Minute with a Muslim #142 – Look At The Arrogance

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The speaker discusses how people in their generation have difficulty accepting the truth and finding their true God. They believe that if the truth is in a snap, they can avoid the actual "has been there" feeling and become "has been there" in their own generation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following the truth wherever it takes to achieve their goals.

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some people, they have a hard time accepting the truth if they don't find it where they want to find it. And this is something a lot of talks about in the Koran, right? He calls out the Christ because they said, Well, if you were going to send a prophet, it should have been this other guy, right? Or it should have come to us like from an angel, or it should have come to us in an actual book that you sent down, right? They have their own criteria. Look at the arrogance. Look at the arrogance. They're calling the shots. They're making the conditions, they're putting conditions on the creator of the worlds of the of the entire universe, people do the same thing, right? Some people they want,

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though they want the answer to be in Christianity, they want the answer to be in western civilization, they want the truth to be there. And if the truth isn't there, if it's the truth pops up somewhere else, maybe the truth is in a snap, I can't accept it. Because I've already decided in themselves, Well, I want the truth to be in western civilization. I want the truth to be in Christianity. So who's who's your God? Who is your God, Your God is yourself. You're the one who's calling the shots and making these sorts of situations. So the same thing that the sister I'm able to call Bob said to him when you know, famous story, he busts in the room. They're reading Koran and

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stuff like that, and he starts you know, he, he hits her right. And then like her response, her response to to him when he accuses them of, of leaving, like the true faith. You know, her response to him was like, what if the true faith isn't something that you're not doing? What if the truth is somewhere else? And that's the the fulcrum that's the fundamental shift. Are you prepared to follow the truth wherever you find it, or are you just trying to call the shots