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you're Latina man Oh either no the earliest wall Atomy Elmina drum YT first cow Isla the

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be the early come for your Lego me in

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an enactment for what to say and when to stop

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when I was living in Minnesota we have kusina women see Dr. Medina

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for 1/3 That woman the opening up what he

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wants to do in the in the

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wash should we wonder Mohammed and Agra Hora so

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yeah you're Latina Allahu Akbar to Hardy he wanted them within the Illa Hunter Muslim moon

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yeah you Anessa to horombo Lady Hello hakomi nevsun Wahida

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well hello come in has

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one but I mean who Madigan and Kathy don't one is

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what double wa nadeet has to be he went up

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in your mother tongue

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yeah your

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temple Maha photo golden salida

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you slept loco Mama

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Mama niobate in our soda who properly files I suppose and Halima

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if What if in

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condom one final cut me caramel ma

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well, honey honey Mohammed in some Milan whining he was sending them

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were showing on the morning what data to how a consumer data is in beta what can limit it and Mallanna could Nevada that in

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and gathering and saving and all the a lot more on hold on

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your spoon Nasaan

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now you're going to show you the hidden now

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for only two men.

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God rasool Allah is Allah Allah YT you are sending them

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for to Addy because Salam Yasuo Maha Lika Saddam era SOTL La Conner nataka 90 Because Santa

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Fe not Iike Siddhanta here to lay it on a set of money

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bought or sold

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and then either fall back further out the whole cash up or one

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when the the law

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will say nothing further out

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and better and eek out and better Hanoch

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from Nevada Sonoma County you are sending them

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weighed up quantity of inventory in our finance for us to

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further our

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current ordinance

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he also the lump sum of money he was sending them on an episode beneficent hadn't

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been set up to bad

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weather then whether they even want to share

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some more money he was suddenly

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one minute now he shaved

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one to Catalina harder one thermal bosses would either he went

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for in a very convenient mouth

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one for is America.

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This we saw

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what he put on it by innovator but even got I mean what year

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what year is that we started zone for in Nevada come in and we're in Nevada you

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so my goddess Allah Allah YT he was setting them were any Lon shuttleq Ally Jacobina Yan mo fique

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try you will be my time the movie The marathon a movie for in number one

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in this hadith brothers and sisters

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you can find the Hadith in Sunni heavy download

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and you will also find that Chef mo ma authentic Kayla.

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Listen to the story of this man

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this man was unknown to him

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and I can guarantee to the most of you this is unknown sahab

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this man

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is named Gavin has been slain

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it seems that the man accepting Islam or the Allahu unknown before he came to the city of Medina.

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he's now waiting when he sought a supervisor in the long run, he was selling them on his first counter that he had with no sort of law and he said to us

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I saw a man distinguished

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that whatever he says people would take it and apply it

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to shade in our solar wildlife

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he would never say anything some of the Maharani you are suddenly

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except the Sahara except the people around him

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will take his his statement they will not question him. They will not ask any questions they will not reject that they will apply.

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So, I say to you that people are rocking me

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who does this man

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is very unique.

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Nobody is saying anything back to him.

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Nobody objecting to any statement that he made.

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Nobody is trying to filter when he is set. Normally no one's trying to understand it any other way except the way that he said it. Who is he

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called Rasul Allah He Samba longlining he was

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if you don't mind come forward please.

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Many is sold malati he will sell them said

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he is the messenger Overwatch Allah Lovelady, he will sell them.

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And you can imagine this,

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you being a moment,

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being a Sahabi

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Be a man who believed there will be live there so why so the body he will suddenly before meeting him.

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And all of sudden, they tell you this is the man that you believed in him.

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This is the man that Allah has chosen him some Lewa while he was salam

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and Americana hell but saying Rasul Allah and Salah long while he was sending them

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on a Kasara we honestly were

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on a considerably on a School of Law. He gave this very distinguished greeting twice

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before he continued for the