, extend my life

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and allowed me to live

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until the Day of Resurrection.

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Allah said in the community,

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you are among those who respect was bestowed upon them or was given to them.

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Now here he promise.

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So Allah when Allah gave him this,

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and he said you will live until the end of time.

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He said to Allah, I've been waiting now look at the lounge Allah so kind, so gentle when he's talking to him. But when it is talking to Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, he uses a different lounge. Honor for Mina

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sees you that ministry Subhana Allah sees you no one who made me what I am it wasn't my choice I didn't know was his choice. He said the aka Nana home zero.

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He said our sit in wait in your path. You calling them to believe I will be there to distract them. You ask them to obey you our tell them not to obey. You will tell them to avoid and abstain from evil act. I would ask them to commit you will tell them Do not lie I will tell them lie.

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And he said something to whom? Min benei ad him 100 free him one amen in one shot at him. What did you thought of him? shaqiri Hannah law here what approach them from the front.

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Look at this challenge

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says a law or a law says you gave me the opportunity to live until the end of time until the Day of Resurrection. Our approach them from the front

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and from behind them and from their rights and from their left. And now what tell them to dis obey you and you will not find most of them grateful to you. Now my question to you and I brothers and sisters

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did a belief system

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Are we what he said we're going to be, at least up to today, he lived up to his challenge. He lived up to his promise. He tells us to disobey Allah we just obey.

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He tells us to consume interest we consume interests. He tells our sisters that he job is culturally snap that important and they obey. He tells them you can go out with makeup and lifting and perfume they obey. And this is the game of shape on this is what he promised. He said your ally if you brought me down only wish this is what I would do to them. And he is doing his job it is us. It is us

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are not doing our job being away from him.

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at this point, if with the filler, brothers and sisters in Islam, a blease is out there for war.

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But the question is,

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how could he excuse this plan?

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While Adam alayhis salam to was Salam is engine

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while Adam is engine.

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Now, Allah gave Adam and Howa fair warning. And he said to them a lot in the sort of GPA, Allah says, and look how beautiful the Koran is, when I hit the nail in the middle.

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And we gave them a covenant

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when I mentioned the law who asthma bubble could not find him strong.

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Adam was not that strong. He didn't have the willpower to resist the temptation and the plan.

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And Allah said to Adam with only Adam.

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Yeah, Adam, in

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Dhaka, one is old. fella. Akuma minun jannetty fattoush in Anaconda.

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Tara, what Anaconda?

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Allah said to Adam, O Adam, this is an enemy of your wife. This is your enemy and the enemy of your wife, Farah, your origin Akuma Minh and Jennifer, Tasha. Do not allow him to take you both out of gentlemen, then you would have struggle.

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No, very unique point here.

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A law said don't allow you both for him to take you out of gender. Because if that happens, you will struggle. Why did he say fantastic if both of you would have struggle? Why you Adam, because Adam, then is the head of the family.

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And the responsibility of the family first, as is in the hand of the husband, the daddy can never use a lot he was sent on camera.

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Each one of us as an insurer would be questioned about his idea the people who are under him. And then he said and the man is responsible of his household, and women is responsible, so on so and so. But a last idea Adam.

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So Adam, now he knows his enemy. However, if she also knows her enemy,

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and then if this comes to them, now look at the weakness of the human being. Allah said to them, in general, you can eat anything that you want.

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You can drink from the rivers of gin, rivers, honey, wine, milk, water,

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you can eat anything from the gin.

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Man was sanwa from the fruit of Paradise,

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but do not follow Sakuraba had he Shujaat to not be close to the shadow.

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And not again, Allah did not say do not eat from the tree. But he said Do not be near the tree.

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if you're near a mature amasya then you will commit the Masia. But I lost that avoid the tree itself. Don't be close to it. But I had a shadow. As soon as you see the shadow you will like it you will like the tree how the food looks. As soon as you smell it. You may get closer to it. So Allah said shut up

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zakharova don't even be close to it.

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Now, this order was given to them. And a nice comes to Adam and Eve.

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And imagine

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what type of tricks would he use

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to mislead them? He said to them, Manohar Kumara bakuman had he

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wanted commercia he said the only reason that he'll law

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for video from eating the tree is why did Allah for video Adam and Eve eating from that tree is because you're going to be

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and I will tell insha Allah the false promise that he promised them right after the break inshallah. So we stay where you are. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Rahim salatu salam ala rasulillah Karim and welcome back to the show. Welcome back watching peace TV and May Allah subhanaw taala reward you also for watching the series The world of jinn.

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We stop talking about the plan and the plotting that at least I didn't mean a lot he might have had in mind.

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And since he saw a thing that Adam alayhis salaam was the reason why he was kicked out of his position. Being with the angels being respected, then the only enemy that he has to do as he promised to Allah is to fulfill what he promised and to get rid of his enemy which is Adam.

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But he would not come to Adam and say to him, I'm your open plain enemy. Though I lost it to Adam, Allah His Salatu was Salam.

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He is your enemy in Abu laka what is a very clear statement.

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I'm not again, Allah did not say do not eat from the tree. But he said Do not be near the tree.

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if you're near a mature amasya then you will commit the Mercia. But I lost that avoid the tree itself. Don't be close to it. But I had a shadow. As soon as you see the shader you will like it you will like the tree how the food looks. As soon as you smell it. You may get closer to it. So Allah said fella takanawa don't even be close to it. But it is comes to Adam Polya Adam

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has Hello lucara Shakira

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moonkin Diabla

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another ayah Surah

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Cora Manoj Kumar Kumar, he said the only reason that you more stop you from eating and forbid you from eating from that tree is illa Anta Kona mera caney out akuna Minal Carini

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G will be none other than two angels, for you will live eternally you will live forever.

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Allah doesn't want you to be an angel.

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A lot of wanting to be an angel, he

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doesn't want you to live forever. I'm telling you eat from the fruit. And you will get an angel, Allah would have no option, but to add you to the assembly of angels. This is what it means is trying to sell Adam

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in soda to Baja.

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He said palaia Adam has a De Luca rotten haunt, shall I tell you the tree of eternity. So that tree the food that alasa do not eat from that tree? It needs he beautified and he changed it. And he said it's not the forbidden tree or Adam is a tree that will make you live forever.

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And nobody lives forever. Other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And why Adam became so weak in front of this offer. Because all of us, humans, Jin animals we love to live

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even and the little ants that you see you know running around, they love to live they don't want to die.

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The anila State of Minnesota to numb

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call it a num one and try to run the rest of the ends. Because the army of Sulayman is coming. Katya johanan are the hora masa kinako. Ottoman aku Suleiman would you say enter go to your house.

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And dinner alongside a man and his army to destroy you, even that end

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was striving to live. So it was very natural for Adam, to have that desire to incline towards a life that will state forever. When are them from God, the promise of Allah.

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And he follow the steps of him nice. For minha they ate from the tree, and then the leaves of the tree stop falling. And then they're out of their private part, being exposed.

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And now at least got what he wanted. He wanted Adam and his offspring, to put them and find him an open place. So he can fight them and mislead them. And this is exactly what happened. Because after that, Allah spoke to other men who said they learned from video from the tree. You're asking, they're not asking you to net t from that tree. And of course, them and how alayhis salam, they admitted their mistakes, and they repent to a law and the law accepted the total for for if nice, he would never repent and he will never take back what he said and he will never go back to a law out of arrogance. Now

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how do they look like the shapes

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of jeans, what do they look like? See brothers and sisters.

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When a law created the angels, he created them in very, very beautiful form.

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They were beautiful. Because the women of use of sawai we use of we're trying to seduce use of when the wife of Aziz dressed up use of nicely and use it was very handsome. And then surprisingly she pushed him to where the women were sitting. When the woman saw Yousuf they forgot they were holding knives and cutting fruits. So instead of cutting fruits they suck cutting themselves bleeding, not feeling the pain of the knife because they were so mesmerized by how use of looked and he said and what did they said color hash and inner Madhava Bashara in her the in monochrome Corinne, they say Subhana Allah, this cannot be a human, this is none but an angel. So that shows the angels are very

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beautiful. Allah created the is in the best shape and form that is a man and this is very unique story. I bet when you know a man who lives outside of the city, has his camels, goats, cows. He doesn't live in a civilized lifestyle.

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He came to me Ahmed Rahim Allah

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and enomatic Malik was the Mufti of the city of Medina. So the man said, Yeah, Mm hmm.

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I divorced my wife. Because she did not fulfill what I asked her to do. Email Monique said, What did you ask your wife to do? He said, I said to her.

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By the time I come back,

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if you not more beautiful than the moon in your divorce, if you're not as beautiful as the moon, your divorce? Mmm. He thought about the situation. He looked away a little bit. And he said to the man, I have no other solution. You divorce your wife, one. Don't do it again. The man he left the machine and never we he started walking out of the mustard. I was nine years old. He got up and he follow the RV. The breadwinner. And he said to the man, what did the man say to? The man said Well, I said to match the man. I divorced my wife because when I came back, she was not as beautiful as the moon. So a man told me she's divorced. Don't do it again. This young boy, nine years old. He

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said no. Your wife is more beautiful than the moon. The army the bed when he got very jealous, very upset. And he raised his voice and he frown and his eyes became red. And then the blood was gushing and rushing to his head. And he said to this young boy Have you seen my wife

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They were people of dignity. They will never allow any other man to see his wife without a job without, you know, Islamic dress.

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Because the person will allows his wife to be seen, with no job with no a buyer with no gene Bob with Dino shows every part of her body with no hair, then he becomes the youth. And the youth will not enter Paradise. Because the Messenger of Allah said they use when they enter Paradise they use when they enter Paradise they use when they enter Paradise, under what is the youth era so long. He said, a man does not have a jealous in his heart when he sees strange men talking to his Mahatma his female numbers. So the man got upset and said to this young boy, have you seen my wife? The young boy said no. But Allah said, in the Koran, that your wife is more beautiful than the moon. He said

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where he said recite with me

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smilla rahmanir rahim what t waturi. See me? Why are they better than amin? nakahara panel in Santa Fe us anytime we have created man in the best fashion and

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so the man said, One why you statement makes sense. Let us go back to the email. So both of them came back to the Imam and they told what happened to the Imam

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and the Imam. Once again he thought about the situation. And he said to the Avi unto the young boy, I was wrong. And a chef he was right. That little boy was Imam Shafi nine years old, correcting the email. This is how angels and humans look. What about the demons? What about the shell thing? Are they as beautiful as the angels? Are they as beautiful as humans? Do they have the wings like the wings of the angels? Do they have the human features that a law called it said he took the most perfect action? Not Hassan, but son, the best?

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How do they look like and what did Allah said about the way they look? And this is would be the top and the subject of the next episode in this panel where we will start from describing how they look like from the book of the law and from the center of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and whether they have what we have as a body part, a hold on, not just my own, was stuck to the law, the local foster feudal subhanak some horrible entity on my phone was said I'm sorry, but hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam alikoum

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