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In America Saddam is indeed the greetings of the disease.

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And this is not what is known from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu it he was

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the guy he is the one from Amman, Ronnie he was sitting with tars

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telling you go to a Muslim cemetery

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when you see when you go to a great

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you say to the people have nothing had buttons of that land

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a set out why they come down a comb of meaning.

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But in this case, he's in it because Sudan is the greeting of the disease of the dead people. Why did he say this? Because of the time when we die in iya at the time before Islam when someone dies then we should be killed was say to that person on a cassette on the Avalon an acre Sarah was so on So sort of pseudomorph said do not use that reading on the living me.

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And he corrected himself a lot while he was certainly save a set Armani.

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For us.

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It was unique. What if villa, this man who was calling him Yasser Allah,

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this man who was saying to him yo son in law, he asked a question, which was very unexpected.

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He said to him sitting with him sitting face to face, until soda law.

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I want to make sure before they ask anything before I go any further I want to make sure that you are the Messenger of Allah.

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I want to know

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if you have the mandate to live in

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Bhagwati he was sending him and Rasool Allah, I am the messenger of Allah.

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Allah it was more unique equity Fila

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is the Dawa

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and the teaching of the methods of Rasul Allah He Salam wa the he was alum.

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Look, I also like to introduce Allah to the symbol man.

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And a bit weird, came from the desert does not know anything about civilization. It is not aware of the people of Medina and how they think. He doesn't know what Allah instruct the Sahaba to do when they talk with tourists formula. Two didn't learn much of the Quran. He is a basic individual and basic movement,

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but also took that opportunity

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and his years again to visual by in your mind in your brain and to remember that this symbol man, javelina surname is sitting in front of all of the most sophisticated man that ever walked on the planet.

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He's sitting vulnerable so much while he was sitting there.

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He didn't use in his skills and talents to impress this man. He did not use words that are so difficult to analyze and understand. He did not use high pressure methods to explain a lot to the simple man. But he read a lot and also he sold a lot Ronnie he was Sanlam said, Never enter us for law and levy. And he explained Allah

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either Osaka will ruin

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the world that way you end up stress and their problems under a certain difficult situation. Then you make the two that one

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is the one that responds to you that one is the one that I am from. Now that one is the one that I am teaching about.

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And this is what's so unique.

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Because Subhan Allah,

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they knew at the time of harsh

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at the time of difficulties Humann alerta and minutes, always gods that they use to use and they used to call, wouldn't that help them and they will go back to the true God.

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They will go back to Allah subhanahu wa Tana. But nowadays when he left he went and he want you to know that you're on your own.

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We have individuals

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who will call to other than

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Allah at the time of ease uncomfort

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another time of hardship we still call to other than Allah subhanaw taala.

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And you see a Christian

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who is praying to Jesus Allah, he said

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he will pray to him

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at the timing of E, but still do the exact the same thing at the time of difficulties.

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And the Muslims will also do this, those who did not have the correct

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but yeah if once if you look at the time of hardship,

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we should also call to Allah, as we call to Allah at the time of comfort and

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it was known to them that when Allah saved them from difficulties, they will refer back and they will go back to the islands

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and Subhan Allah, he was accustomed of the machine key.

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So long as someone was mining he was sending them

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and maybe either I saw a couple of

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further out and we'll catch up.

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What can look

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Illumina for inter one

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now the roofing battery and Yoongi subpoena China, from China either sharp

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we're not a common Joe was the only one.

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From alpha by myself, and how to Allah,

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when we are the time of difficulties will always refer back to Allah. But when we come back, at the time of ease, we forgot Allah subhanho wa Taala and then he says something more while he was

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I want the time is difficult.

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And the man is not producing anything is the one that you are called to. And Allah will order the land to produce something for you.

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And then he continues something Maharani you are southern teaching the simple man. And he said when you are in the middle of the desert, and you lost your camel, you lost your way out. You have no hope. The one that you call to is the one that I'm calling people to

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unsubscribe, Subhan Allah.

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In the Quran,

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when Allah is explaining Himself to the

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to the single people, What is Allah said, I fed our young glory in an eerie cave.

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Way in a semi Cape

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where he came from New slaves that were in and out of the cave. So they had this is what the person to understand the Dhobi see how the camels were created, how the sky is being raised, how the mountains be wounded, how the Earth is outspread

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Can you reflect on that? Your whole once upon or what's

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about I have to remind that Etosha Ramon, and runs into who was an anonymous Xenon in another blossom Hunter, what are your

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thoughts on