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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history of the European Union and the collapse of the United States during the war. The Prophet Muhammad Ali Jones's death was a result of his actions against the Iranian-led government and the use of force to stop the coming days of war. Bay386 used alcohol and alcohol to force people to drink alcohol, and killed multiple people in open warfare. The Prophet was born in Syria and was the last known member of the royal family, and his related connections to the world are discussed.
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Are the voluminous shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was

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a beloved brothers and sister in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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How are y'all doing?

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I'm the last panels. The today was the last jumar that we would have in the month of Ramadan. And also that also Allah subhanaw taala accepted the acts of a beta that we need up until this point the 26th night of Ramadan and how quickly as this month gone, but still insha Allah, if we haven't done the best yet, we still have anything left and we still have days left. And this is a freebie this month is a bonus month. Anyone everyone can get the mercy of our last panel data, more people are freed from the fires of jahannam in this last few days than any other time in the year. So make sure inshallah we are on that list of those who are saved allama Jin Nam in a non current asset we have

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those who are saved from the fires of Jan Nam. And of course as we know little powder is still at hand or it still could be coming. And there are many narrations that mentioned the 27th of Ramadan being a night that appears to have little color occurring on it many many times. And what some of the questions with regards to later Takada, we see that what happens in a little corner, we spoke about the decrease that Allah subhanaw taala seems to decrease down to the angels. And obviously Allah knows the future. He doesn't decide things today for tomorrow. But Allah knows the future and he gives the decrees of the future to the angels on the night of local color. He tells the Angel of

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Death who would be the names for the next year people will die. The Angel of music we would the risk go to the angel of punishment, the angel of mercy, they get a budget on the night of local color for the year to come. And the question might be all those decrees put out. Do we have any say in the matter? Yes, we do. We know that we can make the law and we can make the stuff out. And Allah subhanho wa Taala can change the decrease. If we make enough to do it. Stefan unlike sips the Hadith that says that if you want to increase in wealth, make this door. But if you want to increase your life, even even your death, we always think our death is a fixed date in time. And yes, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala knows when you're going to die. Yes, Allah you read he does as he pleases. But Allah has given us also a chance that we make dua that Hadith says nothing changes the decree of Allah except the DA except the supplication. So whatever is decreed for us, now's the opportunity for us to make that to make that so far. And Allah subhana wa tada and his mercy inshallah will respond in a way that is good for us. I mean,

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we continue over this past week, we mentioned scientists, we looked at amazing reverts, we looked at amazing women, great spawns, and great female heroes. And I want to refer our minds back to the story we spoke about shedra daughter, the lady of Egypt, remember her story, we stopped the seventh crusade. And we go back and we said there was a great general in her army that stopped the Crusaders. And today we want to talk about the general because his story continues beyond that. And his name is baybars baybars writes, it's not an Arabic name. And you see the the, the, the, you know, the caption, the the man who stopped the AMA, even though of course stopped the AMA, no one

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can stop the AMA, but he came in a time and so behind Allah, He came at a time lower than the lowest point in the history of Islam.

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There is no calamity that befell Islam greater than that calamity that he lived in, except maybe the death of the Prophet Mohammed Salah. The oma never experienced a more sadder and more humiliating moment than the moment that he was in. And people believe Muslims basically gave up all hope and this is Carlos kiama. This is Kiana. No point in living on and behind Allah. He was the one that came by the grace of Allah to restore the confidence in the oma this man Baber. So let's talk about him and how he gets to this point. His name is baybars. That's his name. He only has one name is no fat, you know, family name. It's got nowhere, no second name, because he was a slave. And the slaves

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didn't get names. They were given titles and even his name baybars isn't a name. It's more a title. It means that the chief Panther the main Panther, obviously is a ferocious warrior. And his master gave him this name. But he has many titles. And Mallika VA him this is the title that was given to him meaning the conquering king or the powerful King rucola Dean the support the token of the dean, the support the pillar of the dean, and I will put the hat, the father of conquests. This is what his name was. And all the titles were given to him. He was born in 1223. And he died 1273 only live to 54 years. I think that's the same amount of time that's allowed. Dean lived about the same number

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of years. And in fact, Salahuddin was his idol. This is the one that he wants to emulate celebrity had passed away by now. And he's therefore called the second Salahuddin because he did what Salah Dean did, and he modeled himself after selaginella Ub and in fact, he is buried next to Salahuddin Allah UB This is what you know, and he came at the same time

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So what can we say about this? This man? He was, he lived. He was born either in the north of Turkey, or in the Caucasus area, which is Ukraine, southern Russia. He's from this area of the world. And as a boy, he was kidnapped as a boy and taken and sold as a slave. He was made a slave. He He's a European, he was told he was. He had European features bright blue eyes, he had light brown hair, strong men very physically strong. And he had a bit of an olive complexion. And one of his eyes had cataracts. So when he was sold as a slave, he was sold for very cheaply. He wasn't seen as a very promising slave because one of his eyes was defective. Yet he found his way into the quote

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of the ayyubid Sultan. We said that's a lot of dinner up when he passed away, he left the dynasty. He him and his family later on with the rule, Egypt, Yemen, hijas, which is McCain, Medina, and Syria. And we say that there was a caliphate in Baghdad, the halifa of Baghdad still exists, he was still around. And all he was he was there for show, not for show, but he was there just for the pictures. And he would say, yes, you are the Emir of of Egypt. Yes, you are the mayor of Syria, he thought that he could do anything. But he was sort of the spiritual leader of the Muslims.

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He was the spiritual leader of the oma. And therefore his name would be mentioned at the member. So the Omega ayyubid dynasty, they were the people that really had the power. And he came into the service of the humans. And we see the UPS, they had a system called Mamelukes, where they bought slaves, and they train them and they made them elite warriors. And then they made them swear allegiance to them. And they, they saw they, I mean, they soupon like a father. And they love this coupon. And they were taught Islam, and then they were set free, and they were made leaders in the government and in the army. And it became at such such a point when the you bits couldn't trust the

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family members, but they trust the Mamelukes more, they slaves that they trained, they trusted them more. And he came at this time, we see that when this last of the ayyubid rulers, he he was at war with one another. And therefore he had these Mamelukes as his his close allies. So we spoke about the the Crusaders that he was, he was at the time, when the Yuba dynasty was on the verge of collapse. And the US they fought one another, and they fought each other and they allied with the Crusaders against each other. They actually joined the US the Crusaders help us we'll give you Palestine just fight against my brother. And this is when this man babers he begins his first

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campaign. So he fought with the humans against the Crusaders and other other Muslims fighting with one another in the sixth crusade. Now, I want you to just bear in mind here, the Muslims would reconquer Palestine, Jerusalem in the sixth Crusade, they re conquer Jerusalem. And this was one of the first battles he fought the battle of forby love for B, obviously, it's a it's a latinized name. And in that battle, you had the you bits and the reason is on the one side, these were with Weber's and on the other side, you had other Muslims, other you bits, and you had Crusaders and you had Armenians fighting each other. And here, Bibles comes as it was a low level officer, but he comes to

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the fore. And he basically saves the day and wins the battle for them. He leads the vanguard, he was right in front, he was the man that you gave the front line, and he led the cavalry charge and he saved the day on that. And the Muslims won that day. And Palestine came back to the hands of the Muslims, which resulted in the seventh crusade. And that's when we said the King of France came to Egypt. And when he came to Egypt, the UB King died. So the kings were did and the slaves had to take over. The Mamelukes now took over. And this is way is one of his first famous victories was defending Egypt. I talked about this battle of Matsuura when the King of France came into Egypt to

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the army, and he was ready to walk over the Egyptian people. And baybars was in charge. He said, You are the Chief mameluke the Queen said you are the leader of the army. What do you think we should do? So he said, Let them come let them into the city, because that is strong cavalry charge, let them charge in the city. And we'll lock them inside. We will we will pack them in and then we will attack them from all corners. And this is exactly what they did. And they were able to completely annihilate the seventh crusade. And they even took the King of France hostage. And he was a ransom for like 30% of France's revenue for that year. And then the eighth and the ninth crusade continued

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but they could never ever fight back. So now so now the Omega the ayyubid dynasty had come to an end and baybars and the Mamelukes were in charge and I want you to look at the dates at 1254 this was when you want against the seventh crusade. 1254 so the Muslims are fighting the Crusaders on the one side of the of the oma. This is on the Egypt Palestinian side of the oma Syria they fighting Crusaders towards the east of the oma Uzbekistan remember when he spoke about kotoba transics, IANA when he crossed

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The river, that area of Horus on this area of the Muslim land, but 50 years before that had completely been destroyed, because there was a devastation that came from the east. The Mongol devastation the Mongolian devastation. What am I talking about? You've all heard of Genghis Khan, Genghis Khan, the Chinese built the Great Wall of China to keep the people of Mongolia out of China. Mongolia is a big country in the middle of Asia. And at that time, it was a country filled with a huge, barbaric tribes, they were fighting and warring with one another huge population. And they were the best horse riders in the world. And they could attack like lightning. And when they rode,

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no one could stop them. They were an unstoppable force. But the only thing that was, you know, save the world was that they were fighting with each other. Then this man junges Khan comes and he unites the tribes of Mongolia into one force one army, and they start unleashing the power on the world. And until today, no Empire was as big as the empire of Ginger's Khan. At the height of the power, they ruled from China until Germany. This was the biggest Empire in the world, and everything that they came across, they flattened and they destroyed. They were not the kind of empire like the Muslim Empire, or the even, you could say, the Crusader colonial empires that would come in a land.

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And they would, yes, besides take from the people that would bring some form of civilization. No, they wanted to destroy civilization. They wanted to wipe out every culture and religion they found. This was the one of the objectives and the therefore they are called, like a horde or adopt a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala. So let's talk about how they came in contact with the Muslim world. When did you scan he conquered China,

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parts of China, he moved now to the west. And that should be the next area once you in Mongolia, that's you begin to fall into is Pakistan, because Pakistan, that side of the world, and now he came in contact with the region of how are his media? Remember that mathematician? He came from this area? And we said How are Izmir they had a kingdom they had an empire, and they were actually ruling Palestine. So Genghis Khan comes into contact with him. And he writes a letter to the king of how originally the soupon that let us be friends, and it has been in good terms. And under all accounts, the Muslim leader was edited, and he didn't listen to gingy scans, requests of friendship. So gingy

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scans invaded his country. And within two years, he didn't only conquer Horace Mann, he destroyed completely he came in and he flattened every city and he entered one city. Now, these are cities that we should know more of, and they support and harass Horace and these are all countries that great scholars bahara with Mr. Bahari came from Sarah Mackenzie, all these cities are burned to the ground basically, in Mesa poor.

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He, they had this policy, the they called the tortoise, the Mongolians, they call the tortoise, they ruled with fear. If they would write a letter to you and say, let us in your city, give us your wealth. Give us your main let them join our armies and whatever we want and we will let you do as you please. If you resist us, we will make you suffer severely, the people of Nisa pool resisted. So when they conquered the city, they not only killed every man and woman and child, they killed every cat and dog and every living thing in that city and destroyed every building. So they show they will tell you, this is what we do to you one another. I mean, he resists that he didn't want to allow

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them didn't want to pay homage to them. So they conquered his country, and they tied him up, and they brought every single person in His Kingdom. They killed them one by one in front of him, and then his family, his children. And then finally they cut pieces of his body have roasted it and feed it to him until he died. This is behind all of the kind of mentality of the Mongolians. They ruled with complete fear that if you resist them, this is what you're going to do. So many people, many countries just submitted and gave into the armies of the Mongolians. So they move through how are Izmir conquering all of basically modern day Iran. And once you conquer Iran, what's next to Iran,

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Iraq, and ways the halifa in Baghdad. This is the center of Islam. This is the capital of the Muslim world. This is way the science and technology the house of wisdom. This is where all our inventions are is in Baghdad, but you just can't stop there. And he continued his campaigns into Russia and into Poland and then he went back to conquer the rest of China. But he's descendants would want to push his borders further. So in 1251 remember in 1250 the Egyptians are busy fighting the Crusaders 1254 seventh crusade to alpha 51. The Mongolians are back. This time they have a plan. We want to conquer all of Iraq, all of Syria, all of Palestine, all of Egypt, all of Arabia and the leader of

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the Mongolians at that time. He had a special hatred for Islam, it made Muslims and he said I want to wipe this religion of the face of the earth. Let us do to them that they will be noticed

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Islam after this, so they started to sin the armies throughout the Muslim lands. And they also tried to ally with the Christians, the Crusaders, they said, let us form an alliance. And together we'll wipe Islam out and the Crusaders obliged and said, Yes, let's work together. So, the Caliph of Baghdad, he gets this news that the Mongolians have come with an army of 300,000 men remember so far we talked about 20,000 10,000 300,000 men and army that has not been stopped. They destroyed the Chinese. They destroyed the Russians, they destroyed the Eastern Europeans. They destroyed the Armenians. They destroyed every single city and country that stood up against them was wiped out.

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And now they're on the doorstep of the capital of the Muslim world. The whole of the halifa 800 years. This is our, our homeland. And he and it's mentioned that there was a title within the government of the halifa, a minister who helped the Mongolians to interpret that hero to them he gave away all the secrets and he told the halifa Don't you worry I have it under control our main are strong, we don't have to worry about it. Meanwhile, he's working with the with the Mongolians. So the Mongolians are rocked up at Baghdad in the year 1258. And they lay siege to Baghdad for a few for a few weeks, couple of weeks. And finally Baghdad collapses the they can't resist anymore. And

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they inter Botha This is the capital of Islam. And within one week, they killed over a million people. This is like 800 years ago, a million people in southern Baghdad was completely killed. The scholars would say that we have we're so weak and Allah taken away our is by so much that a female Mongolian would line up like 100 men and she would start chopping over the heads until a sword or knife would break and you'd say that SWAT I'm gonna get another knife to kill the rest of you. And they would stand no one would have the guts to run away, let alone fight back. They killed as I said, every man and woman they destroyed every Masjid and hospital. They don't even keep the

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technology, the books of Baghdad, all these great books you'd find we said, you'll find many of the scientists they don't 100 books only 30 survived what happened to the wrist. This is what happened. They took the grand library of Baghdad, and they dumped over a million books in the Tigris River until the river and black with the ink.

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1000 years of learning and knowledge disappeared in one week, disappeared in one week. As for the halifa they seem to be shocked when they opened his vault he said so much and wealth, we've never seen so much wealth in the world. If you had just paid this money to you could have raised the biggest army in the world with his money, but he kept it. And then they said we have some superstition that we don't want to shed the blood of royalty. They believe that the blood of a king should not touch the ground. So the same advisor who had helped the Mongolians come into No problem, wrap him and his family up in a carpet and trampled him to death. And this is how the halifa the

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loss of the ambassador has died, wrapped him up in a carpet and they rode the horses over to kick them to death. So now they've conquered Baja, that collapse completely destroyed. That's why I said people believed was piano. This was unimaginable this something like this never happened before. And to that extent that it took hundreds of years for Baghdad to come back to life. It was a ghost town was the center of the world completely collapsed. They moved to Damascus did the same thing. Now they're moving further and further west Palestine Mecca, Medina, the only people that had something of resistance was the Mamelukes, the slaves that were slaves yesterday and taken over Egypt. And

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they were in charge and they are the last of the people lift. People the Muslims actually believe this the Jews and

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the Muslims believe that's why I say they believe us kiama that this is the Jews and Jews. Allah describes a Jewish image as a force like a wave that no one can stop. Even the beast will not be able to stand against them. You can't fight them. They awards which is so big and the amount is so powerful. They just wash over like a wave. This is exactly what the Mongolians were doing. So now they get into Palestine and into Gaza. And you know, the Gaza, Gaza and Egypt share border. So now they in the land of the Mamelukes. So they write the letter, the Mongolian Chief, he writes a letter to the king or the soupon of the Mamelukes. Look at this later. He says from the King of kings of

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the east and the west, the great Khan, to cook to cook two quarters of the kudos. He's the Sultan of the Mamelukes. He's in charge. baybars is general. So this is the leader, two quarters, the mameluke the slave who fled to escape our swords you ran away from us, you should think of what happened to other countries and submit to us look what we did about that. You have heard how we have conquered a vast empire and if purified the earth of the disorders that tainted it, we have conquered vast areas, massacring all the people. You cannot escape from the terror of armies. We can you flee what road will you use to escape us? our houses are fast our arrows are sharp, our souls

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Like thunderbolts, our hearts our hearts are as hard as mountains and our soldiers are as numerous as the sand. fortresses will not detain us, no arms will stop us. You prays to God will not save you against us. We are not moved by tears, no touched by Lamentations. Only those who make our prediction will be safe. make quick with your reply before the fire of war is kindled. Resist and you will suffer the most terrible catastrophes, we will shatter your Musk's and reveal the weakness of your God and then we will kill your children and your old men together. At present, you are the only enemy against whom we have to march You are the last of the Muslim in my left, you are the

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final Muslims to stand. If you collapse, Hamas Islam collapse. You get this letter. You've seen what they did about that you are the king what you're going to do there get this later.

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The people in Egypt when he was as far as submit, this is given. And these people wanted to throw Islam when they when they ruled the Muslims obviously what what Muslims were left, they forbid them from practicing Islam. They had to eat haram food, they forced them. You had to drink alcohol. This is what they forced you to do. They didn't want you to be a Muslim anymore. So they knew what this is. So kudos. And again, he's a mameluke he's a slave, you became the leader. And he's just as much a hero as baybars. Now in Islam, it's haram for us to kill an invoice a messenger, but the messenger of the Mongolians wrote this letter. And he saw that these people were 5050 they weren't sure

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assumption, let's say in the Samsung knowledge fight. So he did something which is haram, but he did something for a reason to show his people there's no turning back. He killed the messenger is that that's my response to the Mongolians. Now the Mongolians if you did this, this was the worst act of war. Nothing you did after that will stop them now. Clearly, even if you beg them for forgiveness. This was like the worst of sins you could do. So basically quit who stole the piece people the decision is made, we are going to walk and we're either gonna die or we're going to stop there is no other two ways about it. So he got these army and at the Mamelukes. And he put this general babers

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in charge of this army. And they move he said, we're not going to do what the other people did protect ourselves and our castles and try to defend it. We're going to meet them openly and not for 50 years from gingers can not a single army on earth beat the Mongolians in open warfare. Nobody, as I said the Russians to the Germans to the Indians Arabians Not a single army beat the Mongolians in open warfare. They were the best army cavalry in the world. And he said we are Mamelukes. We are not also Easy, easy meat. We are trained soldiers our life we were raised to be soldiers. And we are and we have a lot outside. We need to meet them openly even says bravery or madness, right? We don't

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know which of the two. So he sent his army to meet them in the land with it taught us not to come to Egypt, let's face them in Palestine. And they came to a place called ninja loot the valley or the well of loot whose journey with Goliath. The same place David killed Goliath at this very same spot is a valley in Palestine called Angel loot. And this is where the army of the Mamelukes came, and it was a valley surrounded by hills and Vipers had a brilliant plan. He said, Look, let's do this. Let's hide our army. The one thing that the Mongolians have against them is they overconfident. They believe that they believe they are invincible. Just like everyone believes they're invincible. They

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also believe they're invincible. And if we can beat them here we can and we can turn the tides against them. That belief will shatter. So they don't expect us to be strong. They don't expect much from us. So let's they literally let them let them underestimate us. So he hid the majority of his army in the hills around the valley. And then he said let me take charge of the cavalry, and I will charge them and they will think this is our army. That's what he did. He charged into the Mongolians and fought them bravely, but obviously he was so his army was so small, and during the battle he made like he retreated the Mongolians without thinking chased after them into the valley. And then

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the army came down the hills and surrounded the Mongolian army and completely annihilated the Mongolians and this was the end of the Mongolian army and this is where they stopped and they were never ever able again to come to the waist. The first defeat people in the world said you can't beat the Mongolians impossible. This is a curse from Allah. In fact, Eunice Khan said, I am the punishment that your God has sinned against you. People believe that and Linda mameluke stopped him they babers defeated them with this brilliant strategy. he faked the retreat, lowered them into a trap and then surrounded them with these mameluke army and they completely shattered the Mongolians.

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And then he chased them they would go retreat to Damascus and he would kick them out of Damascus and Aleppo and further out of Syria until all of them had lived and that was the last time the Mongolians would have the strength to come back. They would continue invading other parts of the

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world, but there would be stopped by the Mamelukes in Syria. And this would so he said, this was the last line of defense for Palestine, Makkah and Medina. There was no army left to defend if they lost their and this is the wall these three C's if the Muslims lost that battle, the shape of the world today would be different. The Mongolians would have conquered everything of Islam and they would move forward into Europe. Without any stock, there would be no stop to them. This is way they were broken. And they went back to the territories and they never had the strength to come back was the army was shattered. They in ANGEL route. As for baybars. He now does what's allowed Indeed, he

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brought Syria and Palestine together. And Egypt, Egypt, Syria, Palestine. He was now the Emir of Makkah and Medina. And he was in control of Masood Azhar. Then he turned his attention to the Crusaders who help the Mongolians. The Crusaders were still there. They had the castles, and he said, Well, you guys did this. You helped the Mongolians against us. And then he went costal forecastle to push the Crusaders out. And after basically within a few years, that was it. No other Crusaders will come again to the Muslim lands, he basically kicked all of them out. And that was the in the last of them. And he continued to rule for 17 years on and he did many great things and so

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far, not just as a warrior, not just as a as a fighter. He pushed further he liberated the north of Turkey from the Tatas the Mongolians push them out of Turkey. And then he started to build many masajid he was an extremely pious man towards the end of his life. He saw in these lands that there was alcohol and prostitution, he stopped all these things. He developed schools and both canals and he expanded the harm. He even found the last remaining of acid of acid family was killed by the Mongolians. He found a survivor and he made him the halifa in name in Cairo. So the halifa kind of continued in Cairo and this and he established now the mameluke dynasty. So the Maya dynasty had

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collapsed. Now there was a proper mameluke dynasty, and this dynasty continued until Napoleon Bonaparte came to Egypt. The Mamelukes was still in control of Egypt and this part of the world and this great man as we said, his dream was to be like selaginella up people at that time when the Mongolians were destroying the oma. They were standing at the grave of Saladino trying to stand up Salahuddin, we need you to stand up, the woman needs you. But Allah sent another Salahuddin in this in the form of this man, barbarous and hamdulillah save the Muslims from annihilation. So the last point I make no matter how bad things are in the market, things are bad. Don't think it's the

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darkest hour this man lived through the darkest hour, and it was on the verge of the end. And Allah subhanaw taala saved that. There will always be heroes, but it requires someone to stand up in these dark times and in sha Allah, the good times, inshallah will come. So with that, we conclude tonight's lecture and then we move on to our quiz to last night's questions.

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Prophethood was passed to Prophet sheath or Sif from his father, which prophet Adams is the second maybe often to be Adam. us or it was the father of which maybe maybe Ibrahim as it was an idol make asylum law, and he's now he brought him his father made idols. Who was it that ran seven times desperately between software marva, Azure, the mother of nubby smile and the wife of Nabil Ibrahim alayhis. Salam. As for tonight's questions, and I think this is probably going to be the last batch of questions. Prophet Zakaria was blessed with a son who later became a prophet. What was his name? Okay. Was it Isa wasn't sure I was it? Yeah. Was it Musa was Nabil Zakaria, son. Number two prophet

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Suleiman was the son of which prophet so who was the father of nurseryman? Was it number Yusuf NaVi Brahim absolute una vida would? Question number three, which Prophet was the progeny of Prophet Muhammad Ibrahim? I think this is a bad question.

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All of them were

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all of them were the progeny of Nabil? No, hanabi Ibrahim, so any answer you choose these correct, A, B, C, or D. All of them are the sons of Nabina and the progeny of nabee. Ibrahim nabooda with NaVi Sulayman nebby. Isa all come from Nabi Musa, and it mostly comes from NaVi Yusuf comes from Libya who comes from NaVi Brahim, it's gonna be a you're not sure where he is, but he was a peninsula il from the children of Namibia. So panela all of them were children of NaVi new Han Ibrahim, so any answer that is correct. So I mean, reminder, please give us your details. And the Natarajan if you'd like to sponsor Potter food to feed 100 people in a day of eat while you are in

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charge, while we're all enjoying ourselves if you'd like to feed somebody a group of people 3900 Potter food and then of course tonight we'll continue with our PML program of course tomorrow being the 27th of Ramadan and extra special night. We hope to see all of you your inshallah disciple the high keepers queued up to ask for some of our sadism

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Mohammed Ali Salam incident handler bloemen salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh