Your Ramadan 2014 #18 Virtues of remembrance of Allah

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selection below So to summarise Odessa American white cattle This is the others as we're coming into another episode of Raja Ramadan 2014 day 18 it's again, I'm on my private jet. Yeah.

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Headed to Ireland this time for a couple more days before I go back home for another couple days, and then go back to Canada and Germany data for the night of the 27th. Evening as a scheduled to do fundraising. But let's go back to our topic, you know, since we were talking about yesterday, the topic of happiness, and we mentioned that think of a muscle memory

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is one of the means to attain happiness. You talked about the, you know,

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dimensions that will become a lot harder to find ease and serenity and comfort.

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I promise to tell you a story of this. The Spice inap.

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Long time ago, my brothers and sisters,

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you know, if people would hear the names of the Imams, they would know them, but as they leave with them, just scholars issue of they leave with them in the same town. They wouldn't know how they look like because they would know kind of like fixtures or TVs or videos. But now you you have not met a chef for instance of a person but maybe you've seen him through luck on the true voice.

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story happened to him and

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handbell he traveled to another country where people didn't know and he wanted to Madrid, he did not find any where to sleep. So he went he prayed to Asia in the masjid. And he stayed in the masjid. He, after he finished Asia he wanted to sort of like took a corner and, and relax the the the guy who works at the masjid called him, you know, he says, gosh, if you need to leave, without sleeping, he says, I have nowhere to go. He says no, you have to leave this is a measure you cannot sleep here. So he went outside, you know, by the corner like outside of the steps of the measure. And then he you know, he tried to sleep there, the gun the guard came back to him and he said I told you to

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leave and I said I left the machine. He says Yeah, but you have to leave totally. So he dragged him from his feet. It dragged him out into the streets from the machine. And the Imam, you know, did not say doctrine of who I am today maybe like if it's a scholar or Sheriff or even a regular person, so don't you know who I am? I'm so and so on. But he did say that, you know, it dragged him out who saw him at Baker Baker was that baking bread. He used to work from Asia at first have to get ready for you know for his shop after the flesh baking bread. So he saw him and he called the cashier said Come come you know you're looking for a place to stay, you can stay in my shop. So I met with you

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know, stayed in the shopper that he noticed that that Baker was constantly in the thick of a lot when he was baking his bread. It was bacon and they missed out on a lot of a lot but you know, from a shop until about fuzzle he did not stop making the cover last time.

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That really amazing. And then I told him before he left us How long have you been in this? You know in like this, like in this way this is since I found out myself since I read about myself since I learned about myself and I've been making this I've been making thicker. And he said Did you see anything from the back of the car? What have you found from the back of the car of Allah Subhana Allah data, he says, the Basilica of Vicar which I have found is every day which I have made, a must have done has answered Allah has answered on my drop. And then mmm it says Mashallah. And then the man says yes is it oh my di except one except one. I admit. I'll let you see the face off the

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handle. I have not seen him yet. You know, Mohammed says By Allah, it is your ticker, which dragged him from the masjid out to the street and out to your shop. I have alas brought it to so that you can meet me so that you can see me the bulk of the thinking of Allah but since it's just a step unless of Hannah Montana also, not only would put blessings in your, in your Indian offsprings with pressings in your health and wealth, Allah subhana wa tada will also make your darkness the shadow now must come out to the headmaster breakfast. So remember important making

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