Said Rageah – Insults & Islam #4

Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a sexual encounter between a man and an animal. The man is upset because he was not given the opportunity to express his views, and the woman is struggling to leave the locker and express her the will to leave the locker.
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for that particular day,

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from the day that I heard someone saying, Do not insult anyone

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I have not cursed. I have not cursed

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a free man what I've done or sleep

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and listen to this whenever a no

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not even a camel on

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the level of interaction at the level of this man the volume, but sitting down once. Now only that he abstained from cursing man, a free man or slave.

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But he said even animals would be free for me. Animals would be safe in my turn. And he did not curse

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while he was selling them,

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not on the Ebola

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anymore. Honey, you are Muslim.

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When you say I insulted a man

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for food. And I said to this man, you're in the soda or the son of a black woman.

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We're feeling why this was Ben had been on over Halloween.

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For Halloween costume Allah, he's Allahu Allah, he was salam.

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As I heard that will be only here about the year

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you insulted this man, because of his mother. I mean, logically, you have no choice to for who you are.

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It was not for more on your parents. You were probably a snake. If there were a snake, you wouldn't be a dog. If there were dogs. You have an animal if they were animals.

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You had no choice you did not put an application with Allah and said I want to be male or female. I want to be strong, tall. I want to be white or black. I want to be this and you didn't have the choice.

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Constantine southern never person because of his background. That's number one ignorant. Number two, you are claiming with your action that Allah is not fair. And now Allah subhanho wa Taala is evolving, because Allah gave you something that the person did not have. Therefore, it is dangerous statement. So, what also Allah your own

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character will be only then you insulted him because of his mother. I mean, what is he has to do with his mother

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on in the cleanroom one Pekerja

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Euro person that is still have some of the weapons on ignorant of the guy in ear.

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Now, a moment to do this is unacceptable. And listen to the Hadith and then he is a little more whiny he was I will conclude with this Hadid beginning

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Imagineer fit binder.

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Also, on the wall it he was sitting there is sitting

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in P

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in a symbol a very basic environment.

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And a man can be compared by his companions and of course, I would assume myself Allah while he was in his sitting with aboubaker the Cydia

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the man who gave everything for a while and he has messaged us a little more on YT he was

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the man that also mindsets a little more while he was sending them. We are able to reward everyone we can get back whatever anyone else gave us except this our bucket is Cindy apparently along with both of them sitting feet

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and this man comes on what is the man do what have you

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done very discerning demand and what is this man do? He comes unsalted Abu Bakr cynically Allah one. What was the reaction a little schoolboy

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in his presence, this man had no respect for rasool Allah. But he comes in he says Abu Bakr severe.

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Our imagine Rasul Allah what June and he will differ on the subject because this is his companion.

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A couple of

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The Rule of Law The only slide in here that isn't

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always is because Cynthia, Allah is depending on the severe forms for for some some our woman here in domineer, Latin in Manitoba what your behavior what a Soulfire Allah didn't allow people to talk about brokers to deal and also was watching what is he doing as a matter of his mining sub Allah Allah He was

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an Abu Bakar

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being a human being he was patient with this man. But this man did not stop. He continued assaulting of the book of the Cynthia, insulting annoying song model so my smile I don't know what that is fine until he had enough with this man. And then he replied back, I don't store like flowery he got up and left

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the Chateau many of them and he was insulted me cursing me. And I was patient on wall and you were happy. But the day the moment that I defend myself, you found you started smiling. And you walked out of the scene. That really is Jude is caught up in buck up on some of the money he was selling them when you were signing your Abubaker a lot of other points that an angel to defend you. So I was looking at this angel who was responding on your behalf with why did this matter on your behalf.

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But the moment that you spoke, what was

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the moment that you spoke? The angel loved and shaper came the moment that you said no no, no, no, no, you could not talk you cannot talk about my parents like this. You cannot talk about my people like this, who are you and I believe

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that the angel will leave a locker Shavon and the shaper would take and he will control the show

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from the neuroscience, so many of them, but the whole time is not enough for me in the sight of what I saw today somebody was sending to this man What

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if someone insults you and do not insult anybody and do not allow to be in that position and you weak and you talk out of your desire because this is an interview and this is for the weakness of the human alumni as of December what was mean was it a couple of other women she came walking with soya from Yamaha on board

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