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Are you ready? Oh, no the earliest one Timmy omiana Dubois Do you first saw Isla

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he was very early for you let come in

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and then hamdulillah in the human who wanna sign or who want to start funeral

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what are all the villa Himanshu? rhodian fusina Women sejati Armani, Anna

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the woman Yulin fell into Judah who won Ian Matsuda

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Why should one

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Why should one number her Madonna horizonal?

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Johanna I'm going to talk on law how to karate he wants to move to LA one two Muslim moon

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yeah, you are NASA tokoto Baku Milady Hello Paco. Me naps in WA Haider

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wha ha come in has Oh Jaha what was the mean humare John and Catherine what is

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what hola hola de Tessa gonna be he went or harm. In de la Kenyatta Yuko Marathi Eva.

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Yo Yo Johanna Deena Armand with telco law how Odin studied

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way up felucca. Mizuno welcome, woman Yota in our Surah who photographers oppose and Halima

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My God What if we

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find them one final cut me cut um

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what have you had the Mohammed in someone Maharani he was Salam

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wa pneumoniae

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welcome no more than 13 With

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your order besides the Allah one

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one had either been Sohail Bihari

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bother you Joe will be um you know when he set me on

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fire you Adora hadn't been not

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via auto Nam era

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for use as a matter

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of auto imagine the

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final auto renewal

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will be converted How

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he SallAllahu ani he was

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what he called a

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little corner show

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us what a corner

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worker that

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was I omit an addenda

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with a corner shahada and another way of

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My name is Victor Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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It is yours to imagine this situation

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when he set out to Asaram

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the first of the messengers of Allah

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him and his Omar gather in front of Allah subhana wa Tada

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question, are they he sat down before his OMA

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and Allah will say to Nora

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did you convey my message to the Ummah to your nation?

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I'm not over reply.

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By a foreigner

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b Yes, I have conveyed my message to the OMA

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Mina that

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we'll be heading he knows the condition of his OMA

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is the one he is the one who said

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robbing semi Vina in America

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is the one who destroy them

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in my way a summary of

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this is a man who did the commandments he is the one who gave the order yet

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from his other words if

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he would ask the people of no

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hadn't been

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didn't know how to tell you about the day of your multi Yama

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did he tell you that you will be taking this time

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and you will be question of Allah Hi Lola

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and they will reply magia and I'm in

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your Allah no one ever came to us

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that if he bleeds before did not need grease. No one ever came to us.

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He knew how to he said

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and this is for the status of this Oma.

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Allah will say to newer man sure who the

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Who are your witnesses? Do you have witness that you can call for they can testify that you indeed conveyed the message to do

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i do have to hold your Allah I have What does I have people who can stick this

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by Abu Mohammed,

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Allahu Allah, you

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know he sang was saying, Your Allah, my witnesses Muhammad and his own MA

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in another narration

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that people have nor what object to object to this. And then we'll say yeah, Allah, how can Mohammed and his ummah

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be a witness against us? And we were the first of the nations and they are the last of the nations

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to monitor the law.

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What would you say, of the civil servants of Allah?

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When the people have no heart against you defending themselves

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saying you and I cannot take this stand because we never lived with them.

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We were never part of the trials. We never met these individuals. How can we claim and come to the podium and say Ya Allah, they deny the Messenger of Allah normally his Salam

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so the people of whom Muhammad Sallallahu ala he was

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your own on ya Allah

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Ya Allah we recited your book.

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Yeah, we learn to your deen

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we were informed by the Sunnah of Mohammed Salah wanna use a pseudonym, then Allah would accept your shadow

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shadow from Lana. An honor for this OMA

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that we will be against the EU much of nor

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is it the only

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worker that

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was so far later Kulu Shuhada other nurse not only almost no.

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But when you are comes down out of that stage.

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When a man gets between new and his people, Ibrahima, he said um, would come up.

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I would be following him out

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as I would be following him and all of them would call the almighty Mohammed. They will ask you to testify against the nations they will ask you to take this stand in front of Allah subhana wa Tada

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lacking I had an I had what do you feel?

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How can you testify against nations? If you don't have to? And

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you're holding a human body

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what are the bone was the kitten

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what can Daddy get your own mutton Wasaga

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Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah he will certainly be new zoom and Gemma God while home afternoon

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hottie Rahim Allah.

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He titled one of the chapters in his book.

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And he stated this idea and he said, I'm the owners of Rasulullah sallallahu Marathi. He was salam to be with the Yama and the GEMA. The people have knowledge

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How can you claim How could you and I claim