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In another awesome Hunter without your own

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authority, and

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unnecessary room, getting all this evidence is for the person that symbol meant to reflect, to see a rock in to see what he can relate to you and Allah is using this term, so that people may understand Allah subhanahu ATOD

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when you're on Allah,

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when Allah Subhana Allah without even either way up

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under the time of Archie, you call into Allah and Allah respond to your call.

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after all this introduction when the men realize that is Indian is talking to the soul, Allah He saw lawani He was salam.

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He said

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he in a year, yes.

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I mean, you are saying something that's powerful.

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I cannot understand everything I could not be with you. Give me a concise and simple advice that would benefit me. So rasool Allah He somebody he was sending them

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on. Notice.

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He says some of what money he was selling them, Do not insult anyone.

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Prayers, anyone.

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Do not say anything back to anyone.

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Do not say words that were hurt people. Because when you hurt me when Lavina was subhanho wa Taala said in the Quran, talking about the people who are hurt that the neighbors are saying words were maybe not you mean or what have you

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those believers male and female without a sin without a reason. They indeed carry on their back. heavy burden on the deal. yomo

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, even instructing us and telling us not to say anything back to the kuffaar. Net to Kirsten, why don't you run in Indonesia, for your support Baba.

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You can even curse a cat. You cannot even say anything bad about the gods. You cannot say you watch angels. You worship rocks. You worship a cow that McDonald's making business.

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You watch what we eat. You cannot disrespect the gods. You cannot say anything. Why? Because in return, what would they do? They will insult a loss.

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Your whole law, Lady in autumn jet and out of ignorance. They don't know what they say. They tried to defend the gods. They have dignity that must be considered. They'll want you to go on top on their personal life. They don't they will Allah He sent these messages overboard while he was serving them. And to the believers. Do not curse their gods do that insult their gods because otherwise out of Jandy will insult Allah subhanaw taala

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if What if

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your whole body he was selling them

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in body Keva

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the wars the meager sins that a man can commit? Are you surprised but one to

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four man to curse his parents?

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Now the sound of money is somewhat whitewashed he was seldom remembered this. You talking about people who used to bury their daughters of life. You're talking about people who have robbed their children on the spot in front of the aisle. You didn't talk about people who used to marry the women of their fathers. You talking about people who used to deal with interests who used to kill with no reason who would attack innocent people or steal children sell them as slaves, or some of them no

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matter how far

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they were evil people before Islam,

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but none of them

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could not imagine insulting his parents.

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came from that and became believers.

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were conveying some

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high point American soldiers parents, it was far distance from their mind.

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And nowadays, it is our society

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for some of the children who call themselves the offspring of the masajid, or the the inhabitants of the Mossad or the work of the Maasai, you will not find them in southern your own parents. And they were born in the summer in that in that work in a they are drawn by a man who was born as a cat and man who did not know his true father once and that was of the Sahaba were also my support while he was sort of was upset, because it's a habit good as a personal question. You're also what is this? Yours for my What is this? He got older member, and he was very unhappy. Anything to the people? After he got on the member, he must shift as we whatever you want. You think I don't know the

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answers? You think I'm giving you a fake answers? Ask?

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The Sahaba alejado sort Allah. Ali, who's my father, people calling me accusing me that my father is not my father, because my father, for God,

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he was sending them your father's

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Yanni look, the covert the environment that you were living in, thank you even know the true power, but they will not be there. They will not even say anything negative about their father, so they couldn't understand your soul. How could a man insult his parents, regardless of the body he was sending them your son to

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a man when he saw someone else find someone else's father, and that no one is so your father, so indirectly you insulted your father

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and son when you will go one sister, Wales mother, and that person in return would come back and it was Sophie and mother. So in reality, you as an individual the cost for your parents to be insulted so you are carrying the sin in another Hadith your older son no more worry he was

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in the lotus BANA harder whatever two people were cursing one another may think to one another fat and body in mineral Houma.

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The sin of that is on the one who initiate the curse. We have some mobile Hawaii he was sending them man Amir that then Malone unless the person was insulted first exceeds the length of all matters man was stopped providing infrastructure in our follow him to condemn the lack of your brothers also to go around or ask them to come around while they're standing outside. What the first several years are in the Huda community with.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Ukraine so you know when they be you know, Muhammad

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Ali, he was trying to be a Gemini

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you're already hola Juan.

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And listen to this yet. What if Billa

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your own Radi Allahu Anhu dive into the slain

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from that particular day,

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from the day that I heard Russell