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Bosnian Actor’s Story Of Becoming a Muslim


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This is the

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How you guys doing? We're continuing our trip and Bosnia meeting some wonderful people no exception.

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That Peace and blessings of Almighty God Allah be upon you and YouTube. Now you're someone who we have like in America you have Hollywood. I've been to India you got Bollywood? Yeah, you're an actor here and what do they have here in Bosnia? What is it? About what good it's about maybe because it's my neighborhood

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so so you're also you're an actor right? You're well known actor him budget tell us some of the work that you've done. And my name is Alexandre Sexton, an employee of the National Theatre in Sarajevo. I actually finished the Academy of the performing guards at 1998

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and 49.

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And I'm working in National Theatre as actor Yeah. Yeah. Mashallah. So tell us, you also we started off with this special greeting Jesus greeted with that greeting. Yeah. Abraham, Moses, all the messengers of God Almighty, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you, of course. But someone might think because there's a lot of misconceptions. They heard your name, right. Yeah. Alexander. So you have background, Serbian background? Now Actually, I grew up in ordinary communist family, actually. I mean, it was like,

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before the war, we didn't, you know, no religion, no religion, more atheists. But not actually at atheists. But, you know, we didn't, we thought about that, you know, as something which is important, you know, so I grew up in

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that kind of family, you know, but I'm from mixed marriage. My father was orthodox, but he wasn't actually, you know, a strong believer, and my mother was a Muslim.

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after the wars that I grew up with my father and I, you know, didn't communicate with with religion at all. Yeah.

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But, you know,

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during the war, as I start to think about God, you know,

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in proper man, I think, but before that, there was no thinking about No, just just like, you know,

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it was like, no,

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not too much. Yeah. So during the war, is it because now you are starting to see like, my life can go at any time. I think when you're in extreme situations, you know, the soul is connected with God. Definitely. So you start to think about God and ask help, you know, because, you know, we saw that people can't help you in some kinds of situations. Definitely.

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You know, especially when your life is in danger.

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So, I stopped to think about you know, God because I actually

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survived in some kind of situations, which logically

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in statistics, statistically, I should be that you should be definitely, definitely, yeah. So, so you started to reflect like purpose, what's my purpose? Why am I here this life, because you start to watch you know, things and situations around you in different manner.

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And, you know, thanks to Allah, and where I am now. Now, this is something that for some

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People it's, you know, back home in America, you can be an American, you're an American, and now you can be Christian. You can be an American, you'd be Buddhist, you know, you can be American, and you can be Muslim, right? No big deal. But here, we see that a lot of times people attach to their nationality or religion, like if that's from God, and that is connected, and you can't separate the two, you get what I'm saying? Yeah, excuse me. I think that's stupidity really, isn't it? Right. And that's misunderstanding over everything. Because, you know, example is my name. When I was a touch in

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20, in 222, Masha, you went to Hi, Joseph. Yeah.

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I asked one scholar in Mecca about my name. Do I have to change my name? And he asked me, what's your name? I said, Alexander. Oh, he said, Oh, that's his candor. On the Arabic. What is it? Is kendare iskender? Yes, Alexander.

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And he told me No,

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leave your name, as example, for people problem, you know? Yes. Because I think my name has nice meaning. It's like,

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some who helped people, that's what it actually be asked. So I choose to, to keep my name. Maybe in the future, I will just put one one originally Muslim name, you know, with this one, but I think that's, you know, formality, that I mean, the purpose of Islam is heart. I think it's not about names. Now. It's not about names. And you know, the, the, the, you know, that some kind of manifestations which are really not so important for people for everything. But people sometimes they focus on that obviously, if there's something like he This is a wise scholar, because obviously if there's something like the name has a bad meeting or something, but your name didn't in the end,

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it represents that hold on Islam transcends nationalism. And there's a statement of the last in front of messenger Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him who said he said beware of this nationalist thinks, of course, you know, the Saudi right course. This is what pretty much divided almost like this country, isn't it in Bosnia? Can you tell us because it is nationalism, I heard that people are getting along, you know, everything was pretty good. And then the politicians and people correct me if I'm a rough, they started to push this nationalism, of course, and I think that's completely wrong. You know, the Islam, especially religion, especially Islam is above that.

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It transcends that. Yeah. And the Hutch is is you know, really beautiful.

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with people from all over from all over, you know, different colors, different nationalities, different backgrounds, everything is so beautiful, and you are surrounded, you know, with millions and millions, different brothers and sisters, and that's the beauty of Islam really isn't so you can be at Hajj. And you can be praying with someone who's from Croatia, Croatia, a sir from Serbia, right to

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Ghana, it all lined up together shoulder to shoulder worshiping the one guy Of course, that beauty. Isn't that beautiful? Yes, definitely. Yes. Yeah, definitely. So So tell us now I have. I have a friend. I will actually one of my students haven't seen him in a long time. He's also he's Serbian. And he approached me. And he said, Oh, I like your show. I was watching the deen show and whatnot. And he started like, talking about some shows I did years ago about one was, I believe the top 10 reasons Jesus, who many people don't know that we you have to. And I'll get into that a little bit later. But the show was titled top 10 reasons why Jesus is not God. Right? And then proven.

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Yes, he saw he saw that show and some other shows. And he's just very interested in we're talking. He agrees with everything. Definitely. But now it seemed like, you know, what is my you know, family gonna say what's my community going to say? So it's like the courage. What do you see a lot of this D is

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these are obstacles, you know, which, you know, people have to jump over. Yeah. To be free.

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You know, that. What will my family say? Friends, you know, surrounding everything. It doesn't matter.

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Because they can't help you at the Judgment Day. Definitely. You will, you will have no us

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or them, only you and your deeds. And that's the point. I think. So we have to, you know, to put them

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beside us. Definitely. And that's my advice.

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To all who have, you know, dilemma about, you know, starting to practicing Islam? Just go over that.

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Have you had some dilemmas? You don't have much time actually, we don't have no no, the, you know, the, our, our our will will come definitely we don't know when we don't know when death is coming? Definitely.

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You know, tell me Have you had actual real situations where someone, you start talking to them and they know you're a Muslim and simply one is one who a Muslim is simply one who has submitted themselves to God alone. How do you translate that in Bazin on Iko, separado da, da, da, da Muslim, a Muslim, some people think, oh, you're Muslim on Oh, teesta touching?

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Is that something that's what do you say to someone that says they connect us with Turks when we spoke about?

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So what do you say to someone like that?

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You know, I it's kind of silly. Right? Yeah. Because, you know, Islam existed, you know, way, way before Turks. Yeah. You know, that's, that's also really the first man Adam. Christians believe in him. He wasn't a Christian. You know, I'm a Christian in some sort of way. We are. We are. We are all brothers and sisters. We all come from the same definite father Adam? Yes. He submitted his world to what to God to God, and a Muslim is one who submits his will to God, when you explain these things, if someone is open minded, then yes, but that goes back to have you had some positive interactions where people there's ignorant, definitely tell me about the pause. Tell us about

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positive more positive reactions than negative? Yeah, yeah. Do you see that more like in the university, like in people who are, I've seen, they invited some Muslim scholars there in the University of Belgrade, people that are aren't from these isolated, places where they don't have, let's say, more information, people in these universities, Belgrade and whatnot, who are more in the metropolitan areas that are more open minded? Is there a difference there? I think the main problem here is

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we don't think much about non Muslims here. No,

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to invite them, you know, that's the, you know, the, the example of, you know, the best, you know, scholars Yeah, like, like holiday asking, you know,

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the purpose of of his da is, is to, to invite non Muslims on his culture.

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lectures. We don't do that here much. Why? I don't know why. You know, that's the whole essence. We have to ask our scholars Yeah, really?

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Our scholars Yeah, that's important.

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That's, that's the essence if you open up the Quran, it's Tao. It's inviting, you know, people to this this way of life that brings peace to bring solace that in it's for everyone. And again, if I if I you know, come to some some lectures, I actually

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know most of that stuff. I you know, her Yeah. But for the non Muslim is, you know,

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is more important to, and I and I usually say the not yet Muslim, right, actually an onion. Yeah, you know, I say that, you know, because everyone can be a hero serb their creative has the potential, therefore, to give birth to what's already inside of them that right, therefore, everyone can submit to God. Right. Okay. So we have to wake up this point. Wake that up. Yes. Early. What's the top misconception or misconceptions that you've seen that many corporations or serves people outside of Islam that they have about Islam here in this part of the world?

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Yeah, I think the tradition is probably, yeah, yeah. Talk about this.

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I you.

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So it's not like terrorism and whatnot thinking that Oh, you're Muslim. Yeah. Because back home, I was I was at the place where they had the castles outside of Moscow, you know, and these people, I love interacting, making the human connection there from Australia. And we sat we talked and I'm saying that Oh, that Don's going on? Do you know what that means? No. And I said, Oh, that means God is great. Come to prayer. like wow, you probably heard of Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you, Nick. How do you say Nick meet Nick Amida. still

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beautiful. But then I said they asked they start talking about ISIS.

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I say I call it the insane state. Right. They have nothing to do with Islam. So that's what I mean when I mean misconceptions. Is that the same thing amongst Serbians Croatians, you know

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Some of them, some of them, some of them yeah. But tell tell me about what you were saying this tradition. What do you what do you what were you trying to say? I think we are we are trapped with with tradition here. You know, that's the main problem I think mixing like culture with religion. Yeah, yeah.

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We have to use our translator. Yes, go ahead please, please, missing the globe the problem too

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crowded Xia

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Zaragoza is spread Chava though Islam whereas Mr. Manoj no quibbles, thank you slobodian.

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Actually, the tradition is like a chain as a prison for people in these areas of Balkans in general, that is trumping us and prohibiting us from thinking about Islam as a option as the as the open option for everybody. Because tradition puts this burden on your back that you have parents and grandparents, they're always like this, you cannot change it if you were born.

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You have to die.

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Oh, I see. So Muslims.

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Yes. Yes. And that's

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how you say, Islam is something it's not inherited. Like you can inherit money. Yes, you can inherit, you know, some belongings personal goods, but Islam is you have to make a conscious decision. Is this the truth? Is it not? You have to willingly submit yourself to the question of the truth and lie. Exactly. So you have to come a point in your life to discern is this really from the creator conscious that you're not just like a robot going through the motions and the movements, right? So if people say, I'm going to serve, I'm going to die. Assume I'm a Christian with that, okay, you dine at Nash, but what's your way of life? You know, to mean, are you worshiping the

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creation? Or are you worshiping the creator? And that's what Islam is calling to transcending all of these nationalism, all that other thing? I see what you're saying that's people are stuck with blinders there, right. Yeah, it's a big problem. And it's interesting you said it because I had I had a, an individual we were talking about dow and dow was just how would you translate positivity was

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perceivers coochie nicoma Capuchin a Cafu, the token of our niche is Gemalto Tierra de meanie you're not gonna like beat him up

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church the preacher stone mp3 church with seals you got the purpose of life while restoring the customer? Yes the PTS poverty and then normally it doesn't make sense. So that's when we say dollar positivity. You know, so someone is this goes with that tradition where people feel like a Capuchin on bt Bali or Korean soda because you have situations where someone was comes from a Serbian Yeah, he's a better Muslim than this guy who is born Muslim. We see that right. Yeah, but people they don't they think that's not possible. I think it is. It is. Absolutely it is. Definitely it's possible. How is it not? Because or when he's you know, aware of his creator? Yeah, he knows what

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kind of life he lived before Yeah. And that's you know, like salvation for him. And it's normally that he grabbed that you know heart

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and beat

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and became better men and for everything for all around that for family for friends for neighborhood Yeah.

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Because the other one maybe he takes for granted he's just he's not even praying that right? Yes, he's not even he maybe he's drinking alcohol right? Maybe he's still girl girlfriend boy doing stuff. Some of them but this guy let's say he Serbian for instance. Right. But he's looking Oh, no choice or Trinity phobia. You know someone dying for your sins. How you say the atonement in Bosnian cause now an akuna was a toy great.

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Video Islam with the Hey numato some of our some of our baba baba started just worshiping the Creator. And he starts praying unfortunate period. rakata plenty. Yeah, Cheetah could on.

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J or Jenny asustor viano avani. Vanya is katsucon eva over your daddy. How can you guys still do so how are they going to be the same? Yeah. So that's a great example. Right there. And do you see that happening? Yes. I have many friends.

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I have many friends in my surrounding, you know, which changed their lives completely. Yeah. And became a better man. My, my very best friend. became better man. Yeah, really? And that's thinking outside the box of that tradition. Definitely. Yeah. Amazing. So tell us a few more things I want to what are some of the challenges that you had with your family now many people they end up

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Realizing the gods. I didn't have problem with my father. Oh, no. Yeah.

00:20:06--> 00:20:13

And I really praise a lot too to have mercy on him. He was really nice and kind

00:20:15--> 00:20:16

to my faith.

00:20:17--> 00:20:40

So he didn't know he really he fully respect my decision. And he didn't make troubles at all. Yeah, yeah. I just interviewed a young lady from Ghana. Yeah. And her parents took her in the jungle. She accepted Islam. Yeah. And literally, that's they took her in the jungle to try to get some witch doctor to say get shaken out or get this

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in a priest and whatnot. But she still held on and they disowned or whatnot. So this is a blessing. Yeah. Because Yeah, it was it's just a check it on. My mother is so happy. She's very happy. She's really happy because I think that was her. You know, great wish. Yeah. For me. That's amazing. Because she's also you know, that the

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religious, my brother, my sisters.

00:21:10--> 00:21:17

Actually, I think that's the Mother's Day. Ah, yeah. For us. Yeah. Because we all believe us.

00:21:19--> 00:21:24

And thanks a lot. We really, you know, live a nice life.

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Do Do people when they hear this word, Allah, yeah. You know, who are God? On Arabic? It's like Jehovah like, like, you know, Lord, yeah. That's I don't have problem. I don't understand why people have problem. You know, because the people connects the word of Allah. Just four or five Arabs and Muslims. No, it's it's Arabic. You know, even even I think Jews say a lot in you know, Arabic. Arabic reading.

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Reading Jews. Yeah. Many people don't know in the Bible in Arabic. It has Allah. Yes. Yeah. Hello him.

00:22:07--> 00:22:49

Understand? Yeah, in Aramaic, you know, Aramaic, the original language Jesus, but he said Allah Ya, Allah. No, it's there. Yeah. So this is talking about the one Supreme Being the Creator of the heavens and earth. So these are those things that when people hear these, the simplicity, the definition of Islam, you know, people who are open, you know, it draws them in, tell me there was this in I think in Belgrade, it was amazing to see this. I think he was some also some, some celebrity, I'm not sure you might have seen it. He was talking about he's a priest or someone and he was out there talking about the respect that he had, because the Islam was and the Muslims were

00:22:49--> 00:23:21

protecting their women, right? Yeah. Yeah. Do you know this guy's No, he was actually an actor before? He was. Yeah. Tell us about that. I think, I don't know much about that. The men just, you know, few sentences. But he was I think, What was he saying? Do you remember what he was saying? He actually he he spoke about, you know, the, how the Muslim men treated women you know, and

00:23:23--> 00:23:32

would call preacher or children's de Janeiro Muslim and K automaker corners opera. votruba you saw his feed our children

00:23:34--> 00:23:35

acorrea Yes.

00:23:37--> 00:23:48

condemning his own people and giving them Muslims as a positive example saying like, look how Muslims conduct with a woman how they protect their woman and how their woman dress. Yes.

00:23:49--> 00:23:55

Muslim woman protect their chastity covered themselves. So he he said this in America that they lost this very

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more dicotyledonous strobridge laser T. Caputo security elite sama

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Santos rational boy

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miva logistica investment bus formula rosegold Oprah hoga Nikita, taco me Christian is aquaspa masaka tacos video Muslim on kuna Casa de la casa Casa de grado Coco spicy gravi Mani bluster. travoy cassava is where it's where they work especially when you're studying to druce resolve issues rather Jen was drafted treten A Madonna devil

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National Council the the Nancy Nemo konista Toshima

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disaster situation

00:24:40--> 00:24:57

was in swish Denis was actually one of the bouquet yes Donna tomahto Nicola no bitterness Oh roosters not Alanna epoch true Anika sweetness Nikki swing Maura Avi depopulating articulation condenser Kenya republica dupo for good reason as the modern oppose name of a credible person this is

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what good is

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Bhushan is the tavira tessuto that it was today was very rich, 3g, study rock and many other modalities. Check it upon me with a veteran who studied rubra nanaka studied yes and saadian Athena Jonah skaros gralla Kadima piercing Kadima, not Carissa sweet de nada donousa Model T test Nick pharmerica not portable users you go kakimoto kakula hop the toliko Primo be another siswati tell us the nabavi he told me she also loves any privileges now. The motion is an image Carlos any sonica Carranza, many, many below the reading journal. They will want to keep a clinical trial and punish them apologists Amish and Caicos watanuki sakana. Yesterday was watching a movie short windows this

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was not NEMA time. Nema NEMA mnemonic The tone is unclear Mr. Potter not you want to miss it.

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Nasty coked up which aka darica onaga Yoshi Athenian yet clinica Dona civita dauber mosh clinica nije Vito burrata Cooney the connection between adobo chicken apostle Luciano study which is our beer as a survey cherica COVID Chalmers Nokia no Donna or Taka Saraswati that should be the element Tatsuya for Kia Rio de la ciudad some

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yummy seemed a little swim komiza prabhu Sabina

00:26:21--> 00:26:48

the taco de Coachella. Directly Ali no Sanjana sluka nico Santos nanomol bhaga wish your truck was a bt sama telekinetic Alka dimmuborgir told me manasi is rocky Christian because ripple does not know he suddenly starts to channel some sericata crewdson slash does the ACO double check our username sorry. We're so used to the name and you talk towards acquaintances for Ukrainian Madonna New Zealand minister which way to play with a PC PC.

00:26:49--> 00:27:29

By born the Torah the proposed novelists who propose not only your visitor you know Troy Queen Ozzy Osbourne know your coalitions to say the creme de la creme aqui Maharishi, not just sort of listeners don't just work her Islam so intellectual. The Daily the plan is with me Krishna Prasad, Queen Emma poner Dima, Mishima Primo Chico seven nebulin echo of a previously electronic administering an unbroken estrogen slurry which is at the bottom of that our demo swim do Sham and swing do Colima swim legions demonic delima alacrity were bogus in our purview, small minerals neuter custody Olive Garden OC Baba service, he was talking about how about how they protect their

00:27:29--> 00:28:03

women? They're not out there, flaunt it. Yeah. So this he was he was honoring actually the Muslim woman. Yeah. Which if you look into the Quran, there's a whole chapter named after Mary, the mother of Jesus. And that's I want to talk to a little bit about now. What's your relationship with Jesus now because that's what it comes out. Christianity is all based about Jesus right? He's His Messenger of Allah. He's our brother. So you still believe in Him? Definitely. We love Jesus Christ. Absolutely. We love Jesus Christ he's our brother actually. Yeah. And you know, he's respectful messenger of Allah.

00:28:04--> 00:28:17

We don't have problem with one of the greatest messengers definitely and we I think you told that in one of your shows that we actually love Jesus Christ more than Christians.

00:28:19--> 00:28:35

We follow him on Yeah, that we just did the greeting salaam aleikum Shalimar like Peace be with you how he prayed you pray like Jesus prays now he fell on his face? And frankly, yeah, but you know, he didn't pray like this or like that, or he put his face on the ground to cover you know,

00:28:37--> 00:28:45

the truth. Three, when you tell this to when you say hey, just tell me where you going sitting on the poverty channel. When you talk to people? Have you have you? Have you

00:28:46--> 00:28:58

connected these similarities ever into people like, does that draw them in when you talk about how we love Jesus as a mighty messenger? Just say, he didn't say he was God. I'm not gonna worship but he never said he was God.

00:28:59--> 00:29:20

So have you had it? When you tell people I still love Jesus. Where are you going with this stuff? I love him more than you. Yeah, yeah. A lot of people used to have. People are surprised. Yeah. But that's the information we need to get out. Of course. Yeah. And that's why we do these programs like this so people can see like, we're not following a religion from outer space.

00:29:23--> 00:29:50

Really? Yeah. I mean, you, you do a great job of hamdulillah we're trained, ordinary people. This is definitely the Venus show is beautiful. Come to LA. Tell me before we cut out for a friend of mine, like you know, I was talking about my former student, Tony and others that are out there. As particularly we want to reach out to the Serbian people crazy and everybody basically Islam transcends the nationalism. What advice do you have

00:29:51--> 00:29:59

for them in closing, that can kind of they can relate to you it's one thing I'm talking but they can see Alexander You know, he doesn't please

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

People Yeah, you know don't listen to people. Just open your heart.

00:30:06--> 00:30:11

But you know, and you will you will meet your Creator definitely.

00:30:12--> 00:30:17

And you will you will understand the purpose of life, beauty and slam.

00:30:18--> 00:30:29

And the beauty of this religion really is religion, the only truth for religion, religion of peace, definitely. And religion who will

00:30:30--> 00:31:13

make you make you actually live here? easier and hereafter. Definitely better. Absolutely. And of course, watch the being show watch the deen show you actually here we get you you are singing the theme song This is the how he sees the the Mashallah one more thing I want to cut out with. We really encouraged there is a statement from the last and final messenger obviously as Muslims we believe that the creator sent messengers out of his love to guide humanity and Mohammed is just a last final messenger. And he talked about that every human being is misguided, right that Allah is saying that every human being is misguided unless I guide them in Allah guidance or asked me Pete

00:31:13--> 00:31:52

them as a boy, I say guidance, a little poopoo button. And we firmly believe that if you ask God Almighty alone for for guidance for infinite Yeah. So we encourage them. Yeah, we encourage people to go directly to the creator to ask and as a as a former will. You weren't really you know, I mean, slaughter Serbians. They're, they're connected to Orthodox Christianity. Now there is there there is a prayer there. It's called the Lord's Prayer. Yes, in English, it goes like this, oh, Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done. You know, it's very outstanding. You know, it's very interesting about this, right? That, you know, the scholars, you

00:31:52--> 00:32:13

know, they talk about if you just take up an Arabic and go, Rob, so our Lord, if you connected, it's so similar to the infatti. Because in here, it's Praise, praise, all pray, you know, your kingdom, meaning is all this belongs to you. Right? And then you have your will be done. There's the meaning of your will called Heisei. Your will?

00:32:17--> 00:32:48

Yeah, this is Islam. So when they when they stick to this, and they call on God alone, and they say guide me guide me. If they're sincere, Allah will guide them. Definitely. Isn't that right? Yes. So we encourage everyone to connect to really think because you saw death in the face. And that motivated you? Right? Some people too much, you know, games, entertainment, party music and their minds are numb and they're not thinking, but like you said, death is a reality time is short.

00:32:49--> 00:33:10

So we really need to take the matter serious because at the end, your nationality is not going to get you into paradise. Right? But it's your belief and your deeds. And I want to thank you think the crater bless you, and thank you, I mean, thank you hopefully inshallah to all the viewers can benefit from your users and all Muslims.

00:33:11--> 00:33:26

All good people. And our translator, definitely. Watch the deen show. Watch the game show. Lots of detail. Make sure you watch the show. Watch the deen show. Watch the deen show. Plus the teen show. watch the show. watch the show.